Perhaps a Fair...
Leyan, day 20 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5100

[Thurfel's Island]
A tiny hill of stones is piled at the base of a tall tree with thin ropelike leaves. The plant has the trunk of a palm tree, but any resemblance ends at the tendrils growing from its top. Round orbs similar to the stones at the base are attached to the upper trunk.
Also in the room: Arimantis, Tarkisis, Lady Gretel, Lord Nevrek, Nofret, Armaxis, Alyxandrah, Avrial, Lord Sythen, Carioca, Zanthor, Janseer who is kneeling, Trentas, Lord Thurfel
Obvious exits: west, northeast, northwest, southwest.

Alyxandrah smiles at you.

Tarkisis says, "Good eve everyone."

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Janseer says, "what would you have done with it m'lord? returned? or killed?"

Alyxandrah curtsies to you.

Thurfel says, "leveled half of my experiments"

Zanthor exclaims, "Iscikella is such a great Lady!"

Trentas says, "They were not made by my hand Master."

Nevrek says, "Chaos, indeed.. her life cloaked in it.."

Sythen says, "I would assume it would make short work of the ones that hunt here regularly..."

Carioca says, "Eveybody has a one track, mine is just seaworthy"

Nevrek gazes heavenward.

Thurfel bows to you.

Nevrek's ebony Luukos symbol emits a soft grey glow.

Thurfel says, "milady"

Zanthor smiles at you.

Carioca giggles.

Thurfel just kissed you on the hand.

You say, "Good evening, Lord Thurfel."

Zanthor says, "My savior"

Avrial curtsies to you.

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Gretel asks, "I assume that thy servant has answered for his misjudgement, Lord Halfling?"

Trentas says, "Indeed, should I find the crafter, he would feel the bite of his own manacles."

You say, "Several deaders stranded about tonight."

Thurfel nods to Trentas.

You sigh.

Thurfel says, "not on my island milady"

Nevrek says, "Perhaps if the manacles vere alive.."

Trentas exclaims, "Probably that halfdeadburied bought em!"

Alyxandrah gazes heavenward.

Armaxis says, "Hmm..."

You say, "Nae, in the rat well."

Carioca asks, "Can you sail in that schooner?"

Nevrek says, "Then they could adjust themselves to restrain the beast."

Arimantis glances at Trentas.

You nod to Thurfel.

You say, "Had to get them out."

Tarkisis leans on her khopesh.

Thurfel asks, "Has your husband been treating you with the proper respect milady?"

Thurfel says, "the beast by the way...."

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Carioca giggles.

Thurfel says, "is larger than a man, by half"

Thurfel says, "far heavier"

You say, "Well, my husband is my husband."

Zanthor says, "She loves your schooner m'lord"

Thurfel says, "and evidently..."

Thurfel says, "has no trouble ripping arms out of their sockets"

Carioca says, "I wanna ride around the lake, and I think it should be given a great name"

Arimantis cringes.

Thurfel says, "we did replace the assistant though."

You say, "So are ye searching for the beast, Lord Thurfel? I missed what was said before."

Nevrek says, "Most interesting.."

Thurfel says, "nay, Trentas and I were simply going for an evening stroll...."

Armaxis says, "It would be most unfortunate if the beast were to wander up to ground level, yesss..."

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "and trying to ascertain some way to open the keep without the mercenaries of Icemule coming down to attack my staff"

You nod to Trentas in greeting.

You say, "Ah..."

Nevrek says, "Unfortunate? Vould be entertaining at vorst."

Nevrek grins.

Carioca exclaims, "I would be willing to guard the Schooner!"

Thurfel says, "We wish Icemule no harm"

Carioca says, "Onboard even"

Trentas nods to Thurfel.

Gretel says, "Lord Halfling, they must be made to understand that in submission is peace."

Carioca giggles.

Carioca curtsies to Thurfel.

Vazridth just arrived.

Nevrek nods to Vazridth.

Gretel furrows her brow.

Vazridth nods to Nevrek in greeting.

Thurfel says, "tis quite true Gretel"

Vazridth grins at Gretel.

Armaxis nods to Vazridth.

Vazridth nods to Armaxis in greeting.

You say, "I wanted to tell ye, Lord Thurfel, that I find the rose quite a lovely gift"

Janseer says, "There are some m'lord that will fight you forever, no matter what happens"

Zanthor says, "Twas my most memorable honor to have been in your prescence m'lord"

You remove a fiery red crystal rose from in your lavender silk bodice.

You tilt your red crystal rose side to side, making the light play off it.

Thurfel says, "the ribbon in your hair milady looks quite fetching"

You smile.

Thurfel smiles at you.

You put a fiery red crystal rose in your lavender silk bodice.

Tarkisis leans forward.

You say, "Why, thank ye, Lord Thurfel."

Zanthor says, "Good health to you, and prosperous life m'lord."

Tarkisis cocks her head at you.

Carioca removes some golden mead from in her burlap sack.

Alyxandrah waves to you.

Zanthor bows to Thurfel.

Tarkisis glances at Thurfel.

Tarkisis rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Carioca offers Thurfel some golden mead.

Alyxandrah says, "Everyone, be safe."

Tarkisis leans back.

Thurfel says, "tis a rose I would hope you appreciate"

Thurfel accepts Carioca's golden mead.

Thurfel raises his golden mead in a toast!

You smooth your very long red hair away from your face and tie it with your silk hair ribbon.

Thurfel says, "to Icemule"

Carioca grins.

Nevrek says, "The vise of this town vill see the folly of their vays, I almost hope for opposite this, though. Svift execution of plans is more preferrable, surely."

