Isle Fest?
Tilamaires, day 22 of the month Jastatos in the year 5102

This log is from Perigourd's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Thurfel's Cellar]
Bolted into the wall are several thick iron chains, every last one shattered so badly that the links are torn wide open. Scattered about the floor are a few ruined and warped steel manacles, clearly far too weak to hold whatever they may have imprisoned originally. You also see a braided palm-frond rope and a charred pile of bones.
Obvious exits: south, west.

Thurfel says, "I'm am hoping to have the fest prior to the new year"

Thurfel says, "I will be sure my minions announce it to all"

You ask, "then the liches will be destroyed before then?"

Thurfel says, "I will destroy the liches for once and for all on fest day"

Thurfel says, "it will be a grand celebration"

Thurfel says, "but alas"

Thurfel says, "allow me to depart"

Thurfel says, "before the throngs of folks come"

You ask, "leaving so soon?"

Thurfel says, "aye"

Thurfel says, "ye have a grand evening"

Thurfel says, "and you have my thanks"

Thurfel says, "for keeping my cellar clean"

Thurfel gestures.

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