IceMule, Center of Wizardry?
Tilamaires, day 19 of the month Eorgaen in the year 5100

[Thurfel's Keep]
The irregularly shaped stones that were used to construct these walls are marred by a series of deep gouges that score the surface from top to bottom. The marks look animal-like, but it's difficult to imagine what sort of beast might have the power to leave such jagged cuts in the sturdy rock.
Also in the room: Lord Thurfel, Apprentice Ssobed, Syroke
Obvious exits: east, west.

Thurfel bows to you.

You curtsy to Thurfel.

You say, "Good evening, Lord Thurfel."

Thurfel says, "Have you met Iscikella"

Syroke shakes his head.

Ssobed says, "cant say i have"

Syroke says, "Seen her down here, never met though"

Thurfel says, "she would be my wife if it were not for her husband"

Ssobed nods.

Thurfel says, "husbands have a way of muddying things"

You curtsy to Syroke.

You curtsy to Ssobed.

Syroke chuckles.

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Syroke bows to you.

Thurfel asks, "how are you milady?"

Ssobed bows to you.

You say, "I am well enough, my lord."

Thurfel says, "I have missed you"

You say, "But had a question for ye with regard to what happened with the Jugg."

Thurfel says, "I was telling one of the vacationers on the beach.."

Thurfel says, "that I have nearly solved the tomb"

You ask, "Do ye mind if I sanct, m'lord?"

Thurfel asks, "the jug?"

Thurfel says, "not at all"

You say, "Tahnk ye."

Lord Valicar just arrived.

You say, "Otherwise a bit noisy."

Thurfel smiles at Valicar.

Thurfel nods to you.

Valicar smiles at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "evening Valicar"

Valicar hugs you.

Valicar says, "greetings, Thurfel"

Lord Shonison just arrived.

Valicar says, "I know there are many who you would wish to converse with, but I would request to speak with ye alone if feasible"

You say, "I meant the Juggernaut, m'lord."

You say, "About what happened.."

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Thurfel asks, "the large merchant vessel?"

You nod to Thurfel.

You say, "The one ye toured."

Thurfel nods to you.

Thurfel says, "rather insulting I thought"

You say, "Well, was run by dwarves..."

You cough.

Shonison asks, "didn't you want to bring commerce to this city?"

Ssobed bows to Thurfel.

Shonison nods to Valicar.

Ssobed says, "we must be going m'lord"

Shonison nods to Valicar.

Thurfel says, "commerce generally means your city gains wealth"

Thurfel says, "not loses it"

Thurfel bows to Ssobed.

Syroke bows to Thurfel.

Lord Blizzerdd just arrived.

Blizzerdd squints at Thurfel.

Ssobed says, "this is quite a lovely place"

Folchet says, "Ah, the Lord of the manor."

Thurfel says, "thank you Ssobed"

Folchet bows to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "the Juggernaut was a giant metal leech"

You ask, "I understand that, but what was the reason for attacking it, may I ask?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Valicar says, "Leeched all the realms"

Shonison chuckles.

Valicar says, "not just icemule"

Thurfel says, "I believe the dwarves to be charlatans and cheats"

Valicar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "seeking only to steal the hard earned wealth of the town for trinkets and baubles"

Thurfel says, "tell me"

Folchet says, "Doan worry.. some gamblin wagon'll come by and inflate da whole economy all over again."

Valicar says, "they had good gear at fair pricing I think"

You ask, "So it was yer... dissatisfaction with their... manner which resulted in the attack?"

Thurfel asks, "was there anything of worth on that ship?"

Folchet says, "And who runs them wagons.. dwarves."

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Valicar taps a rolaren morning star.

You say, "I only wish to understand. Many died, Lord Thurfel."

You sigh.

Shonison says, "ya just hate dwarves dont ya? the tent in Wehnimers you destroyed was ful of em too"

Tierus says in Elven, "Ahh."

A white cat prances into the room.

Tierus bows to Thurfel.

Tierus says in Elven, "Master."

Tierus says, "Mas'er."

Thurfel says, "the ship was attacked, not the townsfolk, unless they interfered"

Nieva bites her lip.

Thurfel nods to Tierus.

The white cat sits down.

Nieva curtsies.

Valicar says, "Thorgig Ten-Killer, my ancestor made a peace with dwarves"

Valicar asks, "you know the battle?"

Thurfel says, "the dwarves might as well be gremlins"

Valicar peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Folchet snickers.

Tierus bows to Thurfel.

Blizzerdd glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "merely sticking their hands into your pockets"

You say, "And the tomb, Lord Thurfel, ye spirited it away..."

You wring your hands.

Thurfel says, "still your tongue Blizzerdd, she deserves far better than you"

Valicar asks, "What would you propose otherwise, Thurfel?"

Thurfel says, "yes, I did"

Blizzerdd squints at Thurfel.

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Tierus says, "Hrm... if ah might say so... tha 'ttack 'gainst tha ship failed only 'cause tha' fool Setzier confused yer troops."

You blink.

You cock your head at Blizzerdd.

Shonison chuckles.

Thurfel says, "the only reason my troops failed is that I was not there to oversee the battle"

(Tierus mutters something about 'General Setzier' and chuckles softly.)

Thurfel says, "or the ship would be so much slag"

Valicar says, "Setzier usually is confused himself"

Shonison says, "Setzier was amusing"

Valicar nods to Tierus.

Blizzerdd says, "And ye are a liar. Ya promised me you would protect her and ya didn't...was even in yer own castle."

Blizzerdd scoffs at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "she was attacked by one of your own"

You say, "But ye had business with the tomb..."

Thurfel nods to you.

Folchet asks, "Heh.. what would ya do with all tha booty on that thar ship?"

(Tierus glances about.)

Blizzerdd says, "Not of MY own wizard."

Thurfel says, "give it to the folks of Icemule"

Tierus asks, "Sabitor? Be ye 'foot?"

Folchet nods.

You blink at Blizzerdd.

Valicar searches around for a moment.

Folchet says, "Not that we'd want any of that junk."

Folchet grins.

Valicar shakes his head.

