Voice in Lightning
Niiman, day 5 of the month Koaratos in the year 5101

[Tavern Burrow, Pilsner Avenue]
A low boxwood hedge grows along the stone wall, almost obscuring the wall from view. A pair of tired-looking halfling girls holding some feathers yawn as they pass you and continue on their way east to Barley Lane. You also see a lost penguin chick.
Obvious paths: north, south, east.

A cloud of dense silvery fog suddenly appears. The fog quickly dissipates to reveal Kadesha.

The penguin chick pecks at some small particles of food on the ground.

Kadesha asks, "Iscikella, why would the enitity have made Blizzerdd praise Thurfel?"

You say, "It was Amasalen."

The penguin chick ruffles its feathers and preens its chest with its beak.

You say, "I don't know what happened there."

Kadesha asks, "why would he then?"

You say, "One moment he was praising Thurfel."

Kadesha asks, "if Thurfel is fighting against them?"

You say, "and the next Mehlah was in pain and claiming he was only saying what he was told."

Startled by some sharp movement, the penguin chick gives a loud cry.

You say, "But he was being punished for it."

You say, "and then he said Thurfel is a demon."

You say, "So I don't know."

Kadesha says, "I mean what Blizzerdd said"

You say, "I know what ye mean."

Kadesha says, "well I know you dont like this but"

You say, "But I don't know."

Kadesha says, "I still wouldnt trust Thurfel"

Ichiko just arrived.

Kadesha says, "certainly dont trust the council or Amasalen neither but..."

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Kadesha says, "don trust either em"

You say, "I trust Thurfel."

Ichiko gently pets the chick.

Spaner blinks.

Kadesha sighs exhasperated.

The penguin chick peers curiously at you.

Ichiko smiles at the penguin chick.

Kadesha gently pets the chick.

You say, "But I tried to get Mehlah to explain himself."

Spaner scratches his head.

You say, "He couldn't."

The penguin chick waddles along flapping its short black wings.

You say, "There was too much pain."

Kadesha says, "I hope that the rest you dont get that bad over time"

Kadesha frowns.

The penguin chick pecks at some small particles of food on the ground.

You say, "Mehlah said Blizz would fall soon."

You say, "Next"

You say, "I am worried."

You bite your lip.

Kadesha says, "I would be too, he is already tied too closely to the darkness"

You say, "He doesn't know anything that he did."

Kadesha says, "and in that I worry about you as well"

A lost penguin chick waddles south.

Kadesha nods to you.

Kadesha says, "Iscikella I had some trouble down south with Armaxis and Setzier"

You say, "I kept thinking was Yfa playing a trick with him."

Kadesha says, "but not just them"

You say, "Making him sing about Thurfel."

You cock your head at Kadesha.

Kadesha says, "something else was there"

You ask, "Oh?"

Kadesha says, "yes it has me a bit puzzled"

Kadesha says, "there was a voice saying that Armaxis had failed him"

You ask, "In what way?"

Kadesha says, "in Luukos shrine.."

Kadesha says, "I heard what he had done to you so in anger I went to look for him and well thats where I found him"

You ask, "What were ye doing there?"

You say, "ah..."

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

(Iscikella rubs her throat uncomfortably.)

Kadesha says, "I probably would have been wisr to wait but I was angry an I felt I wouldnt be harmed"

Kadesha rubs you gently.

Kadesha says, "anyway, when I caught up to him he and Setzier were there, but there was this voice again sayin he had failed"

Kadesha says, "and then something shot forth from the altar there an stunned Armaxis"

Kadesha says, "well uh I couldt help but laugh a bit at that"

Kadesha stares off into space.

You nod to Kadesha.

Kadesha says, "thinking if Luukos was mad at Armaxis too then I was probably the least of his problems"

Kadesha chuckles.

Kadesha says, "anyway"

Kadesha says, "Armaxis responded as thoug he did not believe the voice to be Luukos"

Kadesha says, "to be honest i really had no clue who it was"

Kadesha says, "knew it wasnt Lorminstra for sure"

Kadesha chuckles.

Kadesha says, "anyway"

Kadesha says, "Armaxis said something about why would the voice allow the Lorminstran to defile the place"

Kadesha grins wryly.

Kadesha says, "and it then said something about testing his will or some such"

You cough.

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Kadesha says, "I forgot exactly how it was worded but I suddenly had the feeling I was gonna hurt"

Kadesha stares off into space.

You say, "Ah..."

Kadesha says, "so anyway then something from the altar lashed out an stunned me"

You tilt your head up.

Kadesha says, "and next thing I know is I was in TSC"

Kadesha says, "uh"

Kadesha says, "scattered all over TSC to be precise"

Kadesha stares off into space.

