Feastday, day 5 of the month Phoenatos in the year 5100

[Icemule Trace, South Road]
A silvery sheen from something up north catches your eye over the heads of the crowds. No matter the time of day or night, this stretch of road always seems busy. A young halfling girl, dressed in the livery of the Silvermule Gaming Hall, rushes past you to deliver a message. You also see an arctic fox who is sitting.
Also here: Lady Maelani, Kalail, Erome, Seravadon, Lord Jukan, Journeyman Pannaka, Iluviel, Targotyll, Lord Sicarium, Lord Thraak, Lord Rimlin, Lord Zacciwie, Fabrique, Ranyhyn, Lady Xanthipe, Saeros, Lord Catthief, Lady Skyfawn, Lord Thurfel
Obvious paths: north, south, west.

You say, "Lord Thurfel, this orb ye seek..."

You ask, "Why is it so important?"

Thurfel says, "Tis an artifact of much use"

Thurfel says, "I would wish it back"

Iluviel rubs her chin thoughtfully.

You hear the voice of Algrus ask, "What does it do?"

Thurfel chuckles.

Kalail smiles at Thurfel.

Maelani winks at Thurfel.

Thurfel smiles at Maelani.

You say, "Well, artifacts usually have uses."

Armaxis fades into sight next to you.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You glance at Armaxis.

Maelani glances at Armaxis.

Catthief says, "Aye, the orb ye presented the image of this town burning in."

Thurfel says, "I would hardly give away the secrets of an artifact no longer in my possesion"

Catthief nods.

Armaxis raises an eyebrow.

You hear the voice of Algrus say, "If I'm to even be nominated for an apprentice, It would be helpful to know some things."

Zacciwie hisses at Armaxis.

You say, "Ah, the snak himself."

Zacciwie snickers.

Catthief says, "I read the record."

You hear the voice of Algrus say, "Snacks.. yummy"

You hear the voice of Algrus say, "Stop talking about food Isci."

Kalail glances at Armaxis.

You say, "Well, perhaps I wish snakes would become but snacks."

You shrug.

Catthief asks, "Do ye truly believe that is the future of this town? Nothing more than burning rubble?"

Catthief peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Sicarium rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You hear the voice of Algrus say, "Then get a skinning knife."

You hear someone chuckling.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "tis not my goal to burn it to rubble"

You ask, "Why would ye think Halfberry would take the orb, Lord Thurfel?"

You ask, "He knows of yer power. Why would he anger ye?"

You hear the voice of Algrus say, "Why did Satrn anger him..."

Thurfel says, "I do not know...sometimes folks wish power for themselves..."

Kalail asks, "Why not Thurfel?"

Earthdiver says, "he did not seem like a thief"

Thurfel says, "perhaps he believes it is the key to power"

You hear the voice of Algrus say, "Satrn does know his power, but lacks the faith I have."

Kalail says, "Young Thurfel ... burn all of Elanthia down ..."

Kalail chuckles.

You ask, "And would he be right to think that?"

You squint at Thurfel.

Maelani glances at Kalail.

Thurfel smiles at you.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Maelani squints.

You say, "Therein likes the crux of the matter, I think."

Thurfel says, "a mage that relies only on magic items is a mage soon dead"

Maelani leans to her left slightly.

Maelani grins at Thurfel.

Catthief says, "No doubt."

Kalail chuckles.

Maelani says, "And to think I thought all mages dense."

You hear the voice of Algrus say, "I rely on my sword, and I'm a mage."

Sicarium waves to Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "Tis but one item"

You hear someone chuckling.

Catthief says, "However...I feel that was an evasive answer."

You hear the voice of Algrus say, "Bleh."

You ask, "And how well has Halfberry learned from ye, Lord Thurfel?"

Thurfel says, "I would wish it back to be sure"

You ask, "Well enough to use this one item?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I do not know"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Catthief asks, "Do ye FEEL he would use it?"

Thurfel says, "It might be interesting if he has."

You glance at Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "if he does use it..."

