Leyan, day 26 of the month Koaratos in the year 5100

[The Nightowl Pub, Lounge]
Waitresses wearing feathered headdresses fashioned like the heads of owls work the room swiftly and quietly, trying not to interrupt the guests or the stage act. Although the tables are set relatively close together, the darkness creates a feeling of intimacy. After their number, the chorus glides off the stage and all but disappears behind a dark curtain. You also see the Megaladon disk, a West Gate guard and a steep staircase.

Rills comes storming up the staircase in a huff!

Rills exclaims, "Where is that dimwit Halfberry!"

Tierus says, "Hrm.. ah'll gets tae tha bottom o' this."

Rills exclaims, "I heard he's around here somewhere!"

Sabitor says, "I hear some strange things have been happening here."

Rills grumbles.

Sabitor furrows his brow.

Nofret grumbles.

Rills bellows M'Lord Thurfel has ordered Halfberry to return at once!

Saoirsse scratches her head.

Sabitor shifts his weight.

You see Castellan Rills Tigglesworth the Giantman Warrior.
He appears to be in his 200's, has short, wavy dark brown hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a rusty dwarven claidhmore in his right hand.
He is wearing some coral-trimmed krodera full plate, an embossed lion head tower shield, a winged elven warhelm, and a faded muleskin pouch.

Saoirsse covers her ears.

You cock your head at Rills.

You ask, "Rills, ye know Halfberry?"

Rills asks, "Where is he hiding?"

You cock your head at Rills.

Saoirsse says, " bad man..."

Saoirsse sniffs.

Tierus peers quizzically at Rills.

Saoirsse says, " das the loopy one"

You say, "He's talking with folks at the table."

Rills says, "Thank you."

Tierus asks, "Ye tha keeper o' Thurfel's fort, Master Rills?"

Sabitor furrows his brow.

You ask, "Can I ask ye position with Thurfel, sir?"

Sabitor nods.

Rills asks, "By any chance have you also seen or heard word on a crocodile pin?"

You cock your head at Rills.

Sabitor glances at Rills.

Tierus coughs.

Sabitor stares off into space.

Rills says, "That would also be property of M'Lord Thurfel."

Tierus says, "Erm... nae, no word at all."

Tierus coughs.

Rills says, "It needs to be located and returned."

Saoirsse says, " den he shouldnt a lost it"

Saoirsse sniffs.

Tierus says, "None... nope. Nae a word."

You ask, "What of this pin? A pin is important?"

Rills exclaims, "That is not for me to say!"

Sabitor winces.

Rills says, "It is merely my job to retrieve it along with the orb."

Tierus asks, "Orb?"

Tierus glances at Rills.

Saoirsse says, " I'd like a pin.. Isa never had one of dems.. I'd never lose mine if me hads it"

Saoirsse rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tierus says, "Do tell, Lord Castellan."

Sabitor pokes Saoirsse in the ribs.

You ask, "Orb?"

Tierus begins to twitch.

Saoirsse asks, " can yas wear em?"

You blink at Rills.

Rills says, "Thank you."

You ask, "Can I ask what the orb looks like?"

You cock your head at Rills.

Saoirsse glances at Sabitor.

(Tierus falls into a fit of massive convulsions. When they have ended, an odd look comes over his face.)

Tierus glances at you.

Sabitor cocks his head at Saoirsse.

Rills says, "The orb is made of finest crystal."

Tierus says, "Ah, Lumnisian. I cannot say that it is a pleasure to see you."

Tierus glances at Sabitor.

Saoirsse says, " yes pokin me "

You blink at Tierus.

Tierus asks, "How did we get here, thief?"

Saoirsse sniffs.

Sabitor asks, "Eh?"

Saoirsse blinks.

Sabitor asks, "We... walked?"

Rills asks, "Have you seen it?"

Tierus mutters under his breath.

Glaves shakes his head.

Saoirsse says, " um..."

Nofret says, "Why is this pin so important though? I loresang it and it had no magic, no history, no special abilities."

You say, "The orb I know nothing of."

Tierus says, "That fool Tierus must have.."

Tierus growls ferociously!

You say, "But perhaps if ye described it."

Sabitor says, "Tierus, you ARE Tierus."

You cock your head at Rills.

Krellin asks, "What yas be look'n fer Rills?"

Krellin peers quizzically at Rills.

Nofret says, "It's just a decorative pin, from what I can tell."

Tierus glances at Sabitor.

(Saoirsse hides behind Iscikella)

Rills asks, "how many crocodil pins are there around here?"