Thurfel says, "I have nearly solved the tomb milady"

Thurfel says, "it is a key"

Blizzerdd says, "And ye claim to be the owner of IceMule..."

Blizzerdd waves a hand at Thurfel, dismissing him indifferently.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I am sorry, m'lord, but my husband can be... antagonistic, as I have told ye."

Thurfel says, "I am not the owner of Icemule, the townsfolk are"

Valicar says, "no one own person Icemule"

Tierus says, "As does the Empress."

Thurfel nods to you.

Tierus nods to Blizzerdd.

Thurfel says, "I own this island and nothing more"

You ask, "Ye have nearly solved the seals?"

Valicar says, "er no one person owns"

You blink at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to you.

Blizzerdd says, "How quickly we change our tune when it suits ya..."

Blizzerdd leans on you.

You whisper quietly to Valicar, "That is not good news then."

Blizzerdd idly picks at a single gilded steel manacle.

Thurfel says, "I will be curious to see where it leads"

Thurfel nods to Alyxandrah.

You glance at Blizzerdd.

Tierus glances over at Blizzerdd and winces.

The white cat licks at one of its paws.

You say, "So, wait, m'lord..."

Thurfel says, "evening milady Alxyandrah"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "That is...good news indeed, yesss."

Alyxandrah curtsies to Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Lemme tell yas 'bout tha time an Eorg'nite captured me..."

You ask, "Whatever lies beyond the tomb, still lies there?"

Alyxandrah says, "Evening, my lord."

Tierus glances at Blizzerdd.

Valicar whispers, "if possible. I could use a few minutes with Thurfel...think you could help?"

You say, "Though the tomb is moved elsewhere."

Blizzerdd nods to Tierus.

Tierus says, "Ye'll ne'er look at those tha same wiy 'gain, those manacles."

Tierus shudders.

Thurfel says, "the tomb is not a portal"

You blink at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "rather it is a key"

Blizzerdd grins at Tierus.

You ask, "A key?"

Thurfel nods to you.

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You say, "Ah... that's makes a bit more sense then."

Tierus asks, "O'... wha' sort?"

Thurfel says, "it will open the portal"

Blizzerdd says, "I hope so."

Blizzerdd twitches a bit and contorts his face in a lunatic grin.

Valicar asks, "and what lies beyond the portal?"

Folchet asks, "An whas in that portal?"

Valicar peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Folchet chuckles.

Tierus leans on his staff.

Lord Roelon just arrived.

The white cat meows loudly.

Thurfel says, "we won't know till I solve the final few runes"

Roelon says, "Ah, Fire master."

Roelon bows to Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Roelon.

Valicar asks, "that is a shot in the dark, no?"

Blizzerdd just gave you a smooch.

Tierus asks, "Ah think tha mer importan' question is... 'ow di' it come tae be such a portal? Wisnae't a sort o' containment artifact?"

Shonison asks, "how do you know you can handle what is beyond?"

The white cat meows loudly.

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Lord Valicar has asked me to request a few moments alone for him with ye, m'lord."

Thurfel nods to you.

The white cat rubs up against Thurfel.

Blizzerdd just gave you a smooch.

Shonison says, "if you do not know what it is..."

You cock your head at Blizzerdd.

The white cat begins purring.

Valicar nods to Shonison.

A sickly glow pulses for a moment somewhere in the shadows.

Folchet says, "Mebbe it's cookies beyond. I'm sure ya won't open the portal without knowin what is on tha uther side."

Thurfel says, "milady, as much as I hold you dear..."

Armaxis fades into sight next to you.

Folchet shrugs.

Nieva blinks.

Roelon squints.

Tierus blinks at Armaxis.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Bellycralwer."

Roelon nods to Armaxis in greeting.

Thurfel says, "if your husband so much as whispers another cross word to me I shall slay him where he stands"

Armaxis raises an eyebrow.

Tierus says, "ah thought ah smellt serpent."

You try to pull Blizzerdd towards you.

Tierus nods to Armaxis in greeting.

Blizzerdd cackles insanely, wild-eyed and drooling.

Alyxandrah leans on her broadsword.

Valicar says, "kinda like throwing your door open in the night and wait to see what comes through....only it is hard to get that door closed if you dont like the guest that comes calling"

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

The white cat meows loudly.

Shonison nods to Valicar.

Blizzerdd mutters under his breath.

You say, "Please don't whisper such, Blizz."

Thurfel says, "I have several theories"

You kiss Blizzerdd on the cheek.

Blizzerdd mutters under his breath.

Tierus leans on his staff.

Roelon grins.

Blizzerdd starts chuckling at you!

Tierus turns an inquisitive ear towards Thurfel.

Folchet asks, "Any of them good?"

Shonison says, "kinda like what started the Vvrael war"

Thurfel says, "one is one you folks share..."

Thurfel says, "about the council being buried beneath"

You say, "May we hear them."

Valicar nods to Shonison.

The white cat begins purring.

Blizzerdd says, "Oh pain...I am afraid of it..."

You nod to Thurfel.

Blizzerdd bursts out in loud, raucous laughter.

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I am not keen on that thought"

Blizzerdd leans on you.

Tierus asks, "Nae?"

You nod to Alyxandrah in greeting.

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Folchet says, "Mebbe that's whar all the assassins been hidin."

Thurfel says, "they're emergence might prove troublesome"

Folchet smirks.

Valicar says, "no kidding"

Tierus asks, "Hrm... wouldnae they be... grateful?"

You say, "Troublesome is putting it mildly."

Tierus raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Thurfel says, "to me yes.."

You blink at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "to the town no"

You say, "I think."

Tierus nods.

Armaxis says, "Intriguing."

Folchet says, "Grateful to kill everyone."

Roelon says, "Then you would need a way to bind them."

Folchet says, "Mebbe."

Thurfel says, "they are currently bound"

Tierus says, "Then p'raps ye might... bend 'em tae yer will."

Thurfel chuckles.

Roelon grins.

You ask, "ye think they would be more angry at ye than the town?"

Shonison asks, "aren't nine of them stronger than one of you?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Armaxis asks, "You can feel their presence within?"

