A Drink with Thurfel
Restday, day 3 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5100

Note: a badly faded parchment was tacked up by Trentas on the wall of the bank the day before this log.
It read: The following individuals are to come to the island for their second interview: Sabitor, Elminstir, Nevrek, Tierus, and Artha. The interview will take place at the cabana Feastday, a few hours past sunfall elven time. No other visitors will be allowed, trespassers on the island will be dealt with in extreme measure.

[Ice Garden, Altar]
Benches of carved ice with seats of wood surround the central altar, bowered with beardtongue shrubs. The glitter of the fallen snow reflects light in a myriad of rainbows, creating a hypnotic effect ideal for settling into a meditative state. Carved into the base of the glacier is a dark crevice leading into the mountain of ice.
Obvious paths: south.

A small tiny ghostly white wisp of smoke curls about your legs, the touch burning.

You blink.

(Iscikella looks at the smoke.)

You ask, "Thurfel?"

The ice benches begin to drip as the heat rises.

You ask, "Thurfel? ye are here?"

A voice whispers softly into your ear. "Remain any longer and there will be naught but puddles in this room."

You stand back up.

You ask, "What wish ye, Thurfel?"

You sigh

You say, "I will search yer island then."

***Did a two complete searches of Thurfel's Island to no avail***

[Silvermule Gaming Hall, Library]
The Library is lined with ceiling-height bookcases. Each shelf is filled with a variety of leather-bound tomes, some thick, others thin, but all obviously unused. The feature which is receiving the most attention in this richly carpeted room is the paneled cherrywood bar, which stands off to one side. You also see a framed menu.
Also in the room: Lady Maelani, Elminstir, Lord Mastys, Saberwolv, Lord Shonison, Lord Thurfel, Lady Skyfawn
Obvious exits: east.

You ask, "Lord Thurfel, why did ye send tendrils to me?"

Thurfel nods to Elminstir.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Elminstir says, "then there is sabitor."

Elminstir says, "He is extremly persistant."

Thurfel says, "I always enjoyed your company milady, a man does wish a woman's company from time to time."

Thurfel smiles.

Elminstir says, "And has his heart, mind, and soul set on becomming your apprentice."

Elminstir says, "And has for a month now."

Thurfel nods to Elminstir.

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Shonison asks, "Elminstir, what profession are you if I may ask?"

You say, "Well, I suppose being appreciated as a woman is not to be scoffed at."

Elminstir says, "I nae know about artha, Iv never met her before."

You say, "But ye much frightened me."

Saberwolv says, "Sabitor..a rogue. Nevrek, a rogue who is nay a resident of th' town...Artha, a warrior"

Elminstir says, "Profession ? For a living I seek knowledge"

Saberwolv shakes his head.

Thurfel says, "that is good to know Shonison"

Elminstir winks at Shonison.

Shonison says, "rather young actually"

Shonison grins.

Elminstir says, "I do dabble in sorcerery though."

Maelani grins at Shonison.

Shonison nods to Elminstir.

Saberwolv says, "Warriors an rogues do nay 'ave th' compacity to understand magick"

Saberwolv gazes heavenward.

Maelani nods to Saberwolv.

Thurfel removes another book and looks it over. The title reads "Wizardry for the simple-minded"

Elminstir says, "they do, but a very limited capacity."

Elminstir says, "Anyone with enough practice can learn."

Maelani gazes heavenward.

You blink at Thurfel.

Shinoboo says, "ahhh"

Maelani asks, "Written by you I assume?"

Maelani glances at Thurfel.

(Elminstir jots down some nots into his tome.)

Elminstir put a small leatherbound tome in his bearskin coat.

Thurfel says, "actually written with you in mind milady"

Thurfel grins.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I am somewhat confused, but I suppose is unimportant."

Elminstir grins.

Maelani squints at Thurfel.

Shonison laughs!

Thurfel says, "but no, I am not the author."

Shinoboo says, "i just felt I should meet Thurfel"

Shinoboo smiles.

Iansen frowns.

Saberwolv laughs softly, trying to hide his amusement.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel whispers, "confusion is simply the state of boiling water. When the water cools, all becomes clear."

Shinoboo asks, "do you like tarts Thurfel?"

Maelani says, "Thurfel Tis much needed an apprentice fer ye. At least that would make up for the other wit ye are lacking"

Thurfel asks, "so who would be the best candidate?"

Maelani winks at Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "tarts?"

Shinoboo smiles.

Iansen says, "Not Artha..."

Elminstir says, "that all depends on what you are looking for"

Shinoboo says, "i'm bribing for my friends"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "As ye tried to boil the ice altar in Voln, Lord Thurfel?"

Iansen says, "He'll... disappoint..."

Saberwolv says, "Thurfel, speaking with Whitlass....your assosicates do nay understand that Luukos cares nothin fer ye"

Saberwolv shakes his head.

Shinoboo removes an iced orange tart from in her crimson leather cloak.

Shonison says, "not Artha, Nevrek, or Sabitor."