You hear a sinister hissing nearby.

Saoirsse exclaims, " loopy man!"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "I was there when your...associate..." The voice trails off for a moment, then resumes it's speech, "Lost it amongst the hallsss of Liabo..."

Saoirsse points at Tierus.

Saoirsse wails!

Saoirsse says, " bad man"

Saoirsse covers her ears.

Sabitor blinks at Tierus.

Nofret says, "I picked it up from the altar of Lumnis."

Rills says, "If you see any such pins, inform myself or one of Lord Thurfel's men."

You ask, "How many men has Lord Thurfel?"

You cock your head at Rills.

Rills exclaims, "Many!"

Tierus rocks back on his heels.

You shudder.

Rills exclaims, "I keep them all in line!"

Sabitor smirks.

Saoirsse leans on you.

Saoirsse shivers.

You ask, "Military men?"

Saoirsse says, " dems scary"

Rills says, "now to collar that dimwit Halfberry"

You ask, "Like yerself, sir?"

Sabitor sighs.

Rills says, "Your assistance has been helpful."

Sabitor says, "Poor little man..."

Nofret says, "Wait."

Nofret asks, "What was trying to strangle Halfberry from the shadows?"

You say, "I still don't know if I have ever seen this orb."

Saoirsse asks, " shadow peoples???"

Saoirsse shivers.

You say, "As I said, if ye can describe it."

Tierus glances at Saoirsse.

Tierus asks, "Does the thought of shadowfolk frighten you, Saoirsse?"

Sabitor yawns.

Rills flails his arms about.

(Tierus allows his lip to curl into a bestial snarl.)

Rills says, "Why that little..."

Nofret says, "Shadows that try to strangle people frighten ME."

Sabitor blinks at Tierus.

Saoirsse says, " um.. I'sa not scared of nuffin.. well.. maybe lifestuffers"

Saoirsse sniffs.

You blink.

Sabitor asks, "Tierus, are you all right?"

You ask, "He escaped?"

Rills asks, "Where did he scurry off to?"

You say, "He didn't pass here."

You say, "So don't know."

You ask, "Is there a cubbyhole exit from the table?"

Rills says, "He was here at one of the tables."

Nofret says, "I've never even seen Halfberry."

Nofret says, "I wouldn't know him if I fell over him."

Sabitor winces.

Saoirsse says, " whas a halfberry... I like whole berries better"

Saoirsse nods.

Sabitor smirks.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Halflings are often quick of foot..." The voice whispers from a darkened corner of the room, "And they are small, he most likely sssnuck out..."

Rills says, "Lord Thurfel has ordered him to be brought back, and I mean to do exactly that."

Tierus glances at Saoirsse.

You ask, "Lord Rills, ye think he escaped through a cubbyhole?"

Saoirsse says, " bad snake man"

Saoirsse sniffs.

Rills asks, "what cubby hole?"

You say, "Don't know. That's why I'm asking."

You say, "Cause he didn't pass us."

Tierus says, "The halfling has escaped, oh servant of Thurfel."

You say, "I am confused."

Rills says, "M'Lord Thurfel has ordered Halfberry to present himself."

Rills says, "I am here to fetch the little runt."

Sabitor says, "For some reason, I don't think this little Halfberry will show up for... Thurfel."

You ask, "I understand, but can ye explain what the problem is exactly?"

Sabitor sighs.

Tierus asks, "Could it be, perhaps, that Halfberry no longer heeds 'Lord' Thurfel's orders?"

Rills says, "He is avoiding me and no one best harbor him."

(Tierus gives a sardonic chuckle.)

Sabitor frowns at Tierus.

Sabitor shakes his head.

Rills says, "He will when I'm through with him."

Sabitor coughs.

Sabitor glances at Rills.

Tierus grins evilly.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Halfberry does not seem to care of Thurfel's ordersss anymore..." The voice laughs quietly for a brief moment, "He is quickly becoming a...traitor."

You say, "I'm very confused, Lord Rills."

Deevian says, "Hello guard"

Deevian asks, "How are you tonight?"

Rills says, "That would be a big mistake."

You ask, "Ye say there is a pin AND an orb?"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Yesss, it would."

You cock your head at Rills.

Nofret asks, "Why would confusion be a big mistake?"

Rills asks, "Have you seen either one?"

Ilvane says, "Interesting."

Saoirsse covers her ears.

Tierus says, "Come, Armaxis... step forth from the shadows. You have nothing to fear, here."