Armaxis raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Folchet says, "Well wait.. let's hear tha other theories."

Thurfel looks over at you and shakes his head.

Tierus says, "Twae debts cancellin' ou' eacho'er."

Valicar asks, "you plan on harnessing their power to open your portal?"

Valicar peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "they would be far more angry at the townsfolk"

Blizzerdd mutters lies.

Thurfel points his abalone sceptre at Blizzerdd!
Flames and fire explode outward from the sceptre, the heat intense. The raging inferno burns in every direction, then subsides.
Blizzerdd just vanished.

Nieva gasps.

Alyxandrah appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Tierus blinks.

Thurfel says, "enough of him"

Folchet says, "This ain't fact. Don't get all ancy yet."

Nieva asks in Elven, "What was that?"

Folchet says, "Heh."

You hear the voice of Tarkisis say, "Ahh good eve to thee, FireMage..."

Roelon grins at Thurfel.

You whisper quietly to Valicar,"I asked him in whisper about the private meeting for ye and he nodded in return, so ye'll just have to wait to see, m'lord."

Tierus shudders.

Roelon says, "ye seem to be much stronger.."

Thurfel says, "he is not harmed milady"

Tierus says, "Whair'd..."

You hear the voice of Tarkisis say, "Seems you have not lost your touch.."

Thurfel says, "merely moved"

A shimmering glow flickers in the shadows for a moment.

Thurfel says, "next time he will be harmed"

You blink.

Tarkisis fades into visibility.

You bite your lip.

Tarkisis curtsies to Thurfel.

Valicar whispers, "thank you much...hope I dont botch any negotiations"

Thurfel says, "I don't believe the council to be down there"

Folchet nods.

Thurfel says, "but that is merely my thought"

Folchet leans on his sword.

You say, "I will warn him, m'lord."

Valicar says, "again..risky"

Folchet asks, "Well.. what do ya believe?"

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Alyxandrah gazes heavenward.

Tarkisis leans back.

Thurfel says, "I believe a town or city buried beneath the tomb, as you have heard"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I am sorry."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel whispers, "I am sorry you have to spend everyday of your life with such as that"

Folchet nods.

Shonison asks, "didn't you say a dwarven city at one point?"

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Tierus asks, "Hrm... any o'er news o'... wha' sort o' city?"

Folchet says, "More dwarves.."

Thurfel says, "tis possible"

Folchet babbles something unintelligible.

Tierus sniffs.

Armaxis says, "Risksss are inherent in any sort of magical endeavor, especially one with such a...large scale as this."

(Tierus glances about, sniffing.)

Tierus leans on his staff.

Thurfel says, "another scroll talks of chambers below the Ossuary"

Shonison asks, "but even if thats true, isnt there a chance of releasing the red rot again?"

The white cat licks at one of its paws.

Thurfel says, "it would appear by my calculations..."

Valicar says, "I have been in there"

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "that the area there is clearly larger than one can explore"

Valicar says, "many chambers"

You say, "Well, we know are hidden chambers there, but where I cannot say..."

Thurfel nods to Valicar.

You nod to Thurfel.

Tarkisis leans forward.

Tierus asks, "Y'mean... those things tha' scrabblin' doon 'neath tha Ossuary?"

Armaxis says, "So a few thousand dwarves die. The overall smell of Elanthia improves. Nothing to grieve for there."

Valicar smiles at Tarkisis.

Thurfel says, "most definitely.."

You glance at Armaxis.

Roelon nods to Armaxis.

Shonison chuckles.

Folchet snickers.

Tierus asks, "Mas'er, 'ave ye been tae tha Ossuary?"

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Armaxis smirks.

You ask, "Armaxis, why do ye always have to speak of death?"

Thurfel says, "whether the key open that door or another is the question however"

You shake your head.

Folchet nods.

Thurfel says, "death is simply a journey to another place"

Roelon says, "Death cannae be avioded."

Armaxis's ora Luukos symbol emits a soft grey glow.

Roelon shrugs.

Tarkisis curtsies to Valicar.

Thurfel says, "some less pleasant than others"

Roelon grins.

Tierus frowns.

Tarkisis says, "Good eve to thee, Valicar."

Rinjezzae nods.

You say, "Well, I am not sure is a journey I wish yet to make."

You smile at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "and I would not wish you to make it"

Armaxis says, "Behind the gates of Lorminstra, yesss...a most unpleasant place."

(Tierus rubs the jackal's head capping of his staff, sighing slightly.)

You blush and babble a few incoherent words, looking foolish but sincere.

Folchet asks, "So.. what other theories you have?"

Blizzerdd whispers, "I do not understand yer infatuation with this wizard."

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow in Folchet's direction.

Tarkisis smirks.

Alyxandrah appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Valicar says, "Lets leave religion outta this and try and stick to the fact or thoeries"

Tarkisis says, "Theories..."

Valicar chuckles.

Folchet asks, "eh?"

Thurfel says, "unfortunately..."

Tarkisis shakes her head, clucking her tongue.

Thurfel says, "there are no facts as of yet"

Thurfel says, "just rumors"

Thurfel says, "I hope to end those"

Folchet nods.

Armaxis says, "I am sure the facts will come to bear when your research is complete."

Tierus asks, "Oh?"

You say, "But my lord, may I ask..."

Rinjezzae blinks.

Folchet asks, "How long ya think til ya decipher.. er.. whatever it is ya gotta decipher?"

Thurfel says, "assuming the Fury stays out of my business"

Folchet raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

You ask, "If ye think the nine not to be in the tomb, what do ye think happened to them?"

Valicar chuckles.

Alyxandrah smiles at Tierus.

You say, "I mean they were buried alive..."

Shonison chuckles.

Tierus asks, "Y'mean tha Furry?"

You say, "Which I admit is most unpleasant..."

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You shudder.

Tierus glances at Valicar.

The white cat licks at one of its paws.

Thurfel asks, "do you really wish to know Iscikella?"

Tierus grins evilly.

Tarkisis says, "Somehow I think the Furies prefer to be right in the middle."

You nod to Thurfel.

Valicar rubs a wolf skin mantle.

