Leyan, day 24 of the month Ivastaen in the year 5100

[Town Well]
The old well is made of flat stones built up around a circular opening. A slate roof overhangs the opening, keeping the drinking water clear and refreshing. Several skin water buckets, with long ropes attached, are scattered on the hard-packed earth surrounding the well. You also see the Jipzy disk, a grey owl, a brown mouse who is sitting, some calamia fruit, a mountain snowcat pelt, some basal moss, a large acorn, some woth flower and a stout rope hanging over the rim of the well.
Also here: Journeyman Ilvane, Lady Dapplecloud, Arimantis, Meliae, Journeyman Gregoric who is kneeling, Jipzy, Validar who is seated, Lady Stormyrain, Lyght who is kneeling, Lord Nevrek, Lady Pyrocite, Touk, Lord Subothai, Lady Gretel, Lord Nikor, Satrn, Lady Kadesha, Cirdhain who is seated, Lord Teos, Lord Thurfel, Ikenn who is seated, Lord Monthra
Obvious paths: south, northeast, northwest.

You see Lord Thurfel Morpholik the Halfling Wizard.
He appears to be in his 120's, has short, curly sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a twisted serpentine staff in his right hand and a piece of amber in his left hand.
He is wearing a heavily runed components satchel, some very scorched robes, an ash-covered leather satchel, and some badly scorched boots.

Gretel says, "You can count upon our support."

You say, "Good evening."

Ilvane frowns.

Kadesha frowns at Gretel.

Gretel shows Jipzy her Luukos symbol.

Ilvane glances at Gretel.

Dapplecloud glances at Thurfel.

Dapplecloud sighs thoughtfully.

You say, "Greeting, Lord Thurfel."

Gretel smiles quietly to herself.

Nevrek rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I am hardly blessed Gretel, just one minded."

You ask, "What do ye here, may I ask?"

Gretel asks, "You seek to do the work of the Lord of Serpents, do you not?"

The piece of amber begins to recreate itself.

Gretel peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Jipzy asks, "Ya think?"

Jipzy smiles at Gretel.

(Gretel continues to sway her symbol in front of Jipzy.)

Nevrek asks, "You seek nothing in specific, so shall ve gather some things for you in a sack, Thurfel?"

Thurfel says, "I do the work of Thurfel, if my path crosses the one of Serpents, our goals align for the moment."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

The grey owl watches you sagely for a moment.

Ilvane rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Ilvane says, "Servant of himself."

Arimantis asks, "In it for yerself now are ye?"

Thurfel says, "nay Nevrek, as I work the formula, I'll ascertain what is needed for the next step."

Gretel says, "I will pray for thy faith then, but you may count upon our support as long as your goal aids him."

Nevrek says, "Ah, my apologies for misunderstanding.."

Nevrek nods to Thurfel.

(Jipzy gazes at the symbol as Gretel gently swings it)

Arimantis glances at Jipzy.

Arimantis just tried to pull Jipzy towards him!

You ask, "I thought the glyph was all that was needed, Lord Thurfel. Have ye found this then not so simple a thing as ye thought?"

Nevrek says, "Components and alchemy are not my ..strong points."

Ilvane shows Jipzy her Ronan symbol.

Nevrek smiles politely.

You stare at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "the glyph is working quite well..."

Nevrek says, "I noticed."

Thurfel says, "I have hopes to augment its power"

Ilvane raises an eyebrow.

Gretel leans on her staff.

Arimantis asks, "What is it you seek this far south?"

You say, "It works slowly. Apparently that is more of a problem then ye admit."

Thurfel says, "items, components."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to you.

Thurfel says, "Stubborn and powerful the seal is"

(Gretel continues to sway the symbol in front of Jipzy, leaning closely to whisper a few words of prayer near her ear.)

You say, "So then ye have not all the time in the world ye claimed to have."

Nevrek says, "I tried my hand at heating and cooling the tomb myself, but could not properly aim Major Cold.. standing near it did not suffice."

Ilvane moves to stand in front of Jipzy.

Nevrek rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Jipzy shivers.

Ilvane gazes up into the heavens.

Thurfel says, "ye know Iscikella, it will take more than a few bones to bar my path."

Arianiss chuckles.

Thurfel chuckles.

Gretel closes her eyes for a moment.

Setzier squints.

Gretel places her hand on her Luukos symbol.

Gretel says, "Good evening, Lord Sheruvian."

You say, "It seems they bar it quite nicely for the present."

Nevrek smiles in amusement at Iscikella.

Setzier nods to Gretel in greeting.

Arianiss nods.

Jipzy glances at Setzier.

Dapplecloud smiles calmly as she tries to peek into Thurfel's components satchel from the corner of her eyes.

