Rasping Desperation
Restday, day 3 of the month Fashanos in the year 5102

This log is actually the combination of three logs from two players, two from Iscikella's player, and one from Opalina's player. It should be noted, therefore, that in this log the "you" references refer to any of these two characters, as noted in the initital reference.
***END NOTE***

This log is from the viewpoint of Iscikella and the "you" references, therefore, are in connection to said character.

[Hall of the Mind]
An aura of tranquility sits over the room. Stars twinkle on the south wall, comforting as they sparkle in the blackness, while the north wall glows a pearlescent grey the color of the moon behind mist. A black altar sits before the starry sky, and a grey altar seems to fade out of the misty wall.
Also in the room: Achillea, Renowned Lady Skyfawn, Tianni who is seated, Lord Nekales who is seated, Aranrhod who is seated
Obvious exits: southwest, up.

Lady Opalina just arrived.

You curtsy.

Aranrhod smiles at you.

You say, "Evening all."

Achillea nods to you in greeting.

Aranrhod says, "Evening"

Opalina says, "good evening Iscikella"

Nekales smiles at you.

Achillea says, "evening Iscikella"

Skyfawn nods to you in greeting.

Tianni stands up.
Tianni hugs you.

Achillea asks, "have ye been well?"

Tianni kneels down.
Tianni sits up.

You say, "Well? That's a rather... explosive question."

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Achillea asks, "why?"

You cock your head at Achillea.

You say, "We have a bit of a... lich problem in town."

You cough.

You ask, "Has there been any word of the cleric?"

Achillea says, "town seems same as last I was here"

Nekales says, "not that i have heard"

(Iscikella peers about the room questioningly.)

Opalina looks over at you and shakes her head.

You sigh softly.

You say, "Wish he would come."

Achillea asks, "have you changed?"

Achillea peers quizzically at you.

Opalina says, "although I did feel a light snow outside"

Aranrhod nods to you.

You raise an eyebrow in Achillea's direction.

Achillea says, "snow in Icemule, how.. novel"

Achillea snickers.

You say, "No, wouldn't say I have changed."

Opalina shrugs.

You say, "But the... uh deposition of the Nine surely has."

You clear your throat.

Achillea asks, "the nine have changed? how so?"

You glance at Achillea.

Aranrhod says, "They are out"

You say, "Are out and about in their lichly bodies."

You say, "That is how."

Achillea smiles slightlly

Achillea says, "oh"

Achillea asks, "and ye still stand?"

Ichiko just arrived.

Achillea says, "was my understanding you were rather finished once they were out"

Renholder just arrived.

Achillea says, "well, suppose tis good you still walk among mortals"

You squint at Achillea.

Aranrhod shifts her weight.

You say, "The liches like to drain spirit for power."

Renholder asks, "might there be someone here who can bless my broadsword and my imflass gauche please?"

Achillea says, "I suppose that would be a lichly thing to do"

Nekales leans back.

Aranrhod nods to Renholder.

Renholder smiles.

Aranrhod says, "Hand them here"

Renholder offers Aranrhod a broadsword.

You glance at Achillea.

Aranrhod accepts Renholder's broadsword.
A wave of power flows out of Aranrhod and toward a broadsword.
A brilliant white light wraps around the broadsword for a moment and then quickly seeps into its surface leaving a soft white afterglow.

Tianni says, "Don't run off with them like you did the last person's weapons you said you'd bless."

Aranrhod offers Renholder a broadsword.

Tianni glances at Aranrhod.

Renholder accepts Aranrhod's broadsword.

Nekales snickers.

Renholder offers Aranrhod a thin-bladed imflass main gauche.

Aranrhod rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Aranrhod accepts Renholder's imflass main gauche.

Achillea says, "they are welcome to some of mine if it will aid them"

Aranrhod asks, "I did that?"

Aranrhod chuckles.

You ask, "Aran getting absentminded?"

Tianni snickers.

You blink.

A wave of power flows out of Aranrhod and toward a thin-bladed imflass main gauche.
A brilliant white light wraps around the gauche for a moment and then quickly seeps into its surface leaving a soft white afterglow.

Aranrhod offers Renholder a thin-bladed imflass main gauche.
Renholder accepts Aranrhod's imflass main gauche.

Nekales says, "not on purpose, its her age"

Nekales clasps his hand over his mouth.

Renholder says, "thank ya bunches"

Renholder just hugged Aranrhod.

Aranrhod smiles.

Tianni hangs her head.

Aranrhod says, "Welcome"

Tianni appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Renholder smiles.

Aranrhod pokes Nekales in the ribs.

Lady Witcheaven just arrived.

Renholder just went southwest.

Nekales grins at Aranrhod.

Aranrhod says, "They are teasing me"

Aranrhod grins.

Achillea nods to Witcheaven in greeting.

Tianni just hugged Aranrhod.

You nod to Witcheaven in greeting.

Nekales says, "yeah, she can't even sneak in anymore without me seeing her"

Nekales grins.

Aranrhod just hugged Tianni.

You ask, "No more missing limbs I hope?"

You cock your head at Witcheaven.

Aranrhod nods to Witcheaven in greeting.

(Witcheaven moves to stand near the south wall.)

Witcheaven says, "No.. not.. since before."

Lord Joter just arrived.

Tianni says, "I hate it when I lose limbs."

Joter sits down.

Joter says, "Pardon me, I was at the carnival"

Tianni smiles at Joter.

You smile at Joter.

Lord Tjaran just arrived.

Nekales smiles at Joter.

Joter asks, "I late?"

You say, "No, about 3 more minutes."

You say, "I'm starting bit late tonight."

Joter wipes the sweat from his brow.

You say, "I was running around a bit."

You smile.

Achillea says, "so anyway Iscikella. you don't seem none the worse for wear"

Joter takes a drink from his whipped hot cocoa.

You glance at Achillea.

Achillea asks, "what of the others?"

Tjaran smiles at Tianni.

Nekales grins.

Joter asks, "Did anything happen this weekend?"

Tjaran says, "Hi Tianni"

Tjaran says, "Hi Ashenath."

You say, "I think we all are... "the worse for wear."

Tianni says, "HI tj"

You cough.

Tjaran waves to Ashenath.

You glance at Aranrhod.

Nekales says, "evening Tj"

Nekales smiles.

(Iscikella looks away quickly.)

Tjaran bows to Nekales.

Achillea says, "a matter of perspective"

Ashenath bows to Tjaran.

Ichiko says, "But alive and still willing to fight.."

Tjaran says, "Evening, Nekales."

Aranrhod glances at a porcelain Lumnis statue.

Ichiko glances at Achillea.

(Joter moves between Iscikella and Nekales.)

You cock your head at Joter.

Achillea says, "if it means anything to you, I am not atall allied with this new arising trouble"

Tjaran sits down.

Nekales smiles at Joter.