Thurfel says, "they certainly need to be able to defend themselves"

Shonison chuckles.

Shinoboo giggles.

Shinoboo says, "i know"

Shinoboo nods to Skyfawn.

You hear the voice of Sabitor say, "I certainly can."

Thurfel says, "would hardly do to have my apprentice slain by riff raff everytime they turned a corner."

Saberwolv says, "I kin only hope you keep in mind Luukos is nay tryin to help ye"

Elminstir nods.

Shinoboo says, "just can't find good apprentices these days"

You ask, "Thurfel, for myself I care not who ye take as apprentice. All are traitors to this town. But why ask one candidate what they think of another? Ye surely know ye will not get an unbiased answer?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Elminstir says, "I gave a unbiased answer."

Elminstir says, "And told him even that sabitor is persistant and how he has been tyring to a month"

Elminstir shrugs.

Shinoboo says, "maybe he means to have them fight amongst themselves and choose the survivor"

You nod to Shinoboo.

You say, "Could well be."

Shinoboo says, "and then they light a torch and the fat naked one wins"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Shinoboo chuckles.

Thurfel chuckles.

Mastys chuckles.

You smirk.

Thurfel takes a drink from his 75 year old cognac.

Iansen says, "Lock them in a room..."

Shinoboo says, "cabana good for that"

You hear the voice of Sabitor say, "I know what I think about each of the others... I can answer, if the Lord Thurfel wishes to know."

You hear someone yawn.

You ask, "Would be yer sense of humor, wouldn't it?"

Skyfawn asks, "why do you all wish to try to assume to know what he wants?"

Thurfel says, "that was rather decent Skyfawn, thank you."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Iansen says, "The one who still lives is obviously the stronger"

Shinoboo says, "we know what you think of everyone sabitor"

Skyfawn curtsies to Thurfel.

Skyfawn says, "most welcome"

Shinoboo says, "you pretend to be evil but that doesn't make you a good candidate to be apprentice"

Thurfel says, "power is not necessarily all"

Elminstir nods.

Thurfel says, "guile is quite valuable as well"

Shinoboo says, "must dress well"

Thurfel says, "and a tremendous knowledge of town"

Thurfel says, "that is key"

Elminstir nods.

Iansen says, "Well, the one who is alive will be the strongest at that point, and because he still lives, will have the guile and knowledge you need..."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

You say, "Obviously we know the why of that."

Iansen says, "Unless it's Artha, then you'll have a blithering fool for an apprentice..."

Elminstir says, "Not always true"

Elminstir smiles at Iansen.

You say, "Ye wish them to hurt the town."

Shinoboo says, "sabitor would make a boring apprentice"

You say, "and knowledge is power."

Thurfel says, "nay milady"

Thurfel says, "I wish knowledge of what is under the town"

Iansen says, "Dirt..."

Shinoboo says, "the catacombs"

Iansen says, "And rocks..."

Iansen nods.

You say, "None would know that."

Shinoboo asks, "the abbey ossuary?"

You say, "Ye would need to find an old elder."

You say, "Of the town."

Thurfel asks, "are ye so certain milady?"

Elminstir says, "I am an old elder of the town."

Thurfel says, "the ossuary holds many a secret"

Elminstir nods to Thurfel.

You say, "I realize it undoubtedly does."

Shinoboo nods.

Iansen asks, "What about those legends about a drake living under the town?"

Shinoboo says, "there's that stone I keep trying to move"

Thurfel says, "drakes"

Iansen asks, "Or is it a dragon?"

Thurfel cackles!

Elminstir groans.

Saberwolv says, "Drakes..."

Thurfel says, "myths"

Elminstir says, "No drake under town"

Thurfel says, "rumors"

Tarkisis fades into visibility.

You say, "But it is secret because none know it."

Saberwolv nods to Thurfel.

Tarkisis curtsies to you.

Elminstir says, "A giant snake more like."

Shinoboo says, "i like dragons"

Thurfel says, "if there were ever drakes.."

You ask, "Elsewhise would scarce be secret, now would it?"

Thurfel says, "they are so much bone and dust now"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Shinoboo says, "they are just misunderstood"

Tarkisis curtsies to Thurfel.

Iansen says, "Bones, yes..."

Iansen nods to Thurfel.

Tarkisis says, "Good evening Fire Mage."

You nod to Tarkisis.

Thurfel nods to Tarkisis.

Shinoboo says, "there's bones in the ossuary"

Shinoboo says, "and shrine to Oleani"

Thurfel says, "although..."

Iansen says, "The bones of one are on the road to Solhaven"

Thurfel says, "the thought of riding upon a drake has its certain...."

Elminstir grins.

Shinoboo chuckles.

Thurfel says, "but, alas..."

You chuckle at Thurfel.

You hear someone snicker.

Thurfel says, "they are but rumors."

Thurfel grins.

Mastys chuckles.

You say, "Well, even fire mages can dream."

Thurfel nods to you.

