Restday, day 30 of the month Olaesta in the year 5100

[Mausoleum, Grand Chamber]
A large, canopied tomb stands squarely in the center of the room. Remnants of gold leaf are still visible on some of the inside edges of the moldings on the canopy. Thick tiles of terra cotta, each embossed with the image of an oak leaf, line the base of the tomb.

Thurfel says, "If it is such that I can free them, I shall"

Krisilynd asks, "Free them to do what, Lord Thurfel?"

Thurfel says, "although I imagine they will not be terribly happy when they are released."

You ask, "But that is not the main goal, is it?"

You peer quizzically at Thurfel.

You hear the voice of Reddin say, "Neither will bes mes"

Komate asks, "happy wit you?"

Thurfel says, "my goals are simply my own"

You smile at Thurfel.

You hear the voice of Reddin say, "Yer goals threaten mes home town"

(Armaxis quietly runs a bony, tattooed finger across the fissure.)

Thurfel says, "This seal serves as more than a simple prison"

Glaves exclaims, "your short!!!"

Thurfel says, "The council members will bow before me for freeing them"

You say, "So is my understanding."

Glaves says, "i could step on you with my boot and kill ya"

You say, "For ye will have the favor of Amasalen, shall ye not, Lord Thurfel."

Glaves says, "halflings, giantman, halfling, giantman... nope i win on boot war"

Thurfel says, "I have that favor already, although I have not pledged myself unto Amasalen"

Armaxis says, "Of course he shall. Sssuch a...commendable service he is to perform for the Serpent Lord's glory, and he deserves reward for it."

Krellin glances at Thurfel.

You ask, "Lord Thurfel, may I ask ye a simple question?"

Thurfel says, "if you wish"

Krellin asks, "Now why did yas have ta be go'n and get'n everyone work'd up in mule? Eh?"

Krellin glances at Thurfel.

You hear the voice of Reddin say, "He dinna git mes werked up"

(Armaxis leans forward, his eyes focused on the small cracks which riddle the tomb.)

Krellin says, "Dat's an ego problem... if'n yas was so powerful, yas would just sneak in"

You hear the voice of Reddin say, "I's was werked up well befer"

Krellin mutters under his breath.

Thurfel stares at Krellin, his gaze full of fire.

You ask, "How long has the mortal remains of the immortal Amasalen laid beyond this tomb? Since the time only of the serpent messenger? Or before?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Ravidial says, "you kin use my weapon if you wish to pry that thing apart. no sense in waiting around for it to crumble"

Glaves cackles!

Glaves says, "OHH a halfling is gazing"

Thurfel asks, "you think that is what lies beyond this tomb?"

Glaves recites:
"Watch out he might get your tarts"

Ravidial glances at a large canopied tomb.

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Glaves, cease your nonsense."

Glaves says, "just cause you want this town for tarts"

Glaves says, "dont mean you gotta kill us all"

You hear the voice of Reddin say, "Exactly"

Glaves says, "we will bake you free tarts"

Thurfel says, "I have no wish to kill any of you"

Krellin glances at Thurfel.

You hear the voice of Reddin say, "Consider mes a free warrin agent"

Glaves says, "den get the 'ell out"

Glaves chuckles.

Thurfel says, "serves no purpose to my plans whatsover"

Zildigur says, "right.. you'll have whats inside kill us instead"

Krisilynd asks, "do the Council of 10 wish death and destruction of Mule?"

Thurfel says, "I may make an exception for you Glaves."

Khaitiff beams happily at Thurfel!

Khaitiff says, "Please Do"

Glaves says, "killed me once before"

Thurfel says, "The council of ten is a council of one at the moment."

Krellin glances at Thurfel.

Glaves says, "when you pointlessly burnt down our town"

Krisilynd says, "but ye wish to free them"

Krisilynd says, "to be their Savior"

Armaxis leans on his staff.

Glaves says, "i fight you with my cane"

(Krisilynd speaks sarcastically)

You ask, "Might I speak with ye a moment of this, Lord Thurfel, in a quieter place?"

Kalail nods to Thurfel in greeting.

Kalail says, "At last we meet young Thurfel"

Glaves says, "we give you all free tarts"

Thurfel asks, "how would you keep gutter folk such as Glaves from following?"

Glaves cackles!

Glaves says, "i wont fallow"

You hear the voice of Reddin ask, "wonder iffn sorc bane werk on mages?"

You say, "If ye wish it, Lord Thurfel, I could take us into sanctuary."

