Niiman, day 13 of the month Koaratos in the year 5100

[Hall of the Holy Struggle]
The walls of this circular chamber are filled with pictures of horror and of goodness. The western walls are covered with carvings of undead beings, etched in disgusting detail, while the eastern walls bear bas-relief warriors in gleaming armor marching to war. The pictures seem to be chasing each other in a perpetual hunt, although you could better see if you looked more closely. Two altars have been erected in the room, one tinted black, the other white. A spiral staircase leads up to the next level.
Also in the room: Lord Blizzerdd, Lord Deevian, Elanella, Goldstr, Germinal, Halfberry
Obvious exits: southeast, up.

Germinal grins.

Goldstr says, "Might ask Aranrhod"

Germinal nods to you in greeting.

You cock your head at Halfberry.

Deevian asks, "Halfberry, yeh tellin' us half truths now?"

You say, "Evening, apprentice."

You ask, "What do ye here?"

Deevian mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Goldstr bows to you.

You cock your head at Halfberry.

Halfberry asks, "Me? Half truths?"

Halfberry whimpers.

Halfberry exclaims, "Master gave me that pin, I gotta get it!"

Goldstr says, "he lookin fer his pin"

Deevian says, "We'll find it"

Halfberry exclaims, "It's magic!"

Deevian smiles at Halfberry.

You say, "Ah..."

Elanella nods to Deevian.

You ask, "the crocodile?"

You cock your head at Halfberry.

Goldstr nods to you.

You ask, "The teal one?"

Halfberry says, "It's very powerful, he tell me that."

Goldstr says, "aye"

Halfberry exclaims, "Yah!"

Halfberry asks, "You got it?"

Halfberry peers quizzically at you.

You ask, "That means ye were spying on us, Halfberry?"

Halfberry shuffles his feet.

You say, "Nae, I do not. Though I know of it, yes."

Germinal leans against a white altar.

Halfberry exclaims, "No, I never been here, I swear!"

Germinal squints.

Deevian says, "the temple is quite the public place"

You say, "So ye were spying on us."

Elanella leans on Deevian.

You squint at Halfberry.

Blizzerdd begins chuckling at Halfberry.

You say, "He was invisible."

>You say, "He was spying."

Halfberry says, "Why would Halfberry spy? I don't even know how to spy."

Halfberry sobs.

You ask, "For yer master, I take it?"

Elanella rubs Halfberry gently.

Deevian says, "Ahm invisible a lot, dunt mean ahm a spy"

Goldstr says, "tell da truth if ye want yer pin Halfberry"

Germinal says, "Durin a sacred religious ceremony..."

Germinal sighs.

Germinal shakes his head.

Halfberry asks, "You hold Halfberry's pin ransom?"

Halfberry whimpers.

Blizzerdd glances at you.

Deevian says, "Aye, they do indeed"

Germinal asks, "If ye admit yer spyin, maybe ye gets it back. How bad do yer master want th'pin?"

Blizzerdd squints at Deevian.

Deevian says, "Ah was wrong when ah said thur arent folks in this town who would steal yer pin"

You say, "Deevian, ye know nothing of this."

Deevian smiles sadly.

You say, "He was spying on us."

Elanella asks, "you have the pin?"

Halfberry says, "Master give the pin to me, cause I hold all important things for him."

Halfberry beams!

Germinal says, "Tis nothin but a trinket, Halfberry...won't be missed"

Germinal says, "We had it sung to"

Germinal shrugs.

You ask, "Halfberry, I do know where the pin is, but why should I tell ye?"

Halfberry exclaims, "Noooo!"

Germinal nods to Halfberry.

You ask, "What do ye intend to do?"

>You cock your head at Halfberry.

Halfberry says, "Master say to me.."

Germinal says, "Aye, we almost threw it away"

Elanella says, "aw they already have it...is nothing to look for"

Germinal shrugs.

Goldstr peers quizzically at Halfberry.

Elanella sighs.

Halfberry exclaims, "He say Halfberry, the pin is gods eye!"

Germinal glances at Halfberry.

Halfberry says, "Is very important"

Germinal leans forward.

