Grasping Hold
Restday, day 27 of the month Lormesta in the year 5102

This log is from Opalina's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Hall of the King]
Moonlight shines through the ice, with an odd intensity. One altar of pure white sits in the center of the room, in front of a massive mural on the north wall. An intense energy flows through the room, as powerful in its own way as the moonlight.
Obvious exits: down.

You feel a numbing pain within your mind as a voice begins to speak within you, "We have now been released, but just because we are free, we will not relinquish our hold upon you. We shall return."

You do your best impression of a grizzly, scaring people for miles!

You say, "you have no hold on me"

Draques just arrived.

Draques hugs you.

Draques sits down.

Draques removes an ebonwood lute from in his rose velvet cloak.

You gaze heavenward.

You exclaim, "You have no hold on me!"

You stamp your feet.

Draques rubs you gently.

The tempo of Draques's song slows slightly, taking its time to convey a message of gentleness and rest.

The voice continues, "I shall continue to grasp at you as long as your lifeforce remains strong. You shall not hide. You CANNOT hide from us."

With a final slow chord, Draques allows the notes to hang in the air for a time before their final demise into silence.

Draques works his way out of some embossed gold-plated armor.

Draques gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

You say, "I must search"

Draques recites:
"Koar, Grant us your Protection"

Draques gestures.
A sense of peace and calm settles over the area.

Draques asks, "Tonight?"

You say, "You can not touch us"

Draques works his way into some embossed gold-plated armor.

You say, "I will not be yours ever"

Draques rubs you gently.

Draques asks, "Is one of the Nine speaking with you?"

You say, "yes gotta search"

Draques stands up.

You say, "got to find a way "

Draques says, "Here, let me come with you"

You say, "to break them"

Draques put an ebonwood lute in his rose velvet cloak.
Draques removes a white ora bastard sword from in his rose velvet cloak.

Draques asks, "What is it saying to you?"

"We shall see, my dear. We shall see. You will not hide and I shall find you soon. I must feed more upon your lifeforce." The voice trails from your mind.

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