Cries of Vengeance
Feastday, day 11 of the month Phoenatos in the year 5101

[Icemule Trace, Town Center]
The bustling town comes together in this square. Halflings dressed in varying fashions stand about, some chattering happily, others reclining on cloaks laid on the ground. One ancient halfling leans against the base of the large ice statue of a mule, snoring blissfully. A feeling of community pervades the area, putting you immediately at ease. You also see a short sword and a carved ice bench with some stuff on it.
Also here: Delyian, Stunseed, Rhianon who is sitting, Yumir who is sitting, Ichiko, Apprentice Cimarion who is sitting, Tooie, Krescenda who is sitting, Lady Opalina, High Lady Kadesha, Klymeria who is sitting, Bange, Bedlamson who is kneeling, Talroth
Obvious paths: north, south, east, west.

You kiss Kadesha on the cheek.

Opalina says, "Iscikella"

Rhianon asks, "Could it be that you aren't accepting something, and it's making you feel uncomfortable?"

Opalina asks, "did you feel something a little while ago?"

You say, "Evening, Opalina."

Opalina asks, "like an evil presance?"

Kadesha hugs you.

You ask, "Feel something?"

You cock your head at Opalina.

You look at Opalina and shake your head.

Opalina gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Opalina says, "I did"

You ask, "What did ye feel?"

You rub Opalina.

Opalina says, "a very evil presance watching over us"

Opalina asks, "Have you heard from Thurfel tonight?"

Ichiko bows to you.

Kadesha says, "so much for peace"

You nod to Ichiko.

You say, "Greetings, Ichiko."

Opalina claps her hands over her ears, her eyes screwed shut tightly, her lips move silently as though forming words. She softly whispers what sounds like "vengence."

You blink at Opalina.

You ask, "Vengeance?"

Krescenda gasps.

Sylesta glances at Opalina.

You blink at Opalina.

Rhianon blinks at Opalina.

Talroth leans forward and rests his chin in his hand, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Kadesha blinks at Opalina.

You ask, "Vengeance on who?"

Opalina shudders.

Opalina winces.

You say, "Or maybe shouldn't ask."

You shudder.

You rub Opalina.

You rub Opalina.

Kadesha says, "I'd wanna ask"

Ilvane hugs you.

Ilvane just hugged Kadesha.

Kadesha asks, "vengence from whom?"

You ask, "How is yer head?"

Kadesha just hugged Ilvane.

Ilvane just hugged Ichiko.

You ask, "Headache?"

You cock your head at Opalina.

Ilvane just hugged Opalina.

Ichiko raises an eyebrow.

Ichiko just hugged Ilvane.

Opalina says, "no headache"

Opalina says, "just confusion"

You rub Opalina.

Kadesha just hugged Ilvane.

You whisper quietly to Ilvane, "Something happening to Opalina."

Kadesha rubs Ilvane gently.

Ilvane blinks at you.

Ichiko glances at Opalina.

Ilvane glances at Opalina.

Opalina says, "You will have to live with what your punishment"

You blink.

Opalina closes her eyes for a moment.

Opalina sighs softly as though relieved, removing her hands from her ears, her normal expression returning to her face.

Kadesha asks, "who what?"

Opalina slowly empties her lungs.

Ilvane asks, "Opalina?"

You ask, "Punishment?"

Opalina says, "it is gone"

Opalina says, "the 9"

Opalina says, "they want out."

You nod to Opalina.

Ichiko frowns.

Ilvane sighs.

Opalina says, "Yfa might come soon, Iscikella"

You nod to Opalina.

Opalina says, "I have a bad feeling for Thurfel"

Ilvane says, "You poor thing.."

Ilvane rubs Opalina gently.

You say, "I've had a bad feeling for a while now..."

Opalina asks, "Me?"

You sigh softly.

Opalina says, "Im not poor"

Opalina says, "I am rich with the spirit of Koar"

Ganan says, "Yfa better not come now...Im getting sleepy"

Ilvane says, "Oh being possessed is good for the soul."

Kadesha begins chuckling at Ilvane.

Ilvane gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Ilvane clasps her hand over her mouth.

Ilvane giggles.

Kadesha says, "Opalina yas didn look ta be real blessed"

Kadesha stares off into space.

You say, "Well, I know that when these things happen, is mostly painful."

You sigh.

Ilvane nods to you.

Ilvane says, "That's what I was saying.."

Opalina curtsies to Kadesha.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Ilvane asks, "Why is it that Koar and the others aren't taking the pain?"

Ilvane works her fingers under her silver-brushed circlet and scratches her head.

Opalina says, "I don't know Ilvane"

Kadesha curtsies to Opalina.

Lady Opalina just went west.

Ilvane asks, "They are just letting it happen?"

Kadesha works her fingers under her eonake mesh coif and scratches her head.

You say, "Ilvane have to think, maybe Arkati don't understand pain as we do."

You say, "And don't think of it as... something that needs to be taken."

You say, "Don't know."

Ilvane says, "You are an empath though."

Ilvane says, "Empaths have a high tolerance for pain, at least most."

You say, "Aye, I am and I do, but still..."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You say, "The pain the essence brings is different."

You say, "Very different."

Kadesha says, "I donno, I hope I ain blessed like she was"

Ilvane nods.

Kadesha stares off into space.

Ilvane says, "I'm glad I'm not blessed in that case either."

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