Lichly Desperation
Niiman, day 21 of the month Eoantos in the year 5102

This log is from Niasan's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Icemule Trace, Exterior]
A chill wind blows down from beyond the glacier, rustling the sparse clumps of grass along the ground. The high walls of Icemule Trace tower overhead, muffling the noises of the town beyond. You also see an arctic fox that is sitting, a tall gate and an East Gate guard.
Also here: Weezly, Miththon, Wholenote, Drumold, Kleyn, Algrus, Lord Deevian, Gavrail
Obvious paths: east

Deevian says, "Thurfel also kill't poor li'l Halfberry"

look at gavrail
The thing before you may have been a halfling at one time, but only traces of its racial lineage remain. Its face is twisted and distorted, the flesh sickly and mottled. It wears the garments of a mage, although the fabric once rich and lustrous is nothing more than shredded tatters now. It bears no expression or emotion, but a burning rage simmers in the crimson-flecked eyes of the lich.

Algrus exclaims, "Blah!"

Deevian scowls.

Drumold tactfully asks, "and yours is?"

Wholenote says, "Thurfel is for himself"

Drumold peers quizzically at Gavrail.

Gavrail asks, "were you here the night he told you all?"

Drumold shakes his head.

Gavrail says, "All their power for all time..."

Algrus says, "I believe so."

Gavrail exclaims, "his exact words!"

The arctic fox digs into the ground looking for something.

Deevian says, "Ah was here the night he burnt the town down... an' the time he imploded the crowd in the mausoleum"

Algrus asks, "Gavrail, how can we stop this coming to power?"

Deevian says, "S'good enough fer meh"

Gavrail says, "Our power is diminished...and Elendr seems to have disappeared."

Algrus nods to Gavrail.

Gavrail says, "I don't know."

Algrus paces back and forth.

Weezly calmly asks, "Can he be stopped?"

Algrus rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "I was there when Thurfel was in town the other evening.."

Deevian asks, "And what is it that yeh an' yeh eight companions wish ta do?"

Deevian peers quizzically at Gavrail.

Gavrail says, "He sends these waves of forerunners. I have been watching."

Algrus nods to Deevian.

Deevian says, "Besides destroying Thurfel"

Algrus turns to face Gavrail.

Gavrail asks, "What would we do?"

Deevian nods.

Gavrail says, "Rid the world of Thurfel."

Deevian nods.
Weezly nods to Gavrail.

Wholenote says, "what do you seek, after Thurfel"

Gavrail says, "If we could."

Algrus exclaims, "We must devise a plan!"

Algrus exclaims, "Take action!"

Gavrail nods to Algrus.

Gavrail exclaims, "you must!"

Gavrail nods.

Deevian asks, "The Council has always had an overly fond interest in the town... are we to expect that still remains?"

Weezly calmly exclaims, "Aye!"

You say, "He says he has all of the orbs on his altar and is just waiting now."

Algrus stamps his feet.

Gavrail says, "Indeed."

Tomochopa came through a tall gate.

A glittering aura of midnight blue starlight glows around Gavrail for just a moment.

Wholenote just went east.

Algrus blinks.

Tomochopa says, "wow what s wit hall the comotion"

Tomochopa put a basket-hilted imflass longsword in his spidersilk cloak.

Gavrail says, "He intends to have you all to a festival."

Tomochopa removes a spiral-hafted crystal-edged handaxe from in his spidersilk harness.

You say, "In fact, he pretty much believes you're harmless now."

Weezly nods to Gavrail.

Algrus asks, "It's his festival?"

Gavrail says, "with wine and food to tempt your appetites."

Algrus blinks.

Gavrail says, "and those who go will never come back."

Weezly winces.

Gavrail says, "Believe me."

Miththon shudders.

Algrus says, "I do good sir Gavrail."

Algrus kneels down.

Algrus bows to Gavrail.

Deevian asks, "and if we go with other intentions for the party?"

Deevian indicates his rolaren backsword with a smile.

Algrus stands up.

Gavrail exclaims, "open your eyes, man!"

You say, "This one is female.."

You nod to Algrus.

Weezly calmly says, "I believe ye..."

Algrus blinks.

Gavrail nods to you.

Algrus gazes up into the heavens.

Tomochopa says, "hi gavrail"

Algrus says, "It's the old age. Excuse me."

Algrus blushes a delicate shade of pink.

Gavrail rolls her eyes.

Gavrail exclaims, "Now!"

Algrus stamps his feet.

Cravis came through a tall gate.

Tomochopa says, "just being polite good lady"

Cravis squints at Gavrail.

Algrus exclaims, "Enough of that, what's with this festival!"

Gavrail points a bony finger at you.

Cravis says, "It am Big Ugly."

Algrus's face turns slightly pale.

