Ebon Scorpion
Volnes, day 11 of the month Fashanos in the year 5102

TThis log is from Opalina's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Screech Owl Table]
Placed closest to the stage, it is sometimes difficult to hear your own conversation without raising your voice. Many a guest has left this particular table after enjoying the show, unable to determine why their throat is sore.
Also in the room: Lord Belthania who is seated, Delyian, Great Lord Zosopage, Lavistan who is seated, Felisity who is seated, Jarlstrom who is seated.
Obvious exits: out.

A cloud of black mist rises up from the box.

Lavistan chuckles.

Jarlstrom chuckles.

Jarlstrom asks, "mist?"

You say, "um"

Lavistan works his fingers under his black hat and scratches his head.

Lavistan says, "i knew it was an evil box"

Zosopage blinks.

The mist settles slowly down upon all at the table.

Felisity shivers.

You frown.

Jarlstrom gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

You say, "I don't like that"

(Lavistan swats at the mist)

Belthania says, "hmm"

Zosopage says, "I've had strange things happen to me lately"

Jarlstrom asks, "who ferted?"

Felisity just tickled Jarlstrom.

Jarlstrom sniffs.

Delyian begins chuckling at Jarlstrom.

Zosopage pokes Jarlstrom in the ribs.

Jarlstrom falls to the ground laughing hysterically!

Lavistan glances at Jarlstrom.

Jarlstrom says, "ack"

Jarlstrom exclaims, "wasn me!"

Jarlstrom stands up.

Delyian says, "Ferted Laughing gas"

Zosopage mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

You ask, "I need you all to understand that I love ya all and no matter what if anything happens to you all are you with me on not getting the staff?"

Lavistan smiles at you.

You ask, "and understand that If I don't people will die anyway?"

Jarlstrom says, "we die alla times"

You try to pull Jarlstrom towards you.

You say, "I know that.."

Jarlstrom grins at you.

Lavistan says, "err, some more then others"

Lavistan pulls the hood of his cloak over his head.

Belthania says, "if you dont get the staff they will get it through someone else"

Zosopage nods.

You glance at Belthania.

You say, "That's what my essance says"

Zosopage asks, "why is my skin tingling unpleasantly?"

Jarlstrom says, "dunno"

You try to pull Zosopage towards you.

Jarlstrom scratches himself idly.

Jarlstrom says, "mine ta"

Jarlstrom scratches himself idly.

Lavistan asks, "jarl, ya take a shower lately?"

You glance at Jarlstrom.

Jarlstrom finds a clear spot on the floor and lies down.

Jarlstrom rolls around on the ground.
Jarlstrom rolls around on the ground.

Jarlstrom says, "egads me itches"

Opalina says, "Of course, if you do not aid me, and the staff falls to Thurfel, you will all only have yourselves to blame when Icemule is sundered."

Zosopage says, "serious , I just got a wierd feeling"

You exclaim, "I didn't say that!"

You say, "the essance said that"

A pained expression crosses Lavistan's face.

Jarlstrom thrashes around on the floor.

Jarlstrom looks rather confused.

Zosopage exclaims, "leave her be!"

Jarlstrom stands up.

Belthania says, "well the staff in thurfels hands is better then the essenses hands"

Delyian folds his arms over his chest.

Lavistan gasps.

You say, "The staff is safe where it is."

Jarlstrom says, "me wans da staff"

You say, "they can't get it"

Lavistan says, "can...brea"

Lavistan pants.

Delyian asks, "Now here's the question?"

You say, "it's why they are soo upset"

Delyian says, "who's worse"

Zosopage asks, "is Evilhalf your pawn?"

Lavistan says, "jarl..smach me...in the...back"

Belthania says, "well that isnt entirely true"

Delyian says, "The essense or Thurfel"

Jarlstrom hurls himself at Lavistan and connects!
MS: +148 - MD: +117 + MAvA: -6 + d100: +96 == +121
Jarlstrom knocks Lavistan flat and quickly jumps to his feet!

Zosopage says, "ya stupid lich"

Lavistan gasps.

Belthania says, "either or"

Lavistan says, "thanks, got hard to breath there"

Lavistan picks himself up off the floor and seats himself at the table. Just can't take him anywhere, can you?

Jarlstrom nods.

You bite your lip.

The black substance on the table begins to writhe and undulate.

You gulp.

Jarlstrom rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Delyian smirks.

Belthania scoots his chair back and stands up.

Delyian stands up.

You remove a handaxe from in your fringed sheath.
You sling a dusty rose buckler off from over your shoulder.

Lavistan says, "i think this table is cursed"

Belthania says, "hmm"

Jarlstrom says, "wat we needs isa bottle ana wizard"

You say, "it's not the table"

Delyian squints at Jarlstrom.

You say, "it's him"

Belthania pulls out a chair and plops himself down at the table.

Jarlstrom says, "blow da mists ina bottle an toss it ina well"

You say, "or something he sent"

You say, "I think"

Delyian asks, "What is?"

Zosopage says, "we're not scared of yas, you'll be beaten"

Delyian squints at you.

You say, "that black stuff"

Jarlstrom rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Felisity scoots her chair back and stands up.

Belthania says, "sorry zos"

Zosopage smiles at Belthania.

Felisity rubs you gently.

Zosopage asks, "sorry fer what?"

Zosopage smiles.

Jarlstrom asks, "anyun haf a big ol bottle wif a cork?"

You say, "Belthania the staff is safe"

Lavistan shakes his head.

