Entity Notes...
Feastday, day 25 of the month Charlatos
Leyan, day 4 of the month Olaesta in the year 5101

Editorial comment by Iscikella is set in italic type. Actual log entries are set in plain type.
In the logs the words/actions of the "entity" are recognizable as they read "Iscikella" rather than "you" (except for the tart incident which did read as "You") and the acts are not in parantheses. During the time the "entity" was in control of Iscikella, I -- the player -- had no input into those words/actions.
***END NOTE***

Feastday, day 25 of the month Charlatos in the year 5101...

While I was in the Hall of Mind just chatting with a group of friends, I was uncomfortably reminded of the entity which yet lies within me...

Your head begins to pound, and your vision goes cloudy. You are unable to see anything clearly. The sensation lasts for but a heartbeat, then fades.

The pain in my head was excruiciating, but fortunately my vision did not blur further and did clear relatively quickly. The headache lingered on for a good while, though not at the same intensity, thank Lumnis.

Feastday, day 31 of the month Charlatos in the year 5101...

The entity rose just briefly again this night as I was casually looking at armor in a shoppe on the gnomish airship...

You remove a flaky rainbow tart from your gold-trimmed white leather satchel, take a bite and drop it back in.

Was my hand reaching for the tart, my teeth biting into it, only I never consciously decided to do that... Seems the entity decided I was hungry.

Rest Day, day 1 of the month Olaesta in the year 5101...

Tonight, while I was waiting on Labrinthe to work on my boots, he spoke of my eyes looking odd and asked if they were always that color. Later, after he had completed the boots...

Labrinthe begins to restitch and repair the laces

You reach down and tie your gold trimmed half-boots.

You grin.

You say, "I love this."

Labrinthe makes a small adjustment

Labrinthe banters, "laces tangled"

Labrinthe untangles the laces

Iscikella turns to Labrinthe and says, "Do it right or I poke out your eyes!" She blinks once and then looks normal

Nanna blinks.

Junis gasps.

You blink.

Junis just tried to pull you towards him!

Labrinthe banters, "she is an odd one"

Junis says, "No, stop that"

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Cattriona gawks at you.

Aranrhod blinks.

You say, "Entity being most odd..."

Sachie glances at you.

(Iscikella looks upset)

Aranrhod shifts her weight.

Aranrhod carefully diagnoses your injuries.

You say, "I hope the entity doesn't decide it's hungry again..."

Cattriona glances at you.

Cattriona asks, "Err, what does this...entity eat?"

Aranrhod glances at you.

Aranrhod rubs her chin thoughtfully.

You say, "It ate a tart the other day."

You say, "Is a halfling spirit..."

Aranrhod gags.

You tilt your head up.

Cattriona gasps.

And when Labrinthe was about to retire for the night...

Labrinthe shrills, "I shall return tomorrow to continue my quest to repair all the bad footware about!"

You curtsy to Labrinthe.

Labrinthe waves.

Aranrhod waves.

Cattriona waves to Labrinthe.

Labrinthe looks behind Iscikella

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Labrinthe banters, "must be a shadow"

Labrinthe banters, "odd"

Labrinthe waves.

Aranrhod blinks.

You blink.

Labrinthe scurries west.

Leyan, day 4 of the month Olaesta in the year 5101...

Tonight Giggler too said my eyes looked "odd", and referred to me as "The Demon Lady"...

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