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

Glaves says, "a halfling with a ego bigger then himself is bad"

Thurfel says, "that is indeed our goal"

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Armaxis asks, "Would you like me to try it?"

Armaxis leans on his staff.

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

(Armaxis nods solemly, and turns toward the tomb.)

Aranrhod blinks.

You glance at Armaxis.

Krellin glances at Thurfel.

Glaves exclaims, "hes after our tarts!"

Krellin asks, "What is you, all mighty "plan" den?"

(Armaxis raises his hands slightly, his palms faced toward the tombs surface. His eyes close in concentration, and he breathes deeply.)

You squint at Armaxis.

You ask, "What do ye, snake?"

Thurfel says, "await milady, I would see if his method works."

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "If he can crack the tomb, so much the better."

(Armaxis whispers several phrases under his breath, and places his hands about the tomb.)

Kalail glances at Thurfel.

Glaves says, "just cause your like, 1000 years old, dun mean you can have our tarts"

(Brandain lets his buckler relax as he warily watches Armaxis.)

Someone hisses from the shadows behind Thurfel.

Zildigur says, "did you go check out the location of the supposed relic that dantrotic showed ya?"

Zildigur peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "not as of yet"

(Armaxis runs a slender and tattooed finger across the tomb, his mutterings still unable to be heard as he takes on a look of deeper concentration.)

Krellin says, "I tink' I understand now"

You squint at Armaxis.

Glaves leans on Thurfel.

Glaves says, "oof did i squash your head when i leaned"

A bolt of lightning streaks down from the sky and strikes Glaves!
... 20 points of damage!
Painfully bright jolt to head leaves ears glowing.
He is stunned!
A tremendous crack of thunder follows instantly!

Krellin glances at Thurfel.

Zildigur says, "oh.. glaves is in trouble now"

Brandain blinks.

You say, "Armaxis, ye know all will die if this tomb opens."

Brandain scratches his ear.

You glare at Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "please do not waste my time further little one"

Brandain glances at Thurfel.

(Armaxis places his palm upon the tomb, his brow furrowed as the sigils on his hands pulse slightly.)

Khaitiff applauds.

Kalail smiles at Thurfel.

Krellin asks, "Den you have no desire to dammage 'Mule er it's people in any way, Thurfel?"

Krellin peers quizzically at Thurfel.

(Brandain murmurs "Hardly blame him..")

Brandain shrugs.

Armaxis says, "Weaken...yesss..."

Glaves asks, "thats all you got?"

Glaves cackles!

Glaves says, "one bolt"

Glaves says, "you controll weather and you ue one bolt"

Thurfel says, "if it was my wish to sunder you to ash, it would be so"

Glaves says, "well if you can turn me to ash with a snap"

You say, "Indeed, of that I have no doubt."

Krisilynd asks, "are ye a god, Thurfel?"

Glaves says, "then open the tomb already"

Thurfel says, "hardly"

You say, "But ye want what is beyond."

Glaves says, "seems your power is not what you want us to think"

Kalail chuckles.

Thurfel nods to you.

Jerrec says, "I wouldn't doubt Thurfel's power."

(Armaxis incants several more phrases, his eyes still closed. He clutches his staff tightly and begins to chuckle quietly after a few moments.)

Glaves says, "i do"

Jerrec says, "We've all seen it demonstrated before."

Krisilynd asks, "where does such great power derive its source?"

You hear the voice of Reddin say, "Da seal on da tomb is beyond him, it beyond perty much everybudies in da lands now-a-days"

You say, "And that is what I would speak of, Lord Thurfel."

Kalail says, "unfortunately Thrufels power still lies within this realm youn Jerrec"

Krellin glances at Thurfel.

Sansil peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Jipzy peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You hear the voice of Reddin say, "Den ones tha set da seal was some of da mose wise in da ways of dem majicks evva"

Kalail looks over at Thurfel and shakes his head.

Krellin asks, "so what's your business with 'Mule?"

Krellin glances at Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "The cracksss are small, but I did manage to...widen them a bit. The wardings."

Thurfel says, "when Armaxis has finished his attempt on the tomb milady, I shall be more than glad to disuss this with you"

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel...Or if ye prefer, I could simply unpresence us both to go elsewhere. That is yer choice and I would abide by whichever method. Though sanct is more sure.

Jipzy stares at Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "I have no further business with mule"

Sansil says, "armaxis"

Jipzy asks, "What are ya doin Snake?"