You flash a wide grin.

Shinoboo says, "to every rumor there is a grain of truth"

Thurfel says, "perhaps I could build one"

Elminstir nods.

Thurfel scratches his chin.

Elminstir says, "now "That" would be interesting"

Maelani blinks.

Thurfel says, "how would one build a drake."

Skyfawn nods to Elminstir.

Tarkisis says, "I heard..Manny has done such a deed."

Thurfel says, "it would have to fly"

Iansen says, "That's what your apprentice would be for..."

Iansen nods to Thurfel.

You hear the voice of Sabitor ask, "Build... a drake?"

Thurfel says, "and be reptilian perhaps"

Tarkisis says, "It is in the glacier."

Thurfel says, "so a lizard"

Tarkisis says, "A cave.."

Tarkisis rubs her chin thoughtfully.

You blink at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "hmm"

Iansen says, "Just make a big snake with wings then..."

Iansen shrugs.

Thurfel says, "interesting thought"

You ask, "Ye surely do not believe ye have so much power?"

Thurfel nods to Iansen.

Maelani nods to Iansen.

Tarkisis says, "perhaps you can make it work again."

Tarkisis nods to Thurfel.

Shinoboo says, "i like snakes"

Thurfel says, "I wonder"

Shinoboo says, "but snakes are not dragons"

Shinoboo gives her pink toy dragon a warm hug.

Thurfel says, "it would be far harder then a troll and an ogre to be sure"

Shinoboo says, "dragons have legs"

A faint cloud of translucent smoke appears briefly, then fades.

You say, "I have an aversion to snakes..."

You say, "Serpents..."

Maelani blinks.

You shudder.

Elminstir nods.

Tarkisis glances at you.

Tarkisis smirks.

Lady Gretel just arrived.

Iansen says, "You have a reason to be..."

Iansen nods to you.

Tarkisis leans on her staff.

(Iscikella rubs her slightly swollen right wrist.)

Shinoboo says, "so what happens when you find this thing you are looking for"

Thurfel says, "snake"

Gretel says, "Good evening, Blessed Lord Halfling, Lady Sorrows, Lady Lumnisfollower, Lady Elf, Lady Elf, Lord Elf, Lord Slander."

Thurfel says, "wings"

Maelani grins.

Thurfel says, "size"

Thurfel says, "power"

You hear someone screaming!

Thurfel says, "flame perhaps"

Maelani says, "Oh my."

Thurfel says, "or ice"

Sabitor fades into visibility.

Maelani begins chuckling at Gretel.

Shinoboo sighs.

Sabitor mutters under his breath.

Thurfel says, "just for the lady"

Thurfel smiles at you.

Shonison gazes heavenward.

Gretel says, "Good evening, Lord Webspinner."

You cough.

Sabitor winks at Gretel.

Iansen asks, "I wonder which one of those I was?"

Elminstir nods to Gretel in greeting.

Thurfel says, "the skin would need to be incredibly tough"

Tarkisis says, "A tsark, leashed."

Tarkisis shrugs.

Gretel says, "And Lord Human, of course."

Thurfel says, "I wonder if it could be done."

Iansen says, "Ah..."

Iansen nods.

Skyfawn rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "I had never pondered the thought to be sure"

Shinoboo says, "i like the colored monkeys myself"

Thurfel says, "tis good to get ideas from you folks"

Elminstir grins.

Thurfel grins.

Skyfawn says, "would be a lot of work"

Elminstir says, "Their clothing is.... amusing"

Sabitor says, "The colored monkeys are such nuicances."

Sabitor sighs.

Thurfel says, "they were crafted in my younger days"

Elminstir chuckles.

Iansen says, "Eorginian witches have tough skin..."

Iansen nods.

Iansen grumbles.

Thurfel says, "rest assured, my new creations will hardly bring a smile to anybodies face"

Gretel raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Sabitor grins wryly.

Maelani grins evilly.

You ask, "So ye are actively creating at the moment then, Lord Thurfel?"

Maelani smiles at Thurfel.

Gretel asks, "Will you create serpents, my lord?"

You squint at Thurfel.

Skyfawn says, "not if they as big as your pet"

Iansen asks, "What kind of new creations?"

Thurfel nods to you.

Elminstir nods to Skyfawn.

Skyfawn giggles.

Elminstir groans.

Maelani asks, "Mebbe ye should unleash a few? Just tah test 'em out?"

Thurfel says, "large songbirds"

Saberwolv grins.

Iansen says, "I created a bird-rat when I was a child..."

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

Tarkisis asks, "Songbirds?"

You ask, "Songbirds? As messengers?"

Thurfel says, "and ogre troll mixes"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Iansen says, "But it was just a rat with a bird tied on it's back..."

Elminstir says, "No, "large" songbirds"

Sabitor says, "Songbirds. How... lovely."

Saberwolv says, "Nay Iscikella....songbirds th' size of giantfolks"

Sabitor smirks.

