Broken Kiss
Feastday, day 26 of the month Lormesta in the year 5102

This log is from Elendr's player, and, therefore, the "you" references in this log refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

Alyxandrah says, "Tomorrow..."

You cock your head.

You ask, "Tomorrow?"

Alyxandrah says, "We'll be fighting against against your will."

Alyxandrah says, "I feel so helpless."

Elendr smiles softly.

You ask, "Alyx?"

Alyxandrah asks, "Aye?"

You ask, "May I kiss you?"

Alyxandrah blinks at you.

You say, "Since I may never have the chance to do it again."

Elendr smiles slightly.

Alyxandrah nods.

(Elendr drops his eyes to the floor.)

(Elendr steps up to Alyxandrah, his posture showing confidence but also betraying a little-seen timidity in his nature, his eyes being cast downward. He lifts one graceful hand to the side of her face, using the backs of his fingers to caress her cheek, and then slides them carefully down her golden skin to her neck. Lifting her chin with his hand, he meets her gaze with his own eyes and they immediately begin to sparkle and glow beautifully in the dim light of the night, with love and care shining out of them for the half-elven lady in front of him.)

Elendr smiles in kindness, leaning towards Alyxandrah with deliberate slowness, as if giving her the chance to pull away. His two fingers still on her jaw, he tilts his head to one side as he closes the distance between them, the braids in his gleaming silver hair falling gently. With a delicateness that defies the ferocity of Lorminstra's winter shedding its awful savagery in the wilds about them, the young rogue touches his own lips gently against the young sorceress'.

(Elendr edges only slightly closer to Alyxandrah, and much like the touch of a feather sent quietly forth on a perilous journey by the breath of Jaston the windrunner, he brushes his lips to hers in a gentle passion fueled with Oleani's divine power. The elf reaches his other hand back behind his lady's neck to steady her but does not press any closer. He breaks with the utmost care from her lips for a mere moment, but continues the kiss, gently releasing the love and pain of his heart's turmoil with a gentle caress into the lips of the one he loves.)

A familiar odor envelops you and your temples throb.

(Elendr breaks the kiss, wincing in pain.)

Alyxandrah blinks.

You moan.

Alyxandrah asks, "What is it?"

You grimace.

You see a blur out of the corner of your eye, and Jestin's group suddenly appears.

You say, "The perfume is giving me a headache."

You say, "A bad one."

You grumble.

Jestin grimaces visibly in pain.

Alyxandrah rubs you gently.

Jestin coughs.

(Elendr rubs at his temples.)

Jestin says, "ugh"

Alyxandrah asks, "Would you like some air?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

Jestin takes on a sickly pallor.

The sickly pallor seems to fade from Jestin.

Alyxandrah asks, "Elendr?"

You hear the ghostly voice of Camelia ask, "are you oke?"

You nod.

Jestin begins to do his best to mend Camelia's wounded abdomen.

Alyxandrah leaves your group.
Alyxandrah clasps your hand tenderly.
Alyxandrah's group just went out.

[Temple Burrow, Koar and Lumnis]
On the edge of the glacier, you have a marvelous view of the city to the south. Your eyes follow the slightly haphazard streets around Icemule Trace until they meet the four roads and eventually the gates in the walls. Above you towers the great Temple, carved from the purest ice and shining with a nearly divine light in the sun. A ramp of ice leads down to the west, while an ice staircase leads down to the east and a set of carved ice steps lead down to the northwest around an oddly shaped ice flow.
Also here: Alyxandrah
Obvious paths: down.

Alyxandrah asks, "Better?"

You sigh heavily.

You say, "A little, the pain is less intense."

Alyxandrah slowly empties her lungs.

You smile.

You say, "It was worth it, to be able to kiss you once more. I'd go through a thousand times the pain."

Alyxandrah furrows her brow.

Alyxandrah says, "Don't say that, Elendr."

Lord Sothog just arrived.

Sothog nods to Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah curtsies to Sothog.

Sothog says, "Interesting evening."

Sothog bows to Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "To say the least..."

Alyxandrah nods to Sothog.

Alyxandrah shifts her eyes to you.