Nevrek gazes heavenward.

Thurfel says, "and the townsfolk"

Vazridth glances at you.

Thurfel takes a drink from his golden mead.

Gretel says, "Once they realize that their own children and grandchildren will not survive unless they submit, I am sure they will do the correct thing."

Carioca grins.

Gretel nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel offers Trentas some golden mead.

Trentas put a large black ledger in his large black satchel.

Trentas accepts Thurfel's golden mead.

Maelani mutters under her breath.

Zanthor bows to Thurfel.

You hear someone uttering a phrase of magic.
Nanna suddenly fades into view.
Nanna gestures.
Nanna hurls a surge of electricity at herself, causing a crackling halo of static to swirl about her head, standing all her hair straight on end. How silly!
Nanna's hair suddenly stands straight up!

Trentas says, "Ah, many thanks Master."

Thurfel asks, "Trentas, could we have a fair upon our island?"

Nanna waves to Thurfel.

Shonison asks, "will this do?"

Nevrek furrows his brow.

Shonison peers quizzically at Maelani.

Trentas takes a drink from his golden mead.

Maelani nods to Shonison.

Tarkisis moves to stand behind Armaxis.

Maelani chuckles.

Nanna asks, "having a party Thurfel?"

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Shonison grins.

Maelani bows to Thurfel.

(Armaxis glances over his shoulder at Tarkisis.)

You ask, "A fair?"

Armaxis asks, "Yes?"

Armaxis raises an eyebrow.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Skyfawn curtsies to Thurfel.

(Tarkisis leans forward to whisper something under her breath.)

Arimantis says, "A fair would be quite interestin.."

Thurfel says, "what if we had food, and frolic and drink"

Nevrek says something in dark elven.

Arimantis says, "Have a monkey kissin booth"

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

Armaxis chuckles.

You ask, "Ye mean when ye open the keep?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Maelani clears her throat.

Nevrek says something in dark elven.

Trentas says, "Ah, a wonderous idea Master."

Maelani glances at Thurfel.

Nevrek shakes the dust off his leather hooded cloak.

Thurfel says, "mayhaps before milady"

Nevrek surveys the area.

Nevrek clears his throat.

You say, "Ah..."

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "so folks would not be so quick to attack my staff"

Trentas says, "A celebration indeed."

Arimantis says, "Sounds like a good idea.. might want to check the mead for worms this time though.."

Gretel says, "It is nearly time for the Fall Festival of the Serpent. I am sure that those who are faithful would enjoy a celebration at this time of year."

Nanna chuckles.

Arimantis shudders.

Thurfel says, "the crabs are quite good when boiled"

Vazridth nods to Gretel.

Nanna says, "Yer staff is the one that attacks quickly"

Thurfel says, "pardon"

Thurfel asks, "aren't you the one who attacked me out of the blue?"

Thurfel nods to Maelani.

Trentas nods to Thurfel.

A pained expression crosses Maelani's face.

Trentas says, "Indeed Master."

Maelani grins at Thurfel.

Nevrek says, "I vould haff hoped that the variety of color and the overall aesthetic pleasures of this island vould suffice, but.. some are simply inclined to fight."

Thurfel asks, "why did you attack me milady?"

Nanna says, "Yes, after you killed me, the previous night, most unjustly"

You say, "Are the crabs boilable in those crystal shells? I never seen anyone able to remove the shell."

Thurfel asks, "I killed you?"

Gretel says, "It is good to see you, Lord Faithful."

Nevrek says, "Though, the monkeys could be the reason.."

Nevrek rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Maelani says, "We 'ave what ye need. Thurfel."

Nanna says, "After I was simply defending myself after one of your staff attacked me, and I had him on the run"

Gretel nods to Vazridth.

Maelani smiles at Thurfel.

Trentas glances through his ledger.

Trentas says, "I have no record of that Master."

Nanna says, "You bolted me with lightning from the heavens for which I had no defense"

Vazridth says, "Always good to see you as well, Mi'Lady"

Vazridth smiles at Gretel.

Tarkisis nods to Armaxis.

Thurfel says, "hmm"

Tarkisis leans back.

Thurfel asks, "were you invited to my island?"

Thurfel asks, "were you not trespassing?"

Nanna smirks.

Thurfel asks, "could I not have been more clear about wishing our privacy?"

Nanna says, "I was simply trying to figure out what was going on"

Armaxis says something in dark elven.

Thurfel says, "so if I barge into your home..."

Thurfel asks, "tis ok?"

Trentas says, "Surely this Lady spins lies as becoming as her smirks Master."

Maelani works her fingers under her gold dragonfly comb and scratches her head.

Nanna says, "Yup, you get attacked, as I did"

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Trentas..."

Thurfel says, "make a note"

(Nevrek gingerly pulls his gloves more tightly onto his hands, flexing his fingers into a proper fitting.)

You cough.

Trentas nods to Thurfel.

Nanna says, "I attacked you to show it's what it's like"

Nanna snorts.

Thurfel says, "we must find out where this lady lives"

Shonison chuckles.

Maelani says, "Iscikella. Im sure yer appearance is fine for milord Thurfel. The wounds flatter ye."

Maelani winks.

Trentas scribbles in his ledger.

Arimantis chuckles.

Thurfel says, "she clearly has no respect for our home"

You say, "Ye do keep meticulous notes it seems, Trentas."

Nanna snorts.

You say, "I am not partial to scars is all. They itch."

Nevrek says, "A good scribner is hard to find, especially one skilled in combat."

Maelani says, "Still. They add."