Miralissa just arrived.

Joter whispers, "just trying to help you"

Miralissa kneels down.

Aranrhod grins at Tianni.

Miralissa breaks out in a sweat.

Joter smiles at you.

Witcheaven says, "No one is."

Miralissa wipes the sweat from her brow.

You smile at Joter.

Witcheaven glances at Achillea.

Tjaran says, "I am looking forward to this."

You say, "allright, I will begin the service."

Tjaran grins.

You smile.

Achillea says, "I just sought some counsel about it with my master, only he was not who answered"

Joter stands up.

Achillea frowns.

You say, "Please stand, those participating."

You nod.

Aranrhod stands up.
Ashenath stands up.
Miralissa stands up.
Witcheaven sits down.

Achillea says, "and would seem they do not serve him"

Tianni chews on her fingernails.

Heavy droplets of sweat drip from Miralissa's brow.
Miralissa wipes the sweat from her brow.

(Achillea leans agains the neutral west wall)

You say, "The commands for the pieces of the service will be OBVIOUS within the sentences I say. Please follow closely."

(Iscikella faces the grey altar of Lumnis)

Achillea leans back.

You recite:
"All KNEEL before Her GREY ALTAR."

Miralissa kneels down.

You kneel down.

You recite:
"PRAY at the GREY ALTAR of She Who is All-Wise."

You murmur some prayers under your breath.

Ashenath kneels down.
Tjaran moves to a kneeling position.
Ichiko kneels down and begins to recite prayers.
Joter kneels down.

Aranrhod stands in front of a grey altar.
Aranrhod kneels down.

Joter continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

You remove some delicate ivory prayer beads from in your white leather satchel.

Tjaran continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.
Ichiko continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.
Miralissa continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

You recite:
"With all due reverence, TOUCH Her GREY ALTAR with me so that you may feel the power of the Wise Goddess."

You reach out and touch a grey altar.
Tjaran just touched a grey altar.
Joter just touched a grey altar.
Ashenath just touched a grey altar.
Ichiko just touched a grey altar.

Ashenath places her hands beneath her chin and turns her eyes up to the heavens.

Aranrhod just touched a grey altar.

You recite:
"All MEDITATE on the Goddess' Wisdom."

A snowshoe hare hops into the room.

You begin to meditate on your lot in life.

Aranrhod places her hand on her Lumnis statue.

Miralissa continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

You recite:
"In love and devotion, TOUCH the NORTH WALL wherein stands the effigy of the Wise One."

Silon just arrived.

You reach out and touch the north wall.
Joter just touched the north wall.
Tjaran just touched the north wall.
Miralissa just touched the north wall.
Ichiko just touched the north wall.
Ashenath just touched the north wall.

(Iscikella prostrates herself before the altar of Lumnis.)

You recite:
"Remain kneeling while I rise to intone Her special prayer."

You stand back up.

You recite:
"Listen and join in within your hearts while I intone Her prayer."

You reach out and touch a multi-gemmed quintuple ring medallion.

The snowshoe hare hops off.

Iscikella smiles as she claps her hands together once setting a shimmering phantom of five conjoined colored circles, the symbol of Lumnis, into the air where it hangs a moment before fading in a silvery haze

Achillea smiles at Silon.

You gaze heavenward.

(Iscikella raises her arms heavenward)

You recite:
"I beseech thee, O great Goddess Lumnis
Succor and instruct me, thy servant.
Provide me thy wisdom,
Teach me thy ways,
Counsel me in thy care."

Surely there are more interesting things to kiss than the medallion!

You say, "I have several additional prayers this night..."

You gaze heavenward.

You recite:
"Wise Lady, we come before ye with many troubles
Much in need of Thy wise guidance."

Alyxandrah just arrived.

You recite:
"Undead travail us from every corridor
From the Council of Nine who have freed themselves
To the ancient horror we do not yet understand."

Alyxandrah glares.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "What's wrong?"

You recite:
"We ask yer counsel
In both instances."

Joter stands up.

Joter kneels down.

You recite:
"I myself ask this counsel for the Lord Thurfel
That his method may prove successful against the Nine."

You recite:
"And with regard to the other, the unnameable
Please send yer cleric to us soon."

You kneel down.

(Iscikella places the palm of her right hand to her lips, kisses that palm and presses that palm to the foot of the image in the north wall.)

Silon just went southwest.

You stand back up.

You say, "Any others having special prayers, please recite them now..."

(Iscikella glances about the room.)

(Aranrhod starts to say something and suddenly stops)

Aranrhod shakes her head.

Tjaran raises his hand.

Joter whispers, "One moment"

You smile at Joter.

Nekales checks his footing.

You say, "Joter, soon as ye are ready."

Lady Ilvane just arrived.
Ilvane sits down.

Tjaran smiles at Ilvane.
Ilvane smiles at Tjaran.

Joter recites:
"Lumnis who gave kuon the knowledge to ask for healing
And Imaera the wisdom to see to it through the herbs
WE ask you grant us your wisdom
And the strength of Kuon as we need it."

Joter whispers, "done"

You smile at Joter.

You say, "Any others with special prayers this night."

Tjaran nods to you.

You say, "Tjaran."

Ilvane stifles a yawn.

Ilvane clasps her hand over her mouth.

Alyxandrah folds her arms over her chest.

Alyxandrah nods.

Alyxandrah frowns.

Ilvane clasps her arms around her knees and rocks back and forth.

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Ilvane leans on Tjaran.

Tjaran recites:
"Lady Lumnis, in your presence I have found purpose
But in my efforts I have found much frustration and exhaustion
I ask that you guide all of us who are tired and lost toward peace"

You smile at Tjaran.

Tjaran whispers, "Sorry, took a while to find the right words."

Lord Haxley just arrived.

(Iscikella scans the room again.)

Nekales smiles at Tjaran.

Ilvane whistles tunelessly to herself.

Haxley clasps Witcheaven's hand tenderly.

Haxley sits down.

Tjaran grins at Ilvane.

Haxley just kissed Witcheaven on the ear.

Haxley smiles at Witcheaven.

You ask, "Any others with special prayers?"

Ilvane says, "Rangers being lost, never heard that before."

Ilvane hums distractedly to herself.

Tjaran gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

(Iscikella scans the assemblage a final time.)

Ilvane begins chortling at Tjaran.

You nod.

You recite:
"PRAY once more at Her GREY ALTAR for Her All-Knowing Wisdom."

You kneel down and begin your prayers.

(Iscikella prostrates herself before the altar of Lumnis.)

Ashenath continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.
Miralissa continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.
Ichiko continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.
Tjaran continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.
You murmur some prayers under your breath.

Aranrhod closes her eyes for a moment.

You recite:
"LOOK upon the beauty of Her GREY ALTAR."

You gaze with interest at a grey altar.

