Voice Within
Leyan, day 19 of the month Lumnea in the year 5102

This log is from Vonka's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Tavern Burrow, Ale Street]
Stucco seems the preferred building material of the Tavern Burrow residents. The street has been newly cobbled, and the rough edges cause several people to nearly trip as they hurry along. A stucco well attracts a group of children, who drop stones into it, then hoot with glee at the muffled splash. You also see the Shattele disk, the Gunnard disk and the red Scorchingheart disk.
Also here: Tineye, Maswril who is seated, Shattele who is seated, Turlath, Gunnard, Scorchingheart, Eugenides who is seated
Obvious paths: north, south, northwest.

You hug Gunnard.

Gunnard waves.

Gunnard hugs you.

You say, "T'anks, Gunnard."

Scorchingheart says, "good to see yas up and abouts thou"

Scorchingheart smiles at Eugenides.

Vonka grins evilly.

Gunnard says, "Welcome"

You blink.

(Vonka feels her face with her fingers.)

Vonka peers about the area, an odd glimmer in her eye.

Poor baby!

Gunnard peers quizzically at you.

You take a few steps back.

You look at Gunnard and shake your head.

Poor baby!

Eugenides peers quizzically at you.

You say, "Dun'....."

Eugenides furrows his brow.

A voice whispers, "I will hide the orb again, this time it will never be found. You will be mine forever."

Gunnard cocks his head at you.

Eugenides begins to meticulously examine a badly damaged brass coffer.

You exclaim, "Thulevier!"

You ask, "How comes yer bein' mean?"

Gunnard surveys the area.

Poor baby!

Eugenides taps you lightly on the shoulder.

Nevr sighs.

Nevr blushes a nice shade of deep red.

You turn around.

(Eugenides pats the ground next to him.)

You blink at Eugenides.

You sit down.

The voice says, "I will use your essence to slay the liar. He will never bother us again."

Gunnard carefully diagnoses your injuries.

Eugenides just tried to pull you towards him!

Eugenides hugs you.

Poor baby!

You ask, "Whut happened ter it bein' up ter me?"

You wring your hands.

You exclaim, "Yer said it were up ter me!"

Gunnard whispers, "is he troubling you?"

You nod to Gunnard.

There is a soft laughter within you. "You wish him dead, do you not?"

You ask, "Yer kint hear 'im?"

Eugenides looks over at you and shakes his head.

You ask, "Who?"

Gunnard shakes his head.

You ask, "Thurfel?"

You blink.

You shake your head.

You exclaim, "I dun' wanner kill no one!"

You clasp your arms around your knees and rock back and forth.

(Eugenides observes Vonka with mild speculation.)

Gunnard kneels down.

Gunnard hugs you.

Eugenides says, "Interesting half of the conversation. Makes me wonder about the rest."

You hug Gunnard.

Vonka says, in a voice not of her own, "If we do not kill him, he will kill us"

Eugenides says, "There we go."

Eugenides removes a wooden toothpick from in his black leather satchel.
Eugenides idly picks his teeth with his wooden toothpick.

You bite your lip.

You say, "I still kin't kill no one."

Vonka says, "The betrayer will slay you all."

Eugenides nods to you.

Eugenides says, "That he will."

You shudder.

Eugenides idly picks his teeth with his wooden toothpick.

Lormer turns to face you.

You cock your head at Lormer.

Vonka's eyes roll back into her head, then return, clear.

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