Of Crimson Crabs...
Volnes, day 18 of the month Lumnea in the year 5101

In the log, the words of the "entity" are recognizable as appear as spoken by "Iscikella" rather than "You". During the time the "entity" was in control of Iscikella, I -- the player -- had no input into those words.
***END NOTE***

[Thurfel's Keep]
A pulsating green and yellow mist fills this room, making it nearly impossible to see anything further than your own hand. There doesn't appear to be any reason for the fog or the slowly dancing lights within it, but it does bear a rather pleasant light citrus smell. You also see a deranged sentry, a pearlescent abalone-hafted halberd, a pair of unlaced boots, a salt-stained chain hauberk, a pair of unlaced boots and a pair of unlaced boots.
Also in the room: Alyxandrah
Obvious exits: south.

You curtsy to Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah curtsies to you.

A deranged sentry lumbers south.

You say, "Very quiet tonight..."

You sigh.

Alyxandrah nods to you.

Alyxandrah says, "As always, of late."

A shadow looms on the other side of the mist, but it quickly fades.

A deranged sentry lumbers in.

You blink.

Alyxandrah raises an eyebrow.

You ask, "Did ye see that?"

Alyxandrah says, "Did you..."

You nod.

Alyxandrah nods to you.

A deranged sentry lumbers south.

You say, "A shadow."

Alyxandrah says, "I wonder what it was..."

You say, "Was large."

You say, "Looming."

You nod to Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah slowly empties her lungs.

Iscikella says, "Shadows are all that is left of Thurfel, he is nothing more than a distant memory now."

(Iscikella peers into the mist)

You blink.

Alyxandrah blinks at you.

Alyxandrah says, "That isna true."

You say, "So ye wish to believe, essence."

You exclaim, "But it isn't so!"

You flail your arms about.

Iscikella says, "You can stare at the mist till the end of time, he will never return, Yfa will see to it."

You say, "Yfa is weak without the staff."

Alyxandrah says, "Yfa isn't capable of seeing to him."

You say, "Ye know that essence, ye admitted it yerself."

You say, "In Vonka."

You say, "Said ye sensed his presence still."

You say, "So ye may lie and lie and we will not believe ye."

Alyxandrah says, "That sounds to me as though she's already failed."

A wall guardian charges into view, a surprised look on her face!

Aranrhod just arrived.

A tiny crimson crab scuttles past. It stops for a moment, peers up at the two of you, then quickly skitters off.

Aranrhod blinks.

A wall guardian drops her military pick and snatches up a pearlescent abalone-hafted halberd!

Aranrhod asks, "What was that?"

You blink.

A wall guardian quickly marches south.

Alyxandrah just touched a midnight blue veniom-threaded cloak with a single king crab burned into the center of the fabric.

You say, "The crab..."

You say, "Very strange..."

Aranrhod nods.

A wall guardian marches in.

A cloud of dense silvery fog suddenly appears. The fog quickly dissipates to reveal Kadesha.

A wall guardian swings a pearlescent abalone-hafted halberd at Aranrhod!
AS: +98 vs DS: +377 with AvD: +25 + d100 roll: +53 = -201
A clean miss.

A wall guardian swings a pearlescent abalone-hafted halberd at Alyxandrah!
AS: +74 vs DS: +262 with AvD: +27 + d100 roll: +67 = -94
A clean miss.

Aranrhod says, "I have never seen one of those here before"

You say, "Do ye mind if I sanct."

Kadesha hugs you.
Kadesha hugs you.

A wall guardian quickly marches south.

Kadesha just hugged Aranrhod.
Kadesha just hugged Aranrhod.

Aranrhod says, "I do not"

You ask, "Alyx?"

Aranrhod kneels down.

You cock your head at Alyxandrah.

Aranrhod just hugged Kadesha.

Aranrhod stands up.

Alyxandrah says, "I do not."

Alyxandrah says, "No."

Aranrhod just went south.

Aranrhod just arrived.

Aranrhod asks, "Where did it go?"

You concentrate on the Minor Sanctuary spell...
You gesture.
A sense of peace and calm settles over the area.

You say, "Don't know."

You say, "Strange little crab."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Alyxandrah squints at a pulsating mist.

The crab scuttles back in, and wanders into the mist.

Tierus fades into visibility.

You blink.

Alyxandrah blinks.

Kadesha blinks.

Aranrhod blinks.

You point at a pulsating mist.

You ask, "Ye see it?"

Alyxandrah exclaims, "Tierus!"

Alyxandrah asks, "Did you see that crab?"

Tierus says, "Me invis'bility jus' wore off."

Tierus glowers.

Kadesha squints at a pulsating mist.

Several small conical-snouted critters waddle up and peer about the area. Snorting loudly, they make a feeble attempt to clear the ground.

Tierus says, "Any'un else's magic failin'?"