Thurfel says, "it will be the last thing he ever uses."

Fabrique asks, "there be a bounty on Halfberry?"

You hear someone mutter something under his breath.

Maelani bows to Thurfel.

You say, "Ah..."

Algrus fades into visibility.

You ask, "Does he know this?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Catthief asks, " those who dunnae know how to use it correctly are as good as dead, eh?"

Thurfel says, "If you walked into the home of your employer..."

Thurfel says, "and took a valuable item from him...."

Thurfel asks, "what do you think?"

Algrus says, "I would run."

Armaxis says, "He'll most likely blow himself to bitsss with"

Catthief says, "Aye...I suppose I would nae live long either."

Algrus chuckles.

Thurfel nods to Catthief.

Catthief says, "Fortunately, I dunnae have an employer."

Catthief chuckles.

Thurfel says, "But he does"

Catthief says, "Apparently."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Catthief says, "But back to this orb..."

Thurfel says, "Perhaps ye can save his miserable hide"

Thurfel says, "if you find he indeed has it"

Xanthipe asks, "will his use of the artifact destroy the artifact itself?"

Catthief says, "And Iscikella's question..."

Xanthipe shifts her eyes to Thurfel.

Catthief asks, "Is it the secret to all power?"

You say, "Halfberry seemed rather... scary."

Thurfel says, "you can convince him to return it"

Thurfel chuckles.

Thurfel says, "hardly"

Xanthipe says, "you can easily get another apprentice you know."

Thurfel nods to Xanthipe.

You say, "I mean scared of things."

Algrus nods to Thurfel.

Xanthipe waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Thurfel says, "aye Xanthipe..."

You say, "Scared of everything."

Thurfel says, "indeed...."

Thurfel says, "and if it comes to it..."

Xanthipe says, "then wait for the explosion to give away his location"

Ranyhyn asks, "what kind of name is halfberry?"

Xanthipe smiles sweetly

Thurfel says, "rest assured I will be scouring this town to find one worthy"

You say, "I cannot imagine him taking an orb for power."

Algrus says, "Massa' Thurfel will be looking for a good Candidate."

Thurfel says, "one who can listen"

Ranyhyn asks, "now hes a master?"

Thurfel says, "and not steal"

Earthdiver says, "perhaps it was taken for another.."

Catthief says, "Aye, an' I'll make sure that none will."

Catthief chuckles.

Skekses asks, "a good candidate for what?"

Ranyhyn leans on Thurfel.

Algrus says, "An apprentice."

Ilvane mutters under her breath.

Zacciwie smiles at Ilvane.

Catthief nods to Ilvane.

You smile at Ilvane.

Ilvane smiles.

Earthdiver says, "Halfberry did not strike me as one overly confident in his actions"

Ranyhyn asks, "want that tart now, thurfel?"

Earthdiver says, "would not be too hard to sway"

Xanthipe nods to Thurfel.

You say, "That is why I don't think he took yer orb, Lord Thurfel."

Ilvane sits down.

Thurfel says, "Well, it would help if he would show to explain himself"

Thurfel says, "He seems a bit missing"

You say, "Unless perhaps he was frightened ye would hurt the town and thought he was helping."

Ilvane asks, "Do you intend to harm him?"

Earthdiver says, "he fears, with reason"

Thurfel says, "and running"

Ilvane peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Catthief whispers, "This is all very interesting."

Targotyll asks, "maybe he was promised something from somebody else with an agenda..?"

Ranyhyn says, "i kidnapped him, thurfel"

You nod to Catthief.

Thurfel says, "Depends on him Ilvane"

Skyfawn asks, "do you think Rills could have taken it and blamed Halfberry?"

Ranyhyn says, "hes in my locker"

Thurfel nods to Targotyll.

Ilvane asks, "Depends on what?"

Thurfel says, "that is a possibility"

Targotyll asks, "but whom?"

Algrus shrieks!