It almost seems as if the altar is made from mist. Atop it are five conjoined circles colored red, blue, black, green, and white. Over these, a golden scroll has been laid, although you cannot read the language the scroll has been scribed in. An imflass plaque rests at the front of the altar.

Miralissa gazes with interest at a grey altar.
Tjaran gazes with interest at a grey altar.

You recite:
"LISTEN in hushed silence for Her signs."

You tighten your grip on your ivory prayer beads.

Ashenath turns an ear towards the north wall.

You close your eyes for a moment.

You turn your ear towards a grey altar. Sounds about like you expected.
Ichiko turns an ear towards a grey altar.
Tjaran turns an ear towards a grey altar.

You recite:
"MEDITATE once more upon Her Greatness and Her Goodness."

You begin to meditate on your lot in life.

Ashenath places her hands beneath her chin and turns her eyes up to the heavens.

You recite:
"LOOK with true awe and wonder upon Her effigy in the NORTH WALL."

You gaze with interest at the north wall.

The wall shines a pearly grey, as if the moon was behind a bank of mist. Out from the mist steps a woman, mature in years, dressed in a grey robe that blends into the fog below. Her hair is long and black, with a single lock of grey at her forehead. Her face is wise and serene, and her eyes seem to contain the mysteries of the universe.

Miralissa gazes with interest at the north wall.
Joter gazes with interest at the north wall.
Tjaran gazes with interest at the north wall.
You recite:
"LISTEN in hushed silence once more for Her signs."

You tighten your grip on your ivory prayer beads.

You turn your ear towards the north wall. Sounds about like you expected.
Ichiko turns an ear towards the north wall.
You trace the lines of your circles tattoo.

Iscikella smiles at Lumnis.

You recite:
"Show Her due reverence by KISSing Her GREY ALTAR."

Surely there are more interesting things to kiss than the altar!
Joter just kissed the altar!
Tjaran just kissed the altar!
Ichiko just kissed the altar!
Ashenath just kissed the altar!

Aranrhod places her hand on her Lumnis statue.

You recite:
"You may now rise."

Silon just arrived.

Joter stands up.
Aranrhod stands up.

Alyxandrah shifts her weight.

You stand back up.

Achillea shifts her weight.

You recite:
"In deference and as a sign of respect, BOW or CURTSY."

Miralissa stands up.
Ichiko stands up.

Joter bows.

Tjaran stands up.

Aranrhod bows.
Ichiko bows.
Tjaran bows.
You curtsy.

Ashenath stands up.

Ilvane stretches.

Miralissa bows.

Opalina comes out of hiding.
Opalina curtsies.

Ashenath bows.

You recite:
"I will perform the salute to the Goddess. Those of you familiar may also salute Her, if you see fit."

Silon grins at Haxley.

(Iscikella touches the tips of the five fingers of her right hand to her forehead in a symbol of respect and recognition to the Wise Goddess.)

(Miralissa places her five fingertips on her forehead)

Miralissa traces the lines of her mailed fist tattoo.

Alyxandrah stares off into space.

(Iscikella turns to once more face the others.)

You say, "The High Prayer Service is now complete."

Ashenath reaches out and holds Miralissa's hand.

Surely there are more interesting things to kiss than the medallion!

A raspy voice is heard from the shadows saying, "There is another prayer. I pray to all that can hear, for all of us here, that Thurfel does not gain the staff before we do."

Aranrhod sits down.

Witcheaven blinks.

Ichiko blinks.

You gasp.

Ilvane nods.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow.

Haxley blinks.

Tianni stands up.

Nekales frowns.

Joter says, "Oh boy"

Silon grins.

Aranrhod fidgets.

Ilvane says, "You are right, voice."

Achillea smiles.

Aranrhod stands up.

You hear someone sigh.

Tianni asks, "And why is that? do tell?"

Opalina searches around for a moment.

Achillea places her hand on her Luukos symbol.

Ichiko squints.

Opalina searches around for a moment.

Silon grins at Haxley.

Ilvane says, "We don't want you to have it either, though."

Tjaran nods to Ashenath.

Opalina searches around for a moment.

Great Lady Ashenath's group just went southwest.

Haxley folds his arms over his chest.

Tianni nods to Ilvane.

Alyxandrah mutters something about stupid_voices..

You put some delicate ivory prayer beads in your white leather satchel.

Opalina searches around for a moment.

Nekales says, "aye"

Skyfawn comes out of hiding.

Skyfawn just hugged Ilvane.

Nekales nods to Ilvane.

Tianni asks, "So tell us, who exactly should have it?"

Opalina searches around for a moment.

Joter asks, "Voice, I ask you, what is it Thurfel will do?"

Ilvane says, "No one."

Opalina searches around for a moment.

Tianni nods to Ilvane.

Opalina searches around for a moment.

You say, "Ye lie, lich."

Skyfawn just hugged Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "If you listen to that voice..."

Ilvane says, "It should be destroyed."

You say, "Ye always lie."

Tianni nods to Ilvane.

Alyxandrah says, "You're more a fool than they are for believing what they do."

Alyxandrah nods to Joter.

Alyxandrah just hugged Skyfawn.

Witcheaven says, "Especially not Amasalen.. or the Council.."

The voice warns, "Things are not always what they seem. Beware for what ye pray, Iscikella!"

Ilvane glances at Witcheaven.

Silon grins at Haxley.

Ilvane blinks at you.

Nekales says, "hmm"

You say, "I certainly will not pray for ye to get the staff, lich."

Haxley asks, "Are you a good Lich or a bad Lich?"

Haxley snickers.

Alyxandrah begins chuckling at Haxley.

Ilvane pokes Haxley in the ribs.

You say, "Not is seven hundred million moons."

Joter asks, "Voice, can you hint what Thurfel will do?"

(Aranrhod tries to not look at the shadows)

Witcheaven says, "Haxley.."

Achillea says, "Iscikella has always been rather blind in her trust of Thurfel"

Alyxandrah says, "I'm sure that lich is on the light side."

Haxley asks, "What?"

Alyxandrah nods to Haxley.

Haxley grins at Witcheaven.

The voice continues, "Love has a way of blinding one to the truth, m'lady."

Haxley leans on his longsword.

Ilvane says, "Yes it does."

Aranrhod stares at a grey altar.

Nekales rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Ilvane says, "I can't believing I'm agreeing."

Achillea says, "indeed"

Witcheaven asks, "Who is it that speaks?"

Ilvane flails her arms about.

Tianni takes a few steps back.

You say, "As does hate, lich."

Witcheaven frowns.

Silon grins at Haxley.

Achillea grins at Ilvane.

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel will not destroy Icemule with the staff. That is your plan, voice. Not his."

Achillea just kissed Ilvane on the cheek.

Skyfawn says, "I agree to Ilvane"

Joter says, "Isci, I don't speak vainly but your association with Thurfel does not make you the most objective person here."