Alyxandrah says, "Tis crimson..."

Aranrhod nods to Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "Tierus, the crab...twas crimson."

Kadesha says, "yanno"

Tierus asks, "A crimson crab?"

Tierus frowns.

Kadesha says, "wonder if that crab bit anyone"

Alyxandrah bites her lip.

Alyxandrah shakes her head.

Alyxandrah says, "I dunna think the crab is a threat..."

Alyxandrah asks, "Do you?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

You say, "No I don't."

Tierus says, "O' course nae... tha crimson is Thurfel's hue."

You say, "Not at all."

Alxyandrah's starfish pendant begins to softly glow.

Kadesha says, "well, ya know how things been bout biting"

Tierus gawks at Alyxandrah.

Aranrhod rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tierus just opened a silver book locket.
Tierus removes a black star sapphire from in his book locket.

(Iscikella points at Alyx's pendant.)

Alyxandrah gazes at her pendant.

You exclaim, "It's glowing!"

Aranrhod glances at Alyxandrah.

(Tierus begins thumbing his sapphire nervously.)

Kadesha glances at Alyxandrah.

(Tierus mumbles a prayer to Ronan under his breath, glancing in concern at Alyxandrah.)

You say, "I think the crab just wanted to see that we were here, Alyx. I don't know why I have that feeling."

You say, "Maybe I'm crazy."

Tierus says, "Ye look pos'tively aglow."

Tierus nods to Alyxandrah.

Quinstol just arrived.

Kadesha just hugged Quinstol.
Kadesha just hugged Quinstol.

Quinstol says, "Hello, everyone."

Quinstol smiles.

Alyxandrah says, "It looked at us both."

Alyxandrah nods to you.

(Quinstol stoops over and gives Kadesha a hug.)

Kadesha says, "hello Quinstol"

You nod to Alyxandrah.

You say, "Exactly."

You remove a flame red keepsake pouch from in your lilac samite bodice.
Loosening the drawstrings, you open your red keepsake pouch, making it easier to retrieve what is stored inside.
You remove a fiery red crystal rose from in your red keepsake pouch.

Tierus says, "Ah... dun' think ah'm goin' tae stay near tha'."

Aranrhod says, "The crab...it belongs to Thurfel I think"

Alxyandrah's pendant begins to glow a bit brighter.

Aranrhod glances at Alyxandrah.

Tierus gawks at Alyxandrah.

You exclaim, "Look at the pendant!"

Alyxandrah fidgets.

Kadesha glances at Alyxandrah.

You blink at Alyxandrah.

(Tierus turns his back to the mist and watches Alyxandrah.)

You ask, "Does it hurt at all?"

You ask, "Burn?"

You cock your head at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah looks over at you and shakes her head.

Quinstol squints.

Tierus says, "Ye think 'tis some remnant o' tha ceremony, or... Th- tha, erm. Y'know."

You look at Tierus and shake your head.

You say, "No."

Aranrhod asks, "And you feel alright?"

Aranrhod peers quizzically at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah nods to Aranrhod.

You put a flame red keepsake pouch in your lilac samite bodice.

Tierus says, "Tha 'appiness in yer 'eart, ah meant."

Kadesha says, "how are ye Iscikella"

Tierus wipes the sweat from his brow.

Tierus nods to Alyxandrah.

You say, "I am fine at the moment."

You say, "But the essence did speak."

Kadesha blinks at you.

You say, "Tried to say that Thurfel is dead."

The pendant about Alxyandrah's neck begins to start moving of its own accord.

Tierus tightens his grip on his black star sapphire.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Quinstol shifts his weight.

You blink at Alyxandrah.

Kadesha asks, "uh, what it say?"

Alyxandrah gasps.

Kadesha glances at Alyxandrah.

Aranrhod just tried to pull Alyxandrah towards her!

You exclaim, "Alyx, it's moving!"

Tierus gawks at Alyxandrah.

Tierus says, "Erm, Alyxandrah... ah think ye might want tae...."

You ask, "Ye allright?"

Tierus exclaims, "nae be wearin' tha'!"

Aranrhod exclaims, "Take it off!"

Kadesha says, "I was thinkin that too"

Alyxandrah says, "I'm alright...it doesna hurt me."

Quinstol says, "It might try to... strangle you, or something..."

Tierus says, "Yet."

Alyxandrah looks over at Tierus and shakes her head.

You say, "Is like the starfish is coming alive."

Aranrhod nods.

Tiny pincers begin to form at the ends of the pendant, as it continues to softly glow crimson.

Alyxandrah blinks.

You exclaim, "Watch the pincers, Alyx!"

Quinstol says, "Hrm..."

Tierus exclaims, "Aye, dun' want anythin' tae poke yas!"

Kadesha says, "uh Alyx"

Quinstol says, "That doesn't look good..."