Thurfel says, "Rills is hardly bright enough"

Ranyhyn says, "halfberry is in my locker"

Ilvane grins at Ranyhyn.

You ask, "But Halfberry is?"

Targotyll says, "Alas i have left the town many a times and my knowledge is sketchy"

You work your fingers under your faceted iceberg coronet and scratch your head.

Skekses says, "what bout me master thurfel"

Skekses bounces around happily.

Algrus says, "Massa' Thurfel seems to take a liking to youngings and use them as servants."

Algrus grins.

Skyfawn says, "no, but if he knew of a mage that wanted it, he could fetch a good price"

Ranyhyn says, "i kidnapped halfberry and stuffed him in my locker"

Thurfel says, "Halfberry is a bit more creative than Rills"

Thurfel says, "Rills does what he is told"

Algrus says, "Otherwise, these mistakes would not have happened."

Algrus chuckles.

You say, "Creative? An interesting way to describe things."

Ilvane says, "He is as intelligent, though bumbling at times."

Thurfel says, "I would not go so far as to say intelligent...."

Algrus chuckles.

Thurfel says, "He has been crafty on occasion"

Ilvane says, "Crafty."

Thurfel says, "hence his position as my apprentice"

Ilvane rubs her chin thoughtfully.

You blink at Thurfel.

You ask, "He has?"

Ranyhyn asks, "hes stupid, thurfel?"

A faint glint of reddish light appears in the shadows.

Setzier fades into sight next to you.

Catthief asks, "Getting a bit too clever for ye liking, Thurfel?"

You glance at Setzier.

Catthief squints at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "he lacks common sense however"

Algrus says, "ALo Setzier."

Targotyll asks, "why choose sucha dumb apprentice Thurfel?"

Setzier leans on his staff.

You say, "And now we have the jackals too."

Ilvane says, "Probably smarter than you imagined if he could stay away as long as he has."

You roll your eyes.

Catthief says, "Or chooses to ignore it."

Ranyhyn says, "lots of OLD people here"

Skekses points at herself.

Skekses says, "im smart"

Armaxis says, "He is driven by fear for now, hisss current demeanor displays such."

Algrus chuckles.

Earthdiver says, "not dumb.. just not that confident"

Ilvane glances at Setzier.

Catthief nods to Ranyhyn.

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

Algrus nods to Armaxis.

Algrus says, "Good point."

Ilvane asks, "Afraid, can you blame him?"

Thurfel says, "it will not be long, I will find him soon enough."

Ilvane peers quizzically at Armaxis.

Armaxis says, "Whether he works for yet to be seen."

Catthief asks, "And then, Thurfel?"

Earthdiver says, "is easier to have an apprentice who do you know feel is plotting behind your back with what you have taught him or her"

Algrus says, "I'm willing to help your search Massa' Thurfel."

Thurfel says, "Then we will chat..."

Armaxis says, "Hisss running is an exercise in futility: He will be found, it is only a matter of time."

Ilvane stares at Algrus.

You say, "Lord Thurfel, I do not mean to be rude, but perhaps if ye somehow assured yer apprentice yer intent is not to hurt him..."

Thurfel says, "and things will be as they always have...."

Ilvane says, "Traitor."

Setzier says, "A frightened halfling does not get far by their own, quivering legs."

Catthief asks, "'Chat,' as you put it, includes torture and all the rest, I assume?"

Earthdiver says, "do not feel, rather"

Thurfel says, "or I will have a new apprentice"

Algrus grins.

Catthief asks, "Knowing you?"

Thurfel says, "he must be punished"

Thurfel nods to Catthief.

Ilvane glares at Algrus.

Algrus says, "Since when have I stated myself to be in the greater good of Icemule Trace."

Algrus smirks.

Catthief says, "Aye, I thought as much."

Skekses points at herself.

Skekses says, "im smart"

Skekses points at herself.

Ranyhyn asks, "thurfel, want a tart?"

Ilvane waves a hand at Algrus, dismissing him indifferently.

Thurfel scowls at Ranyhyn.

