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Tilamaires, day 19 of the month Eoantos in the year 5102

[Icemule Trace, Town Center]
The bustling town comes together in this square. Halflings dressed in varying fashions stand about, some chattering happily, others reclining on cloaks laid on the ground. One ancient halfling leans against the base of the large ice statue of a mule, snoring blissfully. A feeling of community pervades the area, putting you immediately at ease. You also see the Cravis disk, a reinforced shield, a carved ice bench with some stuff on it and a painted felt ger.
Also here: Astul who is sitting, Ezana who is sitting, Kleyn, Pollina, Sweetjewel who is lying down, Lloric, Castilly, Cravis, Keyvon, Ranyhyn who is sitting, Joosila who is sitting, Kraegan, Madroxal who is lying down, The Firemage Thurfel, Custis who is sitting, Ysoria who is sitting, Apprentice Ganymeade who is sitting, Keriddwen, Fabutis, Leohart who is lying down, Lord Vildan who is sitting
Obvious paths: north, east, south, west

Keriddwen serenely asks, "where?"

You blink at Thurfel.

Pollina asks, "Oh, festival?"

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Kleyn groans.

Thurfel smiles at you.

Niasan just arrived.

Thurfel exclaims, "on my island of course!"

Pollina asks, "That mean... shopping?"

Cravis asks, "When am your festival?"

Thurfel nods to Pollina.

Pollina beams happily at Thurfel!

You say, "Vening, m'lord."

Thurfel says, "I have invited merchants from all over"

You say, "Evening, that is."

You chuckle.

Thurfel says, "good evening milady"

Thurfel bows to you.

Castilly curtsies to Thurfel.

Keriddwen glances at Thurfel.

A snowy owl appears overhead, circling.

Thurfel says, "The festival will be a week from Sunday"

You say, "And how are ye, this chilly autumn's eve."

Niasan says, "Soon, then."

Pollina rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "from midsun to sundown."

Ezana peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Keriddwen serenely asks, "where on yer island?"

Thurfel says, "on the beach"

You ask, "So the Restday after this one coming?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I will be sure to keep the creatures off the beach"

Castilly tenderly asks, "what kind o festival?"

Thurfel says, "a festival full of food, fun, frolic and with luck"

Thurfel says, "a few surprises"

You ask, "Good surprises I hope?"

Cravis ponders.

Keriddwen serenely asks, "ah...like death?"

Niasan asks, "Surprises being a few destroyed liches?"

Thurfel says, "I can only hope all the merchants I wish to show do so"

You chuckle at Thurfel.

Lerdan gazes up into the sky.

Ezana nods to Thurfel.

Pollina asks, "What sort of surprises?"

Thurfel says, "the services the merchants will provide"

Thurfel says, "if I can entice them to come"

Thurfel says, "week from Sunday"

Auragin leans on her staff.

Ezana nods to Thurfel.

Ezana applauds.

Ezana shifts her weight.

Pollina asks, "The kind like when a candy merchant arrives, or the kind like when you get vaporized?"

Mazerak squints.

Ezana leans on Auragin.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Excuse me, m'lord, just for clarification, the Restday after this one coming? So the 1st?"

Auragin leans on Ezana, giving her a companionable grin.

Thurfel nods to you.

You smile at Thurfel.

* Pollina drops dead at your feet!

Thurfel says, "I have instructed my staff"

Cravis glances at Pollina.

Castilly blinks.

Auragin raises a hand while murmuring a soft orison...
Auragin gestures at Pollina.
A luminescent web briefly forms around Pollina, then fades into the body.

Valdain blinks.

Thurfel says, "to cook some amazing delicacies"

Auragin sighs.

Joosila's jaw drops.

Keriddwen rubs Pollina.

Kraegan peers quizzically at Pollina.

You grin at Thurfel.

You ask, "Seafood?"

Thurfel frowns at Aenar.

You chuckle at Thurfel.

Auragin blinks.

Thurfel exclaims, "of course!"

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "this is a great deal of notice Aenar"

You hear the ghostly voice of Pollina say, "Ack.. all the excitement of shopping made me forget I was bleeding"

Alanamarie rubs Pollina.

Thurfel says, "I need them there if possible"

Joosila smiles at Pollina.

Aenar nods.

Thurfel says, "I do not fear for anybody's safety"

You ask, "And the other orbs, m'lord... Ye know how to get those?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "but I would be more assured"

Mazerak glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "if the Fury was there"

Ezana nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I have all the orbs milady"

Thurfel smiles.

Auragin glances at Aenar.

Niasan says, "Well, they're over 'protecting' Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor."