Halfberry nods.

You ask, "God's eye?"

Germinal says, "Oh yes..."

Halfberry exclaims, "And I lost it!"

Halfberry wails!

You say, "Hmmm..."

Germinal raises an eyebrow.

Blizzerdd says, "I am out of here...Hon have fun helping the apprentice."

Blizzerdd just gave you a smooch.

You say, "I do know where the pin is, but I am not certain ye should know."

Halfberry says, "I take good care of master's things."

Halfberry nods.

Halfberry says, "But this time, I goof."

Deevian says, "Mebe Thurfel wouldn't be so mad at yeh, mebe he's like ta know certain folks are black mailing him and ye"

Deevian smiles at Halfberry.

Halfberry exclaims, "Only one goof!"

Halfberry mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

You ask, "Blackmailing?"

You say, "The pin was dropped."

Halfberry asks, "Where is room that pin fell in?"

You say, "It was claimed."

You say, "Because he was spying."

Goldstr says, "it might be dangerous to us in his hands"

Germinal says, "Ronan's hall"

Elanella asks, "who has it?"

Deevian says, "You call it claiming, I call it stealing"

Deevian says, "You call it spying, I call it watching"

Halfberry asks, "Nooo!, it's not this room is it?"

You shake your head.

You say, "Ye will not find it here."

Halfberry asks, "See, I don't know what temple it fell in. How could poor Halfberry be a spy?"

Germinal chuckles.

Germinal exclaims, "Tis nae here, apprentice!"

You say, "Ye know where it was dropped, Halfberry."

Elanella rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Halfberry frowns.

You say, "Ye do know."

Halfberry exclaims, "Do not!"

Germinal exclaims, "ye dropped it, an' we grabbed it as ye ran!"

Halfberry shuffles his feet.

You say, "Ye know very well."

Elanella asks, "you know, Halfberry?"

Elanella smiles at Halfberry.

Halfberry asks, "Who has Halfberry's pin?"

You stare at Halfberry.

Halfberry whines.

Deevian asks, "Elanella and ah would still like to help yeh Halfberry, were ye actually here?"

You ask, "I am not sure I should say. Would harm come to him?"

Halfberry exclaims, "You try to trick Halfberry!"

Elanella nods to Deevian.

Germinal coughs.

Germinal nods to you.

Germinal says, "Tha'd be my first thought..."

Elanella says, "Im not tryin to trick anyone...i wanta help find it"

Halfberry says, "No, Halfberry was asleep."

Halfberry nods.

You say, "It's not lost."

You shake your head.

Halfberry exclaims, "Sleep soundly guarding masters important things!"

Deevian asks, "Halfberry, ever want ta be yer own master?"

You ask, "Why would ye be sleeping in the temple?"

Deevian smiles kindly.

You cock your head at Halfberry.

Halfberry whimpers.

Halfberry exclaims, "Don't say that!"

Elanella smiles at Deevian.

Goldstr says, "I jess worried it might endanger us in Halfberry's hands"

Halfberry says, "Master is the master."

Deevian chuckles.

You nod to Goldstr.

Halfberry says, "He will hear."

You say, "That is my fear."

Deevian asks, "And when he dies?"

Goldstr says, "or more so in his masters hands"

(Elanella listens)

Deevian says, "Not that I mean him harm"

Deevian says, "But all things come to an end"

(Deevian rocks backward on his heels.)

You whisper quietly to Halfberry, "If ye wish to know of the pin, I need more assurance of the holder's safety. Otherwise I will tell him to hide it."

Halfberry exclaims, "Maybe the pin got taken by a robber! Who dropped it here!"

Germinal chuckles.

Goldstr shakes his head.

Halfberry whines.

Goldstr points at Halfberry.

Elanella asks, "Halfberry, why are ya saying this if ya know its not lost?"

Goldstr says, "twas ye"

You cock your head at Halfberry.

>Halfberry says, "I need to find the pin, bad."

You say, "Ye expect us to believe that."

Halfberry cringes.

Elanella scratches her head.

Deevian asks, "If he had it at one time and it didn't do us any harm then, what's it to us if he gets it again?"