You ask, "And the lich is objective?"

Tianni asks, "Who are you that speaks from the shadows?"

Ilvane asks, "How do you know he won't destroy the town the same as the Council would?"

Haxley says, "You know, I'm going to laugh when it turns out this voice is that Lumnite cleric."

Haxley chuckles.

You stare at Joter.

Silon snickers.

You say, "The same liches who drain spirit."

From the shadows the voice rasps, "Ask your beloved Thurfel about betrayal and hate."

You say, "Who possess."

You hear someone snicker.

Ilvane says, "Oh, they have another point."

Skyfawn nods to Ilvane.

You ask, "And what of ye, voice?"

Ilvane says, "We've spoken of that before, too voice."

Aranrhod shifts her weight.

You say, "Seems ye all betray one another."

Opalina says, "sounds like a jeallous woman "

Ichiko asks, "Is it not Yfa who betrays and hates..?"

Witcheaven asks, "Thurfel did once set this town ablaze, didn't he?"

Ilvane says, "How Thurfel betrayed..and he should not be trusted."

You say, "Keep secrets."

Witcheaven glances at Ilvane.

Alyxandrah whispers, "Thurfel not being here doesn't make this any easier."

Nekales nods to Ichiko.

Joter says, "Isci what I mean is you have been close to Thurfel in a way. Friendships fog truths as well as they show them."

Joter says, "I know."

Joter sighs.

Alyxandrah gazes heavenward.

You say, "I know the lich drains me."

You hear the voice of Sheka say, "The Misguided One is quite blind when it comes to her beloved Thurfel."

Tianni shifts her weight.

Aranrhod kneels down.

You say, "The lich possesses."

You say, "The lich kills."

You hear someone chuckling.

Aranrhod just touched a grey altar.

Ilvane says, "But of course, we don't trust the remainder of the Council as well."

You scoff at Joter.

Haxley stands up.

The voice echoes, "Friendships are sometimes more than meets the eye, too."

Alyxandrah raises an eyebrow.

You hear the voice of Sheka say, "Hmmm"

Haxley smirks.

Nekales says, "hmm"

Ilvane says, "Shadowy one, come out..we won't harm you."

Alyxandrah asks, "Sheka, something you and Deekaos not telling the rest of us?"

Alyxandrah laughs!

You ask, "Which is why ye have no friends, lich?"

Achillea begins chuckling at Ilvane.

Alyxandrah snaps around as though something just pinched her.

Silon just nudged Ilvane.

Ilvane says, "As long as you don't harm us."

Alyxandrah flails her arms about.

You hear the voice of Sheka cursing fluidly and vividly.

Ilvane winks.

Achillea says, "that, Ilvane was funny"

Ilvane says, "I am unarmed."

Joter says, "No, Isci has a good point. You need friendships."

Skyfawn says, "the voice don't sound like a lich"

Ilvane winks at Achillea.

Achillea says, "you won't harm it. I think not"

Haxley chuckles.

Tianni says, "Perhaps this isn't a lich."

You hear the voice of Sheka ask, "in a contest of wits?"

You say, "Aye, does."

Haxley says, "I wouldn't."

Tianni says, "Perhaps it is someone else."

Alyxandrah nods to Skyfawn.

Haxley shrugs.

Alyxandrah says, "It is."

You say, "Is the lich."

The voice rasps again, "There are nine of us, we have no lack of friendship, m'lady."

You say, "Why don't ye come out, lich."

Opalina says, "voice sounds like a jeallous female"

Skyfawn says, "ahhh"

Tianni smiles quietly to herself.

You say, "See."

Opalina nods to Skyfawn.

You say, "told ye was a lich."

Aranrhod asks, "You are friendly with each other then?"

You hear the voice of Sheka say, "You seem not to need the Chosen now"

Tianni asks, "Do you fight amongst yourselves Lich?"

You say, "I have seen only eight, lich."

Witcheaven asks, "Is this the one bound to you?"

Witcheaven peers quizzically at you.

Achillea says, "it is good to hear ye have gotten free while I was away, liches"

You ask, "Who is the ninth?"

Alyxandrah says, "If you hear bubbling laughter, it is."

Alyxandrah nods to Witcheaven.

Skyfawn says, "is one that thurfel betrayed"

Achillea smiles.

Nekales says, "the nine of you are so insistent that thurfel should not hold the staff, but surely you don't think us foolish enough to think you should have it either"

You hear the voice of Sheka ask, "Have they served yet their purpose...the ones like this one?"

Witcheaven frowns.

You say, "This is not Elymir."

You feel something poke you in the ribs.

You say, "this one."

Ilvane smiles slightly, staring off into the shadows.

Dark billowing clouds of smoke creep within the room, the strong odor of burning sulfur rising from them. Curling wisps of smoke crawl towards Opalina, climbing up her legs.

Haxley blinks.

Haxley sniffs.

Alyxandrah blinks at Opalina.

You hear someone cackle.

Tianni says, "Oh no."

You gasp.

Silon growls ferociously!

Haxley exclaims, "Gah!"

Aranrhod blinks at Opalina.

You exclaim, "Opalina!"

Skyfawn blinks.

You try to pull Opalina towards you.

Haxley exclaims, "Call wind!"

Achillea smiles at Opalina.

Aranrhod stands up.

Witcheaven frowns.

Alyxandrah exclaims, "Someone get the water ready!"

Nekales takes a few steps back.

The voice says, "No, not Elymir."

Haxley says, "Or breeze, or something."

Haxley flails his arms about.

Silon tosses his dwarven battle axe into the air, it turns end over end once and falls. Silon positions his body just right so that the weapon lands perfectly in his wolverine pelt sheath!

Opalina raises an eyebrow.

Alyxandrah just nudged Silon.

Aranrhod asks, "Who then?"

Haxley asks, "The lich that toasted me?"

Alyxandrah says, "Cannon."

Haxley rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Alyxandrah begins chuckling at Silon.

You exclaim, "Which are ye!"

Silon grins at Alyxandrah.

(Joter pushes opaina aside standing in her place.)

Ilvane says, "Seems to be Opalina's friend."

(Tianni clutches Nekales's arm tightly.)

You tilt your head up.

Joter says, "Watchout"

Tjaran narrows his eyes.

(Opalina touches the smoke)

Haxley grins at Silon.

Achillea grins at Ilvane.

You mutter something about ugly-liches....

Opalina says, "this isn't mine"

You hear the voice of Sheka say, "Close your legs wench"

Nekales just kissed Tianni on the forehead.

Alyxandrah cackles!

Ilvane clasps her hand over her mouth.

Alyxandrah clasps her hand over her mouth.

At this point, Opalina alone heard:

You sense another mind within yours as it begins, "You thought that I would forget you so soon?"
***END NOTE***

Ilvane grins at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah hums distractedly to herself.

Alyxandrah laughs!