Sansil says, "the snake"

Krellin bows to Thurfel.

You nod to Thurfel.

You say, "I thank ye, Lord Thurfel."

(Armaxis steps back from the tomb, the sleeves of his robe concealing his hands once again.)

Sansil says, "be gone ancient ones"

Krellin says, "Din' I's have no problmes wit yas... jus stay out'a mule."

Krellin nods.

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Jipzy peers quizzically at you.

(Glaves waits for the lava ball to hit him)

Sansil gasps.

Thurfel gestures

Glaves leans on Krellin.

Sansil says, "this not goin be good"

Krellin ducks his head.

Glaves just disappeared.

Thurfel says, "perhaps he'll remain out of my sight"

Jipzy kneels down and begins to recite prayers.

Sansil kneels down and begins to recite prayers.

Thurfel says, "he was wearying me."

Brandain asks, "Where did you send him?"

Brandain raises an eyebrow.

Thurfel says, "a safe place, this time"

Krellin says, "Leave me friends alone"

Krellin grunts.

Krellin just punched Thurfel!

Krellin kicks Thurfel!

Armaxis says, "How rude."

You ask, "Which way prefer ye, Lord Thurfel, to speak?"

Sansil recites:
"Lord koar bring me ye council"

Jipzy exclaims, "Help us Ronan in this time o need!"

Jipzy continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Thurfel asks, "Armaxis, has your attempt finished?"

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Kalail exclaims, "Your Arkati are weak ... they cannot save you!"

Brandain scratches his ear.

Armaxis says, "The wardingsss have been...weakened, the cracks which riddle the sssstone have been widened."

You glare at Armaxis.

Brandain says, "Your blows seem not to trouble him, Krellin. I would be thankful."

Jipzy says, "They be with us"

Sansil says, "snake leave it be"

Thurfel says, "Would you join Iscikella and myself? I would have a witness lest I am blamed for some undoing."

Sansil says, "i warn ye"

Jipzy continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "would that be acceptable Iscikella?"

You nod to Thurfel.

Armaxis joins your group.

Kalail whispers, "be safe young Iscikella"

Glaves taps his foot impatiently.

Glaves leans on Thurfel.

You concentrate on the Major Sanctuary spell...
You gesture.
A brilliant light bathes you as your surroundings blur for a moment...

A grey, swirling mist surrounds you, its tendrils creeping around your feet and twisting into a thick, translucent mass that vaguely forms a curved wall around the chamber. A feeling of calmness and protection passes over you as you sense that nothing harmful may pass the swirling walls.
Also in the room: Lord Thurfel, Armaxis
Obvious exits: out.

Armaxis says, "The Serpent Lord's faithful alwaysss preserve the truth, yesss."

You say, "I thank ye for agreeing to speak with me, Lord Thurfel."

Thurfel says, "I would slay the foul mouthed one..."

Thurfel says, "but tis fame he seeks and does not deserve."

You say, "And, Armaxis, ye are here because Lord Thurfel wishes it so."

You stare at Armaxis.

You say, "That one is a fool."

You say, "and a braggart, the foul-mouthed one."

You nod to Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "He merely wishesss to brag to his follies to his array of drinking slobs which he keepsss company with."

Armaxis leans on his staff.

Thurfel nods.

Thurfel asks, "so what might I do to allay your fears milady?"

You say, "Lord Thurfel, I know ye care not for my Lady's balance, but I must understand..."

You ask, "What ye seek beyond the tomb is more than the Ten, is it not?"

Thurfel says, "you realize all scales can be tampered with, by those wielding them."

Thurfel says, "that is a correct statement"

You say, "So the snake has told me of my Lady's balance."

You glance at Armaxis.

You say, "But my beliefs are different."

Thurfel says, "I feel obligated to make an attempt to secure release of the council members."

Armaxis says, "Flawed it isss. But that is for another discussion."

Armaxis clears his throat.

Thurfel says, "However, they failed"

You say, "They failed in what? To take over IceMule? I somehow feel this is not so simple."

Thurfel says, "I don't presume to speak for their goals, I was hardly a party to most of them"

You say, "And I am a seeker of knowledge, if ye will excuse me curiosity."

Thurfel says, "I attacked Icemule in a fit of rage"

You say, "Ah..."

You nod to Thurfel.

You ask, "Because they were imprisoned? Or because the town is yers by deed?"

Thurfel asks, "Icemule?"

Thurfel chuckles.

You say, "I never quite understood that, ye will forgive my ignorance."