The black fog begins to twist and turn, taking form.

(Delyian looks around for some black stuff, but can't find anything.)

You say, "there isn't anyway they can take it unless they take it themselves.. and they've proven they won't do that.. "

(Zosopage glowers at the fog)

(Jarlstrom stands in the middle of the fog)

Jarlstrom tucks in his arms and flaps them like a bird.

You say, "at least not yet"

Lavistan says, "uh oh, it wants ta play name that form.."

Jarlstrom says, "Shoo"

Jarlstrom tucks in his arms and flaps them like a bird.

Jarlstrom slowly empties his lungs.

Belthania says, "well it seems they eed to use pawns to aide them in getting what they want"

Jarlstrom flails his arms about.

Jarlstrom exclaims, "owie!"

Belthania says, "so if not you then one of the others"

Felisity rubs Jarlstrom gently.

Delyian says, "Here's my question"

(Jarlstrom grabs his neck)

Jarlstrom says, "dat 'urts"

Felisity just hugged Jarlstrom.

You listen carefully to Delyian.

Delyian says, "If you don't get the staff, It could end up with someone who really doesn't care"

Lavistan leans back in his chair, balancing himself on two legs for a few moments, then sets the chair back down on all four legs.

Delyian says, "and could therefore be more devestating"

You say, "someone has it who already doesn't care"

Delyian nods to you.

Lavistan asks, "who?"

Zosopage says, "I'd hold it, I'd like to see em try to get it from me"

Lavistan ducks his head.

Lavistan nods to Zosopage.

Jarlstrom grins at Zosopage.

You say, "she won't give it to Thurfel or to the essance she will give it to no one."

Jarlstrom rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "so the staff is safe at the moment"

Zosopage nods.

You say, "she is doing what you guys are saying"

Zosopage says, "she was seen somewhere other then the nations"

You look at Zosopage and shake your head.

The mist takes the form of a tiny ebon scorpion.

Zosopage nods.

You ask, "scorpion?"

(Jarlstrom stomps on the scorpian)

Zosopage says, "someone we both know saw her"

Jarlstrom babbles something unintelligible.

Jarlstrom screams and falls to the ground grasping his mangled right leg!

Delyian says, "That mist's beginning to bother me"

You glance at Jarlstrom.

Jarlstrom exclaims, "owie!"

You try to pull Jarlstrom towards you.

Felisity says, "did yas hear that the courier delivered a message to Thurfel, someone saw it"

Jarlstrom rolls around on the ground.

The scorpion says, "That was foolish."

You say, "Jarly"

Jarlstrom struggles to stand, but fails.

Delyian tries to pull Jarlstrom to his feet, but he is too heavy.

Zosopage removes a diamond-edged black vultite falchion from in his panther pelt sheath.

Felisity says, "Leave Jarlstrom be"

Delyian tries to pull Jarlstrom to his feet, but he is too heavy.
Delyian tries to pull Jarlstrom to his feet, but he is too heavy.
Delyian pulls Jarlstrom to his feet.

Jarlstrom exclaims, "da bug talks!"

Delyian nods.

(Zosopage bashes the scorpion)

Delyian nods to Jarlstrom.

Belthania says, "it isnt a bug"

You ask, "what was foolish?"

The scorpion says, "I am here to deliver a message."

Zosopage slings a gleaming eonake tower shield off from over his shoulder.

Jarlstrom removes a heavy black claidhmore from in his threaded harness.

Jarlstrom nods to Zosopage.

Felisity says, "I dun like yer message"

Belthania says, "speak then "

Delyian nods.

Delyian says, "Please speak"

(Jarlstrom swats the scorpian to another table)

Jarlstrom grins.

Jarlstrom begins to do his best to mend his wounded leg.

Zosopage says, "easy to talk when we can't see ya"

Looking under the table, you see nothing.

The scorpion hisses, "The message is for her", the insects stinger pointing toward Opalina.

Jarlstrom says, "feh it came backs"

You shudder.

Belthania says, "oh well then give her the message"

(Zosopage cuts the scorpions tail off)

Belthania says, "then leave"

Jarlstrom grins at Zosopage.

Jarlstrom leans on Felisity.

Felisity just hugged Jarlstrom.

Jarlstrom says, "me leg gone"

Delyian nods to Jarlstrom.

You hug Jarlstrom.

The insect says, "Forget the staff, forget the liches, forget Thurfel. Do not aid or hinder them in any way shape or form. They have all angered my master and shall all face his wrath."

You see Happiness approach the table.
Happiness arrives at your table.

(Jarlstrom hops in place on one foot)

Happiness meditates over Jarlstrom.
Happiness screams and falls to the ground grasping her mangled right leg!
Happiness takes Jarlstrom's right leg damage.

Happiness meditates over Jarlstrom.
Happiness takes Jarlstrom's neck damage.

Zosopage asks, "who's your master?"

You blink.

Happiness meditates over Jarlstrom.
Happiness takes all of Jarlstrom's blood loss.

Jarlstrom beams!

Jarlstrom just hugged Happiness.

The scorpion simply dissolves into nothing.

You exclaim, "what!"

Delyian says, "That's not always a good thing Jarl"

Happiness picks herself up off the floor and seats herself at the table. Just can't take her anywhere, can you?

You exclaim, "what does that mean!"

Jarlstrom says, "hmmmmm"

Delyian says, "My guess is there's something coming that's worse than all three"

Delyian nods to you.

A voice within you says, "That was clearly some parlor trick of Thurfels, never you mind that."

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