Frost Fire
Day of the Huntress, day 10 of the month Ivastaen in the year 5102

This log is from Achillea's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.

[Wehnimer's, Land's End Rd.]
You are scrutinized by vigilant soldiers as you arrive at the wide gateway guarding the land route to Wehnimer's Landing. The frenetic pace of the city to the south is a far cry from the deceptive calm of the wilds of Elanith outside. Two daunting towers survey the countryside and protect the town, flanking the road to the east and west. You also see a battered silver coffer and a wooden barrel.
Also here: Thorrnne, Lord Lazerath, Lord Tjaran, Issiah, Caez
Obvious paths: south.

Tiny bits of frost begin to form at Achillea's feet.

You blink.

Tjaran stares at you.

You shift your weight.

Tjaran kneels down.

(Tjaran stares at Achillea's feet.)

You mutter something about Thurfel.

Aranrhod blinks.

You feel that nervous twitch starting up again.

Tzuriz peers quizzically at you.

Tzuriz nods.

You pace back and forth.

Tzuriz asks, "Achillea?"

Tjaran stands up.

You say, "Thurfel"

Aranrhod says, "Look a bit icy there Achillea"

Aranrhod shifts her weight.

You say, "I bet"

Tjaran asks, "Why would Thurfel use frost and ice?"

Tzuriz asks, "What happened?"

Ice begins to rise up Achillea's legs, coiling about her thighs like barbed vipers.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow.

You feel that nervous twitch starting up again.

Tzuriz says, "That doesn't look so good Achillea"

A belt of frosty white snow encircles Achillea's waist.

You say, "no"

Aranrhod asks, "Achillea, how do you know it is Thurfel?"

Tjaran says, "Umm..."

Tzuriz says, "seems to be consuming you"

Tjaran asks, "Is there something we could do to stop it?"

You say, "who else would seek me harm"

You ask, "beside most the Landing an Mule anyway?"

You say, "who else would seek me harm, that can do that"

You whistle something nasty between clenched teeth.

Snow drifts slowly about Achillea, covering her from head to toe.

Strands of webbing shoot forth towards you.
CS: +2428 - TD: +131 + CvA: +13 + d100: +81 - +5 == +2386
Warding failed!
You are firmly webbed in place.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow.

Tjaran blinks.

Mist rises from the ground.

Aranrhod says, "Hmm"

Thurfel says, "you serve the wrong master."

Kasperite just arrived.

Tzuriz says, "Evenin' Thurfel"

Thurfel nods to Tzuriz.

Aranrhod glances at Thurfel.

You say, "told you"

Tjaran says, "So it was you."

Earthdiver glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "you have betrayed Icemule"

Earthdiver just went south.

You say, "Iscikella will not like what you have done to me"

Nikkee just went south.

Thurfel says, "You have betrayed me."

Tzuriz asks, "How are you so certain?"

Tjaran says, "Betrayed you? Now wait a moment..."

Lord Roelon just arrived.

You ask, "betrayed you? does not betrayal indicate having ever given you allegiance?"

Thurfel says, "Giving the sphere to the lich was the worst mistake of your life"

You say, "Morvule was pleased"

Aranrhod leans against the town gates.

Aranrhod folds her arms over her chest.

Thurfel says, "I was not."

You say, "and my masters opinion is the only one I am concerned with"

Detheriel asks, "Morvule Luukos' High Priest?"

Detheriel blinks.

Detheriel says, "Sorry, I should not trouble myself with such things."

You say, "pity, I will be pleased when you die, Thurfel"

Thurfel says, "very well, I shall give you some time to think upon your actions. Next time I see you, I may not be so merciful."

Thurfel waves his abalone sceptre at you!
The very ground itself comes alive, the dirt and stones at your feet exploding upward. The debris continues to erupt, until vision is completely obscured. Thunder booms overhead, and a several forked lightning bolts assault the area. Finally, the chaos subsides, but Thurfel is gone.
You feel yourself pulled away.

