Gavrail's Touch
Feastday, day 6 of the month Olaesta in the year 5102

This log is from Elendr's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Hall of the Gods, Main Chapel]
The Temple has been carved from the ice of the glacier. A vaulted ceiling rises above you, carved with faint designs, and thick pillars etched with the symbols of the gods rise to meet the dome. The walls glimmer with light from the moon, adding divine ambiance to an already spectacular chamber. To the northwest is a passage, seemingly brighter than the rest, while the tunnel to the southeast looks darker than you would think possible in the well-lit Temple.
Obvious exits: west, northwest, southeast, out.

Slowly, slowly you become aware of a faint, sweet scent on the air.

You smile.

You say, "It is always a pleasure."

You ask, "My love is currently out risking her life over petty nonsense. Why do people place so little regard on life?"

You sigh sadly.

Vlanya just arrived.

(Elendr pulls his knees up into his chest and sits rocking, back and forth, staring out across the chapel.)

Vlanya kneels down and begins to meditate.

You cock your head.

Vlanya is kneeling in quiet meditation.
You see Vlanya Moreva the Dark Elf Acolyte.
She appears to be in her 30's, has long, straight black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a gold ring, a crystal amulet, some calf-high polished black boots, some black lace leggings, a glossy black thigh-sheath, a black silk sash, some dark crimson-lined robes, a hooded spidersilk cloak, an emerald stylized wisp talisman, an Ivas veil, a velvet blue black ribbon, a jet black vultite shield, a lapis-hued glaesine orb, and a scorched witchwood amulet.

You say, "You're quiet my lady."

You fidget.

Vlanya says, "I am indeed"

Vlanya nods to you.

You cock your head at Vlanya.

Vlanya smiles quietly to herself.

You ponder the meaning of Vlanya's existence.

(Elendr looks around for a moment, then turns his attention back to Vlanya.)

Vlanya asks, "So, Elf, am I pleasing to the eye?"

You say, "Very beautiful, if I might say so myself."

Elendr smiles softly.

Vlanya says, "others would agree with you"

You nod to Vlanya.

Vlanya removes a diamond-inlaid mirror from in her spidersilk cloak.
Vlanya removes a fine-toothed black onyx comb from in her spidersilk cloak.
Vlanya carefully combs her long black hair into place, taking care to style it just right.
Vlanya put a fine-toothed black onyx comb in her spidersilk cloak.

Elendr smiles pleasantly, clasping his arms around his knees as he stares at Vlanya.

Vlanya put a diamond-inlaid mirror in her spidersilk cloak.

You ask, "Very beautiful. May I ask, why?"

Alyxandrah just arrived.

Vlanya says, "why....? I was born so"

Alyxandrah just went west.

You nod to Vlanya.

A rasping voice echoes through the chapel, "That those in this town think so little of life will soon be manifest, Elendr."

Vlanya blinks.

You nod.

You say, "Aye mistress.... aye."

Vlanya says, "that voice..."

Vlanya looks lost in thought.

You say, "Alyxandrah seems rather sure of Thurfel, mistress."

You say, "I am worried."

Vlanya frowns.

You glance at Vlanya.

You say, "Don't be afraid."

Elendr smiles softly.

Vlanya asks, "who speaks to you from the shadows?"

The voice comes from the shadows, "As well you should be!"

You sigh.

Vlanya rubs her chin thoughtfully.

You say, "She is my mistress."

You nod to Vlanya.

Vlanya says, "show yourself, strange voice"

You glance at Vlanya.

You say, "Don't be rude."

The voice comes from the shadows, "As well should ye all be!"

You frown.

(Elendr looks confused as he glances about him.)

Vlanya removes a slender blood-red candle from in her spidersilk cloak.

You say, "Are you alright Mistress? You seem agitated."

Alyxandrah just arrived.

Vlanya carefully places her blood-red candle on the ground.
Vlanya lights the blood-red candle, which flickers and begins to burn.

Alyxandrah whispers, "I apologize if you were angered."

You smile at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah whispers, "I did not believe you would count down."

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "Tis alright, It just pained me."

You sigh.

A wisp of smoke rises from a slender blood-red candle as the hot wax drips and splutters.
Vlanya gazes into the flickering flame of a slender blood-red candle, lost in thought.

You hug your knees and sway side to side.

Vlanya says, "your mistress has left, it seems"

You cock your head.