Trentas says, "I shall record this under "S" Master, for snorter and smirker."

Maelani says, "Character."

Maelani cocks her head at you.

You glance at Maelani.

Thurfel says, "Maelani, Iscikella..."

Nanna says, "If someone comes to my home, I don't bolt them, for being in the outside area, I made no attempt to enter your house"

You ask, "Aye?"

Maelani glances at Thurfel.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Maelani asks, "Aye, sir?"

Thurfel asks, "did I make some mistake by asking folks not to visit my island, did I not post enough warnings?"

You sigh.

Nanna says, "I made no attacks towards anything until your staff attacked me"

You say, "The warnings were posted. I cannot deny that."

Janseer says, "yes you did Master, I was warned to leave and I did, no harm came to me"

You say, "I certainly read them."

Skyfawn says, "you made it very clear"

Arimantis says, "Is jus some people don have any respect"

Maelani says, "Milord Thurfel... Sometimes folks are hard of seeing. I find that a commonplace here in Icemule."

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Maelani.

Skyfawn says, "I stayed off during that time as you asked"

You nod to Skyfawn.

Tarkisis says, "Some like to test fate--"

Nevrek says, "Defiance, insolence, pure and simple."

Thurfel says, "I simply wish the same privacy you do Nanna"

Nevrek shakes his head.

Trentas says, "Perhaps some were illiterate Master. Next time, I shall place signs with pictures for them."

Nofret says, "Your pardon, but I saw nothing about violent death. Only severe punishment. Punishment and death do not necessarily equate."

Nanna says, "I have no care if you were to enter the area in which my home sits"

Maelani begins chuckling at Trentas.

Nanna says, "You can walk anywhere you please"

You say, "I admit to some curiosity making me fidgety at the time, but I stayed away."

Thurfel asks, "would you be content if I walked in on a tryst whilst you and your mate were busy?"

Maelani blinks at Thurfel.

You cough.

Arimantis coughs.

Tarkisis clears her throat.

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Janseer grins evilly.

Tarkisis glances at Nanna.

Alyxandrah appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Nanna idly picks at a sheath cunningly wrought from shrunken male heads.

Tarkisis asks, "You procreate?"

Maelani asks, "Er. Well Milord Thurfel If I might answer that?"

You clasp a hand over your mouth.

Maelani peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Gretel says, "Indeed, Lady Human. There are far worse fates then death."

Tarkisis glances at Nanna.

Nofret says, "I have no mate, so your question is meaningless."

Nevrek gazes heavenward.

Thurfel smiles at Tarkisis.

Gretel nods to Nofret.

Nanna says, "Cutting off his head? nope."

Nanna smirks.

You cough.

Maelani begins chuckling at Shonison.

Tarkisis asks, "Someone wants to?"

Maelani clasps her hand over her mouth.

Tarkisis squints at Nanna.

Thurfel says, "with luck..."

Thurfel says, "perhaps I may find a suitable queen"

Tarkisis rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tarkisis glances at you.

Gretel says, "I believe that the Lady Human is suggesting that death was too light a sentance for those who trespass, Lord Halfling."

Nevrek says, "Scars are a better remembrance."

Maelani gazes heavenward.

Alyxandrah smiles at Thurfel.

Nanna snorts at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I would not wish folks to barge in on me when they find it convenient"

Arimantis chuckles.

Avrial smiles at Thurfel.

Alyxandrah glances at Nanna.

Tarkisis curtsies to Katsuragii.

Vazridth chuckles.

Katsuragii grins at Tarkisis.

Katsuragii nods to Tarkisis.

Avrial says, "i wish you the best with that, my lord"

Thurfel says, "I don't believe I'm being unreasonable here."

Tarkisis says, "Eve Katsuragii"

Maelani says, "Milord Thurfel. I think ye are asking fer trouble in those regards."

Trentas says, "Not at all Master."

Armaxis says, "Thisss is his island, after all, and he gave quite an ample warning."

Avrial says, "i am sure you will find someone wonderful to be your queen"

Nanna says, "I made no attempt to enter your cabana"

You say, "Well, I won't deny the island is yer property."

Katsuragii says, "Evening Tarkisis."

Vazridth nods to Armaxis.

You say, "And he did post the warnings."

Vazridth glances at you.

Nanna says, "I didn't even see it it was so small"

Nanna snickers.

Nofret says, "Do NOT put words in my mouth, Gretel. I can speak for myself. Death was too terrible a punishment for mere trespass."

You say, "But..."

You shake your head.

You say, "Hate to see people die."

Maelani says, "And he does get temperatmental. Which I dun blame him, all the riff raff around these parts."

Nevrek says, "Death vas not nearly enough.."

Nevrek smiles politely at Nofret.

Thurfel nods to Maelani.

Thurfel exclaims, "I was attempting to conduct an interview!"

(Gretel inclines her head to Nofret, winking quickly at Nevrek as she does so.)

Shonison pokes Maelani in the ribs.

Maelani nods to Thurfel.

Maelani says, "ow."

Thurfel says, "it was not only rude to me"

Maelani glances at Shonison.

Shonison says, "Witlass killed you too"

Nofret says, "No one stopped you."

Shonison grins.

Carioca beams happily at Thurfel!

Thurfel says, "but to the folks wishing employment"

Maelani says, "Aye. But he didn't know who I was."

Maelani winks at Shonison.

Shonison says, "true"

Janseer nods.

Alyxandrah gasps.

You ask, "Were they nervous?"

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "quite"

You say, "Interviews do tend to make people nervous..."

Arimantis nods.