[Ice Plains, Shrine]
The room is lit by dozens of torches and a marble dais is set at the end of the chamber atop a stone altar. The dais has gold and platinum inlays along the top with veins of silver twisted down the supports of the base. Several stools are arranged in rows in front of the altar, with a path large enough to walk down the center of the room to the altar. Behind the dais is a dark alcove with a lifesize statue of Amasalen, servant of Luukos. You also see a tempered rolaren arch.
Obvious paths: none.

The shrieking winds become suddenly violent. The temperature drops drastically, numbing your extremities in a heartbeat. You cannot see through the flying snow and ice, and it looks as though you may be in trouble!

***Still thoroughly webbed with manticores attacking. Attacks shortened for clarity***

An arctic manticore tries to bite you!
AS: +140 vs DS: +119 with AvD: +33 + d100 roll: +86 = +140
... and hits for 30 points of damage!
Strike to temple! Saved by a thick skull!
You are stunned for 7 rounds!

The manticore's attack chills you!
... 20 points of damage!
Darn! Frozen ribs take longer to cook, and broken ones to boot!

An arctic manticore tries to bite you!
AS: +140 vs DS: +119 with AvD: +33 + d100 roll: +86 = +140
... and hits for 35 points of damage!
Upward slash gouges your cheek!
Right eye lost!

The manticore's attack chills you!
... 30 points of damage!
Freezing blast opens a gaping hole in your chest!

An arctic manticore claws at you!
AS: +135 vs DS: +69 with AvD: +36 + d100 roll: +71 = +173
... and hits for 25 points of damage!
Smash to the kneecap.

It seems you have died, my friend. Although you cannot do anything, you are keenly aware of what is going on around you...
You mentally give a sigh of relief as you remember that the Goddess Lorminstra owes you a favor.

The arctic manticore screams in vicious delight!

There is a soft crimson glow in the eyes of the statue.

Blood flows from your body towards the statue.

You let out a hollow, ghostly moan.

You say, "how merciful Thurfel, Iscikella will be dissapointed"

Tiny drops of fire drip from Amasalens fingers, replacing the blood.

You say, "Enjoy, bloodlord"

The droplets of fire splatters onto the ground in rhythmic precision.

You say, "I serve Luukos, his will shall prevail"

The eyes of the statue glow brighter, white deep within the red.

You say, "the sylph will see her foolishness, it is worth the pain"

You give a ghostly chuckle.

Fire dances along the floor, rippling live waves upon the ocean.

You ask, "so she trusts in Amasalen?"

You ask, "but why would Amasalen oppose Luukos?"

A cloud of dense silvery fog suddenly appears. The fog quickly dissipates to reveal Arimantis.

Arimantis ponders.

Arimantis glances at you.

Arimantis asks, "Hmm.. what we have here?"

You say, "dont take me from here"

Arimantis gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

You say, "but preserving would be nice"

Arimantis says, "Such a lovely place.."

Arimantis nods.

Arimantis gestures at you.
You feel a tingle on your soul, as if a powerful hand is gently cradling it.

Arimantis says, "Such a lovely place ta be.. um.. dead"

You say, "the statue lives"

Arimantis glances at a lifesize statue.

Arimantis prods a lifesize statue with the tip of his finger.

You say, "you may wish to leave"

The eyes of the statue flicker momentarily, then fade.

Arimantis says, "Looks jus as ugly an stoney as ever.."

Arimantis glances at a lifesize statue.

You say, "oh will Iscikella be crushed"

Arimantis says, "Hmm.. cept fer that ice reflectin.."

You say, "her beloved Thurfel"

You give a ghostly chuckle.

Arimantis asks, "Hmm.. Thurfel?"

Achillea prays "Luukos, thy will be accomplished"

You whisper a ghostly prayer for your soul.

You say, "was Thurfel indeed"

You say, "not hidden this time, not disguised"

Arimantis says, "I jus figured since Morvule messed up, ya came here ta sacrifice yerself"

You say, "I was in the Landing at the North Gate"

You say, "Morvule is our High Priest, and has not messed up anything"

Arimantis says, "Hmm.. such a lovely rock ya have ta worship at now.."

Arimantis asks, "But.. Morvule aside.. what you doin here?"