You say, "Then I don't see why he would return, Lord Thurfel."

Ranyhyn says, "i guess not"

Ilvane says, "You change with the wind Algrus."

You ask, "To return to punishment?"

Ranyhyn says, "more tart for me then"

You shake your head.

Algrus chuckles.

Thurfel says, "is there not a nest of rats you might go bed with Ranyhyn"

Algrus says, "I've never been with the wind."

Setzier smiles quietly to himself.

Algrus says, "Always been a man of many talents."

Ranyhyn chuckles.

Dabrezandi says, "this towns fulla rats"

Algrus glances at Thurfel.

Catthief says, "Ye seem tae have fallen into a chapter of accidents, Thurfel."

Ranyhyn says, "your funny, thurfel"

Ranyhyn nods.

Ranyhyn leans on Thurfel.

Catthief says, "Ye own apprentices do not trust ye."

Algrus asks, "Wish me do my magic massa' Thurfel?"

Algrus smiles.

Targotyll glances at Ranyhyn.

Ranyhyn exclaims, "i lost my tart!"

Targotyll says, "quiet you..."

Ranyhyn asks, "why?"

You blink at Algrus.

Ilvane smirks.

Ranyhyn glances at Targotyll.

Targotyll says, "coz yer annoyin"

Catthief smiles at Ilvane.

Ranyhyn asks, "your point?"

Ilvane smiles.

Ranyhyn says, "i'm "helping"..."

Ranyhyn chuckles.

(Setzier casts his gaze through the crowd towards two people, watching them intently for but a moment.)

Targotyll says, "naw yer not, so hushup"

Ilvane says, "Algrus, you are nothing but a coward."

You say, "I still would understand why ye wish to unseal the tomb, Lord Thurfel."

Algrus chuckles.

Algrus asks, "Coward from whom?"

(Armaxis paces quietly in the faint shadow of a building, a hushed whisper being heard from his direction every few moments.)

Algrus peers quizzically at Ilvane.

Skekses sighs sadly.

Thurfel says, "If ye should see him, please let him know that I do wish to speak with him"

Ranyhyn asks, "how ya plan to shut me up, targotyll?"

Thurfel says, "it would be in his best interest"

You glance at Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "I'd much rather he find me before I find him"

Ilvane nods to Thurfel.

You say, "No more curses, snake."

You glower darkly at Armaxis.

Algrus stretches.

Ilvane says, "If I see him, will be sure to tell him."

Ranyhyn chuckles.

Thurfel says, "tis good to see ye Armaxis"

Catthief asks, "Undoubtedly, Thurfel, but why do ye wish tae open the tomb?"

Algrus says, "Armaxis, you are nothing but a good sight to see at these gatherings."

Thurfel says, "there is something within the tomb"

Ranyhyn asks, "it good to see me too, thurfel?"

Ilvane begins chuckling at Algrus.

Skyfawn asks, "cause he has a quest?"

Armaxis says, "And you as well, it is good to see you from your studies in the Keep."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Catthief says, "That I know..."

Thurfel says, "I wish to find out if my thoughts are correct."

You ask, "So ye have said, but do even ye know what that something is?"

Catthief asks, "But why do ye wish tae destroy the better part of a town to get it?"

You say, "Ah, so ye don't know."

You say, "Exactly."

Catthief asks, "And what are ye thoughts?"

Thurfel says, "I have but a few educated thoughts milady"

Iscikella smiles crookedly at Thurfel.

Daryanna laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Catthief says, "Or 'guesses' might be a better way of putting it."

Ilvane chuckles.

Catthief asks, "Wild leaps of the imagine?"

Earthdiver idly scratches himself on the neck.

You glance at Setzier.

Saeros whispers, "You seem to know much about this halfling Thurfel, could you please tell me more of him later, good lady?"

Thurfel smiles at Skyfawn.

Setzier shifts his eyes to you.

Algrus says, "I hope you dream of many demons."

Algrus glares at Ranyhyn.

You glance at Armaxis.