Thurfel says, "the ruckus all about the island"

Thurfel says, "Trentas..."

Thurfel says, "I do need to speak with Artha as well"

Tarkisis asks, "Did you create that firewall?"

Thurfel smiles at Carioca.

Tarkisis peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Trentas says, "Ah"

Carioca grins.

Nanna says, "I could care less about how rude I am to you, after you burned down, and murdered dozens of friendly dwarves in front of my own eyes, not to mention numerous shops in this town"

Nevrek says, "Oh, I found the carnage outside rather refreshing. Surely, unneccessary, but through no fault of the management of this colorful island."

Nevrek smiles.

Trentas consults his ledger.

As you twirl the ends of your silk hair ribbon around your finger, you loosen a few strands of your very long red hair.

Tarkisis says, "I would have rather found that interesting to see."

Gretel says, "Perhaps, Lord Halfling, you should find room in your dungeons for those who persist in dishonoring thy wishes."

Trentas says, "Yes Master"

Tarkisis nods to Thurfel.

Trentas says, "You do."

Thurfel says, "you are not welcome on my island Nanna"

Maelani says, "Thurfel. ah would request a word with you concerning the item that ye require. At your convienience of course."

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Maelani glances at Nanna.

Vazridth grins.

You cock your head at Maelani.

Alyxandrah shifts her eyes to Nanna.

Trentas asks, "Shall I have a sign made Master?"

Tarkisis asks, " mean the sphere?"

Tarkisis peers quizzically at Maelani.

Maelani shakes her head.

Nevrek says, "I remember the burning of those shops. I vas right there, pouring oil from the kobold mines onto the flames."

Nevrek grins at Nanna.

Arimantis peers quizzically at Maelani.

You ask, "I thought the sphere was recovered?"

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow.

Maelani asks, "I do believe ah said Milord Thurfel?"

Thurfel says, "if it is your wish to have your home burnt to a cinder, your items turned to ash, by all means, please stay here."

You glance at Armaxis.

Maelani smiles at Tarkisis.

Tarkisis asks, "Something else?"

You say, "Or stolen..."

Arimantis asks, "What item to you speak of then?"

Arimantis glances at Maelani.

You glance at Armaxis.

Armaxis glances at you.

Thurfel says, "Trentas, we'll need to find out where she lives of course."

Maelani says, "Armiantis. I do believe ah was speaking tah Thurfel."

Trentas nods to Thurfel.

Maelani says, "Not you."

Nanna chuckles.

Tarkisis says, "Perhaps it doesn't even work."

Arimantis chuckles.

Tarkisis nods to you.

Trentas says, "I shall see to it personally."

Thurfel says, "I would not burn down the wrong house"

Nevrek says, "She lives around the Landing. That should suffice."

Nevrek grins at Thurfel.

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Thurfel says, "i don't wish to burn the landing down Nevrek"

Nanna says, "Yes you would"

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Nevrek snaps his fingers.

Thurfel says, "and I don't even wish to burn down her house"

Janseer glances at Nanna.

Nevrek sighs.

Thurfel says, "but if she wishes it to happen"

Nanna smirks.

Gretel says, "I do hope not, my lord. I own a cottage in that town."

Katsuragii says, "Two sides..."

(Maelani taps her cloak, and casts at glance at Thurfel.)

Nanna says, "a pyromaniac like you gets off on it, no doubt"

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Tarkisis says, "Not much use is a broken majikal item."

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Tarkisis rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tarkisis nods to you.

Nevrek says, "How.. crude of you.."

Nevrek glances at Nanna.

Nevrek clears his throat.

Trentas says, "Under snorted and smirked, I shall be making an entry for the Lady under singed."

Vazridth smirks.

Thurfel smiles at Trentas.

Thurfel says, "thank you Trentas"

Gretel appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Armaxis says, "He is being quite reasonable, her childish comments are just forcing hisss hand..."

Thurfel raises an eyebrow.

Armaxis says, "And I'm sure it will be quite entertaining."

Tarkisis leans on her staff.

You ask, "Ye have an item for singed folks?"

You blink at Trentas.

Nevrek says, "Perhaps I should start selling tickets as soon as possible.. a roast seems inevitable."

Nevrek furrows his brow.

You say, "That must be quite a detailed ledger."

Maelani smiles sweetly at Thurfel.

Trentas says, "For those recently singed, and those to be, yes, of course."

Gretel says, "Perhaps, my lady, an apology would smooth ruffled feathers."

You gawk at Trentas.

Gretel nods to Nanna.

Tarkisis says, "I do believe Thurfel is more a master of fire, than Nanna is."

Tarkisis nods to you.

Carioca asks, "M'lord do you give tours of the island, maybe dropping a hint or two about the sites?"

Thurfel grins.

Carioca smiles and looks hopeful . . .

Thurfel says, "nay, many a mystery surrounds the creation of my island"

Nanna says, "I would sooner appologize to pond scum"

Carioca snaps her fingers.

Thurfel whispers, "I do not wish her harm, yet she antagonizes me!"

(Maelani taps cloak, and nods to Thurfel.)

Carioca says, "I trying to figure how that ladder cut them grooves if it's a broken as it says"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I do see that. It is a sourness in personality on her part I suspect."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Maelani grins at Thurfel.

Carioca says, "er looks"

Nevrek says, "Hm.."

You say, "How is Flindyl doing, Lord Thurfel? I hope to hear him play one day at sunrise in town."

You smile at Thurfel.

Maelani begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Trentas asks, "I shall add a new category Master? That of Queen?"