You blink.

Auragin leans on her staff.

Thurfel says, "The liches will no longer trouble Icemule"

You ask, "How did ye get them, m'lord?"

Madroxal blinks.

Auragin serenely says, "nae all of them"

You ask, "May I ask?"

Alanamarie says, "'Thurfel I can get word to the fury for ya if you would like"

Ezana peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Auragin smiles at Niasan.

Thurfel nods to Alanamarie.

Madroxal asks, "Thurfel from Thurfels Keep?"

Ezana nods.

Keriddwen nods to Madroxal.

Alanamarie nods.

Niasan says, "Well, most of them."

Ezana nods to Madroxal.
Niasan nods to Auragin.
Mazerak nods to Madroxal.

Thurfel says, "The culmination of the event"

Thurfel says, "will be the demise of all of the liches"

Madroxal bows to Thurfel.

Madroxal says, "Tis an honor to see you m'lord"

Thurfel says, "Icemule will never fear them ever again"

You ask, "But the other four orbs ye were missing... How did ye come upon them?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Keriddwen serenely asks, "no just ye then eh?"

Keriddwen grins at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "with the staff in my possession"

Thurfel says, "they were no longer hidden as well as they thought"

You ask, "Ah... so the staff led ye to them, so to speak?"

Mazerak confidently asks, "Will you say more than that Lord Thurfel?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to you.

Thurfel bows to Aenar.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "And the broken orb, m'lord?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Aenar bows to Thurfel.

Auragin turns to face Thurfel.

Auragin curtsies.

Thurfel whispers, "Have no worry about that one, I have it completely under control."

Thurfel says, "liches"

You bite your lip.

Ezana gestures at Pollina.
Ezana suddenly looks very drained.
A bolt of soft white light streaks down from the sky bathing Pollina in it.
A brilliant glow forms around Pollina, lingers for a moment, and finally fades. Pollina awakens looking somewhat confused and seriously drained.

Thurfel says, "are mages of great power"

Thurfel says, "but dead"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I trust ye, m'lord, so I will believe that."

Mazerak confidently asks, "Will you say more than that Lord Thurfel? How are we so sure?"

Thurfel says, "they don't always realize they are dead"

Auragin rubs you.

Thurfel says, "most are very very evil"

Pollina struggles to sit up, but fails.

Thurfel says, "I suppose there could be a good lich"

Thurfel says, "but I have yet to meet one"

Niasan says, "Even when they're dropping their half-decayed flesh from their bones, they forget they're dead."

Thurfel nods to Niasan.

Thurfel says, "tis true"

Niasan says, "Actually, I've heard about 'good' liches before.."

Niasan nods to Thurfel.

Ezana peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I do hope that all of you will join us on the island"

You ask, "And so all the orbs are already on the altar, m'lord?"

Joosila peers quizzically at Niasan.

You ask, "Or ye will place them during the festival?"

Lerdan peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "all orbs are on the altar"

Thurfel says, "I will place the staff on the altar on that day"

Niasan says, "Supposedly one would become a lich so they can stay around to protect a family line."

Niasan says, "But still dead."

Niasan shrugs.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "And there are indeed nine orbs in all?"

Ezana nods to Niasan.

Thurfel says, "just nine my dear"

Thurfel says, "there is no tenth"

Thurfel shakes his head.

Thurfel says, "nay Aenar"

Niasan says, "Would just depend if you always consider undead evil or not."

Thurfel says, "I just wish to know the Fury will be on the island"

Thurfel says, "on the festday"

Thurfel says, "in case the liches attempt something"

Thurfel says, "they are greatly weakened"

Mazerak squints.

Thurfel says, "and should be of little trouble"

Cravis grins.

Joosila beams happily at Thurfel!

Thurfel says, "but they may retain the ability to summon some trouble"

Cravis asks, "Fury make it safer?"

Cravis acts puzzled.

You gulp.

Cravis grins slowly.

Keriddwen serenely asks, "or Fury get ambushed?"

You say, "The liches always seem to bring trouble..."

Thurfel says, "The fury is a substantial group"

Thurfel says, "they have done well in the past"

Cravis grins.

Keriddwen serenely says, "yup they stormed yer keep in the past"

Keriddwen grins at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I would not have my guests bothered by creatures and monsters"

Ezana shrugs.

Auragin serenely says, "so ye'd bring us in ta protect yer guests"

Auragin leans on her staff.

Thurfel says, "if the Fury is willing"

Keriddwen serenely says, "how we know ye no longer controlled by Amasalen"

Auragin serenely says, "just in case thins go wrong"

Auragin rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Pollina says, "Better to let them be bothered by the militia."