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Thurfel says, "Why would anybody wish this god forsaken snowball"

You say, "Ah, then things are somewhat clearer."

You say, "What is beyond the tomb is what is all-important then."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

You ask, "And it has lain there long?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I would imagine thousands of years."

You say, "Thousands of years..."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Armaxis says, "Mm, interesting."

You ask, "And the Council of Ten knew this?"

You ask, "All of them?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

You say, "Please forgive my questions, I have no wish to harry, but only to understand."

Thurfel says, "While I need not tell you any of this, it serves no purpose not to, I think they too were aware, although they never seemed to have any interest."

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Thurfel says, "They seemed to be battling a war of philosophy"

Armaxis says, "I suppose it isss your knowledge then, to reveal when you feel the time is right."

Thurfel says, "certainly not the first war of such type"

You say, "Aye, that is true enough."

You nod to Thurfel.

You say, "Philosophies were much involved."

Thurfel says, "If the tomb is cracked asunder, it will surely be revealed to all"

Thurfel chuckles.

Armaxis grins coldly, his eyes reflecting no emotion.

Thurfel says, "as to what will happen..."

You ask, "Has it to do with power of Amasalen?"

Thurfel says, "of that I can't be sure"

You ask, "Am I correct in assuming this?"

Thurfel says, "I would not speak for Amasalen"

You ask, "But he also seeks ye to open this tomb?"

Thurfel says, "Gods have their own purposes, and rarely share them with petty folks such as myself."

You ask, "Since he gave ye the talisman?"

Thurfel says, "I took that as a symbol of his approval"

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "We share..."

Thurfel says, "hmm"

You say, "And such it would seem."

Thurfel says, "similar ideas"

Armaxis raises his hand to his bronze Luukos symbol, touching the image of a green serpent.

You say, "Ahh..."

You ask, "And similar ideas with those of Luukos as well?"

You glance at Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "I do not seek to worship a god or gods...."

Thurfel says, "although tis never a good thing to make an enemy of one"

Thurfel says, "if one wishes to use me to their purpose..."

Thurfel says, "if it does not conflict with my goals"

Thurfel says, "then it is a worthy symbiosis."

You say, "A symbiosis."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You say, "There is something beyond of much importance then indeed."

Armaxis says, "Mm, pardon my incantingsss, but I must remain protected. I very much doubt the citizens of Icemule are happy with me."

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

You say, "For one such as Amasalen to think it worth his approval."

Thurfel nods to you.

You ask, "And what is beyond ye say is not harmful to IceMule? Or ye know not? Or care not?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "now that is an interesting question"

Thurfel says, "I did indeed say it was not my goal to harm icemule"

Thurfel says, "I can't speak for what happens when the seal falters"

You ask, "Simply because of the anger of those buried there?"

Thurfel says, "if my task goes awry, so be it, I will not be held responsible"

You ask, "Or because of what ye yerself seek?"

Thurfel asks, "Had you been crypted and sealed in a tomb, would you not be upset?"

You say, "Aye, that is true enough, and an honest reply."

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I would imagine if I free them...."

Thurfel says, "they will seek retribution..."

Armaxis gazes heavenward.

Armaxis says, "Yesss."

Armaxis smiles quietly to himself.

You ask, "But what ye seek beyond is not dangerous? Or again it is too important to care if it is?"

Thurfel says, "I will hardly be concerned with that however"

Thurfel says, "my goals travel a new path."

Thurfel asks, "Now, is there further news of the relic?"

Thurfel asks, "or does it remain simply a ghost story?"

Armaxis says, "Mm, it is rumoured that there has been a portal underground. Once."

Armaxis glances at you.

You say, "It has not be seen since that day, the day I returned it to the altarstone."

Armaxis says, "She isss the only one to have travelled through it."

You say, "There was a portal."

You say, "And it imploded onto itself."

You say, "Many seek it."

You say, "I know not where it lies now."

You say, "though many believe I do know."

Thurfel says, "Perhaps the ruination of the seal will once again reveal it"

You glance at Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "or perhaps not"

You say, "And if it does..."

You shiver.

Thurfel says, "of this portal I have no knowledge"

Thurfel asks, "you say the relic vanished?"

You say, "My soul was claimed when I touched that relic."

You nod to Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "I would advise you to be cautiousss of those silly humans whom claim to know where it is. They're easily spooked under the ground."

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

You say, "I tell ye honestly, Lord Thurfel, for I see no reason to be dishonest in this..."