Thurfel says, "Flindyl is working on a sugar burnt souffle"

Maelani grins at Thurfel.

Arimantis appears to be trying hard not to grin.

You say, "Ah..."

A pained expression crosses Nofret's face.

You nod to Thurfel.

Katsuragii smiles quietly to himself.

Trentas removes a large black ledger from in his large black satchel.

Nevrek asks, "I am curious.. vhere are Halfburied's remains?"

Thurfel says, "I need to find a queen first Trentas"

Vazridth grins.

Trentas nods to Thurfel.

Carioca exclaims, "Make sure you don't make a breeze or it will fall!"

Tarkisis asks, "Queen--an interesing title. Queen of what I wonder?"

Vazridth asks, "Speaking of ..How was your dinner Mi'Lord?"

Thurfel says, "Queen of this island, the keep,and perhaps Icemule soon enough"

You glance at Vazridth.

Vazridth winks and flashes a sly grin.

Maelani smiles at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "ye should ask her Vazridth"

Nevrek furrows his brow.

Trentas says, "Ah, let's see...snorted, singed, rest in peace, rest in pieces..ah, yes, the 'Q's. Don't have many of those."

Vazridth says, "I dont need to. I see how she carries around your gift."

Vazridth says, "The flushing of her cheeks"

Katsuragii nods to Gretel.

Nanna says, "I hear Arachne has a nice queen, she looked like she'd be right up your alley too Thurfel"

Katsuragii grins.

Vazridth glances at you.

You glance at Vazridth.

Thurfel says, "if only she had the same feelings for me that she holds for her husband"

Nevrek asks, "Quartered?"

Nofret asks, "Lord Thurfel, you keep saying you are going to burn down Icemule. If you destroy it, what will she be Queen of? A pile of ashes?"

Nevrek raises an eyebrow in Trentas's direction.

Thurfel asks, "where is he by the way milady?"

Nanna says, "8 legs, and all hairy"

Trentas begins chuckling at Nevrek.

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I have no wish to burn down Icemule Nofret"

Maelani leans on her falchion.

Maelani says, "I do."

You say, "He has gone into the woods for a few days, Lord Thurfel. Rangers tend to do that."

Thurfel says, "I've asked that folks leave my keep be"

Maelani smiles at Nofret.

Thurfel asks, "he abandons you?"

Vazridth says, "He leaves her alone for long periods of time."

Vazridth nods to Thurfel.

Gretel furrows her brow.

(Maelani picks at her ribbon.)

Arimantis asks, "Is there another you are considering as your Queen?"

Maelani nods to Vazridth.

Arimantis peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Shonison says, "however you've said it will likely be the result of your actions, intentional or not"

You say, "He takes to the woods now and again is all."

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Nevrek shakes the dust off his leather hooded cloak.

Gretel asks, "Surely, my lord, you do not mean to suggest union between elf and halfling?"

Maelani says, "She would make a lovely wife fer ye, milord Thurfel."

Thurfel says, "no Shonison, it would be the result of self defense"

Katsuragii says, "Intriguing."

Maelani says, "Ahh Porcell. How I hate tah see 'im perish."

Shonison says, "that too"

Thurfel says, "a woman in any guise is lovely"

Maelani winces.

Katsuragii asks, "Question - so your burning of the town before...was that self-defense too...?"

Skyfawn smiles.

Katsuragii grunts. How charming.

Nevrek says, "Hmm.."

Nevrek glances at you.

Thurfel says, "that was..."

Gretel says, "But such a pairing is unnatural, my lord."

Thurfel says, "a bit of a political struggle..."

Thurfel says, "and looking back..."

Thurfel says, "clearly, it could have been handled better."

Katsuragii nods.

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Katsuragii asks, "And the recent burning?"

Katsuragii asks, "Was that over the deed?"

Maelani glances at Thurfel and yawns.

Carioca says, "They say outta da ashes . . . ."

You say, "I always wondered about that deed..."

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Katsuragii says, "Yes..."

(Nevrek gingerly places his prayerbook in its witchwood case.)

Nanna begins chuckling at Tarkisis.

Thurfel asks, "do you not get lonely when your husband leaves ye Iscikella?"

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Alyxandrah just hugged Avrial.

Vazridth glances at you.

You say, "Well... that is a difficult question to answer."

Nevrek nods to Katsuragii.

Nevrek smiles.

Nanna smirks.

Vazridth smirks.

You say, "Being alone is always difficult."

Skyfawn asks, "what wife does not get lonely when their husbands have to be gone?"

Tarkisis says, "Well, I think that reveals who he intends as queen..not that it was much of a guess anyway."

Arimantis idly picks at a sapphire and mithril pendant.

Tarkisis nods to you.

Trentas asks, "Now then, Lady Nanna, be so kind as to provide me with your address?"

Nanna begins chuckling at Trentas.

Katsuragii says, "Two sides..."

Vazridth says, "She tends to sugar coat the truth, Thurfel."

Alyxandrah says, "Avrial died..."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "And did want to thank ye for dinner. Was a most enjoyable evening."

Alyxandrah says, "Find her."

Thurfel smiles at you.

Nanna asks, "Yer a real smart one aren't you?"

You glance at Vazridth.

Nanna begins chuckling at Trentas.

Nevrek says, "He can find it himself, you know. Making the location easier to find is.. in your best interests."

Tarkisis says, "She has indicated that she does not live there anymore anyway."

Nevrek nods to Nanna.

Tarkisis nods to Trentas.

Thurfel whispers, "I would hope it would not be our only one"

Trentas says, "We shall find it anyway."

Trentas shrugs.