Weezly points at himself.

Deevian rests the edge of his rolaren wall shield on the ground and leans casually against it.

Cravis points at himself.

Gavrail exclaims, "all of you!"

Kleyn cocks her head at Gavrail.

Algrus blinks at Gavrail.

Gavrail says, "Get yourselves together. The undead he sends are merely an annoyance."

Cravis says, "Yes, we am all better then you, Big Ugly."

Gavrail scowls at Cravis.

You ask, "Thurfel is behind that?"

Algrus blinks at Cravis.

Cravis says, "Fluffyfel did no send them."

Gavrail asks, "You have a problem?"

Cravis says, "Big ugly did."

Gavrail squints at Cravis.

Algrus exclaims, "Cravis! Gavrail aims to help!"

Cravis scoffs.

Cravis says, "Big Ugly help by killing us."

Tomochopa asks, "gavrail what exactly are ya?"

Cravis nods to Algrus.

Deevian squints at Cravis.

Gavrail says, "That one will go with the Misguided One."

Algrus nods to Deevian.

You say, "She is a lich..."

You nod to Tomochopa.

Deevian nods to Algrus.

Great Lady Rogad came through a tall gate.

Gavrail says, "I am one of Nine. Or ten."

Cravis says, "Me see Big Ugly managed to trick people."

Cravis ponders.

You say, "Powerful one too.. be respectful."

Gavrail exclaims, "Who are you!"

Tomochopa says, "hey i aint miguided just trying to figure out why your at our gates"

Deevian says, "Shoo"

Deevian nods to Cravis.

Algrus frowns at Gavrail.

Gavrail points at Cravis.

Cravis says, "You am first."

Cravis nods to Deevian.

Gavrail exclaims, "that one!"

Deevian says, "We're discussing the welfare of the town, little one"

Cravis grins.

Cravis leans forward.

Algrus says, "Yes."

Tomochopa taps a spiral-hafted crystal-edged handaxe.

Tomochopa says, "this is out wealfare"

Cravis makes a flicking motion with his hand.

Tomochopa waves a spiral-hafted crystal-edged handaxe around.

Gavrail says, "you are the one tricked...and if you don't open your fish eyes soon ye'll be dead as well as tricked."

Rogad rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Algrus shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Deevian asks, "And Gavrail, might yeh be aligned with any Arkati?"

Cravis says, "Dead by Big Ugly, or Dead by Fluffyfel."

Cravis ponders.

Algrus says, "Cravis, just listen. Keep an open mind."

Tomochopa taps his foot impatiently.

Algrus nods to Deevian.

Gavrail says, "Look."

Gavrail points at Deevian.

Algrus says, "Good question soldier."

Gavrail says, "He will tell you who it is that kills."

Wholenote just arrived.

Cravis points at Deevian.

Algrus blinks.

Gavrail nods.

Drumold raises an eyebrow.

Algrus asks, "Thurfel, correct?"

Gavrail says, "Tell them."

Cravis says, "Me rather trust a hungry troll then that thing."

Cravis nods to Gavrail.

Deevian says, "Do not be certain that Cravis will be disappointed by my murders, Gavrail"

Weezly blinks.

You ponder the meaning of Gavrail's existence.

Gavrail says, "I am not certain."

Lord Seidel came through a tall gate.

Rogad stretches.

Algrus turns to face Gavrail.

Wholenote rummages around in her pockets.

Gavrail asks, "I am merely asking who murders?"

Deevian says, "Though Ah kin attest that Thurfel has kill't meh thrice now"

Deevian says, "He has also burnt down the town... killing dozens"

Gavrail says, "And why one would choose to align with that one."

Gavrail nods to Deevian.

Gavrail says, "And that is nothing."

Algrus exclaims, "Aye!"

Algrus stamps his feet.

Gavrail says, "Mark my word."

Deevian says, "And imploded a throng of Mulers at the mausoleum... at the same time killing Halfberry for the last time"

Cravis yawns.

You ask, "I mean no disrespect.. but what proof is there that you are right, and you're only doing this as a desperate plea?"

Gavrail says, "What he has in store for ye will make that look like a day in the park."

Weezly nods to Gavrail.

The East Gate guard takes Wholenote's silver and waves her toward the gate.
Wholenote went through a tall gate.

You say, "Not only doing it, rather."

You mumble something under your breath.

Gavrail glances at you.

Algrus asks, "Gavrail, we must devise something, will you join our efforts?"

Gavrail says, "I offer no proof. Only logic and truth."

Weezly calmly exclaims, "Aye!"

Cravis says, "You am to be taken care of soon enough. Me think you trying to safe Ugly hide."

Deevian asks, "And Gavrail, yeh never answered... do yeh align yehself with Arkati of any sort?"

Cravis ponders.