Tarkisis nods to Thurfel.

You say, "I do."

Roelon chuckles.

Roelon leans on his waraxe.

Thurfel asks, "do you know what happens to the most powerful of mages when they die?"

Tierus looks over at Thurfel and shakes his head.

Valicar asks, "Lich state?"

You say, "I can't say I do, m'lord."

Thurfel nods to Valicar.

You say, "Ah..."

Roelon nods.

Tarkisis says, "how interesting.."

The white cat yawns.

Thurfel says, "they were all far too stubborn to die"

Tarkisis glances at Armaxis.

Tierus asks, "Hrm... truly? Tha'snae... a myth?"

Valicar asks, "not bad fer a savage eh, tierus?"

Armaxis examines his fingernails.

Thurfel says, "I believe they are far more powerful than one would ever wish"

Tierus says, "Ah thought tha' liches wir..."

Tierus shudders.

Armaxis says, "The embrace of Undeath is a blessed one."

Tarkisis says, "I believe this is a state you hope to achieve.."

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow in Armaxis's direction.

(Tierus nods absently to Valicar.)

Tierus says, "Nae bad 'tall."

You ask, "So ye think they traveled as liches beyond the tomb itself, m'lord?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Hmm. best nae to be agaist them then."

Thurfel says, "I believe they are long gone, making plans as we speak"

Tarkisis says, "One's work is never done, I suppose."

Armaxis says, "I hope for nothing aside from the fufillment of His will."

Tarkisis nods to Armaxis.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Blizzerdd whispers, "They are not the only one. Soon his time will come. "

Valicar asks, "so the council has left the building?"

Tarkisis says, "of course.."

You say, "That idea is... rather frightening."

You shiver.

Armaxis glances at you.

Thurfel asks, "you will still your tongue husband of Iscikella?"

Roelon chuckles.

Armaxis says, "They may be closer than you think."

Tierus sighs.

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Alyxandrah smiles at Tierus.

Thurfel says, "if you wish to remain here..."

You say, "Blizz dear, please be careful what ye say."

Tierus whispers, "Dun' let tha halflin' 'arm yer husband, M'lady... ah think 'e might enjoy it a bit much."

Thurfel says, "do not speak to me in cross terms again."

You hear someone chortling.

Tarkisis asks, "Whispered threats...?"

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow.

Roelon asks, "Otherwise we might end up with a rather dazzling display of fire?"

Thurfel nods to Alyxandrah.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Roelon peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Ah might like to see such a thing."

Roelon says, "But not upon mahself."

Tarkisis says, "Indeed, it is rather deathly cold this eve."

Thurfel says, "I must warn you..."

Tierus says, "Mas'er... instead o' destroyin' tha husband o' Iscikella fer 'is impudence..."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

(Tierus breaks in, smiling like a true sycophant.)

The white cat begins purring.

Thurfel says, "I will not allow folks to wander my keep for much longer with such carelessness"

Roelon grins at Tierus.

Tierus asks, "P'raps ye might send 'im far, far awiy?"

Alyxandrah smiles at Thurfel.

Blizzerdd whispers, "No wonder ya like him so much. He and I are alike...Just I do what I do in the open."

Thurfel says, "I do not mind guests"

Rinjezzae whispers, "I hope I haven't inturrpeted you..but I came looking for the mage that lived down here"

Shonison says, "define carelessness"

Thurfel says, "slaying my sentries and pets"

You whisper quietly to Rinjezzae, "That is Thurfel, sir, the mage."

You say, "Well, m'lord, the dogs are a bit... vicious."

Folchet says, "Yer sentries seem to mind guests."

You cough.

Folchet chuckles.

Roelon chuckles.

Thurfel says, "not vicious enough it would seem"

Valicar chuckles.

Shonison says, "well it would send several Landingers back home if ya beat em up"

Blizzerdd whispers, "But we know where yer heart lies with. Still this may serve a purpose."

Armaxis says, "Should've mixed a bit of troll with them or somesuch."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Hrm... p'raps if they wir pug-dogs..."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Rinjezzae whispers, "he won't do anything will he. i suddenly feel real out of place"

Valicar groans.

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "there is a cat in here."

Tierus asks, "A cat?"

Thurfel asks, "what kind of dogs would allow that?"

You ask, "A cat?"

Tierus blinks.

The white cat licks at one of its paws.

You blink.

Valicar points at a white cat.

Armaxis points at a white cat.

Roelon squints.

You say, "Ah..."

Folchet snickers.

Ravonprayer laughs!

Tarkisis glances at Tierus.

Alyxandrah grins at Thurfel.

Valicar pets Tierus's white cat.

(Tierus glances back at the cat and jumps nearly a foot.)

Arimantis says, "Some watch dogs.."

Thurfel says, "afraid of a cat, my dogs are hardly vicious"

Shonison pets Tierus's white cat.

Arimantis coughs.

Thurfel says, "more like poodles"

Thurfel says, "begging for treats"

Folchet says, "Rabid poodles, yah."

Ravonprayer nods.

The white cat purrs, "I am not some simple cat..."

Roelon nods to Thurfel.

(Tierus glances at his cat.)

You say, "I'll have to remember to bring treats then, so they don't gnaw my leg."

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Tierus says, "Awiy, kitten."

Thurfel grins.

Roelon says, "Ah hae seen more vicious dwarf, then ye dogs."

The white cat purrs, "Oh, yes. I'll gladly go back to the dogs. What ever you say."

Shonison asks, "so if I were to offer one a bone, it wouldnt try to take my hand?"

Thurfel asks, "so how much silver of Icemule did the dwarven crooks steal?"

Tierus asks, "Y'see wha' 'appens whin ye teach a kitten tae speak?"

Tierus mutters under his breath.

You chuckle at Thurfel.

(Tierus shoos his cat away.)

Valicar says, "they replaced the silver with fair items"

The cat stands back up.

The cat prances east.

Roelon says, "Far more then they should of been allowed too."

Arimantis says, "Saw they got some of yers too"

You say, "Oh, I would say they made a bit of coin."

Arimantis grins at Thurfel.

You say, "Quite a bit."

