Commune for Halfberry's Soul
Volnes, day 7 of the month Phoenatos in the year 5100

[Hall of the Seasons]
Four altars stand in this room, one against each wall. The one on the east wall is tinted yellow, the south crimson, the west green, and the north black. Carved upon the walls are scenes from each of the four seasons in the cycle of the year, spring in the east blending to summer in the south, summer becoming autumn in the west and autumn fading to winter in the north. A deity presides over each scene, according to the correct season. You also see the Xeldrake disk, a grey stone arch and a brightly painted wooden gate decorated with garlands of spring flowers.

Tierus recites:
"Ah'd ask tha' ye all keep tae all movements tae a minimum once tha Commune 'as begun
Bu' tha' goes wi'out saying."

A chilly draft whistles around eerily.

Tierus touches one finger to his lips.

Aranrhod wraps her hooded cloak tightly around herself, as if to keep out the cold.

(Saeros clutches his leathers about his body.)

(Arimantis wraps his vestment around Ilvane)

Candles flicker in their sconces fitfully.

(Tierus glances about frightfully.)

Tierus shivers.

Ilvane asks, "What is that?"

Roelon says, "Tis only the wind.."

Iansen says, "Something's... not right..."

Tierus says, "Aye... jus' tha wind."

(Aranrhod glances about)

A faint aroma of violet fills the room.

Kadesha kneels down and begins to recite prayers.

(Tierus begins chanting softly for Halfberry's soul.)

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "A wonderful chill." A voice whispers in one of the shadowed corners of the room, "Such frigid windsss are...refreshing."

Roelon says, "Snakes.."

Kadesha says, "please, if your affiliations have ye opposing, respect the ritual enough to not be disruptive"

Iansen asks, "So the coward returns?"

Kadesha asks, "Iansen?"

The wind picks up to a low moan and you can almost make out a voice.

Sabitor shudders.

(Arimantis pulls his vestment tighter around Ilvane, protecting her from the wind)

Seravadon blinks.

Kadesha asks, "ye wish to join in communion?"

Aranrhod blinks.

Roelon coughs.

Aranrhod touches one finger to her lips.

Tierus shivers.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Coward?" The voice queries, laughing amidst the moans. "Thurfel warned me beforehand, dear Iansen."

You sigh.

(Duelstar stands errect.)

You ask, "Why does that figure?"

(Tierus begins chanting out prayers for Halfberry and Icemule.)

Iansen says, "And I stood firm, protected by my lord"

Duelstar gazes heavenward.

A bit of fragrant dust falls from some deep blue violet incense as it burns.

Jipzy nods to you.

Iansen says, "With no warning beforehand"

Kadesha continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Kadesha takes off a polished ebonwood Lorminstra symbol inlaid with the image of a golden key.

Jipzy smiles ruefully

Kadesha holds her Lorminstra symbol high, staring intently into the image of a golden key. The symbol radiates a pale glow, and the image shimmers and coalesces for a moment into the visage of Lorminstra for all to see. Words seem to spring unbidden to Kadesha's lips as the vision overwhelms her and she calls out, "Grant that we be worthy of your deliverance, Goddess of rebirth!"

Kadesha gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Kadesha just touched a black altar.

Kadesha just kissed the altar!

The candles suddenly blow out and a door *BANGS* loudly somewhere nearby.

Kadesha gestures at a polished ebonwood Lorminstra symbol inlaid with the image of a golden key.

(Tierus glares into the shadows reproachfully, a quieting finger to his lips.)

Ilvane asks, "What is it?"

Sabitor bites his lip.

Roelon raises an eyebrow.

Krovax cracks his knuckles.

You hear someone chuckling.

You say, "The door...."

Kadesha continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

You hear the voice of Setzier ask, "The artic wind has a certain... appeal." The voice whispers from the other shadowed corner, "Only the wind, say you?"

A bit of fragrant dust falls from some deep blue violet incense as it burns.

Jipzy says, "Is jes the win"

Kadesha recites:
"Great and merciful Lorminstra."

You say, "What is going on."

Iansen says, "Now the Sheruvian..."

Ilvane says, "No..the wind.."

Iansen scowls.

Kadesha recites:
"We seek ye today, to aid the soul of Halfberry"

In the darkness and silence, you can hear a vague clip of the sound of boots on flagstones as they move around.