Alyxandrah says, "Our little sister just died...."

Nanna says, "Find it then"

Nanna shrugs.

Thurfel says, "Trentas..."

Trentas says, "It's a matter of common courtesy only. You know our address."

Trentas smiles.

Thurfel asks, "we still need a cleric of reknown upon our staff do we not?"

Carioca says, "Trentas what you write in the journal"

Nevrek asks, "Actually.. doesn't she live in Ravensvood, Armaxis?"

Bluesteel just arrived, dragging the body of Avrial behind him.

Alyxandrah just arrived.

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Bluesteel pokes Avrial to see if she will move.

Alyxandrah removes a white flask from in her black stalking cloak.

Trentas nods to Thurfel.

Tarkisis nods to Nevrek.

Alyxandrah forces Avrial's mouth open, and pours in a small amount from her white flask.
A luminescent web briefly forms around Avrial, then fades into the body.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "One never knows. But certainly I welcomed the chance to speak with ye."

Armaxis says, "I believe so."

You rub Avrial.

Bluesteel asks, "what got ya sis?"

You exclaim, "Goodness!"

Bluesteel rubs Avrial gently.

Vazridth examines his fingernails.

Sufado says in guild speak, "she dead"

You ask, "What happened?"

A hollow, resonating growl echoes from the spirit of Avrial.

Arimantis asks, "Do you plan on needin a cleric?"

Thurfel asks, "is there one to aid Avrial?"

Alyxandrah says, "Sister..."

Nevrek says, "I could locate her home for you, Thurfel, if you like.."

You blink.

Nevrek nods to Thurfel.

Alyxandrah sighs.

Arimantis peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Tarkisis blinks.

Alyxandrah rubs Avrial gently.

Arimantis nods.

Nanna says, "Yeah, I live in Ravenswood, it's a big tower, look for the name Setzier on the door, that's mine"

You say, "I'll heal her up."

Trentas says, "Ah, that would be most kind of you Nevrek"

Nanna nods.

The ghost of Avrial whispers, "i walked into a room full of everything and just got hit"

Nevrek says, "I vill go there now and report back ..vithin a reasonable time."

***Healing over Avrial***

You say, "There. Can ye raise, Arimantis?"

Nanna snorts.

Katsuragii says, "Hmm"

Nevrek says, "Excuse me, all."

Nevrek glances at Nanna.

Arimantis smiles.

Nevrek nods to Thurfel.

Nevrek nods to Trentas.

Nevrek turns around.

Trentas bows to Nevrek.

Nevrek strides away, moving southwest.

Arimantis just touched some intricate ivory prayer beads.
Arimantis kneels down and begins to recite prayers.
Arimantis gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Alyxandrah whispers, "Thank you so much..."

Arimantis just touched Avrial.
Arimantis gestures at Avrial.
Arimantis suddenly looks very drained.
A bolt of soft white light streaks down from the sky bathing Avrial in it.
A brilliant glow forms around Avrial, lingers for a moment, and finally fades. Avrial awakens looking somewhat confused and seriously drained.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "No problem at all."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Avrial says, "thank you"

Avrial hugs you.

Avrial just hugged Arimantis.

Arimantis says, "Welcome back Avrial"

Alyxandrah smiles.

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

You exclaim, "Poor girl!"

You rub Avrial.

Thurfel nods to Vazridth.

Vazridth nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Trentas.."

Vazridth rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Nanna yawns.

Trentas says, "Yes Master."

Thurfel says, "would a fair upon our island work...."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "And I hope I was entertaining company as well, Lord Thurfel. I know I ask many questions. Is my nature."

Iscikella smiles broadly.

Katsuragii says, "Interesting. Wonder what the gods' stake is in all this..."

Thurfel says, "or would the rabble simply destroy our merchants"

Trentas says, "Indeed, I believe it would."

Katsuragii says, "Luukos, for example.."

Thurfel whispers, "My heart stops each time I see ye milady, tis a shame we are surrounded by folks."

Alyxandrah beams!

Alyxandrah shifts her eyes to Nanna.

Trentas says, "A fair, a celebration of what you have wrought."

Trentas nods.

Alyxandrah asks, "Can you do anything else with your mouth?"

Shonison asks, "you have merchants?"

You say, "A fair here would be most colorful in any case."

Alyxandrah nods to Nanna.

Arimantis says, "I don't think even the worst of em would have anythin agains merchants"

Arimantis chuckles.

You flash a wide grin.

Janseer says, "Master, some would stop at nothing to disrupt you at all cost, they would have to be guards"

Maelani stretches.

Nanna nods to Alyxandrah.

Nanna sticks her tongue out at Alyxandrah, and lets out with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!

Maelani examines her fingernails.

Alyxandrah shifts her eyes to Nanna.

Alyxandrah grins.

Maelani glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "mayhaps we could sell a few objects of magic and such Trentas"

The wall of force fades from around Nanna.

Alyxandrah says, "You lost your wall..."

Alyxandrah grins evilly.

Carioca asks, "Could we have sled races at the fair?"

You cough.

Nanna gestures and utters a phrase of magic.
Nanna gestures at Alyxandrah.
Alyxandrah's eyes roll up into her head as she slumps to the ground.

Alyxandrah says something softly in her sleep.

Arimantis says, "Is too warm for sleds... mayhaps schooner races"

Nanna says, "You lost your consciousness"

Arimantis grins.

You lightly tap Alyxandrah on the shoulder.

Trentas nods to Thurfel.

Trentas smiles.

Alyxandrah awakens startled.

Alyxandrah stands up.

