Lumnis? Or...
Leyan, day 23 of the month Ivastaen in the year 5101

This log was provided by Morgaine's player for inclusion in the records of the quest. Breaking my usual way of posting, I have retained the second person references of his log (you) as very difficult to change to third person effectively. It should be noted, therefore, that in this log the "you" references refer to Lady Morgaine, not Iscikella.
***END NOTE***

[Hall of the Mind]
An aura of tranquility sits over the room. Stars twinkle on the south wall, comforting as they sparkle in the blackness, while the north wall glows a pearlescent grey the color of the moon behind mist. A black altar sits before the starry sky, and a grey altar seems to fade out of the misty wall.
Also in the room: Valdirn who is kneeling, Vonka who is kneeling
Obvious exits: southwest, up.

(Morgaine says a soft prayer under her breath, beseeching guidance and assistance from the Goddess of Wisdom.)

It almost seems as if the altar is made from mist. Atop it are five conjoined circles colored red, blue, black, green, and white. Over these, a golden scroll has been laid, although you cannot read the language the scroll has been scribed in. An imflass plaque rests at the front of the altar. It reads: Lumnis, Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge

Ichiko just arrived.

You concentrate on the Commune spell...
You gesture at a grey altar.

Focusing your will on the grey altar, you attempt to use it to help establish a link between yourself and your deity.
You begin a quiet prayer in the hope that your god will hear.
You fall into a deep trancelike state.
While you feel you may have been successful in opening a link you get the feeling that you are abusing your ability to communicate with your deity.

You recite:
"Lady Lumnis, Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge.
We come to you now to ask of thee a question of great
importance. A staff of great power has been lost,
And powers that would seek to throw the balances of power within Icemule seek to claim it as theirs.
We ask of you the location of this staff, to prevent the descent of Icemule into a bloody fate."

Ichiko kneels down.

(Morgaine whispers softly, placing all of her faith in the effort towards channeling her prayer.)

You recite:
"The servant of Luukos seeks to control this town as his own,
And to grow in strength so that darkness may consume the light.
Grant that we be worthy of thy knowledge,
And protect this humble town with your wisdom.
We beesech you, the simple location of this staff may decide our fate."

You reach out and touch a grey altar.

You recite:
"Grant us the knowledge to save ourselves,
We humbly beg your guidance."

(Vonka squints. She appears to be concentrating hard on praying. Her knuckles are turning white.)

Ichiko continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

(Morgaine furrows her brows as she makes the rest of her prayer silent, arcane gestures of a holy nature following as the only movements to stir her form.)

The wall shines a pearly grey, as if the moon was behind a bank of mist. Out from the mist steps a woman, mature in years, dressed in a grey robe that blends into the fog below. Her hair is long and black, with a single lock of grey at her forehead. Her face is wise and serene, and her eyes seem to contain the mysteries of the universe.

(Morgaine opens her eyes slowly to gaze upon the north wall, her determined expression maintaining the hopeful expression that the Lady Lumnis depicted therein will hear their prayers.)

(Vonka surrepitiously scratches an ear.)

Valdirn glances at Vonka.

Valdirn hangs his head.

Ichiko continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Valdirn continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

You hang your head.

Vonka continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

You murmur some prayers under your breath.

You close your eyes for a moment.

Zamnier just arrived.

A grey mist slowly fills the area.

(Vonka holds her breath.)

Morgaine smiles softly and takes in a shallow breath.

Zamnier peers quizzically at you.

Vonka gulps.

(Vonka stares at the mist.)

Vonka asks, "Milady?"

Vonka asks, "Dat yer?"

(Morgaine gazes into the mist.)

Low murmuring reaches your ears, though you can't quite make out any words.

Zamnier kneels down.

You say, "Please Lady Lumnis, grant that we be worthy of thy knowledge and wisdom. The staff of Amasalen is sought by forces who would use it to throw the balance from this town's fate."

You murmur some prayers under your breath.

Vonka says, "T'ank yer fer comin', Milady. We perciates yer prescence."

Zamnier continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Vonka points at a grey altar.

Vonka says, "We broughts a few gif's fer yer."

A low voice quietly say, "The staff remains where it was hidden."

You say, "We beseech the hiding spot, to save this humble town."

Vonka asks, "Kin yer tell us who hid it?"

(Morgaine closes her eyes with a soft hopeful smile.)

The voice speaks out again, "The person who possessed it is the one who hid it."

Vonka says, "T'ank yer, Milady."

Zamnier whispers, "can I talk to Lumnis? or am I not worthy"

You ask, "M'lady, would thee tell us the hiding spot of this staff?"

You whisper quietly to Zamnier, "If you feel it would assist the cause, if not I would be wary in wasting the time of a Goddess."

Vonka giggles.

Valdirn whispers to the group, "or ask if it is near, in or under the town"

Vonka clasps her hand over her mouth.

Quietly, in a softer tone, the voice says, "You don't need the staff to save the town. Each of you possess a power within, and when combined is a force to be reckoned with. You only have to find the way to unite."

Vonka beams!

Zamnier smiles.

Vonka exclaims, "Oh, t'ank yer, Milady!"

Ichiko smiles.

Valdirn bows.

(Ichiko bows towards the grey altar)

You say, "I understand, and welcome the sentiment. Would you however, be able to tell us if the staff lay near, or within this town? Some would certainly feel 'safer'."

(Vonka clasps her hands over her heart.)

Valdirn says, "safer in that the dark forces would not possess it"

(Vonka covers her ears.)

Zamnier continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Vonka says, "I prolly shouldn' hear dat part."

Ichiko continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

You say, "The souls of this town, and the life of one who dwelled beneath it, are in danger without the staff in the hands of those who would not abuse the powers."

Vonka says, "I still ain' sure iffin I gonner end up light er dark in all dis."

The voice says, "The staff is better left where it now rests, as the power can be misguided even with the best of intentions. There isn't one yet who exists capable of controlling completely that power. The results of an accident could be catastrophic!"

Valdirn says, "we keep yer safe Vonka"

You frown.

Vonka gulps.

Ichiko nods to Valdirn.

Vonka asks, "Milady? Kin yer give me any words on how ter fight dis ennty in me?"

Vonka says, "I dun wanner hurt no one."

The voice says in a quieter tone, "If the staff IS found, utmost care must be used."

Vonka gulps.

Vonka clasps her hand over her mouth.

Vonka says, "Sorra."

You say, "A youth of the town who has lost his family seeks to find it."

The grey mist begins to dissipate.

You say, "Would he able to uncover the location of the staff in or near town, if so I fear I best keep an eye on the child."

You frown.

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Vonka says, "Bye, bye, Milady."

Valdirn says, "thank yer mi Lady"

(Morgaine reaches out to the mist, as if wishing there were more time.)

Valdirn bows.

Ichiko bows.

You say, "Thank thee for thy knowledge."

Zamnier bows.

(Vonka waves to the departing mist.)

Vonka smiles.

Ichiko slowly empties her lungs.

You sigh.

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