Thurfel says, "well, if ye consider being dropped into the ocean as a message"

Thurfel says, "aye"

Maelani says, "With big teef."

Shonison says, "im guessing we will see them if we tresspass on the island during the finalist interviews"

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

Maelani grins at Shonison.

Thurfel says, "they are simply created to keep my walls clean"

Thurfel says, "of riff raff and debris"

You ask, "From climbers?"

You cough.

Elminstir nods to you.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Sabitor idly scratches himself on the neck.

Maelani asks, "Dun birds make debris?"

Thurfel nods to you.

Maelani blinks at Thurfel.

Tarkisis says, "Songbirds will likely dirty them--especially if they are kin to the seagulls."

Tarkisis nods to Thurfel.

Elminstir grins at Tarkisis.

A penguin waddles into the room.

You ask, "Have ye had much trouble with such, Lord Thurfel? Climbers, I mean?"

Maelani nods to Tarkisis.

Elminstir gestures at a penguin.

Maelani laughs!

A swirling grey-blue mist slowly fills the area. It begins to spin faster and faster, congealing into a large upright disk. The mist slows its spinning and within the swirling vapors you can make out an opening.

Sabitor suddenly appears, coughing, amid a faint cloud of translucent smoke.

Valicar steps out of the swirling mist.

Cryheart steps out of the swirling mist.

Sabitor snickers.

Thurfel says, "not yet, most of them just slide right down the wall"

Taze steps out of the swirling mist.

The swirling mist begins to speed up as it spirals back into the opening and fades away.

Taze grins.

Thurfel says, "but you never know."

Thurfel says, "never hurts to be safe"

Tarkisis curtsies to Valicar.

Gretel says, "Good evening, Lord SirKnight."

Sabitor stands up.

Valicar bows to Tarkisis.

Tarkisis says, "Evening Valicar."

Tarkisis curtsies to Cryheart.

Maelani nods to Saberwolv.

Valicar says, "greetings"

Elminstir smiles at Valicar.

Cryheart says, "good evening Gretel"

You say, "Well, I suppose I understand the wish to be safe."

Cryheart smiles.

Tarkisis curtsies to Taze.

You sigh.

Cryheart bows to Tarkisis.

Valicar smiles at Elminstir.

Gretel leans on her staff.

Tarkisis asks, "The Furies getting restless?"

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow.

Thurfel asks, "would you enjoy folks pounding on your door all day long?"

Saberwolv says, "Th' fury is late"

Tarkisis rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Valicar says, "we had plenty to do as of late in Solhaven"

Taze nods to Valicar.

Sabitor snickers.

Shonison asks, "more spiders?"

You say, "Nae, though some have done it already."

Taze says, "dun really wanna break a sweat"

Tarkisis says, "Perhaps your door should singe the skin if they touch it."

You chuckle at Thurfel.

Tarkisis nods to Thurfel.

Elminstir grins at you.

Thurfel says, "a flame wall"

You say, "When they find my home."

Sabitor frowns.

Elminstir says, "I know what ye mean"

Thurfel says, "hmm"

Thurfel says, "interesting thought as well"

(Iansen mutters about the importance of gloves in that situation)

Thurfel says, "it would seem the ice has not numbed all of your brains."

Iansen scratches at some supple black leather gloves.

Maelani grins at Thurfel.

Tarkisis says, "Would keep them from being so eager to pound upon it."

Elminstir says, "Perhaps along the lines as the gate to the west of town."

Thurfel says, "that would be enjoyable"

Valicar says, "ya could move it up to Pinefar..my house up there. I never get visitors"

Skyfawn says, "like a moat"

Thurfel says, "watch their hands turn to black ash as they touched my walls"

Thurfel nods.

Sabitor smirks.

Skyfawn says, "around your keep"

Tarkisis smirks.

Tarkisis says, "Exactly."

You say, "Well is better to knock than barge in."

You cough.

Thurfel nods to you.

Taze says, "i say he should move to teras"

Taze nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "folks continue to try to barge in though"

Elminstir begins chuckling at Taze.

Taze says, "them folks dere need someone ta bug im"

Valicar nods to Taze.

Taze chuckles.

Elminstir grins.

You say, "Perhaps because they are curious, Lord Thurfel."

Tarkisis leans on her staff.

Iansen says, "Or thieves"

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in Iansen's direction.

Sabitor asks, "What?"

Thurfel nods to Iansen.

Gretel says, "Perhaps, my lord, it is a sign they do not properly respect thee."

Elminstir grins.

You say, "Then again some want to steal magicks I presume."

Skyfawn says, "they want to see inside is what they want"

Tarkisis says, "Either way--I'll watch the consequences rather than endure them."

You say, "I know little about such things."

Iansen says, "Oh, don't tell me you haven't wanted to go in there once awhile back to grab some artifact"

Gretel says, "Sometimes lessons must be taught."

Tarkisis nods to you.

Iansen nods to Sabitor.

Thurfel says, "ah well, if they wish to visit whilst I am conducting my interviews..."