Sothog rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Lord Sothog went down an ice ramp.

You sigh.

You hug Alyxandrah.

You say, "I love you. I hope you know that."

Alyxandrah nods to you.

Lady Camelia just arrived.
Lady Camelia just went down.

You gaze up into the heavens.

Strattus just arrived.

Alyxandrah clears her throat.

Lord Trevilyn's group came up an ice ramp.

You close your eyes for a moment.

Strattus went down an ice ramp.

Alyxandrah asks, "Do you think she's gone?"

Glaves begins chuckling at Trevilyn.

Trevilyn asks, "ya'll waiting to use the room?"

Alyxandrah's group went into a temple.

[Hall of Rebirth]
Sunlight streams through the ice, illuminating the room with clean, golden light. Faint rainbows dance on the walls, playing across the huge mural hanging on the southern wall. The air is still and cool, layered with peace and serenity. You cannot help but feel calm here, as if something loving was watching over you.
Also in the room: Alyxandrah
Obvious exits: out.

Alyxandrah sits down.

You say, "I don't know."

You say, "The perfume is still thick in my head. It's making me a little light headed."

You say, "But she hasn't said anything."

Alyxandrah says, "Sit, Elendr."

Alyxandrah says, "I doubt she has anything more to say."

You sit down.

Alyxandrah says, "She's warned us all countless times..."

You say, "I know..."

You say, "I just wish she'd allay my fears. I want her to know that you're not to be harmed. I wish she'd listen to me."

Alyxandrah says, "She has no control over that, Elendr."

Alyxandrah says, "No one does."

Alyxandrah says, "Not as long as I stay here."

Alyxandrah says, "And I refuse to leave."

You say, "She does have control over that. She can make it happen that you aren't to be touched."

Alyxandrah asks, "And how can she do that?"

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Alyxandrah says, "Elendr, she is but one.."

You say, "She's the one fronting the invasion, I figured she could just ... make it happen."

Alyxandrah says, "And, not necessarily one of the strongest."

Alyxandrah smiles at you.

You frown.

Alyxandrah says, "You know as well as I do that the only way to protect oneself from what's to come, is to leave Icemule."

You sniff.

Alyxandrah says, "I will not forsake my home, Elendr."

You say, "Then why don't you leave Icemule.."

A voice forms in the back of your mind, more a thought than a sound. "If the lady stays, her life is at peril - as are the lives of all in this place who refuse to flee."

You furrow up your face and wince.

Alyxandrah says, "Nor will I forsake those who stand against the Nine..."

You say, "I know. But she won't leave. Please...."

Alyxandrah rubs you gently.

You say, "Don't hurt her."

You weep softly, quiet tears falling from your eyes.

Alyxandrah rubs you gently.

You say, "I'll do whatever you want. If you can just send her away! If you can just remove her from this! Please."

Alyxandrah blinks.

Alyxandrah says, "Elendr, stop."

Alyxandrah exclaims, "I do not wish to leave!"

You hang your head.

You exclaim, "I don't want you to be here!"

Alyxandrah says, "I must stand by Icemule...and Thurfel."

Alyxandrah says, "I will not leave, Elendr. You know that."

(Elendr holds his sides as he cries, gritting his teeth in pain and anger.)

Alyxandrah says, "Elendr, I'm sorry..."

Alyxandrah touches you.

The voice whispers quietly, "Then by her own hand she seals her fate."

You exclaim, "No!"

You sob.

You start to cry all over the place.

Alyxandrah looks thoughtfully at you.

Alyxandrah asks, "No, what?"

(Elendr looks up between sobs, his chest heaving.)

You say, "They said you've sealed your fate. It's so kind, so quiet, so nice. Please, ju..."

You shake your head.

You sigh.

You sniff.

Alyxandrah sighs softly.

Alyxandrah says, "I will fight them for you as well, Elendr."

Alyxandrah says, "Not just my home."

You blink at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "I will stand by Thurfel and fight them all."

You say, "Alyx, I'm going to lose you. One way or another. I'm glad you haven't been tainted as I have been. By the Gods, I love you for your resolve."

You hang your head.

Alyxandrah asks, "Does she wish to save you from pain, Elendr?"