Folchet says, "Prolly none.. all the tourists from tha landin made a trek here."

Ravonprayer says, "Fiar items."

Tarkisis says, "More than just Icemule's I'm certain."

Armaxis says, "They likely drained thisss portion of Elanthia's silver significantly, not just Icemule's."

Ravonprayer chuckles.

Roelon says, "A newborn elf could make craft better wares."

Thurfel asks, "would it not be better for the craftsman of Icemule to have made the items and weapons and goods?"

Thurfel asks, "do we need outsiders to come to town to sell us?"

Folchet says, "Well.. think that's the craftmen's fault."

Blizzerdd whispers, "None compared to the fortune of lives he has taken. Remember that love."

Tierus says, "Hrm. Some o' tha merchants wir less than fair... tha' Ubrerion fellow, fer instance."

Valicar says, "belive me, Mage...when the Gods give me the tools to forge, i will be aforgin"

Folchet says, "Well.. not like they can stop a juggernaut, either."

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Tierus exclaims, "O'erchargin'. Bah!"

Ravonprayer says, "The outsiders will come for one reason ...people buy."

(Tierus glances about.)

Tierus says, "Well, 'tis true."

Thurfel asks, "are the folks of Icemule so deficient that only dwarven wares will suffice?"

Thurfel nods to Ravonprayer.

You say, "Well, m'lord, good craftsmen are always appreciated."

Folchet asks, "Don't our magistrates hafta approve the comin of the Juggernaut?"

Valicar says, "seemingly so"

(Tierus shakes his head at Thurfel, slowly.)

Thurfel says, "it landed outside of town"

Tarkisis says, "perhaps if the workshops were in order, mages could again practice their art.."

Ravonprayer nods.

Thurfel says, "so there was no permission"

Tierus says, "nae, M'lord. 'Mule, an' all towns, thrive on trade."

Thurfel says, "it just landed"

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Shonison says, "well dwarves do have a longer military history than halflings"

Folchet says, "Bah, even still."

Ravonprayer says, "Bah.."

Thurfel asks, "and what are we exporting then?"

Roelon says, "Perhaps if ye blocked off the supply of tarts in this town, the other halflings might do something else besides eat."

Thurfel asks, "snow?"

Tierus says, "We coul' survive wi'out it..."

You say, "Well, I think it broke down."

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Shonison says, "tarts"

Tarkisis says, "Snow"

You ask, "Didn't it?"

Valicar says, "If the weaponshop hadnt had been torched, no doubt he would be making better weapons"

Tarkisis nods to Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Acsh'lly, M'lord, ice."

Thurfel says, "snow and tarts"

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Ravonprayer says, "They just learned how to write before halflings did."

Shonison chuckles.

Arimantis asks, "Ice cubes, wasn't it?"

Thurfel says, "I'm sure that will enrich our town"

Arimantis peers quizzically at Tierus.

Tierus says, "Ice, tarts, snow, silver orc hides..."

Roelon shakes his head.

Valicar removes a rune-frosted mystic berry tart from in his wolf skin mantle.

You say, "And nary an ant in IceMule, is that the case then, m'lord."

Valicar waves a rune-frosted mystic berry tart around.

Tierus says, "Tha relics tha' we find in tha Abbey an' surroundin' lands, we sell off..."

You smile at Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "what happened to the mystical studies?"

Ravonprayer twists his little body until his face is poking into his white silk cloak. After a moment he straightens himself out, licking what appears to be a bit of jelly filling off his lips.

Roelon chuckles.

Tierus asks, "Studies?"

Alyxandrah just tickled Ravonprayer.

Tierus frowns.

Arimantis glances at Thurfel.

Tarkisis says, "The mages have left.."

Arimantis coughs.

Folchet says, "Ah thought the trace was a gamblin town. Mebbe they hope more people ta visit Silvermule."

Blizzerdd whispers, "Seems in his power he could not even destroy a bunch of dwarves. So now he wants even more tarts. Typical."

Tierus says, "Well, tha scrolls in tha Abbey've all been sold off."

Roelon says, "If only one could get deeper in that Abbey."

Thurfel asks, "is not Icemule a center of mysticism and magic?"

Roelon leans on Tierus.

Rinjezzae glances at Thurfel.

Rinjezzae nods.

Thurfel asks, "or do we simply make flavored icicles?"

Tierus says, "Erm, 'twas, once."

Shonison asks, "isnt that gettin old?"

Shonison peers quizzically at Valicar.

Tierus coughs.

Tierus says, "Erm, M'lord..."

Arimantis says, "Would be easier for them to practice, ifin someone din burn the workshops"

Arimantis coughs.

Tierus taps Thurfel lightly on his shoulder.

Armaxis says, "The latter, obviously."

Thurfel nods to Tierus.

Roelon grins at Arimantis.

Tierus says, "E'en our workshops wir all closed doon."

Thurfel nods to Valicar.

Tarkisis says, "Since the workshops have been ruined.., There is no school, or library.."

Tierus asks, "'ow cin we be a magical town wi'out magical bits'n pieces?"

You ask, "Ye wish IceMule to become a... a magic center, m'lord?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Alyxandrah gawks at you.

Alyxandrah gazes heavenward.

Tierus says, "Tha Abbey's Libraries've been plund'r'd, an'..."

Folchet says, "We got more bars than bookshelves."

Thurfel says, "I wish it to become a town for goodness sakes, not a penguin habitat"

Folchet grins.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "I said something wrong?"

Rinjezzae smiles.

You blink at Alyxandrah.

Roelon says, "Or the breeding ground for more ..elves."

Alyxandrah whispers, "I merely wonder if you listen, my lady...sometimes people amaze me."

Tarkisis says, "I don't suppose Blades would donate his tower for an arcane study.."

Thurfel says, "lemon tarts are hardly going to leave their mark on history"

Roelon snorts.

Tarkisis rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tarkisis shifts her weight.

Alyxandrah rocks back on her heels.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "I always listen."

Folchet says, "Mebbe on the pages."

Thurfel asks, "we have no library you say?"