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

Thurfel says, "they will respect my wishes"

Elminstir nods.

Tarkisis asks, "You will block your entire Island?"

Thurfel asks, "why?"

Iansen asks, "Are you going to have that big guy with the huge sword patrolling the island?"

Sabitor says, "That would be a foolish and stupid thing to do. I am not an idiot."

Valicar asks, "Is Rills still Castellan for your Keep, Lord Thurfel?"

Sabitor glances at Iansen.

Saberwolv says, "he should nay 'ave to block th' island"

Thurfel asks, "block my island?"

Thurfel asks, "when I can cut through the wheat with a scythe?"

Thurfel nods to Valicar.

Tarkisis says, "I rather thought the missive stated..."

Valicar nods.

Valicar appears less confident.

Tarkisis furrows her brow.

Tarkisis looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Skyfawn says, "he wishes to not be disturbed duing the interviews is all"

Thurfel says, "tis hardly worth hiring folks if they can't defend you"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "So none may be about yer island as ye interview?"

Cryheart grins.

Taze snickers.

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

Thurfel whispers, "it would not be to your best interest, unless you are of course interested in the job"

Thurfel smiles at you.

Sabitor blinks.

Tarkisis leans on her staff.

Maelani nods.

Sabitor shifts his weight.

Shonison grins.

Taze asks, "do ya pay well?"

Skyfawn nods to Mastys.

Gretel nods to Sabitor.

Taze glances at Thurfel.

Valicar begins chuckling at Skyfawn.

Taze says, "jes wonderin"

Taze shifts his weight.

Thurfel asks, "do I pay well?"

Taze nods.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I do not think our ideals are very similar, Lord Thurfel, so nae I do not think I could apprentice to one who will destroy my adopted home."

Thurfel says, "depends on what you would consider well"

Elminstir shifts his weight.

Maelani says, "Saber. Buy me a drink."

Taze says, "ya hiring right? not taking on a slave..."

Maelani taps Sabitor lightly on his shoulder.

Taze chuckles.

Maelani says, "Ack."

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow in Taze's direction.

Saberwolv appears to be checking his pockets for something, but finds them empty.

Sabitor rummages around in his pockets.

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

Maelani groans at Saberwolv.

Thurfel says, "an apprenctice is hardly a slave"

Iansen says, "Slave..."

Sabitor nods to Maelani.

Sabitor waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Iansen shudders.

Iansen mutters under his breath.

Maelani asks, "What good are ye fer Saberwolv?"

Sabitor scowls.

Maelani squints at Sabitor.

Sabitor exclaims, "I told you all!"

Thurfel says, "however I hardly wish to hire one who simply wishes my power for no service."

Maelani laughs!

Cryheart says, "tis a pleasure to meet ye sir for the first time"

Valicar asks, "And to what do we owe the honor of your visit tonight, Lord Thurfel?"

Tarkisis says, "However an apprentice can serve as a fine distraction for the master."

Gretel asks, "What profession will you teach this apprentice, Lord Halfling?"

Maelani nods to Saberwolv.

Cryheart bows to Thurfel.

Gretel peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I wished a drink"

Thurfel says, "which I had"

Shonison chuckles.

Thurfel says, "thanks to Skyfawn"

Taze rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Skyfawn smiles at Thurfel.

Iansen mutters whippingboy.

Maelani chuckles.

Valicar says, "ahh"

Maelani says, "Ahh. We awaken."

You remove an Icemule promissory note from in your irridescent belt.
The bartender accepts your note and hands you a new one.
The bartender exclaims, "One the Library's finest coming up!" With a modicum of activity behind the bar, the bartender quickly places your order on top of the cherrywood bar.
You put an Icemule promissory note in your irridescent belt.
You remove a snifter of the Library's finest from on a paneled cherrywood bar.

Thurfel says, "the brandy in here was nice enough, but was hardly a thimbleful"

You offer your the Library's finest to Thurfel, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Type CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.
Thurfel has accepted your offer and is now holding a snifter of the Library's finest.

Sabitor says, "I don't have enough for the most expensive drink."

Sabitor frowns.

You say, "Well, let it not be said IceMule is not hospitable."

Sabitor says, "Though I will, in a moment."

You sigh.

Sabitor grins wryly.

Tarkisis blinks.

Thurfel taps his staff to the liquor and an amber glow burns within it.

Shonison says, "if i find myself missing a silver..."

Shonison glances at Sabitor.

Gretel just handed Sabitor some coins.

Sabitor smirks.

Sabitor rummages around in his pockets.

Gretel says, "Good evening, Lady Oathbreaker."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Mastys smiles.

Sabitor says, "Thank you."

Kadesha says, "good eve folk"

Sabitor nods to Gretel.

You ask, "Ye make it warm?"

Gretel's viper staff comes to life in her hands! The viper hisses and lashes out at Kadesha!

Tarkisis says, "odd"

Kadesha waves a hand at Gretel, dismissing her indifferently.