Ilvane glances at Setzier.

Catthief asks, "Ye wish tae kill hundreds simply tae see if ye thoughts are correct?"

You whisper quietly to Saeros, "Certainly."

Catthief peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Saeros smiles.

Thurfel says, "Ye assume hundreds will die"

Setzier places his hand on his ancient black amulet.

Algrus says, "Setzier, been awhile since I last saw your presence."

Earthdiver says, "no one will necessarily die"

Thurfel says, "it could be thousands"

Thurfel chuckles.

Catthief says, "I dunnae assume, Thurfel."

Setzier says, "My presence has always been."

Ilvane rolls her eyes.

Algrus says, "Hopefully."

Algrus nods to Thurfel.

You say, "This must be a "powerful something", Lord Thurfel, to occupy so much of yer attention."

Catthief says, "The lands could be thrown into ruin."

You ask, "Will ye at least admit that?"

Targotyll asks, "oh so you're here to enlist our help...but yer gonna burn our town?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "Those who die shall not die needlessly, no..."

Armaxis raises his hand to his bronze Luukos symbol, touching the image of a green serpent.

Earthdiver says, "no way of knowing either way.. without even knowing with is there"

Armaxis says, "It will be for Him."

Earthdiver flails his arms about.

You glance at Armaxis.

Skyfawn rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Earthdiver says, "what is there, rather"

Catthief says, "Him can boil his head, Armaxis."

Skyfawn nods to Thurfel.

Catthief mutters under his breath.

You say, "I have no wish to feed Luukos need for souls for the undead, thank ye just the same, Armaxis."

Algrus says, "A good cause, but yet, such a waste of time when he can take his own."

Frogblatt gawks at Thurfel.

Thurfel smiles at Ilvane.

Ilvane smiles at Thurfel.

Frogblatt bows.

Maelani leans back.

Ilvane nods.

Armaxis says, "Thingsss are already set in motion, dear Iscikella..."

Catthief says, "I will not have citizens dying simply to feed your god."

Maelani glances at Armaxis.

Maelani rolls her eyes.

You say, "Motion can be stopped."

Catthief glances at Armaxis.

You glare at Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "Algrus, Maelani, Armaxis, if ye should see my apprentice..."

Catthief nods to you.

Armaxis says, "Only a matter of time until the Serpent Lord is appeased."

Thurfel says, "please tell him to seek me out."

Algrus smiles at Thurfel.

Maelani nods to Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "I shall."

Catthief says, "The Serpent Lord may find thorns in his side, Armaxis."

Catthief says, "Several, if he isn't very careful."

Algrus says, "Massa' Thurfel, expect my words, for I shall seek with the best of them."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I still would know the description of this orb if I may. If I saw it, I am not sure I would know it."

Ilvane rolls her eyes.

Ilvane glances at Algrus and yawns.

Thurfel nods to Maelani.

Armaxis points at Ilvane.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Ilvane glances at Armaxis.

Frogblatt squeaks oddly.

Maelani glances at Armaxis.

Maelani glances at Thurfel.

You sigh.

Catthief whispers, "This event alone has been enough tae keep me in town."

Ilvane says, "Rude it is to point."

Ilvane smirks.

Ranyhyn says, "algrus, stop sucking up to thurfel by calling him "massa"..."

Ranyhyn snickers.

Thurfel whispers, "I would suggest that if you see any orbs of power, you let me know"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Armaxis says, "You were being made an...example, so can tolerate my pointing."

Armaxis smirks.

Algrus glances at Armaxis.

Catthief whispers, "I never expected a meeting with him AND Armaxis firsthand."

(Maelani brushes off her cloak.)

You squint at Armaxis.

Ilvane asks, "An example?"

Maelani coughs.

Ilvane raises an eyebrow in Armaxis's direction.

Maelani glances at Thurfel.

Earthdiver twiddles his thumbs.

Thurfel says, "I shall wish ye all a warm evening"

Thurfel bows.

Skyfawn curtsies to Thurfel.