Thurfel says, "vials, potions"

Carioca says, "Perfect"

Thurfel says, "scrolls"

Thurfel nods.

Alyxandrah glowers darkly at Nanna.

Tarkisis leans on her staff.

You nod to Thurfel.

Carioca says, "I lead the brigatta"

You ask, "Colorful ones?"

Katsuragii says, "Hm"

You chuckle at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Maelani.

Carioca giggles.

Maelani grins at Thurfel.

Vazridth whispers, "My my..quite taken with him arent you?"

Vazridth grins at you.

Carioca asks, "You don't think pirates would attack the fleet?"

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Trentas says, "I shall look into what it would entail Master."

Thurfel nods to Trentas.

Nanna asks, "So how do all you panderers feel being traitors?"

Thurfel says, "perhaps we could plan that"

Thurfel asks, "Traitors to what?"

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You whisper quietly to Vazridth, "He is very charming, Vazridth, and I know ye see that. Beyond that, I won't say anything."

Arimantis asks, "Will you announce when the fair will be?"

Thurfel says, "you are here, upon my island...."

Carioca asks, "What am I traitoring?"

Roelon nods.

Thurfel asks, "perhaps you seek my hand?"

Tarkisis asks, "Does no one get a chance to turn over a new leaf?"

Tarkisis peers quizzically at Nanna.

Nanna asks, "Traitors to good, traitors to civilization, traitors to thier homes?"

Roelon chuckles.

Thurfel asks, "you wish to be queen is that it Nanna?"

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Roelon's face turns slightly pale.

Vazridth whispers, "You dont need to say anything. Your body language speaks louder than words."

Roelon glances at Thurfel.

Alyxandrah glances at Nanna.

Roelon makes a sour face.

Roelon glances at Nanna.

Alyxandrah appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Armaxis asks, "Converting, Nanna?"

Nanna asks, "Why, you wish to be my king?"

Thurfel whispers, "She greatly disturbs me"

Armaxis raises an eyebrow.

Nanna peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You say, "Might want to mark that down, Trentas."

Nanna idly picks at a sheath cunningly wrought from shrunken male heads.

You chuckle.

Carioca says, "I homeless, uncivilized and occassionally step off the path"

Arimantis just tickled you.

Carioca giggles.

Tarkisis glances at Nanna.

Thurfel says, "I hardly court those that attempt to kill me"

Alyxandrah just tickled Carioca.

Carioca giggles.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Nanna? Aye, she is a rather... odd person. I cannot quite figure her out."

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Maelani whispers, "A fine man, is Thurfel, aye milady?"

Thurfel says, "and my heart rests elsewhere.."

Maelani grins at Thurfel.

Alyxandrah smiles at Thurfel.

Maelani glances at you.

Thurfel asks, "but perhaps you seek to sit by my side?"

Katsuragii says, "Hrm."

Alyxandrah whispers, "Told you..."

Carioca shakes her head.

You whisper quietly to Maelani, "He is most charming, and I have said that openly."

Alyxandrah nods to you.

Nanna says, "Then the next time you set foot in any of the common towns, expect to be arrested"

Nanna smirks.

Carioca exclaims, "I seek a ride in the shooner!"

Armaxis asks, "I think it rather...amusing that one who claimsss to be of Sheru would so oppose someone as Thurfel. Is your devotion faltering?"

Thurfel asks, "for walking down the street?"

Vazridth nods to Armaxis.

Tarkisis begins chuckling at Armaxis.

You cock your head at Nanna.

Vazridth places his hand on his Luukos symbol.

Maelani whispers, "Think very hard milady over the course of time. Might be in yer best benefit to take heed to the halfling."

You ask, "Ye are of Sheru's fold, Lady Nanna?"

Nanna says, "Yup, for using the atmosphere, especially in icemule, which is provided by those who will stand by her, instead of trying to destroy."

Vazridth glances at Nanna.

Tarkisis says, "Interesting..observation indeed."

Tarkisis nods to Armaxis.

Nanna says, "If not for the town and those that provide comfort there, it would be nothing but a glacier"

Gretel says, "I do not believe it a crime to defend one's home from trespassers, especially in these places, which are not considered local jurisdiction."

Thurfel says, "ye have ice in your ears milady"

Maelani taps Armaxis lightly on his shoulder.

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I have told the townsfolk of Icemule..."

Nanna says, "You have nothing but evil"

Armaxis raises an eyebrow in Maelani's direction.

Thurfel says, "if they do not attack me.."

Thurfel says, "the town has nothing to fear"

Thurfel says, "indeed..."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Well that explains her, Lord Thurfel. She is insane, being of Sheru."

You nod to Thurfel.

Carioca asks, "M'lord can you forage for seaglass, I noticed a spot with several pebbles?"

Thurfel says, "I would see Icemule grow to rival the landing"

Thurfel nods to you.

Nanna asks, "Is that what you said when you sided with those that would totally destroy it, and did half of it?"

Maelani blinks at Thurfel.

Nanna peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Alyxandrah beams happily at Thurfel!

Maelani says, "Ye are smoking herbs."

Maelani chuckles.

You cock your head at Alyxandrah.

Vazridth says, "If you all will excuse me."

Shonison says, "rival the landing....thats not really a huge improvement"

Vazridth bows.

Maelani nods to Vazridth.

Vazridth glances at you.

Alyxandrah whispers, "I wish the same thing."

Thurfel chuckles.

Nanna says, "A rival, filled with snow giants perhaps"

Alyxandrah whispers, "I dislike Landing with such a passion."