Sabitor says, "Ah."

Gretel scowls at the staff in her hand.

Cryheart smiles at Kadesha.

Shonison chuckles.

Maelani glances at Gretel.

Gretel says, "Do not do that, my staff."

Iansen says, "I could go for some coffee..."

Iansen sighs.

Thurfel peers at the liquor

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Saberwolv says, "A staff is only as powerful as who weilds it. If you cannot control it enough to make it obey ye, ye nay have a right to own it"

Saberwolv glances at Gretel.

Skyfawn says, "I do have some death rum"

Gretel raises an eyebrow in Saberwolv's direction.

Skyfawn says, "but it stuns people"

Elminstir grins at Skyfawn.

Thurfel removes a small pouch of dust and drops a few sands into the glass.

You blink at Thurfel.

Thurfel gently taps the top of his the Library's finest and and a few bubbles rise to the surface.

Maelani blinks.

Gretel says, "That choice was the Lord ChosenOne's to make when he asked me to watch after it."

You ask, "Herbs? Or should I ask?"

You blink at Thurfel.

Kadesha squints at Thurfel.

Thurfel takes a drink from his the Library's finest.

Skyfawn says, "I not think you would want to be stunned Thurfel"

Thurfel says, "much better"

Sabitor grins wryly.

Elminstir grins.

Iansen asks, "Seasoning?"

Mastys chuckles.

Iansen peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "you simply don't know what might be in the liquor your handed"

Thurfel grins.

You say, "I see."

Kadesha chuckles.

You blink at Thurfel.

Taze chuckles.

Kadesha hugs you.

Thurfel says, "I'm sure you wouldn't milady...."

Thurfel says, "but the bartender has been glaring at me all evening"

Thurfel says, "since I burned a few of his tomes."

Shinoboo chuckles.

Thurfel grins.

Shonison chuckles.

Sabitor smirks.

Tarkisis glances at Thurfel.

You say, "Well, truthfully, I have been drugged before with wine, aye."

Valicar says, "your reputation preceeds you in the town is all"

Iansen says, "That'd do it..."

You nod to Thurfel.

Maelani stretches.

Tarkisis asks, "Burned..tomes?"

Thurfel says, "best to be safe"

Mastys says, "tis not everyday we get the honor of drinking with Lord Thurfel"

Tarkisis stares at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Tarkisis.

Shinoboo asks, "so does your apprentice get a nice set of clothes?"

Tarkisis scowls.

Shinoboo whistles tunelessly to herself.

Elminstir begins chuckling at Shinoboo.

Skyfawn says, "powerful drink this death rum"

Skyfawn taps some bubbling Eldreth death-rum.

Tarkisis says, "Such a waste.."

Shinoboo says, "hey it's important"

Tarkisis raises her hand to her grey imflass symbol, touching the image of a yellow slit-pupilled eye.

Tarkisis frowns.

Valicar says, "if it is an honor to speak with the despoiler of Icemule, then drink up"

Valicar tips his head back and empties a snifter of the Library's finest down his gullet!

Sabitor blinks at Gretel.

Sabitor glances at Saberwolv.

Thurfel says, "I would hope my apprentice already has a nice set of clothes"

Sabitor frowns.

Sabitor says, "I do, of course."

Sabitor smirks.

Saberwolv peers quizzically at Sabitor.

Tarkisis asks, "For his funeral?"

Thurfel says, "I will not be hiring a beggar"

Maelani says, "Im surprised the snake is no where around."

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow.

Shinoboo says, "welp I would think you'd want to dress them um so they look snappy"

Taze grins at Thurfel.

Shinoboo says, "snake could be under bar"

Gretel glances at Shinoboo.

Valicar begins chuckling at Shinoboo.

Rongari asks, "what will your apprentice duties be?"

Cryheart smiles.

You blink at Thurfel.

Skyfawn says, "or in the shadows"

Maelani says, "Normally we get the gratuitous hisses from the shadows."

Shinoboo says, "an apprentice should reflect the master"

Rongari says, "not necessarily"

Gretel says, "Those who are pious followers of the Lord of Serpents are hardly snakes."

Thurfel says, "well, I must be off, I do have a bit more background checking to perform. I have already bribed the moving companies for their information. I will go chat with the bankers of Icemule next"

Someone hisses in the shadows.

Maelani glances at Gretel.

Shinoboo just hugged Thurfel.

Maelani says, "Yer right. They're MORE."

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Shinoboo says, "nice to have met you"

You blink at Thurfel.

Elminstir nods.

Skyfawn curtsies to Thurfel.

Sabitor smirks.

Elminstir shifts his weight.

Mastys bows to Thurfel.

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Shinoboo says, "and thank you for getting me a new boutique"

Kadesha chuckles.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I bid ye good day then."

Thurfel says, "see exactly whose been depositing large sums of money here this week"

Someone hisses in the shadows.

Thurfel grins.

Gretel turns away from Maelani, ignoring her.