(Iscikella looks at the blown-out candle.)

You exclaim, "OH!"

Kadesha recites:
"We seek ye guard his soul,
dear lady of the Gates
may ye grant him new life
that he mai aid us all"

You ask, "Who is here?"

Roelon says, "Somethin' nae smells right."

(Tierus murmurs fervent prayers under his breath. He clenches his Lorminstra symbol hard enough to bend it slightly.)

Kadesha recites:
"I pray thee Lorminstra, goddes whom delivered me from Luukos' binds
that ye aid Halfberry in his desire to save us from the forces of evil

(Iscikella looks nervous.)

The incense smoke swirls around, coalescing into a strange contorted face followed by a maddening evil laugh that fades away to nothing.

You gasp.

You point at some deep blue violet incense.

Ilvane says, "No."

Tierus's jaw drops.

Sabitor winces.

Ilvane exclaims, "No!"

Jipzy rubs you gently.

Roelon says, "That nae sound good.."

Jipzy says, "Pay it no heed"

Ilvane exclaims, "You go from here!"

You hear the voice of Setzier say, "Calls to her will not leave this hall..." A faint, amused chuckle emits and echoes about the hall, "The Shadows are here."

Tierus exclaims, "Ignore tha shadows, all! Lorminstra be wif us as well- ah am... certain o' it!"

You hear the voice of Armaxis ask, "Death rides upon the wind tonight. Do you not hear, can you not smell it in the air?"

Roelon says, "Not all shadow is what you think."

(Saeros 's long left ear twitches at the sound of the voices in the shadows.)

You smell a wafting scent of sorrowful decay.

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Iansen says, "The shadows don't guard this hall..."

Jipzy exclaims, "I fear it not!"

Ripples of pure darkness roll out from an unseen source.

Iansen says, "They never had"

Tierus says, "Oh, not now..."

Jipzy says, "It is the lIght within us all will ovacome this"

Iansen says, "They never will"

Roelon says, "Keep hope, and focus on what we are trying to do."

Kadesha recites:
"Dear Lady I seek ye reveal your might in turning back the forces of darkness who dare appear here"

Roelon says, "The snakes with to distract..."

You hear a snort of derisive laughter.

(Tierus begins convulsing. When the twitching ceases, he glances about coldly.)

Sabitor says, "Oh... Tierus..."

A sickly glow flickers in the shadows for a moment.

Strangely, the room appears to get even darker and colder and then just as suddenly as the darkness fell, it is replaced by the candles flaring up brightly.

Ilvane says, "For Halfberry's soul."

You hear someone moan.

Ilvane places a hand over her heart.

You gasp.

Iansen says, "They cowardly hide in the shadows..."

Hellebus says, "the shadows protect not only the cowardly.."

(Tierus rubs his head in pain.)

Sabitor asks, "Tierus?"

Tierus nods to Sabitor.

Tierus says, "Aye, 'tis me again."

Roelon says, "Halfberry.."

Kadesha recites:
"Lorminstra, please grant the soul of Halfberry mercy"

Tierus says, "Oh... let tha' brave halfling live again..."

Kadesha recites:
"I pray thee Lorminstra, drive back the forces of evil who dare now to defile your altar"

(Saeros gazes at the candle as a at a beacon while muttering a short prayer.)

(Jipzy quietly murmers, "Please hear our pleas")

(Tierus begins chanting softly in the Faendryl tongue.)

You weep softly, quiet tears falling from your eyes.

Tierus says, "'e wis a good halfling, an' strong."

Arimantis says, "All he wanted to do was help"

Arimantis sighs.

Tierus says, "An' 'e dinnae deserve ta die."

Roelon says, "He only wanted his freedom."

You say, "Well, no one should die like that."

You say, "No one."

Tierus says, "Which's... ah s'ppose... why we're 'ere."

The persistent breeze dies out, replaced by the normal stillness and quiet reverence found here.

You say, "The quiet... listen."

Jipzy smiles softly

You say, "The quiet..."

Ilvane says, "He's okay.."

You touch Kadesha.

Roelon leans forward.

Ilvane nods.

Arimantis sighs.

Jipzy nods to you.

Roelon touches one finger to his lips.

Jipzy smiles softly

Iansen sighs.

Ilvane weeps softly, quiet tears falling from her eyes.

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