Algrus turns to face Weezly.

Algrus nods to Weezly.

Algrus turns to face Gavrail.

The town guard steps in front of Seidel and says, "Excuse me, sir, there's an entrance fee to use this gate. Five silvers please."
The East Gate guard takes Seidel's silver and waves him toward the gate.
Lord Seidel went through a tall gate.

Gavrail says, "With Lornon, as ever."

Gavrail nods to Deevian.

Deevian nods.

The East Gate guard takes Rogad's silver and waves her toward the gate.

Drumold gazes up into the sky.

Great Lady Rogad went through a tall gate.

Drumold gazes up into the sky.

Algrus rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Deevian asks, "Once of the Council, always of the Council, eh?"

Gavrail says, "To you..."

You ask, "Yet you and the others killed when you were loosed from the tomb, did you not?"

Gavrail nods to Algrus.
Algrus nods to Gavrail.

Gavrail says, "And to others who would see the town saved.."

Gavrail says, "I will put what is left of my strength."

Cravis shakes his head.

Gavrail says, "and it is not much."

Algrus nods to Gavrail.
Weezly nods to Gavrail.

Tomochopa taps a spiral-hafted crystal-edged handaxe.

Algrus says, "Anything to destroy his evil powers are good. If this information proves true."

Gavrail says, "Count on yourselves. And know that it will be a task barely doable."

Weezly nods to Algrus.

Gavrail says, "I will warn ye."

You ask, "If you're asking us for help.. does that mean you are incapable of doing this yourselves?"

Gavrail says, "The undead that came last night...and the ghostly wolves..."

Gavrail says, "Are only the start."

Tomochopa squints.

Tomochopa yawns.

Tomochopa snorts.

Gavrail says, "The decision is not mine."

Cravis asks, "Why. Big Ugly will send more?"

Algrus blinks.

Cravis peers quizzically at Gavrail.

You think to yourself, "I need to stay objective... and let Iscikella know about this."

Tomochopa pets Deevian's arctic fox.
Tomochopa pets Deevian's arctic fox.
Tomochopa pets Deevian's arctic fox.

You think to yourself, "Figure out as much as I can."

Algrus gazes up into the heavens.

Tomochopa kneels down.

Gavrail glances at you.

Tomochopa pets Deevian's arctic fox.

Deevian says, "Supposing we wanted to help... Ah've a plan"

Tomochopa pets Deevian's arctic fox.

Gavrail asks, "Why would you follow the Misguided One?"

She can read minds... isn't that just swell.

Tomochopa says, "ill help ya"

Cravis leans against a tall gate.

Drumold tactfully asks, "might we be misguided?"

Algrus nods to Tomochopa.

You say, "Because I've seen more to believe from that side than yours."

Drumold peers quizzically at Gavrail.

Meoger came through a tall gate.

Gavrail says, "You are blind as she, then."

Algrus asks, "You've a plan Deevian?"

Meoger sneezes.

Deevian nods to Algrus.
Tomochopa nods to Algrus.

Meoger removes a ruby-pommeled etched vultite falchion from in his goat hide sheath.

You ask, "Am I, or are you concealing the truth as well?"

Tomochopa says, "im on whatever side algrus is"

Meoger just went east.

Gavrail says, "Sight is selective. Especially by one so easily flattered."

Algrus and Tomochopa shake hands.

Deevian asks, "Thurfel holds power of the liches through the vassels... correct?"

Weezly calmly says, "Aye.."

Weezly shakes Algrus's hand enthusiastically.

Meoger just arrived.

Cravis says, "Both am bad."

Algrus says, "Perhaps we have the start of something here."

Cravis shrugs.

Gavrail says, "Thurfel thinks he does. Yes. And our power wanes now that he has the staff."

Algrus nods to Tomochopa.
Algrus nods to Weezly.

Drumold grins at Kleyn.

Weezly nods to Algrus.

Algrus's face turns slightly pale.

Tomochopa nods to Algrus.

Deevian says, "Surely Gavrail knows what these vassels look like..."

Tomochopa taps an ornately engraved tower shield.

Gavrail says, "But it is not us that he wants."

Tomochopa taps a spiral-hafted crystal-edged handaxe.

An unfortunate divagation brings a moth into perilous contact with Algrus's spidersilk cloak. With a sudden flurry of activity, a black widow spider emerges from the folds of the cloak and binds the moth in a mucilaginous shroud of silk.

Gavrail shows Deevian her glaesine orb.

Cravis grins.

Meoger nods to Kleyn.

Deevian says, "We could find ourselves something similar to the other vassels..."

Algrus squints.

Gavrail shows Deevian her flaming blue orb.

Cravis says, "Big Ugly has a blue vessel."

Cravis nods.

Tomochopa stands up.

Tomochopa stretches.