Deevian says, "Ahm nae surprised thur's confusin'"

Deevian glances at you.

Saoirsse glances at an emerald serpent cloak clasp.

Nofret says, "I have the pin."

Sabitor winks and flashes a sly grin.

Rills asks, "You do?"

Rills glances at Nofret.

Nofret nods.

You say, "I didn't know about an orb."

Rills says, "Hand it over if you do."

Ilvane smiles at you.

Nofret says, "It's in my locker."

You say, "But if it can be described..."

You cock your head at Rills.

Rills says, "Then lets go get it."

Sabitor stares off into space.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "And I've nothing to fear within them." The voice chuckles quietly, "There have been no sightingsss of...orbs..."

Ilvane leans back.

You say, "Ah..."

Saoirsse shivers.

You look at Nofret and shake your head.

Ilvane says, "No, no orbs."

Tierus asks, "Describe this... orb, Rills?"

Ilvane stifles a yawn.

Rills says, "It is a crystal orb."

Arimantis says, "What is your interest in the pin, if I might ask"

You say, "Crystal... I see."

Ilvane says, "Interesting."

Rills says, "crafted from the finest crystal, and unmistakable."

Tierus asks, "And does it have any... specific traits we should know about?"

Rills says, "It belongs to M'Lord Thurfel."

Nofret looks over at Rills and shakes her head.

Tierus says, "I have seen a number of orbs crafted from crystal."

Nofret says, "I've not seen any orbs."

You say, "So, if it is seen, would be known right off, I take it."

Deevian asks, "If ah git Sukki to craft meh an orb fer yeh, kin ah have yer pouch?"

Deevian peers quizzically at Rills.

You ask, "The quality is that fine?"

Rills says, "Yes it is Iscikella."

You hear someone chuckling.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Rills asks, "You hold the crocodile pin Arimantis?"

Arimantis asks, "Me?"

You hear the voice of Sabitor say, "Sounds like this orb is worth quite a bit..."

You hear someone chuckling.

Deevian raises an eyebrow in Rills's direction.

Tierus says, "Hrm... well then, Rills... I shall set about at finding this orb of your Lord Thurfel. In return for it, I have a boon to ask of him."

Rills says, "Hand it over if you do."

Tierus glances at Rills.

Tierus says, "If I find it."

Ilvane glances at Tierus.

Tierus glances at Ilvane.

Ilvane glares at Tierus.

You ask, "There things are important for some reason to Lord Thurfel, I take it."

You ask, "These things?"

Arimantis says, "Why would you think I have it...Nofret has already told you it was in her locker"

Tierus sneers at Ilvane.

Ilvane waves a hand at Tierus, dismissing him indifferently.

Arimantis glances at Tierus.

Rills says, "Hand over the pin Arimantis."

Saoirsse says, " hims loopy all right...."

Arimantis glances at Rills.

Saoirsse hangs her head.

Ilvane asks, "He doesn't have it, are you deaf?"

Sabitor grins wryly.

Ilvane glances at Rills.

Deevian asks, "What pin are you babbling about?"

Deevian raises an eyebrow in Rills's direction.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Because, dear Arimantisss..." The voice laughs amidst its words, "You are pleasant, no? You are already serving Him..."

You hear a sinister hissing nearby.

Tierus says, "Thief Sabitor... you will aid me in searching for that orb, in the caverns."

Tierus glances at Sabitor.

You blink.

Ilvane glares.

Sabitor glances at Tierus.

You ask, "Serving him?"

Krellin asks, "Excuse me Lord Rills, seems yas lost somethings... der be'n a reward offered fer dem?"

Krellin peers quizzically at Rills.

You say, "I am really confused now..."

Nofret says, "The Lord of Lies, he means."

Sabitor blinks.

(Iscikella runs a hand through her hair.)

Nofret says, "Luukos."

Rills says, "I'll be nice about this, but if the pin is not returned I can make life very miserable for you."

Saoirsse says, " I'sa tinkin its a good time for the snake man to go bye bye"

Rills says, "For all of you."

(Saoirsse hides behind Nofret)

You hear someone laugh.

Krellin leans on Rills.

Sabitor frowns at Rills.

Sabitor babbles something unintelligible.

You hear someone chuckling.

Arimantis squints at Rills.

Deevian says, "Yeh aren't vera polite... ignorin' folks, stalking folks, demanding pins"

Krellin asks, "I's a treasure hunter.... what yas look'n fer?"

You ask, "The orb was lost at the same time?"