Catthief says, "I wish ye a cold one."

Earthdiver waves.

Frogblatt bows to Thurfel.

Saeros bows to Thurfel.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Catthief says, "A cold eve' to ye, Thurfel."

Keriddwen stares at Thurfel.

Skyfawn says, "good eve"

Earthdiver says, "it's icemule"

Targotyll says, "Cold iss mer like it"

Ilvane grins at Catthief.

Ranyhyn leans on Thurfel.

Earthdiver says, "it's never warm up here"

Targotyll bows to Thurfel.

Algrus bows to Armaxis.

Catthief says, "An' may it be colder when we stop ye."

Frogblatt says, "Good evening to you great wizard"

You say, "Ye travel to yer keep then, Lord Thurfel, I wish ye a good sleep."

Catthief nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel smiles at Maelani.

Maelani winks at Thurfel.

Keriddwen says in guild speak, "I wonder if we can convince halfberry to give us the orb"

Ilvane rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Algrus says, "Massa' Thurfel. You be well."

Thurfel makes a small gesture with his left hand.

Jukan bows to Thurfel.

Earthdiver covers his eyes with his hands.

Algrus says, "I will have good news for you when you arrive once again."

You work your fingers under your faceted iceberg coronet and scratch your head.

Ilvane asks, "Can you kiss boots any more?"

Targotyll says, "I dun like it..."

Catthief chuckles.

You say, "That was most odd."

Catthief says, "Nay."

Catthief looks over at Ilvane and shakes his head.

Ranyhyn says, "all i heard was algrus sucking up to thurfel"

Ilvane grins at Catthief.

Ilvane nods to Ranyhyn.

Setzier glances at Armaxis.

Catthief says, "Well, Iscikella"

Jukan says, "Should jus' remove 'is head."

Ilvane says, "Everyone knows.."

Catthief says, "I feel the need tae talk again."

Skyfawn leans on Ilvane.

Frogblatt says, "Goodness a great wizard indeed."

You say, "Well, maybe he likes being a slave. Personally I don't think slavery a good thing."

Catthief says, "This prompts a very quick and large course of action."

Algrus bows to Armaxis.

Algrus bows to Setzier.

Armaxis says, "Soon His will shall triumph over the people of Icemule Trace, and nothing but ruins shall be left."

Armaxis laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

Armaxis's ora Luukos symbol emits a soft grey glow.

You glance at Armaxis.

You hear someone cackle.

Armaxis stares blankly about and you notice his eyes are slitted! A long forked tongue slips out of his mouth, tasting the air.

Earthdiver says, "i don't know why he was surprised at Halfberry being missing"

Zacciwie says, "dumb snake"

Zacciwie mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Ilvane says, "Interesting."

You say, "Not so simple a thing, Armaxis."

Setzier wraps his black rapture cloak around himself, causing a dark haze to enshroud him.

Keriddwen says, "belly crawlers"

You say, "Haven't ye realized that yet."

Catthief says, "He's left."

Ripples of pure darkness roll out from an unseen source.

Maelani gazes up into the heavens.

Ilvane says, "So arrogant."

Zacciwie says, "belly crawlers"

Catthief asks, "Well, Isci, back to the pub?"

Catthief says, "I need tae discuss this with ye urgently."

Skyfawn curtsies to you.

Ilvane smiles.

You smile at Skyfawn.

Skyfawn says, "be well Iscikella"

Ilvane leans on Skyfawn.

Catthief says, "Nice tae finally meet ye, Ilvane."

You ask, "Ilvane, Skyfawn, do ye wish to join us?"

Ilvane says, "You as well."

Saeros says, "May I follow, good lady Iscikella? I wish to know more of this Thurfel."

Ilvane smiles.

Skyfawn says, "if we may"

Ilvane says, "Sure."

You nod to Saeros.

You say, "Certainly."

Saeros smiles.

Catthief says, "I'll bring Ilvane to the tavern, Isci"

You say, "Allright."

Catthief says, "Fetch us a table."

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