Unwanted Taunts
Day of the Huntress, day 7 of the month Eorgaen in the year 5101

This log is by Opalina's player and, therefore, it should be noted that in this log the "you" references refer to said character, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Hall of the King]
Sunlight shines through the ice, nearly blinding in intensity. One altar of pure white sits in the center of the room, in front of a massive mural on the north wall. An intense energy flows through the room, as powerful in its own way as the sunlight.
Obvious exits: down.

You murmur some prayers under your breath.

You recite:
"Judge me
O' Koar
and plead our cause against Amasalen and the council
O' Deliver us from the deceitful and unjust creatures."

Your limbs and vocal cords suddenly freeze up, holding you rigid, as your consciousness spirals down and away, deep inside you, and the almost forgotten presence rises up within you once again.

(Opalina struggles with herself to speak out)

Laughter grows within you, echoing madly inside your head. "Thought we were gone, did you? Just biding our time, as it were. Don't forsake us, join us!"

You recite:
"For you are the Kog of my strength!, Why do you cast us off? why go I mourning because of the oppession of the enemy?"

You recite:
"O' Send out they light and they truth
let them not lead me
Bring me unto your holy hill and into your Tabernacles!"

The laughter dies, the voice now stern and demanding. "You will join us and aid us, Opalina. You are too weak to fight us. Surrender!

(Opalina keeps struggling within herself trying to regain her full speech)

You say, "I will not help you "

You say, "you are trying to hurt all whom I love"

You thumb your silver rose pendant.

You say, "Please O'Koar

You stare at the north wall.

A man sits upon a massive throne. He is huge, with flowing grey hair and beard, shaggy brows and a forehead deeply creased with thought. His eyes are weary and brooding, and a gold crown sits upon his head. The sunlight has been directed through this wall, making him shine with golden light. He radiates power and command, and you cannot fight the sense of awe that sweeps through you.

"You will help us, you will see!" The mad laughter returns and the air around you suddenly crackles. A bolt of lighning emerges from the turbulance and strikes you.

A bolt of lightning streaks down from the sky and strikes you!
... 15 points of damage!
Nasty shock to the neck. Gonna be stiff for awhile.
You are stunned for 3 rounds!

A tremendous crack of thunder follows instantly!

You are still stunned.

You recite:
"Then will I go unto the altar of Koar
unto Koar my exceeding joy
Yea, Upon the harp I will praise thee
Oh Koar my god."

You reach out and touch a white altar.

(Opalina ignores the voice ringing around her and turns all her attention to Koar and her prayers)

"Fight all you wish, you will only aid us, one way or another. Be it by allowing us to use this vessel... or bringing more attention, more popularity, more armies to our cause." The loud laughter is heard once more, then dissipates in a whirl around you, returning you to your senses.

You lean against a white altar.

You close your eyes for a moment.

You murmur some prayers under your breath.

You recite:
"Why art though cast down, O' My soul?
Hope in Koar
for I shall yet praise him
who is the health of my countenance
and my god."

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