You blink at Kadesha.

Spaner cracks his knuckles.

Kadesha says, "I was stunned so I do not know what else happened but"

A bolt of lightning cracks overhead.

Kadesha says, "from what others in TSC said, it appeared I took a ride through a void"

Ichiko blinks.

Kadesha blinks.

You blink.

Thunder rolls.

You tilt your head up.

Spaner gazes up into the heavens.

You say, "Lightning."

Kadesha fidgets.

You say, "I hope no more blood rain..."

Kadesha says, "anyway"

You bite your lip.

A voice chants, "Never forget, we watch, we take, we shall once again rule."

You tilt your head up.

Spaner says, "Ah"

Kadesha growls ferociously!

You exclaim, "Who are ye, voice!"

Spaner laughs!

You shudder.

Kadesha says, "Voice, the Lords of Liabo are ever watchful, do not think you will take unopposed"

Spaner blinks.

You say, "Rule..."

Spaner blinks.

Kadesha places her hand on her Lorminstra symbol.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Ichiko says, "This place is not for such as you"

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Spaner says, "Its cold"

Kadesha nods to Spaner.

A bolt of lightning strikes near Kadesha!

Kadesha coughs.

You blink.

Kadesha runs her hand softly over the surface of her Lorminstra symbol. A pale glow surrounds the symbol as its surface shimmers for a moment with the image of a golden key on a field of black.

You exclaim, "Kadesha!"

Lady Alyxandrah just arrived.

You try to pull Kadesha towards you.

Kadesha shivers.

Spaner says, "Um"

You hear a manical chuckle.

Spaner says, "Want to go inside now"

Alyxandrah gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

You exclaim, "Oh!"

Kadesha says, "Liabo shall prevail"

Alyxandrah asks, "What was that?"

You tilt your head up.

Kadesha raises her fist defiantly.

Ichiko exclaims, "Lady Niima, I ask in your name that storm be turned away from us!"

Spaner blinks.

You say, "I don't think cares for what ye said, Kadesha..."

Spaner says, "Gah, I hate when this happens."

Kadesha says, "Lorminstra will guide me, you evil vile cursed beings"

You try to pull Kadesha towards you.

Spaner stretches.

Kadesha says, "well if it thinks I am gonna submit it has another thing coming"

You say, "Voice, ye say I will be a slave... But I am not a slave."

You raise your fist in a display of defiance.

Ichiko kneels down and begins to recite prayers.

Spaner says, "Alright lets get on with this"

Ichiko continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Spaner tightens his grip on his glaes longsword.

Kadesha says, "I am soo tired of this evil going unchallenged"

Aranrhod just arrived.

Kadesha raises her hand to her Lorminstra symbol, touching the image of a golden key.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow.

Kadesha says, "hi Aranrhod friend"

Kadesha says, "don get too close to me"

Spaner scratches at a single white feather tattoo.

Kadesha chuckles.

Aranrhod says, "Evening"

Aranrhod blinks at Kadesha.

Aranrhod asks, "Why?"

Spaner gazes up into the heavens.

You exclaim, "Aranrhod, watch out for lightning bolts!"

Kadesha gazes up into the heavens.

Ichiko stands up.

Aranrhod asks, "What?"

Aranrhod looks rather confused.

Kadesha says, "someone don't like what I said"

Ichiko bows to Aranrhod.

A ball of lightning strikes the ground! The ground shakes, then all goes still.

Kadesha smiles at Aranrhod.

Alyxandrah blinks.

Spaner sighs.

You blink.

Spaner says, "Its over"

Aranrhod blinks.

You exclaim, "Yikes!"

Aranrhod asks, "What did you say?"

Ichiko gulps.

Kadesha says, "I always liked watching a nice storm though"

(Iscikella steps out of the way of the little flame left by the ball lightning.)

Aranrhod blinks.

Spaner gazes up into the heavens.

Kadesha says, "I said 'Voice, the Lords of Liabo are ever watchful, do not think you will take unooposed"

Kadesha smiles at Aranrhod.

You say, "I don't think it appreciated it, aye, Kadesha."

You shudder.

Aranrhod says, "Well"

Kadesha says, "well good"

Aranrhod says, "She was right"

(Ichiko whispers a soft prayer of thanks to Niima)

Kadesha says, "I wasnt trying to make it happy"

Kadesha smiles.

A voice whispers, "Kadesha will repent, or die."

Aranrhod blinks.

You blink.

Alyxandrah blinks.

You exclaim, "Kadesha!"

Aranrhod asks, "Repent?"

Kadesha exclaims, "then Kadesha will die voice!"

You ask, "Did ye hear?"