You say, "...the relic has not been seen since the day that portal collapsed."

You say, "And why it collapsed when I replaced the stone, I know not."

You say, "Perhaps it was like a key being fitted."

You say, "I don't know."

Thurfel says, "then I shall put more focus on the tomb and worry not about the drunken tales of decrepit tavern dwellers."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "If I should stumble upon the portal once again, rest assured the relic shall be used as an aid for opening the tomb."

You say, "Lord Thurfel, I know ye will not reveal this to us, but I must know at least if what lies beyond ye believe to be within the sway of Amasalen."

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

You glance at Armaxis.

You say, "And ye would kill me to do it, Armaxis, I know this."

Thurfel asks, "I can answer that with a question to you, If a god sought control of a town, would you or anybody else be able to refuse them?"

You sigh softly.

Armaxis says, "The Serpent Lord's pleasure is more important than a few lives."

You say, "No."

Thurfel says, "if a god sought an item of yours..."

Thurfel asks, "would you be able to deny them?"

You say, "No."

Thurfel says, "so be it"

You look at Thurfel and shake your head.

Thurfel says, "If Amasalen wishes to use me, our goals are close enough that I should not wither away"

You give a sigh of desperation.

You say, "Then IceMule will be harmed, I am certain."

Thurfel asks, "If the gods were so enamored of me, would not the seal be broken asunder already?"

Thurfel says, "I'm sure Kai could smash it with one blow if he wished"

You say, "Some say the favor of gods must often be earned with deeds."

Thurfel says, "And some spend their lives following gods"

Thurfel says, "or their ideals"

Thurfel says, "I would hardly judge others by their failings"

You blink at Thurfel.

You say, "I am much confused, Lord Thurfel, but I do thank ye for dealing honestly with me."

Armaxis leans on his staff.

Armaxis put an etched black ora staff in his black robe.

You say, "I do not yet understand what lies beyond this tomb."

Thurfel says, "Barring some calamity..."

Thurfel says, "or interference..."

Thurfel says, "we should all know soon enough"

Armaxis says, "You've not the patience, then. All shall come in time. Of thisss I am sure."

Armaxis nods to you.

You ask, "If ye are correct?"

Thurfel says, "it should be..."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel smirks.

Thurfel says, "interesting to say the least"

You shudder.

You say, "That is what I fear."

You glance at Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "or it could be the seal protects the holy symbol of some forgotten temple..."

Thurfel says, "and all my toil has been for naught."

Armaxis says, "The Serpent Lord shall be triumphant in Hisss wishes. Death shall come to the citizens this town, either way."

You ask, "But ye suspect not? Am I correct in assuming this?"

Thurfel says, "I would hardly be wasting my time if I thought it not buried within that tomb."

You say, "Many say tunnels connect under all of IceMule."

Thurfel says, "Clearly the council members at the very least are imprisoned there"

Thurfel says, "or dead"

Thurfel shrugs.

You say, "And that strange occurrences were known to happen within those tunnels."

You ask, "Has this to do with such in some way?"

You ask, "Whatever ye seek has to do with such occurrences over the years?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Milady..."

Thurfel says, "many a time one sets off a chain of events..."

Thurfel says, "with no idea they did so."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "for me to tell you I had no doing would be ignorant at best"

Thurfel says, "or to claim them as well"

Thurfel asks, "what is it that you seek milady?"

Armaxis says, "She seeks a balance which she isss too deluded to attain. The faithful of the Serpent Lord have shown her thisss, time and time again. Yet she...will not listen."

Armaxis glances at you.

You say, "I wish to understand only why this is so important. I wish not to be bewildered. I wish to know that balance will be maintained."

You say, "Balance is the way of life. Without it we all perish."

Thurfel asks, "balance serves no purpose other than to applaud mediocrity. Is that what your god wishes?"

You stare at Thurfel.

You say, "My goddess would have the balance for she is wisdom and knows there must be such."

Thurfel asks, "would you have no winners of any contest?"

Thurfel says, "that is balance"

(Armaxis quietly mutters the word, "Flawed." as he glances toward Iscikella.)

You glance at Armaxis.

You say, "Winners mean there are also losers."

Thurfel asks, "would you have all your food and drink taste bland?"

You say, "And in this case losing means death."

Thurfel says, "there is no balance in death"

You say, "Death is the same for all. So in the end perhaps it is the final balance."

Iscikella smiles wryly.

Thurfel says, "perhaps"

You say, "I am more concerned with living."