Armaxis says, "Your brethren lack focus, it is a rarity among your kind. They do not wish it to be such, they only wish to sit at home with their pipes and a warm meal."

Tarkisis clears her throat.

Ravonprayer says, "I beg to differ."

Shonison says, "well ya never know..."

Tierus says, "Hrm. An'... 'ow woul' ye suggest tha' we go 'bout this?" He adds a belated, "Mas'er Thurfel."

Alyxandrah whispers, "And do you absorb?"

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

Alyxandrah glances at you.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "More than ye will ever know."

Armaxis says, "They are the problem. They must either be motivated or...removed from the equation."

Alyxandrah whispers, "Ah, so you just act then?"

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "I always like clarification, that is all."

Alyxandrah says, "I see."

Blizzerdd whispers, "He is an amusing little fellow. A town he says. So he can torment more it seems. Not that I mind that, but he needs to stop burning up this place so much."

Roelon says, "Tis like removing a deep splinter in ones foot."

Roelon grins at Armaxis.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "Is the seeker of knowledge in me."

Tarkisis asks, "And what motivates the standard halfling?"

Tarkisis glances at Armaxis.

Tierus says, "There donnae be a library, 'tall. B'lieve me... in me search fer daemonic knowledge, ah couldnae find anythin' in tha Abbey."

Valicar nods to Tarkisis.

Valicar taps a rune-frosted mystic berry tart.

(Tierus shakes his head, sighing softly.)

Tarkisis gazes heavenward.

Thurfel says, "demons are over rated"

Tierus says, "Or anywhir else in tha world."

Ravonprayer asks, "Is there such a thing as a standard halfling?"

Thurfel says, "and hard to control"

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "not too mention greedy"

Tarkisis nods to Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Tell me 'bout't."

Tierus shudders.

Armaxis says, "I highly doubt Thurfel would be winning over an entire town with tarts."

Thurfel says, "and they generally overwhelm the folks conjuring them forth"

Tierus says, "There be 'un dwellin' in our Temple, at this moment."

Arimantis says, "Too many tarts, we need cookies"

Arimantis nods to Armaxis.

Folchet says, "Anyway.. we aint talking about demons.. we're talking bout this town.."

Roelon mutters under his breath.

Thurfel begins chuckling at Arimantis.

You ask, "Well, halflings do have a certain affinity for magic, to be sure, but m'lord how would ye propose making such an affinity a... true purpose for them?"

Thurfel says, "we need silvers"

Valicar says, "ya win over a town through good deeds"

Valicar nods to Armaxis.

Tarkisis says, "The art of enchantments, the desire for knowledge and study of history are lacking here."

Nieva shivers.

Tierus asks, "Silvers?"

Arimantis says, "Cookies.."

Arimantis coughs.

Nieva moves to stand behind Tierus.

Alyxandrah smiles at Thurfel.

(Tierus mumbles something about massive tart imports.)

Tarkisis cocks her head at you.

Thurfel says, "one can not build an empire on cookies"

Folchet says, "We got a gamblin hall.. Mebbe we stack the deck in our favor more."

Roelon says, "We need a few good artisans."

Rinjezzae frowns at Tarkisis.

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Armaxis says, "You can merely start anew. Build it from the embersss of the old, weak society."

Tierus says, "tarts."

Armaxis looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Tierus coughs.

Alyxandrah gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Tarkisis raises her hand to her grey imflass symbol, touching the image of a yellow slit-pupilled eye.

Roelon says, "Who could teach other halflings the trade.."

Alyxandrah giggles.

Arimantis says, "Over baked ones hard enough for a foundation"

Thurfel says, "somebody please.."

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

Shonison nods to Valicar.

Tarkisis says, "I think a library would be an improvement, or perhaps a museum."

Tierus turns to face Thurfel.

Tierus asks, "Hrm?"

Thurfel says, "tell me why the landing is considered the center of our lands"

Tarkisis says, "Every cultured town should have one."

Valicar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Folchet says, "A museum? We need a future before we get a past."

Tierus says, "Well..."

Thurfel says, "folks flee Icemule the moment they land here"

Tierus says, "People."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Shonison says, "I don't consider it the center. Its a small frontier post"

Thurfel says, "as if we are diseased"

Valicar asks, "idjits?"

Tarkisis asks, "Who says there is no future here?"

You say, "Aye, and that is sad."

Tierus says, "A multitude o' people. Modern conveniences."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

You say, "For this is a fine place to live."

Thurfel says, "is that not the truth?"

You nod to Thurfel.

Blizzerdd whispers, "Is the halflings!"

Tierus says, "They've e'en gots a bathing 'ouse."

Roelon says, "We need to give them a reason to stay."

Alyxandrah grins at Tierus.

Shonison chuckles.

Valicar says, "bath house..prolly why"

Valicar nods.

Armaxis says, "It is like an oasis in a desert, Thurfel. Different races abide each other because they must, they simply have little choice to not do so."

Tierus says, "We dun' e'en 'ave water, save fer tha' surroundin' yer isle."

You gawk at Valicar.

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

You say, "Really, Valicar..."

Valicar starts chuckling at you!

Roelon says, "Ah would suggest chains..but then we would nae be pupular."

Tierus asks, "'ow cin we be civilized?"

You say, "Such talk..."

You shake your head at Valicar and cluck your tongue.

Tarkisis says, "he's a warrior, what do you expect"

Thurfel says, "I am serious..."

Tarkisis nods to you.

Armaxis says, "You must make thisss town the more attractive oasis to the populace."

Folchet says, "Gotta remember, it isnt so easy to get here."

Tierus nods to Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "Folks land in Icemule can't leave fast enough"

Tierus nods.

Thurfel says, "the town is a joke to most"

Folchet says, "The landing has access to the sea, and good weather."

Thurfel asks, "is that what you wish?"

Alyxandrah rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Roelon says, "Perhaps a coach, to take those from Wehnimers, to Mule."

Roelon peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You say, "Not what I wish."

Roelon says, "Mule pulled wagon."

Valicar says, "it is not due to te is due to the people....we do not always make them feel welcome"

You say, "I have a great love for this town."

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Tarkisis says, "Conveniences to their respectable houses.."