Achillea smiles amused

Opalina frowns.

Haxley chuckles.

Opalina says, "of course not"

You ask, "So, lich, who are ye watching tonight?"

(Witcheaven looks at the smoke curiously.)

Tianni asks, "Is it speaking to you Opalina?"

Niqi just arrived.

Nekales glances at Opalina.

Niqi gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Ilvane gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Aranrhod peers quizzically at Opalina.

You hear the voice of Sheka say, "She seems quite enthralled....."

Sheka suddenly fades into view.

A hint of blue flame flickers briefly.

At this point, Opalina alone heard:

"And what progress have you had in retrieving the staff?"
***END NOTE***

Alyxandrah blinks.

You gasp.

Haxley blinks.

Sheka cocks her head at Opalina.

Witcheaven squints.

Joter blinks.

You say, "Blue flame."

Haxley asks, "Blue?"

Achillea blinks.

Haxley frowns.

You say, "Gavrail."

Ilvane asks, "How do you know?"

You raise your fist in a display of defiance.

Haxley says, "Yeah, her."

Sheka nods to Silon.

Haxley nods to you.

You say, "Show yerself."

Ilvane glances at you.

You say, "Because of the vision."

Tjaran nods.

You say, "I have seen that flame."

Opalina says, "I shall not say I can't tell who this is"

Witcheaven asks, "Vision?"

You say, "It is Gavrail."

You nod to Witcheaven.

Tjaran says, "I remember you mentioning that."

Nekales frowns at Opalina.

Sheka says, "I have seen it with a crimson crab over it."

(Opalina looks confused)

Aranrhod says, "I do not smell perfume"

Ilvane stands up.

Alyxandrah stares off into space.

You say, "Ye are without yer "voice" tonight, Gavrail."

Haxley sniffs.

You ask, "Is that why ye rasp?"

Haxley says, "I smell immolator trap, actually."

Haxley gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Alyxandrah groans at Haxley.

Alyxandrah laughs!

Sheka ponders.

Witcheaven says, "Probably the coffer in my backpack."

Witcheaven nods to Haxley.

Haxley glances at Witcheaven.

Haxley says, "Subtle, love."

Haxley chuckles.

Haxley just kissed Witcheaven.

Joter asks, "Well, if you are here you going to run scared, lich?"

(Opalina brushes at the smoke trying to get it to release her)

You exclaim, "Speak, lich!"

At this point, Opalina alone heard:

"You know full well who this is, my dear. Do you remember our pact that was made or shall I make another example of one in which you care for?"
***END NOTE***

You mutter something inaudible.

Aranrhod rubs Opalina gently.

Silon grins at Haxley.

Achillea asks, "Gavrail is the name of one of the nine, the one here?"

Achillea peers quizzically at you.

Sheka says, "Such a commanding tone."

You nod.

Sheka gazes in awe at you.

Ilvane nods to Tianni.

Alyxandrah fidgets.

Sheka smirks.

Nekales rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Witcheaven asks, "Gavrail.. she's the leader.. right?"

You nod to Witcheaven.

Opalina shakes her head.

Haxley nods to Witcheaven.

Joter says, "I think you are scared of me, Gavrail."

You say, "Seems to be."

Silon whispers, "Didn't Thurfel used to be the leader?"

Witcheaven frowns.

Haxley begins chuckling at Joter.

Opalina says, "Im confused.. but of course I've not forgotten"

You whisper quietly to Silon, "Long ago. Gavrail is now."

Opalina says, "Im very close"

Silon nods to you.

Haxley says, "Ye gods...I wonder."

Haxley frowns.

Joter says, "Because I speak logic while you speak confusion."

(Sheka raises her eyebrow in amusement at Joter.)

Nekales peers quizzically at Opalina.

The voice replies, "Ye have many questions, lady. But ye do not wish to hear the truth. I have spoken it, and you laugh. We shall see who is laughing when Thurfel has his way with ye."

Arimantis just arrived.

Alyxandrah says, "That sounds promising."

Tianni gasps.

Haxley says, "Feh...try speaking to one of us then, voice."

Sheka says, "I shall be."

Nekales asks, "so he has the staff?"

Achillea says, "well, Gavrail, if ye've need of one more loyal to your cause, I offer whatever of myself you can use"

Ilvane begins chuckling at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah ducks her head.

Haxley says, "Not all of us are as set in our ways as she is."

Haxley chuckles.

Arimantis gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Joter says, "I am not laughing. I am seeking answers, so tell me."

(Sheka nods towards the smoke.)

Opalina asks, "there are two here?"

Sheka smiles cruelly.

Opalina gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Ichiko glares at Achillea.

Alyxandrah nods to Silon.

(Opalina rubs her temples)

You say, "Gavrail, ye have yer own version of the truth."

Achillea smiles at Ichiko.

Arimantis glances at Achillea.

You say, "That doesn't make it real truth."

Achillea just kissed Arimantis on the cheek.

Sheka glances at Arimantis.

Arimantis just kissed Ilvane on the nose.

Aranrhod stands in front of a grey altar.

Ilvane smiles at Arimantis.

Ilvane just kissed Arimantis.

Achillea nods to Sheka in greeting.

Sheka smiles secretively.

The voice speaks into the room, "Those of you who are not so set then had best spend your efforts in trying to persuade the Misguided One of what needs to be done."

At this point, Opalina alone heard:

"There is another of my kind present as well, I sense. Should I suggest that you do not have any progress to report, yet? I would hope that you do, for the sake of those you care for."
***END NOTE***

Silon makes a wheezing sound.

Sheka cackles!

Haxley says, "Feh! You obviously don't get out much."

Ichiko coughs.

You ask, "Done?"

Alyxandrah says, "She said Misguided One."

Arimantis glances at Sheka.

Silon grins at Sheka.

Nekales rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Ilvane says, "You've been talking to Sheka too much."

Achillea says, "she is stubbornly misguided"

Joter asks, "Speaking to Sheka?"

You ask, "So ye can ravage our town?"

Joter chuckles.

You shake your head.

Nekales mutters been-tried.

Arimantis says, "Sheka be the misguided one"

Sheka grins coldly, her eyes reflecting no emotion.

You stand there stubbornly, folding your arms over your chest.

Silon snickers.

Achillea grins at Sheka.

Ilvane says, "You really do trust Thurfel far too much."

Witcheaven asks, "And what do you offer as an alternative?"

Silon asks, "So Sheka, how do you work your mind control over lichs?"

Silon glances at Sheka.

You say, "I will not trust the Nine."

Sheka says, "your stubborn pride shall be the ruin of this town."

You glance at Ilvane.

Sheka nods to you.

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel deserves to be trusted. The Nine do not."

Ilvane says, "I didn't say trust the nine."

Joter says, "What have you and Thurfel done, Isci."

Opalina says, "come"

Alyxandrah glances at Joter.