Alyxandrah asks, "What's to become of you when all of this is over?"

(Elendr hugs his knees to his body and begins rocking back and forth, his eyes red and his cheeks puffy.)

You say, "I don't know Alyx."

Alyxandrah asks, "Will she help you?"

You say, "But if she wins... you die. And with you, I will too."

Alyxandrah asks, "Will she protect you?"

You say, "If you win, I will die. There is no escape from this."

Alyxandrah sighs.

Alyxandrah asks, "What does she want, Elendr?"

Alyxandrah asks, "What is she fighting for?"

(Elendr looks up, his face stained with the trails of tears.)

Alyxandrah asks, "Does she even know?"

You say, "She doesn't talk to me about that."

You say, "She only tells me what she wants me to know."

You say, "I don't know why she fights. If it is Yfa, perhaps it's because of Thurfel that she fights."

You say, "If it's one of the nine, then it's because they feel used and left for dead."

Alyxandrah asks, "She fights for love lost?"

You say, "Perhaps."

You say, "I know only what I've been told in the past. That Yfa was in love with Thurfel. And Iscikella... and to an extent, you, took that away from her."

Alyxandrah says, "I hardly took anything away from her."

Alyxandrah says, "If Thurfel cared anything for me, I'd agree. But his heart belongs to Iscikella alone."

(Elendr slowly reaches forward to touch the pendant hanging from Alyxandrah's neck.)

You say, "Think of all the affection Thurfel shows you, and then tell me you really believe that."

Alyxandrah asks, "Elendr, do you know how I got that pendant?"

Alyxandrah says, "For talking to Thurfel and giving him advice on how to woo Iscikella."

Alyxandrah says, "He left the pendant in the sand as a token of his gratitude."

Alyxandrah says, "That is hardly affection."

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

You say, "I'm not really the one you need to convince, though."

Alyxandrah says, "So many people believe he cares for me, but he doesn't. Never has and never will. There was a time I wish he did, but his love for Iscikella is so strong..."

Alyxandrah smiles at you.

Alyxandrah asks, "I believe you might know something about that?"

You ask, "Which part, his love for iscikella... or yours for him?"

You cock your head.

Alyxandrah blinks.

Alyxandrah clears her throat.

Alyxandrah says, "His love for her."

Alyxandrah stares off into space.

You shrug.

You say, "I know of only what I've heard."

Alyxandrah says, "Personally, Elendr..."

Alyxandrah asks, "When you love someone immensely, there is nothing that can come between that, no?"

You peer quizzically at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "That's how Thurfel is with Iscikella."

You nod.

You say, "Alright."

You fidget.

You say, "I..."

You ask, "I love you like that too, you know that right?"

Alyxandrah nods to you.

Alyxandrah says, "I do."

(Elendr's face visibly brightens and his shoulders relax.)

You close your eyes for a moment.

Elendr smiles warmly.

Faint and nearly inaudible, a few final words float through your mind. Something about treachery...deceit...things not being what they seem. You realize the perfume has dissipated in the chill air.

You blink.

You say, "Treachery... deceit..."

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

(Elendr shakes his head, as if trying to dispell something from his mind.)

Alyxandrah asks, "What?"

You say, "What does it mean..."

Alyxandrah asks, "What does what mean, Elendr?"

You say, "Things not being what they seem..."

You say, "I don't know. It was barely a whisper..."

You say, "As if it was fading away with the perfume."

Alyxandrah says, "I don't understnad..."

You say, "I don't either."

You shrug.

Alyxandrah says, "Well, she is gone.."

You sniff.

You say, "Yes, she is."

Alyxandrah smiles slightly.

(Elendr crawls slowly over to Alyxandrah to put his arms around her and bury his face into her shoulder.)

Alyxandrah hugs you.

You slide over to Alyxandrah and cuddle her in your arms.

You say, "I'm going to love you until my dying days, and nothing, not Yfa, not the nine, not anyone, is going to take that away from me."

Elendr smiles rather triumphantly, squeezing Alyxandrah between his arms and kissing her cheek softly.

Alyxandrah smiles at you.

Alyxandrah laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

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