Thurfel says, "they are more formidable then my guards."

Auragin cocks her head at Thurfel.

Joosila places a hand over her heart.

Thurfel says, "my sentries are barely capable of keeping their pants up"

Mazerak confidently says, "The island seems like quite an isolated spot ......"

You say, "I will be glad to see the backs of the liches to be sure."

Thurfel says, "I'd rather have some veterans just in case"

Niasan says, "Nice way of putting it."

Niasan nods to Thurfel.

Cravis grins.

Auragin serenely says, "we kin get yer message passed to tha proper folk, Thurfel"

Thurfel says, "much appreciated"

Auragin leans on her staff.

Granny waves to Thurfel.

Mazerak nods to Niasan.

Lerdan asks, "when is this going down?"

Aenar bows to Thurfel.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Not long ago, the liches were haunting me from the shadows still. But they seemed desperate."

Lerdan wrings his hands.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Is this because they knew ye had the orbs?"

Granny tiredly asks, "Whats happening now?"

Thurfel whispers, "I would imagine they would be, their days are numbered"

Vrekk bows to Thurfel.

Mazerak confidently says, "Let us hope we do not .....regret it."

You nod to Thurfel.

Aenar bows to Thurfel.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Yet they retained enough power to still make contact, m'lord, so be wary."

Niasan says, "You said they're weakened.."

Ezana peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Niasan asks, "Are you more powerful than all nine of them combined now?"

Thurfel whispers, "They are weakened, but still dangerous."

You nod to Thurfel.

You bite your lip.

Thurfel says, "we shall have steamed crabs, shellfish of all kinds, wonderful wines and ales"

Granny tiredly asks, "Any old men?"

Ezana applauds.

Granny squints at Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "older than me?"

Cravis asks, "It am all free?"

Cravis peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You grin at Thurfel.

Auragin serenely asks, "when is the festival?"

Niasan says, "Otherwise it sounds to me like a good place to gather everyone who could stop them in one place and knock it out in one swipe."

Granny chuckles.

Thurfel says, "the food and drink shall be for all"

Auragin nods to Niasan.

Thurfel says, "the merchants"

Thurfel says, "well"

Thurfel says, "tis up to them what they charge"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Ye just knowledgeable, my lord, not old."

You wink at Thurfel.

Granny cackles!

Thurfel smiles at you.

Lerdan asks in guild speak, "merchants coming ta town?"

Lerdan asks in guild speak, "would that be them traveling merchants?"

You ask, "So ye will set up tents on the island, m'lord?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel whispers, "was a pleasure to see you milady"

Thurfel nods to you.

Granny tiredly asks, "When is this merriment spose ta take place Mr. Thurfel?"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "And to see ye, m'lord."

Granny squints at Thurfel.

Niasan says, "Going to be tough moving all that stuff through the well."

Thurfel says, "a week from the next restday"

Thurfel says, "midsun"

Niasan says, "Glad I'm not hired labor."

Niasan stares off into space.

Thurfel says, "to sundown"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel. "I have worried much about what the staff might do to ye."

Granny tiredly says, "I'll grace yas wit my company."

Bonespur says, "Oh, fer da luv of"

Bonespur rolls his eyes.

Thurfel whispers, "it is but a tool, I would never allow a tool to control me"

Bonespur asks, "Whar me rum?"

Bonespur just opened an iron-clasped dark leather knapsack.

Iscikella smiles warmly at Thurfel.

Thurfel bows to you.

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "ye all have a wonderful evening, and please"

You say, "Good eve to ye, m'lord. Sleep well."

Bonespur bows to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "come visit me on fest day"

Vrekk says, "thanks my lord"

Aenar bows to Thurfel.

Bonespur grins drunkenly.

Vrekk bows to Thurfel.
Auragin curtsies to Thurfel.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I look forward to it."

Granny tiredly says, "Ye too Mr. Thurfel. Get some rest, yer growin wrinkles."

Bonespur whispers, "What he doin here?"

Auragin serenely says, "we shall pass tha message to tha General"

Mazerak nods to Thurfel.

Granny waves to Thurfel.

Ezana peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You whisper quietly to Bonespur, "Gave the date of the festival."

Thurfel waves his abalone sceptre at Thurfel!
The very ground itself comes alive, the dirt and stones at your feet exploding upward. The debris continues to erupt, until vision is completely obscured. Thunder booms overhead, and a several forked lightning bolts assault the area. Finally, the chaos subsides.
Thurfel just vanished.

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