An UnNamed Voice
Day of the Huntress, day 14 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5101

[Hall of the Gods, Main Chapel]
The Temple has been carved from the ice of the glacier. A vaulted ceiling rises above you, carved with faint designs, and thick pillars etched with the symbols of the gods rise to meet the dome. The walls glimmer with light from the sun, adding divine ambiance to an already spectacular chamber. To the northwest is a passage, seemingly brighter than the rest, while the tunnel to the southeast looks darker than you would think possible in the well-lit Temple.
Also in the room: Lady Nofret
Obvious exits: west, northwest, southeast, out.

You ask, "Resting?"

You cock your head at Nofret.

Nofret says, "Pretty much."

You nod.

You say, "Has been a rather odd night."

Nofret says, "I heard that Opalina got possessed again."

You nod to Nofret.

You say, "That is what was referring to."

You say, "Just talked with her and Tierus and Sothog for a while afterwards."

Nofret nods.

You say, "And Tierus and Sothog sometimes do have some odd ideas."

Nofret raises an eyebrow.

Nofret asks, "What did they have to say?"

A voice mutters from the shadows, "I don't know why you bother even coming here, the gods couldn't care less about you."

You blink.

You ask, "and who is this who speaks?"

You whisper quietly to Nofret, "Hear the voice?"

The voice whispers quietly, "Have you seen any of them to help you? Hinder you? They simply are illusions above and below, nothing more than parlor tricks."

You ask, "And ye, voice? What are ye?"

You cock your head.

Nofret asks, "Who is this?"

The voice says simply, "Another parlor trick."

(Nofret peers into the shadows.)

You ask, "A parlor trick by whom?"

You ask, "Or are ye nameless as well as faceless?"

Nofret asks, "And why are you so concerned with my beliefs, or lack thereof?"

Nofret says, "Such altruism from a nameless voice makes me most suspicious."

There is a bit of movement, but then stillness. The voice says, "I would not have you wasting time seeking some mythical staff."

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.

You ask, "Mythical?"

You ask, "But it isn't yer time to waste, is it?"

You ask, "So of what matter is it to ye? Exactly?"

"Have you seen any evidence of this artifact? Tis nothing more than some charlatan's treasure story."

You say, "Perhaps I have and perhaps I haven't."

Nofret says, "I keep saying that the one I have isn't the legendary staff of Amasalen."

You look at Nofret and shake your head.

You whisper quietly to Nofret, "I think the voice is fishing. Be careful."

You say, "Perhaps I like treasure."

Nofret whispers, "Well, people know I have A staff."

Ichiko just arrived.

Lady Sheka just arrived.

The voice laughs far too loud for comfort. "Of course it isn't. Of course, it may as well be, considering it doesn't exist."

You whisper quietly to Nofret, "But the voice may not."

Ichiko raises an eyebrow.

You ask, "And if it does?"

Sheka gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

You cock your head.

Nofret says, "And I would still like to know who you are."

Sheka grins coldly, her eyes reflecting no emotion.

Nofret says, "That is, if you are not afraid to speak your name."

The voice says, "I'm sure you would."

You ask, "Names have power. Isn't that the crux of it?"

You smirk.

Nofret says, "It has ever been thus..."

A cloud of dense silvery fog suddenly appears. The fog quickly dissipates to reveal Kadesha.

The voice says, "Indeed they do. There is power in being anonymous."

You say, "But voice, why are ye... concerned..."

You cough.

Sheka squints at Kadesha.

You ask, "About how others spend their time?"

You cock your head.

Nofret says, "It seems strange that you are so concerned on our behalf."

Kadesha raises an eyebrow.

You touch one finger to your lips.

You glance at Kadesha.

(Iscikella points into the shadows.)

The voice says, "I would simply not see folks waste their time on meaningless quests. Wouldn't your time be better suited removing that pest from his island thus making Icemule safe once and for all?"

You say, "Well, my opinion is different."

Sheka asks, "you think Thurfel a threat then?"

Sheka says, "hmmm"

The voice says, "There is no worse threat than Thurfel"

Sheka says, "Pesty one he is."

You ask, "And what of the Nine, voice?"

Sheka scratches her fingernails at you! Meeeowww!

Sheka cackles!

You glance at Sheka.

Sheka smirks.

You say, "I consider them a much more vicious threat. But even those who still believe Thurfel a threat, know the Nine are as well."

The voice echoes around you. "They are as illusionary as the staff. They no longer exist."

You ask, "And what of Amasalen?"

Nofret says, "In any case, Thurfel is extremely strong. Appallingly so. Which makes him difficult to fight."

You say, "Ah, but they do."

Kadesha frowns.

You say, "Their essence is within me."

Sheka says, "As is his."

Sheka smiles at you.

You say, "Or the essence of one of them."

Nofret asks, "If the Nine no longer exist, then who or what is possessing seven people in town?"

Sheka grins coldly, her eyes reflecting no emotion.

You say, "That is very unclear..."

You ask, "Voice?"

You hear a slight snicker. "Even the simplest magician can mesmerize those about him. A slight touch of thought, and one believes themselves possessed. Indeed, they may even further their own possession."

Sheka smirks.

You say, "My, ye have an answer for everything."

Kadesha says, "I don't like the tone of that voice"

You say, "But mesmerization does not account for these possessions, voice."

Nofret says, "You seem to know a great deal, but you will not say how you know any of this."

Kadesha frowns.

You nod to Kadesha.

Kadesha mutters something about snakes.

Sheka smiles chillingly.

The voice says, "You have been duped by Thurfel, much like the viper by his master, you dance to his wishes. There is no staff, the nine are powerless, and yet he grows stronger each day while you dally."

You say, "So ye would like all to believe."

You say, "Which of the Nine are ye, voice."

You ask, "Or is it Amasalen who speaks?"

Ichiko nods to you.

Kadesha whispers, "seems snakely to me"

You whisper quietly to Kadesha, "Definitely."

Sheka taps a huge charred skull.

You whisper quietly to Kadesha, "And we know the staff exists."

Sheka asks, "or her?"

You ask, "No answer to that query?"

Sheka chuckles.

Nofret says, "Amasalen hisses, from what I remember."

Kadesha says, "definitely aint Lorminstra, thats for sures"

The walls begin to glimmer even more brightly then they already do.

You look at Nofret and shake your head.

Ichiko says, "Only one of great power indeed would call Thurfel a 'pest'.."

You blink.

Kadesha blinks.

(Iscikella glances about the walls.)

Kadesha lifts her Lorminstra symbol reverently to her lips, and its image of a golden key on a field of black pulses for a moment with a pale glow.

(Sheka gazes about at the walls.)

(Iscikella shades her eyes.)

You say, "Very bright..."

Kadesha clenches her fist.

Sheka's Eorgina amulet emits a soft grey glow.

Ichiko squints.

The voice says, "Very well, I have tried to open the well for you, but you will are far too entrenched within Thurfel's grasp. Seek the staff, fear the nine and remember this conversation on the day Thurfel destroys you all."

Sheka cackles!

You say, "Is not an Arkati to call the Arkati themselves non-existent as this voice did, Kadesha."

Nofret asks, "Open the well?"

Sheka rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Kadesha says, "I havent heard all that was said, but um it is like one certain Arkati to lie"

Nofret says, "I remember something odd that happened at the stucco well--masses of black tendrils pouring out."

A white wisp of mist coils about the pillars and rises to the ceiling. It disapates into nothing.

You tilt your head up.

Sheka says, "Gone"

Sheka snaps her fingers.

Sheka chuckles.

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

You say, "Mist..."

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