Thurfel says, "as am I"

Thurfel says, "death serves no purpose"

Thurfel says, "you may return us"

You nod to Thurfel.

A bright light surrounds you and your visions of sanctuary slowly fade...

[Mausoleum, Grand Chamber]
A large, canopied tomb stands squarely in the center of the room. Remnants of gold leaf are still visible on some of the inside edges of the moldings on the canopy. Thick tiles of terra cotta, each embossed with the image of an oak leaf, line the base of the tomb.

Thurfel suddenly appears in a flash of brilliant light.

(Tierus raises his sapphire above his head, uttering a Warding chant.)

Gretel turns to face Thurfel.

Truekillr says, "Such desire to be alone with them..."

Truekillr shakes his head.

Thurfel peers at the tomb

Arianiss says, "Thurfel.. I have news of the relic."

Truekillr glances at Thurfel.

Gretel says, "Lord BlessedOne."

Katsuragii glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I would hear of it Arianiss"

Gretel says, "We welcome thee here in the land of ice and snow."

Truekillr asks, "Have you not understood that the light protects the faithful?"

Arianiss nods.

Thurfel smiles at Gretel.

Gretel curtsies to Thurfel.

You say, "I do thank ye for yer time, Lord Thurfel."

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Thurfel bows to you.

Truekillr glances at you.

Thurfel says, "and I for yours"

Truekillr smirks.

Arianiss says, "There is a shrine to Luukos in the caverns beneath the town."

Gretel says, "May his emerald light guide you in this most critical of tasks."

Thurfel nods to Arianiss.

You glance at Arianiss.

Kadesha hugs you.

Arianiss says, "I think you are the only one that has the power to find it, it's beyond the grasp of any here to search it out."

Kadesha rubs you gently.

Truekillr shakes his head.

(Iscikella rubs her head)

Arianiss says, "The bob seems to be the place where Iscikella stumbled across it by accident."

Arianiss clears his throat.

Arianiss says, "The bog."

You say, "I am more and more confused."

Truekillr says, "That is apparent in your eyes."

Truekillr nods to you.

Gretel says, "Perhaps this will aid thee."

Arianiss nods to Thurfel.

Gretel takes off a beautiful Luukos charm.

Truekillr rubs a large canopied tomb.

Arianiss says, "As you wish lord Thurfel."

Gretel offers Thurfel a beautiful Luukos charm.

Arianiss places his hand on his serpent talisman.

Arianiss closes his eyes for a moment.

Kadesha gags.

Thurfel declines Gretel's offer.

Jipzy rubs Kadesha gently.

Tierus says, "Ronan's hidden light, protect us."

Thurfel bows to Gretel.

Thurfel says, "but thank you for the offer"

(Gretel inclines her head.)

Truekillr says, "She is watching"

Katsuragii squints at Arianiss.

Gretel puts on a beautiful Luukos charm.

Truekillr places his hand on his Lorminstra symbol.

Katsuragii says in elven, "You're not yourself, Arianiss."

Katsuragii says in elven, "You're lost."

Arianiss says, "I am very much myself."

Arianiss looks over at Katsuragii and shakes his head.

Katsuragii says in elven, " are not."

Truekillr pulls his cloak close to his form, shivering for a moment before saying, "Another has been lost to the Eater of Souls."

Arianiss says, "Thurfel will have the relic, it is assured now."

Thurfel examines the fissure carefully.

You glance at Arianiss.

Tierus says, "Assured, Arianiss? Hardly."

Jipzy asks, "It is huh?"

Truekillr frowns.

Truekillr leans back.

Jipzy smirks.

Ruarie says, "does he know where it is"

Thurfel points to a spot where the stone is clearly weakening.

Tierus says, "Fate isnae a concrete issue."

Gretel says, "Lord EvilCleric, the wench shall not prevail here."

Tierus glances at a large canopied tomb.

Arianiss faces Thurfel, closes his eyes and begins chanting. Suddenly, a small bolt of energy arcs between them!
Arianiss opens his eyes, looking slightly drained.

You glance at a large canopied tomb.

Kadesha frowns at Gretel.

Truekillr says, "The wench shall always provail for she is right and just.

Truekillr says, "Unlike, the lies of the Snake."

(Tierus carefully examines the tomb, uttering a desperate prayer to Ronan at the extent of the damage there.)

Gretel asks, "Do prayers help, Lord BlessedOne?"