Roelon says, "For a small fee.."

Thurfel says, "we are nothing more than a chilly Pinefar"

Arimantis says, "And people who live here, run back from the landin fast as the can"

Armaxis says, "There are numerousss ways to achieve that goal, you seem to wish to go the...political way, however."

Armaxis clears his throat.

You hear the voice of Blizzerdd say, "Nae but ye burning things don't make it a vacation spot either."

You say, "Though wandered here from community."

Ravonprayer says, "The town folk here run must folks off. We don't wish to be another landing."

Shonison says, "I recieved quite the influx during the banaltra crisis"

You cough.

Armaxis says, "It is all about necessity."

You say, "Love..."

You cough.

Folchet says, "We shoulda kept the banaltra fleers when we had tha chance."

Tierus says, "Hrm."

Folchet chuckles.

Tierus says, "Aye, ah mus' admit..."

Roelon chuckles.

Thurfel asks, "and when the threat was over?"

Armaxis says, "Icemule was a haven because of necessity, just as the Landing is now."

Thurfel asks, "did they stay?"

You hear the voice of Blizzerdd ask, "Am I wrong love?"

Tierus looks over at Thurfel and shakes his head.

Valicar says, "many stayed"

Tierus says, "Some did."

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Roelon nods.

Shonison says, "some did"

Folchet says, "Not enough, it seems."

Tierus says, "Acsh'lly, quite a few."

Thurfel asks, "what do we lack here?"

Roelon says, "Perhaps the other towns should be given another Threat."

Shonison says, "many of which are attacking your pets"

Roelon grins.

Tierus says, "P'raps, provide a threat tae other towns."

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Tierus coughs.

Thurfel nods to Shonison.

Tierus glances at Roelon.

Roelon says, "Ways to make a living."

Roelon nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "not for much longer however"

(Tierus mutters something about speaking in unison with Roelon.)

Shonison nods.

Roelon pokes Tierus in the ribs.

Roelon mutters under his breath.

Thurfel says, "Creating enemies is hardly good commerce"

Tierus shakes his head.

Tarkisis says, "museum, library.."

Roelon asks, "Ye peekin into mah mind again?"

Roelon stares at Tierus.

Tierus looks over at Roelon and shakes his head.

Arimantis says, "We need nets to keep em all here"

Arimantis nods.

Tierus asks, "P'raps... a turn 'Mule intae a religious center?"

Folchet says, "Right.. but if we're looking for silvers.. the library aint making a fortune in late fees."

You say, "We lack a great many things, I'm afraid. Mostly shoppes, as ye say."

Roelon says, "The mountains make this town intimidatin."

Roelon nods to Thurfel.

You say, "And the weather is harsh as well."

Shonison says, "I'm not so sure. if you could liberate the northern baronies of the empire, Icemule would become a major power"

Tierus says, "We do 'ave tha largest single Temple north o' Turamzyrr, ah b'lieve."

Roelon says, "Most cannae climb onto their bed, let alone over these mountains."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Folchet says, "People have their homes there."

You say, "And the temple is lovely to be sure."

Thurfel asks, "What type of library do we lack?"

Rinjezzae nods to Folchet.

You nod to Tierus.

Valicar says, "all types"

Folchet says, "Their public houses, and private homes."

Tierus asks, "What type dun' we lack?"

Roelon says, "We lack history here."

Tierus looks over at Thurfel and shakes his head.

Tarkisis nods to Roelon.

Alyxandrah grins.

Tierus says, "We 'ave nae a library."

Armaxis glances at Roelon.

You say, "We do not lack for history, Roelon."

Armaxis points at Thurfel.

Roelon chuckles.

You say, "Is just not as known."

Thurfel asks, "you think a turnip farmer cares about history?"

Arimantis says, "A library with somethin in it.."

Armaxis says, "That's because the history is living here."

Armaxis smirks.

Tierus says, "One o' lore, p'raps... an' one o' magical studies... oh- an' religion..."

Tarkisis begins chuckling at Armaxis.

Roelon glances at Thurfel.

Valicar says, "Turnip farmer cares about easy to get weapons, easy to kill critters"

Thurfel says, "magical studies"

Thurfel nods.

(Tierus begins ticking off types of libraries to himself.)

You say, "A library of lore would be lovely indeed."

Thurfel nods to Valicar.

You sigh.

Thurfel says, "tis true Valicar"

You nod to Tierus.

Tierus says, "Daemonology."

Blizzerdd shakes his head.

Rinjezzae nods.

Tierus coughs.

Shonison says, "do people actually farm turnips up here? seems kinda cold for that"

Thurfel says, "the fury is full of folks like that"

Roelon says, "Ah would nae mind knowing how to manipulate the elements."

Thurfel chuckles.

Blizzerdd shakes his head.

Folchet says, "Look. They got merchants and large houses with lots of money, flowing through the veins of that place. It's hard to pull people away from that."

Tarkisis says, "I think Roelon means that the history here is still not old enough to be considered such.."

Valicar laughs!

(Tierus raises his hands to his head, sighing.)

Valicar says, "how little you know of us"

You chuckle at Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "Open up a college to study magical arts."

Armaxis looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

You say, "Well, warriors will be warriors."

You wink at Thurfel.

Shonison says, "yes..yet we broke down your gates"

Rinjezzae says, "where can someone go to really learn aobut magic?.. without killing? and killing.."

Folchet says, "We seem to be the turnip farmers to them."

Thurfel nods to you.

Rinjezzae blushes a lovely shade of bright pink.

Thurfel says, "a guild of magic"

Thurfel nods.

Tierus asks, "They also 'ave money, M'lord. Fantastic wealth. Wha' does 'Mule 'ave?"

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "snow Tierus, snow"

Valicar asks, "Mage guild?"

Alyxandrah gazes heavenward.

Folchet says, "If we can turn snow, into money.."

You say, "I rather like snow."

Valicar asks, "fer wizards and the like?"

Folchet grins.

You tilt your head up.

Roelon removes a snowflake from in his loot sack.

Roelon glances at a snowflake.

Blizzerdd nods to you.

Folchet snickers.