Ilvane says, "And I disagree that Thurfel should be trusted.."

Lady Opalina just went southwest.

You say, "That is what she is saying, Ilvane."

Alyxandrah says, "That's you."

Ilvane says, "He has betrayed friends before."

Alyxandrah winks at Ilvane.

Ichiko says, "No matter what ye voices say, we will stand against you, and prevail"

The voice focuses on Iscikella once again, "If you think to see this town ravaged, see that ye do what Thurfel asks!"

Silon just went southwest.

Alyxandrah says, "Not all friends."

Haxley folds his arms over his chest.

Achillea asks, "why does Thurfel the town torcher and dwarven slayer deserve to be trusted?"

Witcheaven says, "And I know enough to verify Thurfel shouldn't be trusted."

Ilvane nods to Witcheaven.

Ilvane flails her arms about.

You ask, "As if ye have not yer own plans of ravaging, Gavrail?"

Alyxandrah gazes heavenward.

You scoff.

Ichiko glances at Achillea.

Ilvane exclaims, "I'm agreeing with you too!"

Aranrhod asks, "Or do what you ask?"

Arimantis asks, "Why you givin advice, ifin you want this town destroyed?"

Joter asks, "What do you mean?"

Ilvane squints at Witcheaven.

Arimantis smirks.

Haxley says, "Ye gods...Ilvane and Witcheaven agreeing."

Haxley gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Achillea says, "it is utterly amazing what some of you of Liabo will turn to"

Witcheaven says, "This are.. different."

Nekales says, "they mistrust thurfel because he left them, of course they wouldn't trust him"

Witcheaven smiles at Ilvane.

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel does not wish to see this town destroyed. Gavrail does, and so do the others."

Nekales coughs.

Nekales says, "nine"

Witcheaven says, "I'll explain later."

Joter asks, "Is Thurfel's threat lesser?"

Tianni nods to Nekales.

(Ilvane mutters quietly to herself, "What is wrong with me?")

Joter asks, "Or worse?"

Ilvane paces back and forth.

Haxley says, "Nothing."

You glance at Ilvane.

Achillea asks, "does not Thurfel also claim a debt to amasalen?"

Haxley says, "For once, everything is quite right."

Haxley nods to Ilvane.

Witcheaven says, "I haven't managed to tell her yet."

Ilvane says, "I refuse to be a sheep."

Ilvane nods to you.

Haxley says, "Well, personal things are quite right."

Arimantis says, "I mistrust everything she is saying now.. don make any sense fer her ta be givin advice"

Haxley gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Joter asks, "Gavrail, is the ninth still in the tomb?"

Ilvane says, "I think you are wrong to trust Thurfel."

You say, "I know what the Nine have done, Gavrail."

Sheka says, "He shall be if not already"

Sheka nods to Achillea.

Tianni says, "He does. He claims to have made, or is making a deal with Amasalen."

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel hasn't given me any reason not to trust him."

You say, "I have seen it. Experienced it."

Achillea smiles at Sheka.

The voice responds to Alyxandrah, "We have no desire to see the town destroyed. We wish to have the town in one piece, believe me!"

Alyxandrah says, "The Nine, on the other hand, have."

Witcheaven asks, "If Thurfel was to be trusted, why would he ask Armaxis to make sure he lost the sphere, so you would get it, Iscikella?"

You say, "So ye can rule over it."

Alyxandrah asks, "Then why have you killed so many, Gavrail?"

Nekales says, "and all of us enthralled with it"

Ichiko says, "All that we need to know is told in the tale of Dabbings and your treachery against him"

You say, "Aye, voice, of course."

You scoff.

Ilvane says, "Aside from saying that Yfa was dead, then she comes back up.."

Ilvane leans on Alyxandrah.

Arimantis asks, "In one piece... but all us dead?"

Haxley says, "And he had the staff at one point."

Alyxandrah says, "He probably believed her dead."

Haxley nods to Ilvane.

Alyxandrah says, "Mehlah did too."

Tianni asks, "What is it that you wish for the people in the town, Lich?"

Ilvane says, "Probably.."

Alyxandrah says, "I never once believed that."

Ilvane shakes her head.

Aranrhod says, "You all claim different things...Thurfel included"

Ilvane says, "He showed us her bones, and said she was dead."

(Sheka glances at the skull in her cloak.)

Sheka smirks.

Robinblood just arrived.

Achillea asks, "what would the town destroyed serve?"

Skyfawn says, "she was never dead"

Robinblood leans on Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "I know she was never dead."

Ilvane says, "I know, auntie."

Arimantis paces back and forth.

Ilvane smiles at Skyfawn.

Joter says, "I ask you, Gavrail, if that who you be, tell me of the danger before this town."

Skyfawn says, "I told you all she was not dead"

Achillea says, "I told Aran long ago I never wanted that"

Suddenly you have the strangest feeling that you are being watched.
The feeling fades as quickly as it came.

You say, "She will tell ye nothing."

Alyxandrah asks, "But what does Thurfel gain by keeping Yfa alive?"

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Sheka nods to Robinblood.

Alyxandrah says, "Another enemy."

Ilvane strides a few steps forward.

The voice rasps, "We wish freedom. We wish freedom for all, as did the founders of this place."

Robinblood nods curtly to Sheka.

Skyfawn says, "she was his lover"

Alyxandrah grins at Skyfawn.

Skyfawn asks, "why should he not?"

Robinblood rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Haxley asks, "Freedom under Amasalen?"

Haxley raises an eyebrow.

Witcheaven asks, "And when you have your freedom, what will you do then?"

Nekales asks, "really?"

Ilvane says, "We don't want freedom through losing our souls."

You say, "Freedom? Ye are dead. Were buried."

Alyxandrah says, "She wanted to be his lover. I believe he rejected her."

Arimantis asks, "If you wish freedom.. why kill us then?"

Nekales says, "freedom of which kind"

Aranrhod says, "I saw the kind of freedom you wished for me"

Alyxandrah nods to Arimantis.

Tianni asks, "What kind of Freedom, Lich?"

Joter says, "I know your history, Gavrail. Dabbings is the true founder."

You say, "Yer freedom is with Gosaena."

Tianni nods to Nekales.

Skyfawn says, "so he says"

Robinblood says, "Death and killing, not exactly the way to gain freedom"

Tianni asks, "Exactly what does your freedom entail?"

Sheka glances at you.

Joter says, "You caused civil war."

Achillea shakes her head.

Aranrhod says, "Killing me...trying to take my soul"

Aranrhod asks, "That is freedom?"

Aranrhod scoffs.

Haxley hums distractedly to himself.

Joter says, "War is not the sign of a founder."

Nekales says, "killing me because i do not think any of you should wield a staff of power, seems like freedom to me"

Arimantis paces back and forth.

Nekales ducks his head.

Sheka furrows her brow.