Aranrhod says, "Alyx...take it off"

Quinstol says, "I think it's going to bite."

Alyxandrah takes off a tiny coral starfish pendant.

Alyxandrah bites her lip.

Tierus says, "Alyxandrah, ah'd... ye might nae want tae hold tha' in yer bare 'ands."

Alyxandrah says, "Thurfel gave this to me..."

You rub Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah holds back her tears, her eyes glistening with pain.

Tierus says, "Well, 'tleast ye've got gloves."

Quinstol slowly empties his lungs.

The pendant continues to shift and reform.

You exclaim, "Look!"

Aranrhod blinks.

Alyxandrah blinks.

Quinstol leans forward.

(Iscikella stares at the pendant.)

Alyxandrah glances at a tiny coral starfish pendant.

Tierus's jaw drops.

Tierus asks, "Wha' IS it?"

Kadesha begins to twitch.

The pendant dims

You lean forward.

Quinstol blinks.

Kadesha says, "is a crimson crab pendant now"

Tierus says, "My word."

(Iscikella gazes at the pendant in Alyx's palm.)

Tierus says, "'tis a crab."

Kadesha gasps.

Tierus cocks his head.

Quinstol asks, "How long have you had it..?"

You see Alyxandrah Magehart the Half-Elf Incantress.
She appears to be in her 40's, has long, straight silver hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin.
She is holding a tiny crimson crab pendant in her right hand.

Tierus says, "'ow verrah... strange."

Alyxandrah blinks.

You exclaim, "Oh my!"

Alyxandrah says, "Since the day I first met Thurfel."

(Tierus begins rubbing at his sapphire. His teeth chatter nervously.)

Alyxandrah puts on a tiny crimson crab pendant.

You say, "Is pretty anyway."

You nod to Alyxandrah.

Aranrhod says, "It is scary"

Alyxandrah places her hand on her crimson crab pendant.

Quinstol says, "Hm."

Kadesha says, "I never thot of crabs as particulary pretty"

Alyxandrah blinks.

Quinstol chuckles.

Aranrhod says, "Jewelry that moves"

Tierus says, "Ah... think 'tis exquisitely well-made, nonethaless."

Alyxandrah says, "Tis warm..."

You say, "Maybe is a kind of sign... about other things reforming..."

You ask, "Warm?"

Alyxandrah says, "Aye..."

You blink.

You say, "Well, that could be good."

You nod to Alyxandrah.

Quinstol asks, "You think it's trying to... tell us something?"

You thumb your red crystal rose.

You say, "Seems so."

Tierus smiles in a mixture of relief and perplexion.

Quinstol says, "Maybe Thurfel controls it, and he's trying to tell us he's still alive."

Alyxandrah smiles at Quinstol.

You say, "I never doubted that."

Aranrhod says, "Oh...he is alive"

Tierus says, "'tleast 'twasnae one o' tha Nine. Ugly, nasty beasts."

Aranrhod squints at a pulsating mist.

(Iscikella peers into the mist.)

Quinstol says, "Well, he may think we have reason to doubt."

Quinstol shifts his weight.

Quinstol squints at a pulsating mist.

You say, "We saw a shadow beyond there too."

You point at a pulsating mist.

Tierus says, "Bu' ah think 'e's def'nitely alive... bu' p'raps we ought tae... nae mention tha' tae folks."

Tierus nods to Alyxandrah.

Kadesha asks, "tonight?"

Aranrhod asks, "Oh?"

Tierus says, "Ne'er know whin some'un'll try an' bring doon tha mist."

You nod to Kadesha.

Tierus shudders.

Aranrhod asks, "A shadow of what?"

You say, "Before the crab."

You say, "Just a looming shadow."

You say, "Before the entity spoke."

(Tierus walks up to the very edge of the mist. He inhales deeply.)

Quinstol asks, "Couldn' tell if it was mannish, or animal-like?"

Kadesha asks, "what did it say Iscikella?"

Tierus says, "Lemony. Still."

Tierus turns to face you.

You say, "Nothing of much importance."

Alyxandrah sighs softly.

You say, "Just that shadows were all that were left of Thurfel."

Kadesha stares off into space.

Quinstol shifts his weight.

You say, "And that Yfa had destroyed him."

Tierus says, "Ah'll be back... if anythin' else 'appens..."

Tierus removes an obscure scroll from in his spidersilk cloak.

Tierus waves an obscure scroll around.

You say, "But it didn't like when Alyx and I challenged it on that."

Tierus exclaims, "Write it doon!"

(Tierus dashes away, shivering still.)

You say, "it was just... blustering."

Quinstol nods.

You squint at a pulsating mist.

Aranrhod says, "Well...we know it lies"

Kamalot just arrived.

Kamalot leans on Alyxandrah.

