Niiman, day 24 of the month Lormesta in the year 5102

This log is from Elendr's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella. Also should be noted that in this log the words of the essence are apparent because they are referenced as being by "Elendr" rather than "you", and the actions of the essence are apparent as appear without parantheses.
***END NOTE***

[Tavern Burrow, Ale Street]
Stucco seems the preferred building material of the Tavern Burrow residents. The street has been newly cobbled, and the rough edges cause several people to nearly trip as they hurry along. A stucco well attracts a group of children, who drop stones into it, then hoot with glee at the muffled splash. You also see some haphip root, a drake mace and a squid-crested breastplate.
Also here: Eugenides
Obvious paths: north, south, northwest.

The faint scent of sweet perfume permeates the night air briefly and is gone almost before you realize it was there.

A halfling deputy saunters in and stares at you curiously.

Eugenides nods.

Eugenides blinks.

Considering you can't be seen, I don't think that's such a great idea.

You come out of hiding.

You sniff.

(Eugenides warily gazes around.)

Eugenides glances at you.

You frown.

Eugenides frowns.

Eugenides asks, "Ye feeling ok?"

Eugenides peers quizzically at you.

You say, "Nice to know you're still with me."

Elendr smiles faintly.

A halfling deputy glances at you and stomps away.

You sigh softly.

Eugenides paces back and forth.

You hang your head.

You sit down.

You lean against a stucco well.

You hug your knees and sway side to side.

Eugenides says, "I've smelled that scent before."

Eugenides glances at you.

Eugenides asks, "Is it what I think it is?"

You ask, "I don't know, what do you think it is?"

You cock your head at Eugenides.

(Eugenides rubs a hand across his forehead as he casts a glance in Elendr's direction.)

You smile at Eugenides.

Eugenides says, "Same scent in the air the night I saw your..."

Eugenides rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Eugenides says, "Affliction."

You nod.

Eugenides nods.

Eugenides asks, "Bothering you tonight has it been?"

You say, "I'm getting better with it. She's not like the others. She can be kind."

Eugenides paces back and forth.

You shrug.

Eugenides rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "She took over my body for an entire half an hour as she talked with some of the others."

The voice in your head whispers softly, "I am never far from ye."

(Elendr's ears perk up and a faint smile is drawn from his lips, which quickly fades.)

(Eugenides tilts his head to the side, as if trying to hear something against the wind.)

Eugenides says, "Seem distracted..."

Eugenides peers quizzically at you.

You say, "Some day sweet voice, you'll have to tell me what exactly it is you expect of me. Maybe I can help."

You shrug.

Eugenides smiles slightly.

Eugenides says, "Voices rarely speak of what you want them to."

You say, "She's becoming more than just a casual acquaintance."

Eugenides nods.

Eugenides says, "Mm.."

Eugenides says, "That's good."

The voice answers to you alone, "The day you find out what is expected of you may be nearer than you think!"

Eugenides says, "It's a bit troubling when they remain..."

You cock your head.

(Eugenides stares off into the distance.)

Eugenides says, "Distant."

You say, "Then I'll await that day. And perhaps I'll know then something more about the discord which has currently enveloped my heart."

Eugenides cocks his head at you.

Eugenides furrows his brow, his face tensed in some inner conflict.

Eugenides strides over to stand before you.

Eugenides leans forward.

You say, "I just don't know Gen, there's something inside me that's telling me to continue fighting her. But there's another part that wonders what the point is? And that part is gradually winning over. It's soft and soothing, and ... well... I'm tired of fighting something which does what it wants anyways."

(Eugenides taps a finger dead center against Elendr's forehead.)

Eugenides says, "Keep your mind."

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

You say, "My mind is always there, it's my body that's suspect."

Eugenides frowns.

Eugenides says, "Mm.."

Eugenides paces back and forth.

Eugenides says, "That is indeed a problem."

(Elendr's crooks his arm and dangles it, pushing it as it swings of its own volition.)

The voice pauses slightly before saying, "Thy woman does not like it that I speak through thy mouth, but she will not be safe here in this town, no more than any of the rest of you."

Eugenides says, "But it is the mind that controls the body."

Eugenides nods to you.

You frown.

You say, "She won't be safe here..."

(Eugenides makes a complicated gesture with his hand as if to further the point.)

You say, "I know. I must make her leave then."

You frown.

Eugenides squints.

You say, "But I've asked her that before, and she so rarely does what I ask of her."

Eugenides says, "I feel as if I'm hearing half of a conversation."

Eugenides furrows his brow, his face tensed in some inner conflict.

You say, "I know your time with me is always changing. But is there a way to save her? To ensure her safety? Please, just tell me that, if nothing else."

(Elendr's face takes on a look of hope, but his eyes betray a deep and dark sadness.)

You listen, but don't hear anything unusual.

You sigh softly.

You say, "I don't matter..."

You say, "They don't matter."

(Elendr gestures at the others around him.)

You say, "No one in this town matters."

You say, "Only she does. Only she ever will."

You glance at Eugenides.

Eugenides glances at you.

You say, "I hear you have voices in your head at times."

Eugenides says, "Aye."

Eugenides says, "But they don't converse as much as yours apparantly do."

Your eyes burn and tear.

You furrow up your face and wince.

You rub your eyes.

You grimace.

Elendr's voice suddenly takes on a new timbre as he says, "There is no safety save leaving."

Eugenides says, "I'm afraid I disagree."

Eugenides says, "I've been told otherwise."

You say, "You're young and naive."

You sigh.

(Eugenides stares coldly at Elendr, his face a mask of nothingness.)

Eugenides says, "The young have more of a drive than those apparantly old and wise."

(Elendr continues to rub his eyes, though the tears continue.)

You sense the essence take its leave.

(Eugenides casts his gaze to the floor so as not to witness his friends tears.)

(Elendr makes a sigh of relief.)

(Elendr wipes the last of the tears from his eyes and blinks them several times.)

(Elendr chokes a moment, but then chuckles lightly without humor and mentions casually, "She's gone.")

Eugenides nods.

Eugenides says, "Was about a second away there from grabbing your hand and giving it a good prick."

You smile.

You say, "Nice of ya."

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