A wisp of smoke rises from a slender blood-red candle as the hot wax drips and splutters.

You say, "My mistress is always with me."

Vlanya says, "as is mine"

Vlanya smiles quietly to herself.

You ponder the meaning of Vlanya's existence.

Vlanya just touched an emerald stylized wisp talisman.

You say, "Ivas."

A wisp of smoke rises from a slender blood-red candle as the hot wax drips and splutters.

Vlanya says, "your guess is good"

Vlanya grins evilly.

Vlanya asks, "and may I ask yours?"

Vlanya catches your eye, smiles slowly, and begins flirting with you.

(Elendr looks taken aback and slightly disconcerted at Vlanya's advances.)

You frown.

The voice from the shadows comes again, this time directed toward Alyxandrah "If you value life so little, perhaps the horror of what lies before us will not bother thee so much. Perhaps the Betrayer has indeed chosen the right one with which to ally himself."

A slender blood-red candle burns with a warm golden light.

You furrow up your face and wince.

You hang your head.

Vlanya peers quizzically at Alyxandrah.

A wisp of smoke rises from a slender blood-red candle as the hot wax drips and splutters.

You say, "Alyx believes in something, she has faith.... that faith is not easily broken Mistress."

Within your head the voice echoes, "Sometimes I do wonder what you see in her!"

You cock your head.

The glow from a slender blood-red candle softly illuminates the room.

From the shadows the voice rasps in answer, "Pity the faith is put in the Betrayer."

You think to yourself, "She has something, a deep love for much... she is caring and compassionate, but perhaps time has changed her."

You say, "She has nothing... nothing placed before her for her to not believe him."

A slender blood-red candle glows warmly with a soft, flickering light.
Vlanya gazes into the flickering flame of a slender blood-red candle, lost in thought.

(Elendr shrugs helplessly.)

You say, "I'm so lost..."

A bit of melted wax drips from a slender blood-red candle with a hiss. The flame jumps, burning high for a moment, then settles into a warm glow.

Vlanya stands up.

Alyxandrah whispers, "I'm so sorry."

Vlanya snuffs out a slender blood-red candle.
Vlanya picks up a slender blood-red candle.
Vlanya put a slender blood-red candle in her spidersilk cloak.

You cock your head at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah asks, "Why are you lost, Elendr?"

The voice responds, "It will be a hard lesson learned, when it is finished."

Alyxandrah blinks.

Alyxandrah asks, "Is that Gavrail?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

Vlanya says, "my regards to you, Elendr. And your mysterious mistress"

You say, "When will it be finished my lady? When. I just want peace. The peace of darkness."

Vlanya smiles quietly to herself.

Vlanya just went out.

You tremble.

From the shadows the voice answers, "Darkness we shall have - such darkness as we have not known in lifetimes."

Alyxandrah blinks.

Alyxandrah shifts her eyes to you.

The voice continues, "But it is not likely it will bring peace with it."

(Elendr shudders as he sighs very sadly.)

Alyxandrah rubs you gently.

Alyxandrah says, "Elendr, you will have peace."

Alyxandrah says, "The Nine will not."

(Elendr looks up at Alyxandrah with tired eyes.)

(Elendr shakes his head slowly.)

Alyxandrah kneels down.

Alyxandrah says, "Elendr, I have seen what will give you peace. Trust me."

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

The voice focuses on Alyxandrah once again, "Aye, Confused One, if Thurfel completes his task the Nine shall have eternal peace. Tis those left behind that will yearn for it with all their souls and not be able to attain it."

You tremble with rage.

Alyxandrah looks rather confused.

You say, "Thurfel is mad... a mad little creation of duplicity."

Alyxandrah blinks at you.

Alyxandrah asks, "Should I not help Thurfel?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

You say, "leopards don't change their spots Alyx. He will betray again.... I'm sorry. I have to say it. I don't care if you get angry with me."

Alyxandrah sits up.

Alyxandrah sighs.

You shiver.

Alyxandrah says, "I'm confused, Elendr."

You ask, "Why?"

Alyxandrah says, "I trust Thurfel."

Alyxandrah says, "But you make me doubt him."

A rasping laughter rises from the shadows, filling the chapel.

Alyxandrah says, "I don't know what to do."

You close your eyes for a moment.

You say, "He is a horrible horrible person Alyx! He will hurt you! Please, guard yourself."