Quinstol asks, "Has the pendent ever changed into something that isn't ocean-themed?"

(Iscikella peers into the mist.)

You say, "I wish we could see past this mist."

You sigh.

Alyxandrah says, "Nae, when Thurfel first made it for me...it was the starfish."

Quinstol nods to Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "It hasna changed until tonight."

Kamalot blinks.

Quinstol fidgets.

Alyxandrah says, "But it has spoken to me before."

Quinstol says, "I'll be right back."

Quinstol just went south.

Alyxandrah taps a tiny crimson crab pendant.

Alyxandrah nods to Kamalot.

Kamalot says, "wow"

Quinstol's group just arrived.

Kamalot says, "Now she's really crabby"

Kamalot sobs.

You say, "Hmmm...."

Aranrhod says, "I am not sure you should wear that"

You chuckle at Kamalot.

Eponyne says, "Good evenin', everyone."

Alyxandrah giggles.

Alyxandrah asks, "Why not?"

You say, "If from Thurfel, I would."

You nod to Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah says, "I trust Thurfel wholeheartedly."

Eponyne glances at Quinstol.

Kadesha sighs.

You nod to Alyxandrah.

Eponyne just hugged Kadesha.

Aranrhod says, "I do not...but I know you both have your reasons"

Eponyne raises an eyebrow in Quinstol's direction.

Kadesha asks, "why is that ye trust a man with a past history of mass murder?"

Kadesha just hugged Eponyne.

Kamalot says, "Thurfel may be the only hope for this town"

Kadesha just hugged Eponyne.

Eponyne says, "Or per'aps we should stop relyin' on outside sources."

Nofret just arrived.

Eponyne says, "An' trust ourselves fer a change."

You say, "Kadesha, I will not get into another argument over this."

A tiny crab skitters out from the mist, then scuttles quickly down the hall. It's shell is partially crushed, and it seems to be moving with difficulty, but still far too fast to follow.

You shake your head.

You exclaim, "Look!"

Eponyne raises an eyebrow.

Alyxandrah blinks.

You exclaim, "The shell!"

Quinstol frowns.

Eponyne says, "That was...odd."

Quinstol asks, "Should we follow?"

Alyxandrah peers quizzically at you.

Kadesha says, "I only asked why"

Nofret says, "That was..."

Alyxandrah asks, "Is it the same crab as before?"

Eponyne says, "It skittered away too quickly."

Kamalot just went south.

Alyxandrah says, "It wasna...crushed before...."

Alyxandrah looks rather confused.

You say, "I couldn't tell if was crimson."

Quinstol shifts his weight.

Aranrhod says, "Something hurt it"

You say, "The shell was crushed."

You nod to Aranrhod.

Eponyne bites her lip.

You bite your lip.

Alyxandrah clasps her hand over her mouth.

You say, "Something did."

Kadesha says, "you know I don side with Yfa an the council, but i don understand such blind trust of Thurfel neither"

Kamalot just arrived.

Nofret says, "It was a tiny crab with a crushed shell, that's all I saw."

Eponyne rubs Kadesha gently.

Eponyne says, "Nor do I, Kadesha."

You say, "It was about before, Nofret, is all we mean. Wasn't crushed before."

Aranrhod says, "But it came from the mist Nofret...that is most odd"

Nofret nods.

Alyxandrah says, "It went into the mist earlier."

Alyxandrah nods to you.

Kadesha says, "how easily people forget his past history"

Eponyne looks rather confused.

Nofret says, "Very odd."

Aranrhod says, "Anything going in or coming out of there"

Alyxandrah says, "Kadesha..."

Eponyne says, "Selective remembrance."

Eponyne winks at Kadesha.

(Iscikella reaches toward the mist.)

Kadesha says, "amazing what a little charm can so"

Quinstol kneels down.

Quinstol squints at a pulsating mist.

Kadesha says, "can do I mean"

You ask, "I don't wish to argue, allright?"

Alyxandrah says, "I knew nothing of Thurfel when I first met him, other than I was on his island getting my brother to try and kiss a monkey."

(Eponyne places one hand on Quinstol's shoulder.)

Kamalot grins.

Nofret laughs!

(Quinstol runs his hand along the ground where the crab skittered past.)

Quinstol stands up.

Kadesha says, "belivin he is the hope against the rest of the council, maybe"

(Iscikella peers in the mist.)

Kadesha says, "totally trusting him? ludicrous"

Eponyne frowns at Kadesha.

Eponyne nods.

Alyxandrah smiles at Kadesha.

Quinstol asks, "Did anybody see where it just went? Did the crab go back into the mist?"

Eponyne says, "Nae, it went away from it."

You say, "It went down the hall."

You say, "But awfully fast."

Aranrhod says, "No...it ran away"

Alyxandrah asks, "Running away from the source of pain perhaps?"

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