Niiman, day 31 of the month Lormesta in the year 5102

This log is from Opalina's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Zephyr Hall, West Room]
An ornate chandelier hangs low over a smoothly polished walnut table. Dark paintings in thick, gilt frames hang on the scarlet-colored walls, drawing the eye upwards to the molded plaster ceiling. You also see a polished walnut table.
Obvious exits: north, out.

Black tendrils of smoke curl and creep around your legs, the odor of burning sulfur rising from them.

You frown.

You ask, "What do you want?"

(Opalina brushes at her legs trying to makes the smoke disapate)

A dark figure slowly walks from the shadows pointing a carved ebony witchwood staff towards you.

(Opalina takes a step back )

From deep within your mind you sense the following words, "Why do you so delay in the retrieving of the staff?"

You ask, "Why don't you give me the means to retreave it?"

You fold your arms over your chest.

"Do you dare to state that you are unwilling to retrieve the staff?"

You say, "I can't get the staff"

You say, "unless you wish to hand it to me"

(Opalina holds out her hand)

A soft whisper enters your ear from behind, "You will retrieve for us the staff or all that you love and care for shall be destroyed."

You ask, "Don't you already have Elendr getting the staff?"

You say, "why do you need me"

(Opalina turns around toward the voice)

You say, "and Iscikella"

You say, "you are asking her to get it too"

You say, "even drained Aran because Iscikella can't get the staff"

Within your mind once again, "Why does the wind blow through various directions? Why does fire burn hotter in some cases and cooler within others?"

You ask, "so you'll push us until one breaks and get's it eh?"

You say, "Well Elendr is already totally yours.. Im sure he will suceede."

"We will retrieve the staff. Would you care to be the one to retrieve it or be one to fail?"

You say, "you are smarter than me and stronger than me you tell me how to get it."

"While the other's means I do nae wish to know, I do know that if you fail to retrieve it, all that you love and care for shall perish under our might, leaving you to mourn what you have reaped."

You say, "you already promise that"

You say, "so I have nothing to gain or anything to lose"

You say, "Im already destined to lose my soul my home and my loves."

You say, "getting you the staff just means it will be taken faster."

"I did not mention what would happen if you were to succeed, did I not?"

You say, "the other's say if they get the staff they will destory everyone and everything it will make them all powerful."

You ask, "what makes you different?"

You ask, "how can your promise something the rest of you do not agree to?"

"We only seek to destroy the infidel that has imprisoned us and the staff will assist us in doing so. I know you care naught for the infidel as I see within your soul."

You close your eyes for a moment.

You ask, "and what happens if you are lieing?"

"I am sure that I can pursuade the others that allowing a few special ones to live would be beneficial, but which ones remain, I cannot guarantee."

"Would you risk the lives of those you care about whether I tell the truth or lie?"

You say, "that's an unfair question."

You say, "of course not"

You say, "I don't want anyone to die."

"Then I do suggest that you retrieve the staff for me for there is nothing I can guarantee if you do not."

You say, "you said I don't want to know how to retreave the staff.. Then tell me how so I can retreave it for you."

You say, "telling me I don't have a choice isn't workin"

"You know who holds the staff. By rights, you could well convince said person to hand it over to you, as they are aware they are being seeked for it. If the staff were to change hands, they would be seeking the wrong bearer."

"Although I am well aware that you would then hand me the staff to present to the council."

You nod.

You ask, "so would you get the staff over the mountains?"

You say, "if I just handed it to you or do I have to bring it back to Icemule myself"

"The infidel must not be the one to retrieve the staff. If he does, there would be nothing we could do to stop his destruction."

You ask, "you speak of Thurfel?"

"If you succeed in retrieving the staff, I shall seek thee out, but be forewarned, any deceit will bring further doom upon those you care for."

A loud shouting booms within your mind, "DO NOT SPEAK THE NAME OF THE INFIDEL IN MY PRESENCE!!"

You furrow up your face and wince.

You say, "sorry"

You bite your lip.

You ask, "what if Elendr beats me to the holder of the staff?"

You ask, "what happens to you?"

"Whether he beats you to the staff bearer or not, it must be you that walks away with its possession."

Suddenly you have the strangest feeling that you are being watched.
The feeling fades as quickly as it came.

"Otherwise, I cannot guarantee what may happen to those you care for."

You say, "it will make you stronger than the other's"

"If I have it within my possession, I may be able to sway them to spare a few 'special' ones, but without it, I can guarantee nothing."

You bite your lip.

You ask, "may I know who you are so I do not accidently hand the staff to anyone else?"

"If the fool, Elendr, gets within your way, you may destroy him at will."

You say, "the other's are sly and may try and pretend they are you with me not knowing who you are."

"You shall always know it is me as I shall always visit you in similar fashion."

You say, "well if I mess up and had it over to Iscikella's soul-lich don't blame it on me he talks kinda smooth "

You say, "almost as smooth as you"

"When the time comes, I shall let you know who I be, but for now, you need not know."

You say, "Yes My dear soul-lich"

You curtsy.

You stretch.

"As you've noticed, unlike the others, I have left your lifeforce intact. I believe that by your keeping the power that you hold, will you serve me best at this time. Do not prove me wrong in doing so."

You say, "you must be stronger than the other's"

"By them weakening their holders, they reduce the power, so slightly, of the ones they've chosen to seek the staff. I leave you strong so you might succeed where the others will most likely fail."

You bite your lip.

(Opalina searches your form for signs of emotions and truth behind your statements)

You say, "i have but to belive you for you've not drained me and Im sure you could at anytime if you so wished based on what I've seen of others"

You bite your lip.

"I shall seek you again later to hear of your progress and heed my statements."

You nod.

You say, "I hope I have a good report for you"

"You should hope so. You would not wish to test my patience once again." The black wisps of smoke release their hold upon your legs as the odor dissipates and you sense the presence leave your mind.

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