Feastday, day 9 of the month Fashanos in the year 5102

[Thurfel's Keep]
Four arrow slits have been cut into the tower wall, but their placement is much too low for the average person to use. As low as the slots might be though, it hasn't stopped the seabirds of the island from using them for nesting. Each of the holes is filled with a woven mixture of dried grass, palm fronds and dead seaweed.
Obvious paths: south, east, down.

You hear a massive crash deep within the keep. It sounds as if something has fallen to the ground.

You blink.

You ask, "Whatever is that?"

You say, "Doesn't sound too promising."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You hear the sound of cursing nearby.

You blink.

You say, "definitely not too promising."

You belt out, "M'lord? M'lord Thurfel? Are ye allright?"

Sheparde just arrived.

Sheparde says, "Scuse me."

You ask, "Aye?"

You cock your head at Sheparde.

Sheparde says, "I was out huntin on tha island and I saw a cloud of dust rise up from tha keep."

Sheparde asks, "Was that you?"

You look at Sheparde and shake your head.

You say, "I heard a crash in here."

You say, "No idea from where."

Sheparde says, "Doesn't sound good."

A sentry rushes by, tools in hand.

(Iscikella blinks at the sentry.)

Sheparde says, "Never seen one of those in here before."

You say, "they are building something."

You say, "But sounds like it fell down."

Sheparde asks, "Maybe repairing tha keep?"

You look at Sheparde and shake your head.

You say, "Building something."

Sheparde rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Sheparde asks, "Don't think it be undead critters knockin it down, do ya?"

Sheparde shivers.

A sentry stops and peers at you. "You aren't the stone workers, what business have you here?" He doesn't wait to hear your answer, but instead rushes off.

You blink.

Sheparde says, "Weird."

Alyxandrah's group just arrived.

Alyxandrah laughs!

Sheka says, "Let me wake a bit"

Sheka pokes Alyxandrah in the ribs.

Sheka whistles something nasty between clenched teeth.

Silon grins at Sheka.

Alyxandrah says, "M'lady."

You say, "Sentries running all about."

Alyxandrah curtsies to you.

You blink.

Alyxandrah says, "I saw a sentry fall from the walls..."

You say, "with tools."

Alyxandrah says, "It looked as though it was pushed."

You say, "asking about stone worked."

Sheka smiles cruelly at Iscikella.

You say, "Workers."

Sheka says, "Misguided One."

Sheka nods to you in greeting.

Silon makes a wheezing sound.

You nod to Sheka in greeting.

You nod to Silon in greeting.

Silon smiles and nods in greeting to you.

You say, "Very strange, Alyx."

One of the walls bulges out slightly, stone shattering from the pressure.

Alyxandrah blinks.

Sheka yells, "Hellloooooo"

(Iscikella stares at the wall.)

Sheka gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Sheka smirks.

Alyxandrah asks, "What is going on?"

Silon says, "I wonder wha he's workin on"

You say, "Whatever is being worked on crashed a moment ago."

Silon asks, "Crashed?"

You say, "Was quite a noise in here."

Alyxandrah asks, "Crashed?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

You nod.

Sheka says, "Must be a good one this time. Perhaps a Chosen killing contraption."

Sheka glances at you.

Sheparde says, "I'm gonna check it out."

Sheka cackles!

Silon grins at Sheparde.

Silon grunts.

You say, "And this one..."

You point at Sheparde.

Sheparde's entire body tenses as she tightens her grip on her black rolaren longsword.

Sheparde asks, "Me?"

Sheparde blinks.

You say, "Saw a cloud of smoke from outside."

Alyxandrah nods to you.

A voice cries out, muffled beneath layers of stone, "It wasn't my fault milord! It just wasn't strong enough to hold!"

Sheparde nods.

You blink.

Alyxandrah winces.

Silon makes a wheezing sound.

Sheparde says, "Wow.."

Alyxandrah says, "I hope he doesn't hurt anyone..."

You furrow up your face and wince.

Sheka stares off into space.

You say, "Doesn't sound too promising there."

Sheparde peers quizzically at Sheka.

Sheka waves a hand at Sheparde, dismissing her indifferently.

Sheka says, "Bahh"

Alyxandrah says, "I can't imagine Thurfel being happy with the progress of whatever he is working on."

A voice booms out, echoing down the corridors, "Where is that Stoneworker!"

Alyxandrah frowns.

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