Taze rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Skyfawn says, "nice to have talked to you Thurfel"

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Shinoboo says, "that deserves a smooch"

Sabitor winces.

Thurfel bows to you.

Shinoboo just gave Thurfel a smooch.

Shinoboo says, "no matter what they say"

Iansen says, "I have been"

Kadesha says, "I look forward to seeing Nevrek Toasted"

Maelani says, "Ahh. Sweet bliss."

Thurfel says, "a good eve to ye all"

Shinoboo waves to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "and thank ye for the drink Skyfawn"

Sabitor nods to Thurfel.

Sabitor sighs.

Skyfawn says, "most welcome"

Thurfel smiles at Maelani.

Skyfawn curtsies to Thurfel.

Maelani winks at Thurfel.

Elminstir says, "Have a good eve. And good snooping"

Elminstir grins.

You say, "Well, toasting Nevrek will be a welcome moment to me too."

You cough.

Taze snickers.

Thurfel nods to Valicar.

Kadesha nods to you.

Cryheart smiles.

Gretel glances at you.

Saberwolv shakes the dust off his hooded cloak.

Elminstir says, "Im off to more quiet grounds"

Thurfel smiles.

Elminstir waves.

Mastys chuckles.

Thurfel waves.

Sabitor frowns.

Gretel says, "I do not think Lord Twitches will be so easily "toasted", Lady Lumnisfollower."

You hear someone laugh.

Thurfel taps his staff upon the ground, and smoke begins to rise in an upward spiral.

You hear someone cough.

Kadesha says, "oh I do"

You say, "By such as Thurfel."

Maelani grins at Thurfel.

You say, "I think very easily."

You smirk.

Kadesha nods to you.

Iansen says, "It would be entertaining to see..."

Gretel says, "Lord Twitches if faithful and pious."

You hear the voice of Sabitor say, "Gone, he is."

Skyfawn rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tarkisis glances at Valicar.

Gretel says, "The Lord Halfling has no reason to harm him."

Skyfawn says, "that was intresting"

Mastys says, "aye"

You say, "As little as I like this whole apprenticeship, I will be happy to see that one side result."

Mastys says, "very"

Kadesha smirks.

Cryheart says, "interesting"

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in your direction.

You say, "He is not a resident."

You say, "Ye see Thurfel is doing background checks."

Tarkisis asks, "Out of the five, who are?"

Tarkisis peers quizzically at you.

You say, "Admitted as much."

Valicar asks, "There is a veritable ocean beneath town...Iscki? Can you explain it to me?"

Sabitor says, "I'm not sure I will pass those.. checks."

Sabitor frowns.

Iansen says, "Elminstir and Tierus for sure..."

Tarkisis says, "And not just those that have moved recently.."

Tarkisis says, "Artha as well."

Tarkisis gazes heavenward.

You ask, "Ocean?"

Iansen says, "Artha can lick the mud off my boots for all I care..."

Iansen mutters under his breath.

You blink at Valicar.

Valicar says, "a beach with crashing waves"

Tarkisis says, "So, Nevrek and Sabitor are truely landing residents."

Shonison asks, "hmm...ocean?"

Tarkisis gives Sabitor a little prod between the shoulder blades.

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in Tarkisis's direction.

Iansen says, "Artha is"

Shonison says, "Nevrek is"

Valicar says, "to get waves like that...takes a large body of water"

You say, "Well, Thurfel sent tendrils to me in Voln and started melting the altar."

Iansen nods to Tarkisis.

Gretel says, "Many of the faithful have moved to this town of Ice and Snow based upon the calling of our religion."

Sabitor says, "I hardly reside in the Landing."

Tarkisis says, "He's checking where your money is."

Tarkisis nods to Sabitor.

You nod to Valicar.

Sabitor says, "My money is here."

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in Tarkisis's direction.

Sabitor says, "Most of it."

Taze snickers.

Shonison says, "or some sort of disturbance"

Tarkisis asks, "Is your locker?"

Kadesha stares at you.

Tarkisis raises an eyebrow in Sabitor's direction.

Sabitor shrugs.

You say, "Told me to leave Voln and find him or all would be melted."

Sabitor says, "I've never had a need for it here."

You say, "So I came looking."

Sabitor says, "Or in Wehnimer's for that matter."

Mastys says, "wow"

Kadesha frowns.

Tarkisis says, "I wonder if Armaxis was called--I heard rumor he was on Teras, so unlikely to arrive in a timely manner."

You say, "That was why I was desperate to find him."

You sigh.

Mastys says, "think that Lord Thurfel has a soft place in his heart for you my lady"

Kadesha sighs.

Kadesha rubs you gently.

Tarkisis glances at you.

Tarkisis rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tarkisis says, "Possible."

You say, "I don't know, Mastys. He confuses me."

Mastys nods to you.

You say, "I don't understand any of it."

You say, "Sent tendrils to me."

You say, "Then started to melt the altar."

Maelani says, "Iscikella. It's quite obvious he's trying to befriend you with alterior motives."