Deevian says, "An' arrange a meeting of sorts with Thurfel"

You think to yourself, "So.. you can see my mind... I think you are desperate."

Deevian asks, "The ones he has are on an altar?"

Algrus blinks at Gavrail.

Cravis grins.

Drumold nods to Kleyn.

Deevian asks, "Ah imagine in his Keep?"

Gavrail says, "So he says."

Gavrail asks, "Have ye seen them?"

Deevian says, "If we kin gain entry, we could switch the real ones with the decoys"

Algrus says, "But he has decieved before, he can do iut again"

Deevian says, "He'd have no idea for quite some time..."

Deevian says, "Atleast until we could mount an attack against him"

Gavrail says, "he is nothing but deception."

Drumold grins at Kleyn.

You think to yourself, "You fear him now that he has the staff."

Drumold nods to Kleyn.

Algrus sighs sadly.

Cravis ponders.

Weezly calmly asks, "But what if they are decoys themselves?"

Gavrail says, "Do not go down without a fight."

Deevian says, "So all we need is some decoy vassels, and some folks in Northern Fury uniforms ta gain entry in the guise of a 'meeting'"

Cravis asks, "After he is dead. What will Big Ugly without him here?"

Cravis raises an eyebrow in Gavrail's direction.

Algrus says, "Mule needs to be rid of Thurfel, if that is your plan, I am with you Deevian."

Weezly nods to Gavrail.

Drumold rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Gavrail says, "When he is gone, I am gone."

Algrus frowns at Gavrail.

Gavrail says, "My only intent is to keep the town from being destroyed."

Deevian asks, "Do yeh think it would be reasonable ta use decoys?"

Tomochopa says, "thurfel ya say, well then lets get rid of him"

Deevian peers quizzically at Gavrail.

Algrus nods to Gavrail.

Gavrail says, "I am watching."

Gavrail says, "I will be watching now until the end."

Tomochopa nods to Gavrail.

You think to yourself, "And you're afraid."

Gavrail says, "and you will see."

Weezly nods to Gavrail.

You think to yourself, "And obvious lacking in power to intervene yourself."

Gavrail says, "It will be as I say."

Algrus says, "Deevian, decoys might work."

Gavrail says, "Doubt me not."

Algrus nods to Gavrail.

Gavrail glances at you.

You fold your arms over your chest, glancing at Gavrail.

Cravis shakes his head.

Deevian asks, "If Thurfel is the deceiver he appears to be... he'd surely have to allow some Fury offices to see the vassals he keeps... ta assure the town of its own safety, nae?"

Algrus turns to face Tomochopa.

Gavrail exclaims, "The gods gave you a mind. Use it!"

Kleyn grins at Meoger.

Cravis asks, "Then why you steal bodies of others to cause harm?"

Gavrail says, "He will invite the Fury to be the Festival...if he has not already."

You think to yourself, "You know, they are not against Thurfel. Deevian and Algrus are only doing this to be rid of Iscikella. They hate her, and only her. Thurfel does not matter."

Algrus nods to Gavrail.

Algrus says, "The furry has always been in misdirection."

Deevian says, "We need ta hire ourselves some thieves... an' steal some Fury garb"

Deevian grins evilly.

Gavrail says, "Unless they awake to the truth of Thurfel before that day, they are doomed with the rest of us."

You think to yourself, "They're liable to turn on you and the others as soon as she's gone. I am right about this."

Weezly calmly exclaims, "Aye!"

Cravis ponders.

Gavrail glances at you.

You nod to Gavrail.

Deevian asks, "Let's see... what hunting gear does the Fury wear?.. bright red with clanky bells?"

Gavrail says, "You assume there will be anyone to turn on, Doubting One."

Drumold tactfully says, "how do you know of this festival"

Drumold peers quizzically at Gavrail.

Deevian says, "Thurfel spoke of it last time he was here"

Drumold nods to Deevian.

Deevian says, "Or so Ahm told"

Gavrail says, "I have been watching. Listening."

Drumold tactfully says, "ok"

Cravis squints.

Drumold nods to Gavrail.

You think to yourself, "So have I, lich... it's not Thurfel they want to stop."

Gavrail says, "I have said my piece. For the moment."

Weezly calmly asks, "So when are we gonna attack?"

Algrus frowns at Gavrail.

Algrus turns to face Weezly.

High Lady Keriddwen came through a tall gate.

Tomochopa says, "hey gavrail you could use some new clothes"

Keriddwen sighs.

Cravis waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Algrus rubs Keriddwen tenderly.

Keriddwen hugs Algrus, who wraps her in a warm embrace.

Algrus says, "Weezly, Tomochopa, Deevian, we must meet."

You look in Gavrail's direction but see nothing.

You say, "She is gone."

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