You say, "Guard yourself so well..."

Alyxandrah exclaims, "He vowed to protect me from the Nine!"

Alyxandrah says, "Tis they who hurt me and kill me."

(Elendr continues to tremble as he retreats farther within his cloak.)

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel has never hurt me."

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel has never killed me, Gavrail. Your brethren have."

Alyxandrah says, "And they will continue to do so."

Alyxandrah glances at you.

Alyxandrah says, "They said they had not finished with me."

Alyxandrah says, "Just yesterday I fell at the hands of one of them."

The voice speaks yet again, "'tis late to realize how confused ye are, lady! But better late than never!"

Alyxandrah asks, "Do you truly believe Thurfel will betray me?"

You exclaim, "They are confused, and I will admit that they are not grace of goodness. But comparing Thurfel's goodness to them is so... wrong!"

The laughter fills the room again.

You say, "He decieves you, so much."

You weep softly, quiet tears falling from your eyes.

Alyxandrah asks, "Does he?"

The voice shrills, "Do I believe it? You have to ask?"

Alyxandrah asks, "Why would he betray me?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

Alyxandrah says, "If you have only his past as proof, that is not enough for me."

You exclaim, "Because he's evil! He never stopped being it!"

Alyxandrah says, "He sought power."

You exclaim, "It was just so much more easier for him to have the town as allies than enemies. Why can't you see this? He's using you!"

Alyxandrah says, "But he realized that power was not happiness."

The voice corrects you, "He SEEKS power!

Alyxandrah says, "Aye, he might still...but he knows it is not everything."

Alyxandrah says, "He knows it will not bring him happiness."

Alyxandrah says, "And that is also what he seeks now."

You say, "He'll have the staff, he'll have the vessels, he'll have the town, he'll have magic. So much hangs in the balance."

The voice rasps, "Words are cheap! He still seeks the staff - the staff he needs to control us all. And you!"

Alyxandrah asks, "Control me?"

Alyxandrah shakes her head.

You nod to Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "He seeks the staff, and he will have it, I am sure."

(Elendr raises his upper lip in a snarl.)

The voice replies, "Not you alone, m'lady, but all the peoples of this town. And it will not stop there."

Alyxandrah shakes her head.

Alyxandrah sighs softly.

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel does not wish to control us, only you do."

(Elendr turns away quickly, scowling and trying to hide his rage.)

Alyxandrah glances at you.

You think to yourself, "She won't ever understand. I might as well be dead. End it quickly for me. I have nothing left! And that bastard Thurfel has taken her from me!"

You scream!

Alyxandrah blinks at you.

Alyxandrah asks, "What's wrong?"

Alyxandrah just tried to pull you towards her!

Alyxandrah asks, "Elendr?"

The sweet scent of perfume rises and dissipates. As it goes the voice goes with it, fading into the shadows with the words, "Things are not what they seem."

Alyxandrah blinks.

(Elendr turns rage filled eyes towards Alyxandrah.)

Alyxandrah says, "I'd like to know exactly what that is in reference to."

Alyxandrah blinks at you.

Achillea just arrived.

Alyxandrah asks, "What?"

You exclaim, "He's taken you from me. I have nothing left. NOTHING!"

You stand back up.

[Hall of the Dark]
Almost no light from the surface reaches this room. What does, comes from the walls in a sickly grey glow, sending chills down your spine that have nothing to do with the cold in the air. Two altars, gold to the south and grey to the west, relieve the black in the room, and detailed murals grace the walls behind them.
Obvious exits: up.

Alyxandrah just arrived.

(Elendr screams out his rage and anger.)

Alyxandrah says, "Elendr..."

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel has not taken me from you."

You ask, "What!?"

Alyxandrah sighs.

You ask, "You dare think you can pass that off with me?"

You stare at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "Gavrail has taken you from me."

Alyxandrah turns around.

Alyxandrah just went up.

You blink.

(Elendr falls to his knees, weeping.)

You kneel down.

You say, "There is no future. It will be blighted out, no matter who wins. Gavrail... I do not trust you implicitly, you know this. But I will stop that madman. I will kill him."

You scowl.

(Elendr curls up into the fetal position, holding his knees as he stares off into the darkness.)

You lie down.

You say, "will kill him... will.."

You say, "..kill...him..."

The sweet scent settles around your shoulders like a mantle, bringing with it a temporary peace of sorts.