Skyfawn nods to Maelani.

Mastys says, "well, he really wanted you here it seems"

Skyfawn says, "he likes her, and I think he wants more"

Maelani nods to Skyfawn.

Maelani says, "I 'ave seen that too."

Mastys nods to Skyfawn.

Skyfawn nods to Maelani.

Maelani says, "He is a bachelor afterall."

Skyfawn nods to Maelani.

Maelani says, "And needs someone to be by his side."

You work your fingers under your faceted iceberg coronet and scratch your head.

Skyfawn says, "and he not care she married"

Iansen says, "I don't think Thurfel would be capable of love..."

Skyfawn says, "he wants you for a lever perhaps Iscikella"

Skyfawn says, "or a lover"

Mastys's face turns slightly pale.

Skyfawn shrugs.

You say, "I don't care who he takes as apprentice. I just want him to not hurt this town."

You sigh.

Skyfawn says, "well, we will find out whom it is nezt feast day"

Gretel says, "The answer to that is easy, Lady Lumnisfollower."

Gretel says, "Submit to the Lord Soultaker and all shall be spared."

Elminstir groans at Gretel.

Mastys says, "he told Skyfawn, he not want to hurt the town"

Kadesha gazes heavenward.

Elminstir says, "Aye"

Kadesha waves a hand at Gretel, dismissing her indifferently.

Mastys says, "wanted tp be left alone"

You ask, "And who has said that, Gretel?"

You cock your head at Gretel.

Elminstir says, "he said he wants to be on with his buisness and just be left alone."

You say, "Certainly not Thurfel."

You say, "Who admits he follows his own way."

Mastys nods to Elminstir.

Gretel says, "It is the pattern of history, Lady Lumnisfollower."

Elminstir says, "and he doesnt want to have to implode or do wanrings like that again"

Kadesha says, "I've not even heard Thurfel demand that, Gretel, sounds more like your own delusions"

Gretel says, "Those who submit to his will are often spared."

Iansen says, "History can change"

Elminstir says, "He also wanst happy about all the people on his island"

Mastys says, "aye"

Gretel says, "I speak not of the Lord Halfling, Lady Oathbreaker."

Kadesha says, "more like often sat"

Kadesha says, "er ate"

Kadesha gibbers incoherently.

Gretel says, "I speak of the Lord SoulTaker. He who wields the power of the Arkati."

Kadesha asks, "he wields only the power of one Arkati, him, ye forget there are others?"

You say, "Thurfel is the the main concern in this. He is the one whose actions threatens IceMule at this precise moment in time."

Gretel says, "Many of whom support him."

Iansen says, "Thurfel is a pawn..."

Iansen says, "A pawn who thinks, however..."

Gretel says, "The Lord Halfling is mortal."

Kadesha says, "and many more whom oppose him"

You say, "He may well be, Iansen, but for now he is the one who is taking the action."

Kadesha smiles at Gretel.

You say, "Most don't really support him, Gretel. They like the noterity."

Gretel says, "As long as his actions please he who owns all souls, he shall find support."

You say, "But perhaps would like it less when comes at a real price."

You shrug.

You say, "I cannot speak for that."

Gretel asks, "Have I told thee the history of the village from whence my ancestors came?"

Gretel peers quizzically at you.

Kadesha asks, "owns all souls?"

Kadesha scoffs.

You say, "I only know I do not wish this town harmed."

Gretel says, "Then they must submit."

Mastys nods to you.

Iansen says, "Thurfel said himself he knows how to bend the Arkati to his will... I'm sure Luukos will take Thurfel kindly if that is true..."

Gretel nods to you.

You say, "Yer town is no longer free, so is basically dead, Gretel."

Iansen says, "That even Luukos may have been used"

Iansen says, "I doubt that"

Iansen says, "But..."

Elminstir says, "And though you may not beleive it, many of the people who applied also dont want it hurt."

Iansen shrugs.

You say, "Without freedom, there is no breath."

Gretel says, "I live because of their sacrifice."

(Gretel inclines her head.)

You say, "No one has ever stopped any in this town from following the dark."

Tarkisis says, "Who is to say Thurfel fully intends to take a 'spy' as apprentice. I fathom to guess he wishes to keep enemies close, but also to incide split alliances over it."

You say, "And likewise none should be stopped from following the light."

Elminstir nods to Tarkisis.

Iansen says, "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer..."

Iansen nods to Tarkisis.

Elminstir says, "Iv hardly ever heard of an apprentice who doesnt plot against his master."

Tarkisis says, "I believe that is what Thurfel intends."

Tarkisis nods to Elminstir.

Iansen says, "Halfberry did"

Tarkisis says, "And I fathom to guess the apprentice will be you."

You say, "I think myself he shall take no apprentice."

Elminstir says, "Thats why he is the master, he is sure in his abilities to take care of the problems."

Tarkisis glances at Elminstir.

You say, "But I imagine we will see."

Gretel smiles thinly behind her veils.

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