Rinjezzae nods.

Ravonprayer says, "We have citizens that can draw fantastic wealth if desired."

Thurfel says, "A mage guild, perhaps that would set us apart"

Tarkisis says, "Ohh, yes a mage guild.."

Tierus says, "We cannae sell snow... we cin sell ice, yes. Bu' magi frem tha southron lands cin make ice."

You nod to Thurfel.

Tarkisis says, "Indeed yes"

Rinjezzae says, "I would join"

You say, "Well, that it would."

Alyxandrah nods to Thurfel.

Rinjezzae blushes a lovely shade of bright pink.

Tierus nods to Alyxandrah.

Tierus frowns.

Tarkisis says, "The other towns would then clamor to have their own school."

Armaxis says, "Make an attraction which draws mages like moth to a flame, and you start the basisss for a strengthened economy."

Roelon asks, "Could ye build such a guild here?"

Roelon peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "Have ye a problem with me, m'lady?"

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

Folchet asks, "Yeh.. but how long would it take to get a guild in operation?"

Thurfel says, "I believe you are correct"

Folchet asks, "And the funds?"

Tarkisis says, "However, then that would mean perhaps the workshops would need reconstruction."

Tarkisis nods to Thurfel.

Alyxandrah whispers, "A problem with you..."

Alyxandrah rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tierus nods to Tarkisis.

Tarkisis says, "bring back an economy here"

Roelon nods.

Alyxandrah whispers, "Let's see..."

Thurfel says, "I will see if I can set the forces in motion to open a guild in Icemule"

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Blizzerdd glances at Thurfel.

Rinjezzae grins.

Tierus says, "An' tha Guild woul' 'aftae c'llect written works... o' which thair be none tha' cin be found in 'Mule"

Folchet asks, "Excellent. You have such forces at your command?"

You ask, "That would take a good bit of forces, would it not?"

You blink at Thurfel.

Blizzerdd rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "we shall see Folchet"

Tierus glances at Tarkisis.

Folchet nods.

Armaxis says, "I highly doubt he lacksss the...'influence' for such."

Armaxis glances at you.

Thurfel nods to you.

Tarkisis smiles quietly to herself.

Tierus asks, "'nless a Fash'lo'naean woul' care tae begin scribin'?"

You squint at Armaxis.

Alyxandrah whispers, "People are looking at me like a liar. One person came up to me in the temple and asked me whether he could believe a word that has ever come out of my mouth...."

Tierus sighs.

Thurfel asks, "Valicar, you wished an audience with me?"

Tarkisis says, "I can rebind many of my books for those that wish.."

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Valicar says, "I do"

Alyxandrah grins.

Tierus nods to Tarkisis.

Roelon grins.

Tierus says, "Hrm... Mas'er, if ye 'ave... time, later, ah'd also request a meetin' o' a sort."

Blizzerdd leans on you.

Tierus frowns.

Tierus says, "P'raps nae t'day."

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "I quoted exactly what was said to me, did I not? I did not alter a word. I do not know what to believe, however. As I am getting conflicting stories."

Roelon nods to Tierus.

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Bu' p'raps t'day."

Tarkisis says, "I have been busy with the Archives of late."

Folchet asks, "What about Solhaven? Do they have as much pull as we do? Or lack thereof?"

(Tierus blinks at his words, shaking his head.)

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "I want to believe ye, but I am being told so many things by so many people..."

Ravonprayer nods to Folchet.

Arimantis says, "Solhaven gots a candy store"

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "I think most just want me confused...."

Nieva cocks her head at Tierus.

Shonison says, "they would if Malwind would get off his butt and do something"

Arimantis nods to Folchet.

Valicar begins chuckling at Shonison.

Folchet smirks.

Folchet exclaims, "Well.. get us candy!"

Alyxandrah whispers, "What you believe is your choice..."

Folchet babbles something unintelligible.

Armaxis says, "Solhaven is, and has been under siege by Hochstib."

Roelon glances at Tierus.

Blizzerdd whispers, "Ya should invite him to the holiday storytelling, maybe he could tell a story...That is, if he wants to be a person of the town that does good."

Shonison says, "that too"

Tierus glances at Armaxis and yawns.

Tierus says, "Hochstib is borin'."

Folchet says, "Ah.. well luckily we dont have that to worry about."

Thurfel says, "I will attempt to make time for a few small audiences soon.."

Roelon says, "An endless conflict."

Roelon nods to Armaxis.

Tierus asks, "'as 'e done anythin', e'er?"

Folchet says, "Famous last words mebbe.."

Armaxis says, "Quite."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Rinjezzae beams!

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Rinjezzae smiles at Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Aye, M'lord. Ah'd much 'ppreciate."

Ravonprayer bows to Thurfel.

You smile at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "however, Valicar wished one on this eve, and Iscikella has the misfortune of having her husband by her side, so perhaps he wishes her company"

Ravonprayer says something in Halfling.

Thurfel bows to Ravonprayer.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah,."I suspect time will make all things clear..."

Valicar chuckles.

Arimantis grins.

Thurfel says, "a good eve to ye all"

Tierus bows to Thurfel.

Tarkisis curtsies to Thurfel.

Roelon bows to Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "Good evening."

Blizzerdd says, "Witty, fer a wizard."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Tierus says, "G'deventide, M'lord."

Valicar smiles.

Rinjezzae curtsies to Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Safe Journey, Fire Master."

You say, "Good eve to ye, m'lord."

Thurfel points his abalone sceptre at Valicar!
Flames and fire explode outward from the sceptre, the heat intense. The raging inferno burns in every direction, then subsides.
Valicar just vanished.

Tarkisis says, "Good eve, Firemage."

Folchet says something in Halfling.

Tierus shudders.

Alyxandrah rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel points his abalone sceptre at Thurfel!
Flames and fire explode outward from the sceptre, the heat intense. The raging inferno burns in every direction, then subsides.
Thurfel just vanished.

Roelon says, "And nae trust the fury.."

**********ADDITIONAL NOTE**********
The meeting between Thurfel and Valicar resulted in a "cease fire" being negotiated between Thurfel and the Northern Fury Guard.

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