You say, "I have seen no goodness in any of ye lich."

Sheka turns around.

The voice warns, "Again I say, what you have seen is nothing compared to what you will see and feel if Thurfel gains the staff!"

Lady Sheka just went southwest.

Tianni furrows her brow.

Robinblood asks, "Why should we trust you, instead of Thurfel?"

Haxley asks, "And what if you gain the staff?"

Achillea chuckles.

Ilvane rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Haxley frowns.

Alyxandrah asks, "What does he wish to do when he gains the staff, Gavrail? What are his plans?"

Joter asks, "I ask you, lich, what will happen?"

Tianni asks, "It is unfortunate that I agree with you there, but where will we be if you have the staff?"

Joter says, "You have spoke vague."

Skyfawn says, "he told one he would not rest till he had all our souls"

Robinblood says, "Sounds like a no win situation here"

Alyxandrah asks, "Who said that?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at Skyfawn.

Alyxandrah asks, "Thurfel?"

The voice rasps, "Why ask me his plans, lady? You are such good friends with him!"

You mutter something about infernal-liches...

Arimantis says, "Why should we believe anything you say.. I haven't heard even one reason to think anything you say here is true"

Achillea chuckles.

Alyxandrah says, "If I knew where Thurfel was, I'd ask him myself."

Skyfawn says, "Thurfel told that to someone"

Robinblood nods to Alyxandrah.

Skyfawn says, "face to face"

Nekales asks, "so trust a group of lying liches who who caused civil war once before, or trust thurfel who says he wishes to help the town, and though his actions haven't always been admirable, gives us no reason to doubt him?"

Ilvane paces back and forth.

Skyfawn says, "I trust no one"

Alyxandrah nods to Nekales.

Joter says, "I am asking but I know not. I have met him but a couple times."

Achillea says, "lich, if ye have need of essence, ye may take of mine"

Haxley says, "Just knife every last one of them and get it over with."

Haxley gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Witcheaven says, "Often the ones that appear to be trustworthy end up being the real enemiees."

The voice raises, "Ah! So he is to be trusted, but ye do not even know where he has run off to?"

Tianni asks, "I'm sorry Lich, did you say I am friends with him? Or was I standing in front of someone else?"

Robinblood says, "You give us no choice but to trust Thurfel, lich"

Alyxandrah says, "He hasn't run off."

Ilvane says, "He burned shops..he betrayed all his friends, by leaving them in a tomb to die.."

Ilvane says, "I believe that is enough not to trust him."

Alyxandrah says, "According to one of yours, you have him."

Peals of raspy laughter fill the air.

Achillea begins chuckling at Robinblood.

Arimantis paces back and forth.

You say, "But we know ye kill, Gavrail."

Ilvane says, "He knew they were there..and he left them."

Nekales frowns.

Joter says, "Gavrail, trust is earned. He has not shown it to me yet."

You say, "Ye and yer cohorts."

Niqi nods to Ilvane.

You say, "And worse..."

Haxley says, "Wouldn't even surprise me if he weakened the barriers."

Haxley nods to Ilvane.

You say, "Attempt to steal souls."

Joter says, "Nor have you."

Ilvane covers her ears.

Haxley blinks at Ilvane.

Joter searches around for a moment.

Ilvane exclaims, "Goodness Iscikella for such a smart woman, how can you be so blind!"

Ilvane glances at you.

Witcheaven asks, "He worked upon the seals, but who is to say he weakened them? What if he tried to strengthen them?"

Robinblood glances at Ilvane.

You turn to face Ilvane.

Arimantis says, "Thurfel never tried ta steal anyones soul.. yet you have."

Alyxandrah nods to Arimantis.

You ask, "Are ye saying she hasn't tried to take souls?"

Robinblood says, "Which makes you no better than Thurfel"

Haxley says, "He tried to break them down at one point."

You stare at Ilvane.

Alyxandrah smiles at Tianni.

You exclaim, "Look what they did to ARan!"

Ilvane says, "I never said that."

You ask, "Then why do ye believe her?"

Haxley says, "There's no way to know if, when he was 'strengthening' them, that he was really doing so."

You say, "She has no truth in her."

You say, "No good."

You say, "She is a lich."

Witcheaven says, "Neither Thurfel, nor the Council have given reasons to trust them."

Achillea smiles at Haxley.

Aranrhod shifts her weight.

Haxley nods to Witcheaven.

Joter asks, "Gavrail, trust is earned. He has not shown it to me yet. And you have not either. So how about proving yourself to me?"

Haxley says, "Exactly my point."

Skyfawn nods to Witcheaven.

Ilvane says, "I think you have been blinded by some kind of love for Thurfel."

Achillea says, "least some of you have some insight"

Witcheaven says, "However, the Council is speaking logically, although I hate to admit it."

Ilvane hangs her head.

Haxley smirks.

Tianni paces back and forth.

Ilvane says, "I'm sorry."

Nekales says, "well although i don't fully trust trust thurfel, he hasn't ever killed me, thats a start, and to be honest, i don't want to be ruled by a bunch of liches"

Nekales shrugs.

Alyxandrah asks, "Quite frankly, they want to destroy eachother. Would you rather have Nine to deal with when that is accomplished, or one?"

Robinblood says, "Ilvane, her vision may be a bit cloudy, but she is far from blind"

Arimantis says, "I don belive anyone but what I feel.. howevers.. nothing the lich says makes sense. They keep contradictin them selves"

Alyxandrah nods to Arimantis.

Nekales nods to Arimantis.

Aranrhod says, "I have been killed by both...as others have"

You ask, "Lich, what is the orb?"

Skyfawn nods to Aranrhod.

Ilvane asks, "I don't believe the liches, but you do see where they come from, don't you?"

(Iscikella squints into the shadows.)

Arimantis asks, "Make up yer mind lich.. you want us dead er not?"

Robinblood says, "Yes, I do"

Robinblood nods to Ilvane.

Tianni nods to Ilvane.

Ilvane says, "You do see where Thurfel has a past of betrayal.."

Robinblood says, "Just keep an open mind"

Joter asks, "The question is more than that. It is not only 9 or 1 but what is the power of the staff?"

The voice sighs and continues, "I have nothing more to say. You have been warned. IF you cannot convince the staff-bearer to give us the staff, if ye persist in this unfounded belief in the goodness of Thurfel the Traitor, then the blood of your fellow citizens is on your hands. Think on it, and let not love for the mage cloud your senses."

Ilvane says, "I can only remember what he did to Halfberry."

You say, "Ruses."

You say, "To get the staff."

Haxley says, "Heh, voice...talk to me some time."

Haxley smirks.

You say, "I will not bring the staff."

Haxley says, "I wouldn't mind discussing things."

You shake your head.

Aranrhod asks, "Why can you not get the staff?"

Robinblood says, "Lich, what reason have you given us to hand the staff over to you? You kill and take souls"

Ilvane says, "I think we should get it and destroy it."