Krellin peers quizzically at Rills.

You cock your head at Rills.

You hear the voice of Glaves say, "idle threats are nice"

Nofret asks, "Rills, what does the pin DO?"

Arimantis asks, "Even if I did have it....why would I want you to have it?"

Sabitor blinks.

Sabitor asks, "Where did Tierus go?"

Arimantis nods to Nofret.

Rills says, "Making up excuses wont help you."

You say, "That is all there was to it."

You nod to Rills.

Nofret asks, "Excuses?"

You say, "Just a decoration."

Ilvane nods to you.

Arimantis asks, "Nothing special about it at all, it seems....what is the all the ruckus for?"

Deevian says, "The parlour's got plans ta redecorate, so if whoever has the pin wans ta donate et ta a good cause..."

Krellin says, "Maybe it has sentimental value...."

Krellin works his fingers under his silver vultite burgonet and scratches his head.

Nofret says, "It's just a souvenir of a successful commune."

Rills says, "It belongs to M'Lord Thurfel and will be returned."

Rills says, "That is all I need to know."

Nofret asks, "Why does he want it so badly?"

Ilvane says, "Funny."

Deevian mutters bossy.

You ask, "Thurfel is fond of teal crocodile decorations?"

Sabitor says, "It's obviously magical in some way, fools."

Sabitor taps his foot impatiently.

Sabitor mutters under his breath.

Rills asks, "It belongs to him, why wouldn't he?"

Nofret says, "It isn't."

Rills starts chuckling at you!

(Iscikella runs a hand through her hair.)

Nofret says, "Magical."

Arimantis asks, "So you serve him blindly do you?"

Arimantis peers quizzically at Rills.

Sabitor says, "You may not have found anything magical, but it must have some value."

Sabitor gazes heavenward.

Rills says, "He deserves more than I can provide."

Rills says, "I do my best."

Rills says, "If that means tearing down Icemule one stone at a time, I will."

You ask, "Ye take him as a good master then, Lord Rills?"

Nofret says, "About 3,000 silvers worth of decoration. That's its value."

You cock your head at Rills.

Deevian asks, "Why yeh think yeh owe him anythin'?"

Rills says, "or one iceblock at a time as the case may be"

Deevian raises an eyebrow in Rills's direction.

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Saoirsse leans on you.

Arimantis asks, "Is he kind to you, treat you well?"

You say, "He seemed rather... harsh about some things."

Rills exclaims, "It doesn't matter how he treats me, that is irrelevant!"

Nofret asks, "Just out of curiosity...why do you serve Thurfel?"

Arimantis asks, "Is it?"

You ask, "Ah... so is duty?"

Rills exclaims, "The pin belongs to him and it is my job to retrieve it!"

You blink at Rills.

Deevian asks, "Ahh, so he treats yeh poorly?"

Deevian chuckles.

Nofret says, "He didn't say that."

Arimantis says, "So, he is not a kind master then"

Deevian says, "But he seemed kinda hurt"

Deevian says, "Resentful"

Ilvane says, "He has a wonderful way of treating those who he has under him."

The snowshoe hare chimes, "Erm... speaking of Masters... would anyone mind explaining why my pet Tierus is acting so oddly?"

Ilvane nods to Rills.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "The pin belongsss to him, and it was given to Halfberry so he could protect it. Halfberry has proven himself incompetent in thisss manner..."

Rills asks, "Halfberry has it?"

Nofret says, "For once, Armaxis, I agree with you."

Saoirsse shivers.

Deevian laughs!

Saoirsse covers her ears.

Nofret says, "I think he did at first."

Cezzane asks, "Whats going on?"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Halfberry had it, but lost it during a communion. Arimantisss is now in posession of it."

You say, "We wouldn't know."

Deevian says, "We're havin' a party"

Nofret says, "No, I am, Armaxis."

You say, "Cezzane, Lord Rills is one of Thurfel's retainers."

Arimantis says, "Rills here is a servant of Thrufel"

Arimantis nods to Cezzane.

Saoirsse shivers.

You say, "Seems he is seeking the pin... and a crystal orb."

Nofret says, "Thurfel's Castellan."

Ilvane asks, "What exactly do you do for Thurfel?"

Saoirsse asks, " hes a helpin the loopy one?"

Saoirsse peers quizzically at you.

Rills says, "I am captain of the guard"

Arimantis nods to Saoirsse.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "You all speak of honor, dignity, and truth...yet you lie and plot to keep a stolen object away from it'sss rightful owner..."