Aranrhod searches around for a moment.

Ichiko nods to you.

Spaner blinks.

Spaner moves to stand in front of Kadesha.

Kadesha says, "I will serve Lorminstra, and Liabo only"

Aranrhod says, "She has nothing to repent for"

Aranrhod moves to stand in front of Kadesha.

You say, "Kadesha, I think Amasalen and company just singled ye out."

(Spaner lowers the visor on his helm.)

You shudder.

Alyxandrah gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Alyxandrah shudders.

Kadesha says, "well Luukos did earlier, I am having a good day"

Aranrhod exclaims, "Show yourself!"

Kadesha snickers.

(Iscikella rubs her throat uncomfortably.)

Spaner tightens his grip on his glaes longsword.

Aranrhod glances at you.

Aranrhod says, "Is a prankster"

Kadesha says, "I really hate snakes"

(Aranrhod glances around)

Kadesha tightens her grip on her veniom-hilted falchion.

Alyxandrah says, "Aye, crabs are much nicer."

Spaner smiles.

Alyxandrah nods to Kadesha.

You say, "Aran, I would watch calling Amasalen a prankster."

Alyxandrah stares off into space.

(Iscikella swallows hard.)

Aranrhod says, "Was a voice"

Kadesha yells, "is that you Amasalen? you think you can beat Lorminstra?"

Alyxandrah says, "Amasalen is a fool and a coward, just as Yfa is."

Aranrhod asks, "How do we know whose?"

Kadesha raises her fist defiantly.

You say, "I just got an inkling."

Alyxandrah asks, "Yfa couldna destroy Thurfel...y'think Amasalen will?"

You gulp.

Spaner blinks.

Aranrhod searches around for a moment.

Spaner says, "Voice dosn't seem to follow through very well."

Kadesha says, "well its too bloody thirsty"

Kadesha smirks.

Aranrhod glances at Kadesha.

Ichiko says, "So now Amasalen speaks to us himself. I guess that means Armaxis and his other followers really have failed him"

You say, "Well, Lumnis knows, will take all my wits to try and figure any of this out."

Spaner glances at Kadesha.

Kadesha says, "why it cant follow through well"

Kadesha says, "too bloodthirsty"

Aranrhod asks, "How do we know whose voice it is?"

Aranrhod searches around for a moment.

An orange spider lowers itself on a silken thread from Alyxandrah's shoulder and then skitters out of sight beneath her cloak.

Kadesha says, "I cant be certain whos it was but I have an idea whos it wasnt"

Kadesha smiles at Aranrhod.

Kadesha says, "werent a friend for sure"

Aranrhod sighs softly.

Alyxandrah begins chuckling at Kadesha.

Kadesha asks, "so ya think i gonna be singled out now Iscikella?"

Kadesha chuckles.

You say, "Call it a... premonition."

You cough.

Kadesha says, "ain had a good fight in a long time"

Kadesha says, "be nice to serve Voln some more"

Kadesha says, "I wish I knew what it was that jolted me from the altar though"

(Iscikella rubs her throat slowly.)

Kadesha rubs you gently.

Aranrhod fidgets.

Aranrhod frowns.

Spaner blinks.

Aranrhod says, "Seems quiet now"

You nod to Aranrhod.

Kadesha says, "I guess Liabo does still cover us"

Kadesha smiles.

Aranrhod asks, "You really think Amasalen?"

Xulia just arrived.

You nod to Aranrhod.

Kadesha says, "because I tend to believe if they had their own way the lightning wouldnae missed"

You say, "I do."

Xulia stares off into space.

Xulia just hugged Alyxandrah.

You say, "I think wanted to just scare ye."

Spaner says, "Since when does Amasalen refer to himself as we"

You curtsy to Xulia.

Xulia nods to you in greeting.

Aranrhod says, "There is lightning at his shrine"

Alyxandrah says, "If he's full of himself..."

Alyxandrah winks at Spaner.

Ichiko bows to Xulia.

Xulia scratches her head.

Kadesha begins chuckling at Alyxandrah.

Kadesha says, "well, he is a pawn himself really"

Alyxandrah nods.

Xulia asks, "are sumfin wrong?"

Xulia looks rather confused.

You say, "Well, we just heard a rather persistent voice."

You say, "and lightning struck."

Kadesha says, "and it dont like me"

Kadesha chuckles.

You say, "Several times."

Xulia asks, "whar were dat?"

You say, "And it definitely doesn't like Kadesha."

You cough.

You say, "Right here."

Xulia chuckles.

You nod to Xulia.

Xulia asks, "ere?"

Kadesha says, "but considerin who it is, I dont like it neither"

(Ichiko points to a charred spot on the ground)

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