Deevian raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Halfberry says, "Or I'll be in the baddest of trouble"

You say, "It's not lost."

>You shake your head.

Elanella asks, "so who has it?"

Germinal asks, "Mayhap ye get th'pin back...wha's it worth to ye?"

Halfberry asks, "Who has Halfberry's pin?"

Blizzerdd whispers, "don't tell em"

Your whisper quietly to Elanella, "I don't think he should know. Sorry."

Elanella taps her foot impatiently.

Germinal says, "Ye tell dis nice lady wha' th'pins for, and wha' it does...maybe she gives it back to thee"

Halfberry asks, "Who has Halfberrys pin?"

Goldstr nods to Germinal.

Elanella says, "hmmph"

Blizzerdd whispers, "I would say tell the person to appear and drop it in front of Thurfel's house"

Deevian says, "Even Germinal admits that she's holding the pin fer ransom, like he said"

>Elanella nods to Deevian.

You wave a hand at Deevian, dismissing him indifferently.

Halfberry shivers as if a cool breeze has past through him.

Germinal says, "this lil hobbit desecrated Ronan's altar, spied on 'is priests...for this Luukosian"

Halfberry exclaims, "Noo!"

Goldstr nods to Germinal.

Halfberry says, "People are mean to Halfberry."

Halfberry begins pouting.

Elanella says, "so we were brought here to help and there is no reason to be here"

Halfberry asks, "Tell me who has my pin?"

Goldstr says, "nea mean ta ye"

Deevian says, "The way ahm seein' et is that yer stealin' a poor innocent halflin's jewelery"

Germinal says, "I've no malice for this apprentice...but we must know 'is masters intentions for this town..."

Goldstr says, "aye"

Deevian says, "Yeh have no proof he's guilty, no proof the pin's evil, no proof the pin's powerful"

Halfberry exclaims, "Master is good!"

Germinal says, "We've 'si word"

Germinal says, "his word in fact"

Deevian says, "Master is evil"

Goldstr says, "he jess said it was powerful"

Germinal says, "Tha' the pin is powerful"

Halfberry says, "Master is not evil."

Halfberry nods to Germinal.

You hear the sound of someone panting.

Goldstr peers quizzically at Halfberry.

Deevian says, "But yeh said yeh had it loresung ta"

Germinal asks, "...the "eye of god"...or somesuch?"

Elanella searches around for a moment.

Halfberry exclaims, "He tells me that the pin is eye of god!"

Halfberry says, "Of course he gives it to me."

You say, "And, Deevian, I know that Thurfel is not exactly... benevolent."

Goldstr asks, "an wha god dat be?"

You say, "So I need more facts."

Halfberry says, "Cause I take care of those things."

Goldstr peers quizzically at Halfberry.

A small shadowy hand grasps Halfberry by the neck and begins to squeeze. You see the look on Halfberry's face turn to terror.

Elanella says, "ack"

Tierus shudders.

Halfberry exclaims, "Nooo!"

Deevian says, "Tierus, tell her to give the poor halfling his pin back"

Elanella screams!

Deevian points at you.

Halfberry exclaims, "It's master!"

Tierus exclaims, "Some'un, stop tha' thing!"

Germinal nods.

Halfberry says, "I need to go to him."

Halfberry wails!

Elanella just tried to pull Halfberry towards her!

Germinal says, "A serpent in the shadows"

Deevian says, "Dern et Iscikella, give it up"

Blizzerdd says, "She doesn't have it Deevian..."

Deevian says, "But she knows where"

Deevian says, "She told us so"

Goldstr moves to stand in front of Halfberry.

Halfberry exclaims, "Please, please, find pin for poor halfberry!"

Blizzerdd says, "I told ya who does but ya don't listen"

Roelon asks, "pin?"

Halfberry says, "I need to go before he punishes me."

Halfberry sobs.

Tierus asks, "Halfberry, wha's this pin look like?"

Blizzerdd says, "Ye are a thick headed fool"

Deevian says, "teal crocodile"

Germinal asks, "Ye need th'pin?"

Germinal glances at Halfberry.

Halfberry runs northwest quickly.

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