Ilvane nods.

You hear someone laughing softly nearby.

Rills says, "His right hand hobbit."

You nod to Saoirsse.

Ilvane asks, "What guard?"

Rills strikes a heroic pose.

Deevian begins chuckling at Rills.

Deevian asks, "hobbit?"

Cezzane asks, "you wana tell that master of yours to open the shops in mule?"

Cezzane snickers.

Arimantis begins chuckling at Cezzane.

You ask, "So it seems he has a full guard? And a giant is a right-hand hobbit?"

You say, "Interesting."

Ilvane giggles.

Deevian exclaims, "Biggest dern hobbit ah ever seen!"

Rills says, "An elite force of fighters that have sworn to die serving and protecting Lord Thurfel."

You blink.

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "An elite force."

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Ilvane says, "Oh, they have.."

Saoirsse says, " yer just a loopy as hims is I spect"

Nofret asks, "How many in this elite force, my Lord Rills?"

Nofret asks, "Ten? A thousand?"

Ilvane says, "Well there is just as many a force against him."

Nofret raises an eyebrow in Ilvane's direction.

Cezzane smiles.

Saoirsse says, " force... das a bad thing I tinks"

Arimantis asks, "If I might ask, what brought you to serve Thurfel?"

You say, "So we know Thurfel is possessive of his jewelry..."

Glaves says, "his mother didn't hug him enough as a child"

(Iscikella runs a hand through her hair.)

Ilvane giggles.

Arimantis asks, " Thurfel lost his know where it was lost?"

You ask, "The orb, Lord Rills, was lost when? Can we know that?"

Ilvane nods to Deevian.

Rills says, "The orb and pin are around here somewhere and they will be returned."

Deevian asks, "Yer awfully cute fer a... hobbit, was it?"

Deevian flirts with Rills.

Arimantis gazes heavenward.

Ilvane giggles.

Saoirsse peers quizzically at Deevian.

Nofret asks, "Where did Thurfel lose the orb?"

Saoirsse says, " Is anyone in this place not loopy"

Saoirsse mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Deevian says, "Ahm jest tryin' ta git his attention"

You say, "I'm not sure, Saoirsse."

Nofret asks, "We know about the pin, but where did he lose that?"

Rills says, "I will return, and if no one is forthcoming with handing over those items, Lord Thurfel is likely to come asking himself."

Rills says, "If that happens, things will get nasty."

After a moment's silence a flame-tailed cat prances into the room and glances upward.

Ilvane says, "So let him."

You blink.

Ilvane nods to Rills.

A young lad dashes into the room, hands Rills a message and dashes off.

Saoirsse blinks.

You blink.

Rills says, "In the meantime, I recommend the townspeople avoid travelling too close to Lord Thurfel's keep."

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "It's time to return Rills"

(Deevian dances a little circle around Lord Rills.)

You say, "Lot of foot traffic today."

You say, "A familiar of Thurfel's."

Arimantis peers quizzically at Rills.

Rills says, "We will be much more forceful in protecting his territory in the future."

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "I hope for your sake, your search bore results."

Ilvane grins at a flame-tailed cat.

Saoirsse blinks.

Deevian snickers.

Saoirsse exclaims, " a talkin kitty! Dinner!"

Deevian says, "The cat says yer in trouble"

Rills bows to the flame-tailed cat.

The flame-tailed cat meows loudly.

Deevian smiles at Rills.

You say, "The tail is quite... distinctive."

Rills says, "Until next time."

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "It has, feline. The holder of the pin is just to giving it up."

Nofret says, "He tried hard. He couldn't retrieve the pin because it is not in town."

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "That will change, I assume, in the future."

Saoirsse shivers.

You hear someone laughing softly nearby.

Lord Rills went down a steep staircase.

Ilvane smirks.

Saoirsse covers her ears.

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "Then the holder of the pin shall be so much ash and embers."

Deevian says, "He din't even try, kitty"

Deevian grins evilly.

Ilvane rolls her eyes.

You say, "Figured ye'd say that."

The flame-tailed cat purrs, "Return immediately, we have work to do."

You sigh softly.

Deevian says, "He allready left, cat"

Ilvane says, "He has a thing for fire."

Saoirsse shivers.

Deevian says, "See, he's vera disobedient"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "He acted civilized; he will not come in and bash headsss, unless of course, people are...uncompromising."

You say, "He marched along, cat."

The flame-tailed cat turns away, looks back over its shoulder once, and then prances off.

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