(Elendr's shivering quiets and he curls up even tighter, moaning like a small child.)

Gavrail taps you lightly on the shoulder.

Elendr smiles warmly.

(Elendr sits up slowly, looking up at Gavrail.)

The thing before you may have been a halfling at one time, but only traces of its racial lineage remain. Its face is twisted and distorted, the flesh sickly and mottled. It wears the garments of a mage, although the fabric once rich and lustrous is nothing more than shredded tatters now. It bears no expression or emotion, but a burning rage simmers in the crimson-flecked eyes of the lich.

You sit up.

Gavrail says, "Only do what you can to the best of your ability, Elendr. It is all that is asked of anyone in a lifetime."

(Elendr nods solemnly, his cheeks stained with tears.)

You say, "I just wish I could do more. Everything seems to be going against me though."

Gavrail says, "Those who do not believe at once will believe some day. May it not be a day too late."

Gavrail sighs.

A glittering aura of midnight blue starlight glows around Gavrail for just a moment.

You say, "I have this foreboding feeling that it will be. I'm sorry, but it..." Elendr seems momentarily entranced by the starlight before continuing, "just seems so hopeless."

Gavrail says, "These are confusing times."

Gavrail says, "And it is hard to hold hope."

Gavrail says, "But you must."

You say, "So confusing... so horrible. Why can't it just be like it used too? Alyx and I, sitting on a stretch of snow, my arms around her. Things were so nice for..."

You say, "I'm trying."

Gavrail says, "For you, for the woman you love, for your children and your children's children."

You nod.

(Elendr wipes at his cheeks as if trying to compose himself, but stops and stares up into Gavrail's eyes.)

You say, "Children's children."

Elendr smiles warmly.

You say, "Never thought about that, tis a nice thought. And one worth holding onto, for hope."

Gavrail nods to you.

Gavrail says, "Hold on to whatever it takes. You will need it."

Gavrail says, "Tell the same to those that have the wisdom to hear you."

Gavrail says, "Never doubt that you are wrong, for you are not."

You say, "I've never doubted. Never. But everyone who Ive told has come to question. Even those that believed me at first."

You ask, "Why is thurfel so strong?"

Gavrail exclaims, "He is a known entity, think on it!"

You furrow up your face and wince.

Gavrail exclaims, "and he does not look like we do. Look at me!"

Gavrail says, "A pathetic wraith..."

Gavrail wails!

You sigh.

You nod.

You say, "I understand Gavrail... I'm so sorry."

(Elendr reaches out for Gavrail's hand.)

Gavrail says, "It was not always thus."

Gavrail draws her hand from yours.

You flinch.

You say, "I know, I saw you that once."

Gavrail says, "And some of us..."

You say, "How you used to look... but beauty isn't on the outside. It's what graces you. You alone. And I see it. I see it all around you."

Gavrail sighs.

You gaze fondly at Gavrail.

Gavrail looks over at you and shakes her head.

(Elendr looks confused.)

You blink at Gavrail.

You say, "Ill hold hope."

Gavrail stands quietly, looking as though she might dissolve into tears at any moment.

You say, "Hope for you, Gavrail."

Gavrail says, "Hope for you."

Gavrail says, "I fear I am beyond hope."

Gavrail says, "Yet even I reach for it."

Gavrail holds the flaming blue orb skyward.

You say, "It is right for you to do so. You are not beyond hope. No one is. Just reach for it, with me. And we'll get there."

You say, "Both of us..."

Gavrail's loud raspy laugh fills the chamber.

You ask, "The orb. Your vessel...?"

Gavrail's face turns slightly pale.

You blink at Gavrail.

Gavrail exclaims, "Do not speak of my vessel!"

Gavrail exclaims, "Never!"

You blink.

You say, "Yes'm."

You say, "I apologise."

Gavrail says, "To name it brings it that much closer to the Betrayer's prying eyes."

You say, "I am so sorry..."

You tilt your head down.

Gavrail blinks back tears as she gazes at you.

You shiver.

Gavrail touches you.

Gavrail touches one finger to her lips.

Elendr smiles softly.

You nod.

Gavrail says, "Hold to hope."

Gavrail nods to you.

You nod.

Gavrail says, "I bid thee good night."

You say, "Good night my lady."

You say, "I look forward to your next visit. And to better times for both of us."

(Elendr leans back against the south wall, smiling serenely as he closes his eyes.)

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