Mulish Braying
Day of the Huntress, day 18 of the month Lormesta in the year 5102

This log is actually the combination of two sources from three players, notes from Valiria's and Terrellyn's players, and a log from Iscikella's player.
***END NOTE***

These notes are from the viewpoint of Valiria and Terrellyn.

A vile blackness seeps out from the cover of ice to cover the snow, bringing with it the stench of death and decay.

The statue of the mule brays loudly, its head turning down to stare upon you. It says, "The seals are nearly defeated, soon, you will all be defeated as well."

The statue brays loudly in what sounds like laughter. "Amasalen will rule you all."

This log is from the viewpoint of Iscikella and the "you" references, therefore, are in connection to said character

Picks up immediately after the previous notes...
***END NOTE***

Icemule Trace, Town Center]
The bustling town comes together in this square. Halflings dressed in varying fashions stand about, some chattering happily, others reclining on cloaks laid on the ground. One ancient halfling leans against the base of the large ice statue of a mule, snoring blissfully. A feeling of community pervades the area, putting you immediately at ease. You also see the Skorpio disk, a forlorn abbess, some torban leaf, some wolifrew lichen and a carved ice bench with some stuff on it.
Also here: Blaylock, Altasren, Lady Siwas, Vildan, Lord Tierus, Lormer, Dainslef, Greto, Jestin, Tandra who is sitting, Novix who is sitting, Skorpio, Ichiko, Glaves who is sitting, Toranna, Leastath, Lady Terrellyn, Cyraxm, Wreniklle who is sitting, Journeyman Jhaques who is sitting, Brazilopelma who is lying down, High Lady Evangalea, Lord Dravnum who is sitting, Lady Valiria, Merjinia who is sitting, Journeyman Bogati, Lady Mistykris, Lord Brediph, Hylissa who is lying down.
Obvious paths: north, east, south, west.

Brediph says in guild speak, "the abbess was talking wasn't it"

Jestin shrugs.

Brediph groans.

Evangalea nods to Brediph.

Jhaques draws back to kick the statue, but loses his footing and falls on his tail!

A forlorn abbess wandered west.

Siwas says in guild speak, "It's normal for an abbess to talk."

Tierus says, "Tha statue wis talkin'. An' it doesnae b'lieve Ronan cin save us."

Valiria says, "Isci.. we have issues"

Jhaques stands up.

Tierus nods to you.

Aranrhod just arrived.

Terrellyn whispers, " M'lady the statue be speaking..."

Siwas says in guild speak, "It's abnormal for a statue to talk."

Evangalea says in guild speak, "It said something other than the usual"

You blink at Terrellyn.

Brediph nods to Evangalea.

You say, "Speaking"

Terrellyn nods to you.

You cock your head and examine the ice statue.

Valiria nods to you.

Rorac draws back to kick the statue, but loses his footing and falls on his tail!

Hylissa exclaims in guild speak, "Ha, the abbess has learned ventriloquism, thats it!"

Tierus recites:
"Might ah mention: if ye dun' want tae die, stay awiy frem tha thing's feet. Tankyas."

Jestin says, "Making noise more like"

Valiria says, "Said the seals would soon be broken and we would be defeated"

Dravnum says, "it said the seals were nearly roken"

Dravnum says, "broken"

Brediph nods to Valiria.

The blackness fades back into the ice, vanishing from sight. Only the rancid stench of death and decay remains.

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