You say, "Thurfel webbed me and sent me here"

Arimantis ponders.

You say, "after a lecture of sorts"

You say, "Arimantis, you may wish to go somewhere warmer"

Arimantis says, "Ya know.. I should leave ya here"

You curse your frail mortality. That certainly won't win you any favor with Lorminstra.

Arimantis went through a tempered rolaren arch.

After a moment's silence a flame-tailed cat prances into the area and glances upward.

The flame-tailed cat rubs up against some haphip root.

You say, "hello Thurfel"

The flame-tailed cat licks at one of its paws.

You ask, "so you serve Amasalen?"

Suddenly Aranrhod appears in the room holding onto a ring she has just placed on her finger.

The flame-tailed cat sits down.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Aranrhod says, " are here"

Aranrhod says, "We looked"

Aranrhod says, "Hello cat"

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "I have bargained with him, I do not serve him."

You say, "you should have guessed Thurfel would send me here"

You say, "you bargain your soul firemage"

Aranrhod says, "I checked several places"

You ask, "you think the gods are for bargaining?"

You say, "such an ego"

Aranrhod says, "What a quandry..."

Aranrhod rubs her chin thoughtfully.

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "What I bargain is of no concern to you. Gods are as selfish and using as any mortal."

You ask, "so what is this bargain?"

You say, "yes of course, and he will enjoy using your soul"

Aranrhod says, "I hate what you did Achillea"

Elendr narrows his eyes.

You say, "but Iscikella will sure find this crushing"

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "You have no concern for the people of Icemule?"

You say, "she was such a fool to trust you"

The flame-tailed cat rubs up against Elendr.

(Elendr kicks at the cat.)

Elendr says, "Stay away from me Thurfel."

You ask, "and your concern is?"

You say, "as for me, I never hid my allegiance, I serve Luukos and seek his will"

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "It is the town I live in, I do not wish it destroyed by the power of the nine, which you've aided."

You say, "oh, you wish to destroy it yourself"

You give a ghostly chuckle.

Elendr folds his arms over his chest.

Aranrhod sighs.

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "I've already done that once, and it served no purpose."

Elendr slowly paces to his left, moving in a circle around you.

You say, "actually I rather like Icemule"

(Elendr pulls his cloak tightly around himself.)

You ask, "if at first you dont succeed, try try again?"

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "The liches will destroy it. Completely."

The flame-tailed cat turns away, looks back over its shoulder once, and then prances off.

Aranrhod asks, "Completely?"

Elendr scowls.

You say, "oh you may not wish to destroy it, nothing to rule then"

You say, "the liches will destroy Thurfel, completely"

Aranrhod reaches down and grabs a hold of your lifeless body.

Your surroundings blur into a white fog . . .

[Icemule Trace, Ice Garden]
Alpine flowerbeds ring this tucked-away courtyard, their bright colors a feast for the eyes in comparison to the white of all the snow that lies beyond the gate. Tamped snow paths keep footsteps soft in this small haven as travellers make their way to and from the chambers north of here. Centered in a bed of white edelweiss and aromatic purple-flowered calamintha is an ice fountain, its watery spray frozen in a sparkling plume. You also see a wrought-iron gate.

The snow begins to melt at your feet.

Arimantis says, "Ya know.. I have had enough of gettin injured cause of Luukosians fer one week.."

Tzuriz says, "umm"

Aranrhod says, "I do not know if I believe that Thurfel"

At this point, Aranrhod alone heard:

Thurfel whispers, "I merely wished her to see what fate she was dooming Icemule too. By aiding the council, she is aiding Amasalen. I will take my leave now, I must figure out what happened to the second sphere."
***END NOTE***

Elendr asks, "What's this...? You play games Fire Mage?"

You say, "Thurfel I so look forward to your death"

Crimson rifts appear in the icy ground.

Arimantis glances at you.

Vonka asks, "Thurfel kilt yer agin?"

Arimantis paces back and forth.

Zylador asks something in guild speak.

Tjaran says, "Oh my..."

(Elendr takes a step back, calmly moving away from the rifts.)

The rifts close, the faint scent of the sea present.

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