Gretel peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "likely not"

Gretel says, "I shall offer them in any case."

Ravidial asks, "lord blessedone?"

Ravidial begins to twitch.

You say, "The tomb erodes slowly, Lord Thurfel. Ye say time is of no matter to ye."

Thurfel nods to you.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Mm, yesss...they are slowly weakening. Soon..."

Thurfel says, "tis true enough"

Gretel smiles at Ravidial through her veil.

Ruarie says, "i would not say blessed at all"

You ask, "But is time of matter to Amasalen in this?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Gretel says, "Good evening, Lord Serpentworshipper."

Jipzy asks, "Maybe in a billion years?"

Truekillr shakes his head.

Tierus says, "Ah, ah knew the smell o' snake-flesh wis gettin' worse. Greetings, Armaxis."

Jipzy smiles softly

Trinitis bows to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I would think Amasalen would be the one to answer that"

Truekillr says, "I knew I smelled another snake."

Gretel's viper staff comes to life in her hands! The viper hisses and lashes out at Tierus.

Trinitis says, "Greetings Thurfel"

Thurfel says, "if time becomes more urgent..."

You sigh softly.

Thurfel says, "I'm sure I'll know about it"

Thurfel chuckles.

Tierus peers quizzically at Gretel.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Good evening, Gretel."

Jipzy moves to stand in front of Tierus.

Jipzy smiles at Gretel.

(Iscikella rubs her head again.)

Truekillr glances at Thurfel.

Kadesha says, "I seem to recall Thurfel having concern of Liabo catching wind of these attempts"

Truekillr shakes his head.

Gretel says, "I do not think thy dislike of serpents pleases him."

Krellin growls ferociously!

Kadesha nods to Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Tsk, tsk. Ah'm hardly 'feared o' staves, Gretel."

Truekillr says, "Tis too late."

Truekillr smiles at Kadesha.

Truekillr places his hand on his Lorminstra symbol.

You say, "He has a certain symbiosis, Kadesha."

Kadesha asks, "remember saying so Thurfel, when ye were with me and Armaxis?"

Sansil says, "he is afraid"

You say, "I think he needs to fear such interference little."

Arianiss asks, "Is the rest of the Council aware of our attempts?"

Arianiss turns an inquisitive ear towards Thurfel.

You glance at Thurfel.

Gretel says, "You are wise, Lord BeardedElf. For staves are not something to fear."

(Tierus clutches his black sapphire a bit tighter, glancing up at Gretel.)

Krellin splutters a fine mist upon his face.

Gretel says, "There are other things, however, which one would do well to be wary of, Lord BeardedElf."

Krellin mutters under his breath.

Gretel closes her eyes for a moment.

Thurfel looks over at Sansil and shakes his head.

Sansil rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You say, "I am afraid IceMule simply stands in the way."

Kadesha smiles nervously

You sigh softly.

Gretel asks, "Lord Serpentworshipper? Is there nothing we can do to assist?"

Thurfel says, "not at the moment, and Thurfel will suffice"

Gretel blushes a nice shade of rosy pink.

Truekillr smirks.

Kadesha chuckles.

Gretel says, "I could not call thee by thy given name. Especially such an exalted personage as thyself."

Truekillr groans.

Jipzy coughs.

Truekillr leans on his falchion.

Katsuragii kneels down.

Truekillr says, "Exalted is not a word I'd use for any Snake."

Ravidial says, "why dont ya give it a try? thurfel.. thurfel...."

Gretel shows Jipzy her Luukos symbol.

Truekillr looks distant for a moment, his eyes clouding over. From somewhere nearby can be heard a faint *click* of a closing door, or perhaps a gate.

Arianiss nods.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "She isss referring to me, Thurfel. Her customs are...different."

Tierus shudders.

Jipzy gawks at Gretel.

You say, "Believe me, this is more than any realize."

You sigh softly.

Arianiss nods.

Gretel says, "I was raised in a place where all worshipped the Lord Soultaker, as is proper."

Truekillr laughs!

Tierus tightens his grip on his onyx Ronan symbol.

Kadesha makes a choking sound.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Nonetheless, the Serpent Lord's glory shall be achieved in whatever is to be done."

Truekillr says, "And he thus betrayed your parents. Interesting faith."

Truekillr smirks.

You say, "I would imagine if Amasalen so approves this venture, then Luukos does as well, Armaxis. Ye have yer wish."

Thurfel bows.

You weep softly, quiet tears falling from your eyes.

Arianiss bows to Thurfel.