Renowned Lady Skyfawn just went southwest.

Alyxandrah shakes her head.

Alyxandrah just went southwest.

Witcheaven says, "I.. believe Ilvane, you are right."

Arimantis paces back and forth.

Ilvane says, "You have enough staves to harm people alread."

Haxley exclaims, "We can't, dammit!"

Ilvane says, "I know what the stave that Elymir had did to me.."

Arimantis says, "If we could get the staff.. we would already have it"

Ilvane shivers.

Arimantis rubs Ilvane gently.

Achillea asks, "Lich, I do wonder how we could bring you the staff, I would but would have no way to walk here with it, cannae ye sieze Xeldria?"

Ichiko says, "One side is lying. One side is our enemy. We will know the truth eventually, and then we will fight whoever we must"

You say, "I would not give them the staff if I could get it."

Aranrhod says, "They must not be able to touch it themselves"

You say, "I would like to keep my soul, thank ye."

Joter says, "If you have nothing more to say that you won't mind telling us what you will do with the staff."

Ilvane says, "How do you not know both of them are our enemies."

Robinblood starts chuckling at you!

Tjaran says, "I agree with Ilvane."

Arimantis smirks.

Tjaran says, "It seems either way, something will happen to us."

Haxley sits down.

You say, "Ye can think any way ye like. What I think matters not to anyone but me."

Ilvane says, "Thurfel befriending us, a big ruse? Perhaps."

Haxley cuddles up with Witcheaven.

You say, "But I will not trust the liches."

Tianni says, "I do as well. Perhaps we should fight against both."

Arimantis asks, "That is why.. you have killed all us afore?"

Nekales says, "well, this isn't the best view out there, but i don't think thurfel should have the staff either, i mean he was the most powerful of there group, and without it, he admits to being able to take on a couple at once, though not all nine, maybe the staff in his hands wouldbe a bad idea"

Ilvane nods to Tianni.

You say, "And I will not get the staff for them."

Nekales says, "not that i am saying the liches should have it either"

Tjaran says, "That is a difficult option, Tianni."

Robinblood says, "Nobody will trust the liches. They have not earned the trust"

You say, "That is what Gavrail said."

You say, "And ye choose to believe her."

Arimantis paces back and forth.

Arimantis says, "Bah.. I don believe anyone"

Renowned Lady Skyfawn just arrived.

Alyxandrah just arrived.

You say, "It is but a ruse to make sure they get it."

Haxley grumbles.

Skyfawn sighs.

Alyxandrah rubs Skyfawn gently.

Ilvane nods to Arimantis.

Joter says, "Isci, what we are saying is not that we believe the lich..."

Witcheaven asks, "I've not seen the power of these liches first hand.. but if they are as powerful as I have heard.. and Thurfel could kill ALL NINE of them with this staff.. doesn't that say something?"

Ilvane says, "Neither of them could be trusted."

Haxley says, "Or maybe they're telling the truth, hoping to get the staff."

Haxley chuckles.

The flicker of blue light reflects off the walls and is gone.

Nekales nods to Witcheaven.

You mutter something inaudible.

Alyxandrah sighs.

Achillea says, "the liches were not the betrayers but the betrayed"

Nekales says, "aye, i agree"

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

You belt out, "Gavrail?"

Joter says, "But rather that your association may have made you too close to remain objective and need fresh eyes."

Ilvane says, "They were betrayed by Thurfel."

You exclaim, "Ye will get nothing from me, lich!"

Ilvane says, "The very person you are putting faith in so readily."

Alyxandrah asks, "And did they not betray the town as well?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at Ilvane.

Robinblood glances at you.

Haxley just kissed Witcheaven.

Robinblood says, "Taunting them wont help"

Haxley says, "Love, I'll return."

Arimantis says, "An so.. they have a grudge gainst him. An gainst us. They shouldn't be trusted"

Haxley smiles at Witcheaven.

Ilvane says, "I am not saying they are blamless."

Witcheaven nods to Haxley.

Haxley stands up.

Ilvane says, "They are all untrustworthy."

You are answered by a deep, resounding silence.

Joter says, "We need to be objective about both Thurfel and the Nine."

Niqi asks, "how long has it been since Thurfel has been seen at all?"

You sigh.

You say, "She is gone."

Arimantis paces back and forth.

Alyxandrah says, "Since the night the Nine were released."

Tjaran says, "Bottom line, the only side we can trust is ourselves."

You exclaim, "Damnable lich!"

Ilvane nods to Tjaran.

You clench your fist.

Ilvane says, "Exactly."

Niqi nods.

Tianni nods to Tjaran.

Robinblood shrinks fearfully away from you!

Tjaran says, "You realize that they are both vying for OUR trust."

Achillea touches you.

Ilvane says, "Of course."

A bolt of lightning streaks down from the sky and strikes you!
... 1 point of damage!
Static discharge to back. Doesn't hurt, much.

A tremendous crack of thunder follows instantly!

Arimantis gazes heavenward.

Alyxandrah winces.

Nekales winces.

You sway back and forth.

Tianni gasps.

Achillea examines her fingernails.

Arimantis says, "Oh.. how harmless"

Ilvane glances at you.

Tianni takes a few steps back.

Alyxandrah says, "She is always about, m'lady."

Tjaran narrows his eyes.

Arimantis smirks.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow.

Alyxandrah says, "She hears too much."

Achillea says, "I didn't do it"

Alyxandrah narrows her eyes.

Achillea starts chortling.

Robinblood says, "Not a good way to gain our trust, lich"

Arimantis asks, "Don wanna hurt us huh?"

Nofret just arrived.

Robinblood greets Nofret with a grin.

(Iscikella rubs her back.)

Arimantis paces back and forth.

You furrow up your face and wince.

Alyxandrah says, "Just don't call Gavrail a witch..."

Joter recites:
"Lich you are not smart. That ill not put you in my good tides. That show what an evil and mean soul you are."

Alyxandrah says, "She doesn't consider it a term of endearment."

Achillea says, "maybe hoped a little shock would knock some sense into her"

Silon just arrived.

You say, "She has no soul."

Silon just went southwest.

You say, "She sold it."

Joter raises his fist defiantly.

You say, "She's a lich."

Arimantis paces back and forth.

Robinblood says, "Rasping out foul details about her will not help a bit"

Ilvane leans against the south wall.

Ilvane sits down.

Ilvane clasps her arms around her knees and rocks back and forth.

Joter says, "You and I differ, I believe everyone has a soul"

Nekales nods.

You pace back and forth.

Alyxandrah shakes her head.

You pace back and forth.

You thrust your chest out, angrily folding your arms over it.

Joter says, "The question is if it is darkened or not."

Alyxandrah covers her eyes with her hands.

Alyxandrah mutters ew.

You mutter something inaudible.

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