Katsuragii asks, "So you're saying...let bygones be"

Maelani says, "Keep the dern cold away from me landing."

Vazridth whispers, "Keep the dwarf close."

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "I'm not terribly fond of cold things"

Thurfel grins.

Maelani nods to Nanna.

Vazridth just went southwest.

You whisper quietly to Alyxandrah, "As do I. IceMule will always be my first love."

Alyxandrah grins at you.

Katsuragii asks, "You are really willing to co-exist with the folk of Icemule?"

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel nods to Katsuragii.

Katsuragii says, "You know, that is the core of most people's...dislike."

Nanna says, "Then he sets his sights on something even larger, no doubt"

Roelon says, "Many still nae trust ye..nae since ye nearly burned the town down."

Katsuragii says, "That you seek to either subjugate it, or worse, destroy it"

Thurfel says, "she is quite the cynic"

Maelani coughs.

Roelon grins at Thurfel.

Maelani glances at Armaxis.

Alyxandrah whispers, "I have been murdered in Landing a few times for being from here. Can you believe that? Landing is the town of cold hearts...unworthy of it's status."

Tarkisis moves to stand behind you.

Nanna asks, "Perhaps by "seeking to make the Icemule the landing's equal, you seek to destroy parts of the landing?"

Katsuragii says, "If you publicly were willing to co-exist with us..."

Tarkisis leans forward.

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

(Tarkisis whispers something softly under her breath.)

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "Trentas..."

Katsuragii says, "Things would be better."

Maelani says, "He dares not touch the landing. I am sure of it."

Roelon says, "He did get rid of the annoying dwarf tent."

Trentas asks, "Yes Master?"

Maelani nods to Nanna.

Roelon nods to Nanna.

Thurfel asks, "who is this lass?"

Tarkisis whispers, "I think his endearment for you will be his downfall."

You say, "Trentas, I do hope ye keep spare quills with all those notes."

You blink at Trentas.

Katsuragii says, "Have some spare if he runs out."

Katsuragii grunts. How charming.

Thurfel says, "she continues to antagonize me with no reason"

Alyxandrah gazes heavenward.

Trentas says, "Ah, The lady Nanna Master."

Tarkisis whispers, "Is seduction beyond your means in your quest to win?"

Arimantis says, "Already actin like a queen.."

Arimantis coughs.

Nanna smirks.

You chuckle at Arimantis.

Alyxandrah grins at Arimantis.

Trentas says, "If I must mark the name Nanna in my ledger anymore this evening, I fear I'd need more ink. However, my entries on this questionable person shall serve as adequate kindling for what is bound to be her small and pathetic hovel."

Tarkisis leans back.

Nanna begins chuckling at Trentas.

Nanna says, "Stone doesn't burn too well"

Nanna shrugs.

Trentas says, "Suffice it to say, adequate notes have been taken on her."

Thurfel nods to Trentas.

Tarkisis says, "The tower stands beside Setzier's."

Thurfel just kissed you on the hand.

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow in Nanna's direction.

Thurfel says, "Trentas..."

Maelani nods to Armaxis.

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Tarkisis asks, "Right?"

Nanna begins chuckling at Tarkisis.

Thurfel says, "allow us to retire to discuss the possibilities of a fair"

Trentas asks, "Yes Master?"

Gretel frowns.

Gretel asks, "Lord Halfling?"

Janseer bows to Thurfel.

Gretel cocks her head at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Gretel.

Gretel says, "I must ask a boone of you."

Janseer says, "It was an honor to meet you M'lord"

Thurfel says, "and ye Janseer"

Trentas nods to Thurfel.

Tarkisis says, "I believe you gave away the location via denial--and poor verbal manuevering."

Nanna begins chuckling at Tarkisis.

Gretel asks, "My cottage rests in the same neighborhood as the home of this troublemaker. Would you offer me assurances that it will not be lost in any fires?"

Nanna says, "Yeah, yer right, you got me"

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Nanna rolls her eyes.

Katsuragii says, "Thurfel...just some advice. In all things, actions speak much louder than words. If you really want to co-exist peacefully...well..."

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "you have no worry Gretel, your home will come to no harm."

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

Gretel says, "I thank you, Lord Halfling."

Roelon shifts his weight.

Nanna chuckles.

Armaxis says, "Of course."

Roelon glances at Gretel.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

You say, "Lord Thurfel, I do thank ye again for yer gift, and for yer time and conversation this past Day of the Huntress."

Gretel cocks her head at Roelon.

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Gretel asks, "Yes, Lord Giant?"

Roelon asks, "Ye only care about ye cottage?"

Roelon chuckles.

Thurfel whispers, "be well my sweet lady."

Tarkisis says, "The mausoleum should be far enough away."

Thurfel says, "let us be off Trentas, we have much to discuss."

Tarkisis rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Gretel says, "The Lady has all but begged for her own home to be destroyed, Lord Giant. I merely do not wish to lose my own in the process."

Armaxis says, "I bid you good evening, may His coils encircle you in their eternal embrace."

Armaxis raises his hand to his bronze Luukos symbol, touching the image of a green serpent.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "And ye, m'lord."

Thurfel releases the glyph upon the area.

Armaxis just went southwest.

Katsuragii says, "But if the town comes under threat, we will defend it. After all, it's 'self-defense'..."

Maelani says, "Let's go home. Thurfel knows we have it."

Roelon points at Nanna.

Gretel says, "May the emerald Light shine upon you."

Roelon asks, "her home?"

Katsuragii rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Gretel curtsies to Thurfel.

Gretel nods to Roelon.

Lord Thurfel's group just went west.

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