Tierus rubs you gently.

Lord Thurfel just went south.

Trinitis rubs you gently.

Gretel says, "The blessed Lord Amasalen shall always prevail."

Jipzy gawks at you.

Arianiss turns around.

Lord Arianiss just went south.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "...Soon..."

A sickly glow radiates from somewhere in the shadows, and you hear the voice of Armaxis call out, "Grant that we be worthy of your lies, Lord of Death!"

Jipzy asks, "What are ya sayin?"

Kadesha smirks.

Truekillr says, "Ah now the tears after taking council with the strongest of the enemy."

Truekillr shakes his head.

The arctic wolf growls, "Then let it come."

You hear the voice of Tierus say, "Tsk, tsk... this is a verrah bad things."

Gretel kneels down.

Jipzy sighs.

Gretel continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Kadesha says, "An odd prayer, Armaxis, begging to be worthy of lies"

Truekillr nods to Kadesha.

You hear the voice of Tierus say, "May Ronan guide us all 'way frem this darkness."

You say, "He is gone."

You lean against a large canopied tomb.

Cyrixx says, "he ran in fear"

Gretel stands up.

You say, "Not in fear."

You hear the voice of Ravidial say, "not fear. cowardice there's a difference"

Katsuragii raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Jipzy says, "He shall Tierus....the gods o Liabo be always watchin"

You hear the voice of Tierus say, "Nae... Thurfel dinnae run in fear."

You say, "He has a symbiosis with Amasalen. I think he fears little."

Jipzy stares at you.

Cyrixx says, "true, was cowardice"

You hear the voice of Tierus say, "'e did wha' 'e came for."

You weep softly, quiet tears falling from your eyes.

Brandain asks, "A symbiosis? How do you mean?"

Katsuragii says in elven, "Get a hold of yourself."

Katsuragii tries to pull you to your feet, but you are too heavy.

Kadesha rubs you gently.

Ruarie says, "are we safe now?"

Jipzy asks, "What did ya do?"

Jipzy stares at you.

Truekillr says, "Attacking Thurfel through physical means is not the answers, when he is betrayed by the Snake will he realize his folly."

Kadesha asks, "what does that mean Iscikella?"

Truekillr says, "The Ten will then forever be destroyed."

Amlynnwy asks, "what exactly does Thurfel want and what are his intesions. doea any one know for sure?"

Glaves says, "why dont you all fight him"

You say, "Ye are correct, Truekillr."

Glaves says, "you just let him sit here"

You say, "Such will avail nothing."

You nod to Truekillr.

Jipzy paces back and forth.

Tierus says, "This IS bad."

Zildigur says, "why not imprison thurfel with the others as was done to the other 9"

You say, "Come with me, Kadesha."

Truekillr asks, "He was I believe no?"

Zildigur says, "or nobody knows how it was done in the first place"

Kadesha joins your group.

Brandain says, "No, Thurfel was curiously absent on the day the Council was imprisoned."

Tierus says, "Because, Zildigur... tha seals will 'ventually weaken again..."

Zildigur says, "but im sure those who did it the first grew just as strong"

You concentrate on the Spirit Guide spell...
You gesture.
Your surroundings blur for a moment . . .

[Temple, Hallway]
Luminous ice surrounds you, making the hall glow a silvery blue. Several halfling priests wander through, chatting happily, while a mother walks with her child, telling the young one about the gods. A dark archway opens in the south wall. To the west, a crew of halflings is carving a new section from the ice, and the new rooms look to be completed soon. You also see a large wooden sign.
Also in the room: Lady Kadesha
Obvious exits: east.

You pace back and forth.

Kadesha frowns.

Kadesha rubs you gently.

You say, "He said Amasalen uses him as a tool."

You say, "He said their ideas are similar."

You say, "He said what lies beyond the tomb has lain there thousands of years."

You weep softly, quiet tears falling from your eyes.

You say, "I don't know what to think."

Kadesha rubs you gently.

You say, "What he said only confused me."

You say, "He is not concerned with nine."

You say, "Not in the least."

You say, "He considers them failures."

You say, "They could not do what should have been done."

Kadesha says, "I recall he mentioning their folly when he met with Armaxis and I also"

You say, "He scoffed at the balance."

You say, "Saying there is no balance."

You say, "He called it mediocrity."

You pace back and forth.

You say, "Poor, poor IceMule! We but stand in his way! And he cares not if we are destroyed! He cares nothing!

You wring your hands.

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