Jipzy mutters under her breath.

Thurfel put a piece of glowing red amber in his components satchel.

You ask, "Ye yerself just said the seal was stubborn, did ye not?"

Thurfel just closed a heavily runed components satchel.

Setzier wraps his black rapture cloak around himself, causing a dark haze to enshroud him.

Jipzy's face turns slightly pale.

You say, "So perhaps ye wish all to think ye can open what yet alludes yer will."

Arianiss nods to Thurfel.

Arianiss grins.

You say, "I hear that is often the way of mages."

Nevrek clasps his hand over his mouth.

Nevrek stifles a yawn.

Thurfel says, "I think ye know full well the seal will open"

Jipzy nods to you.

Setzier shifts his eyes to Ilvane.

Ilvane glances at Setzier.

Arimantis stares at Setzier.

Gretel says, "Perhaps, Lady Lumnisfollower, you seek to use your words to give yourself false comfort."

Ilvane asks, "Yes?"

Setzier appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Ilvane waves a hand at Setzier, dismissing him indifferently.

Thurfel says, "the seal weakens to a great degree"

Arimantis moves to stand in front of Ilvane.

Thurfel says, "the time is much shorter now"

Nevrek says, "False comforts.. a think Iscikella indulges in quite often.."

Jipzy moves to stand in front of Ilvane.

Kadesha frowns at Nevrek.

Kadesha rubs you gently.

You say, "I am hearing what he says, Nevrek."

Pyrocite laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

You say, "The time is shorter and he is anxious."

(Setzier tilts his head to the side and glances at Thurfel.)

The staff in Thurfel's hand shifts and recoils about the wood.

You glance at Thurfel.

Ilvane smirks.

Jipzy says, "Yet the tom ramains the same"

Jipzy nods to Nevrek.

Nevrek says, "Certainly. His goals are near completion, an ammount of anxiety is common."

Nevrek examines his fingernails.

Thurfel says, "Iscikella..."

Ilvane covers her ears.

Thurfel says, "tell me of the odd beasts that poured out from the cracks"

Arimantis just tried to pull Ilvane towards him!

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Dapplecloud smiles softly and places her hand on Iscikella's hand as if to remind her that friends stand near.

Dapplecloud shivers.

You ask, "Ye mean the mist beetles and the arachnids?"

Kadesha furrows her brow.

Setzier fingers the jackal's head upon his ring, a slightly deranged look in his eye.

Thurfel nods.

You say, "I imagine such beasts often inhabit dark places."

Nevrek smiles slightly as he pulls his gloves tighter onto his hands, then flexes his fingers into a proper fitting.

Thurfel says, "quite unknown, clearly crawling up from the depths of some hell."

Ilvane sighs softly.

Gretel says, "Lady Lumnisfollower, why do you not do what is neccesary to save thy town? Offer him assistance, and convince thy fellows to give over to the Lord Soultaker all that is his. Surrender all, and avoid bloodshed."

Thurfel says, "mayhaps feasting upon the great warrior himself"

Arianiss says, "Most likely."

Arianiss nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "or perhaps endlessly torturing him"

Jipzy says, "Is known ta be many tunnels unda Mule.....been there lon where many thins woul grow weird"

Kadesha waves a hand at Gretel, dismissing her indifferently.

Ilvane scoffs at Gretel.

Kadesha scowls at Gretel.

You say, "It is the spirit of the great warrior that matters, Lord Thurfel."

Ilvane says, "Like that's going to happen."

You say, "And no beetles eat that."

Setzier says, "A pleasant image, carrion insects feasting upon Dabbings' corpse."

Gretel asks, "Which warrior is this, Lord Tombbreaker?"

Nevrek says, "Yes.. peaceful submission or a gory resistance. Come now, serve this balance you hold dear.."

Nevrek grins at you.

Thurfel asks, "and when the spirit shatters, what then will you do?"

Pyrocite leans on her scythe.

Arianiss grins slowly.

Kadesha's face turns slightly pale.

You say, "So far I have not seen it shatter. Perhaps ye have not the power to do that."

Dapplecloud says, "the effigy, it protects the seal."

Ilvane says, "Gory resitance anyday."

Dapplecloud gazes up into the heavens.

Ilvane smiles at Nevrek.

Nevrek is admiring Ilvane.

Jipzy begins chuckling at Nevrek.

Arianiss says, "I'll return in a few Thurfel. I have a few last things to take care of. If you wish it, I'll guide you to the artifact later."

Arimantis glances at Nevrek.

Nevrek says, "Spirited girls... the best, by far.. despite the misplacment of such driving emotion."

Nevrek grins at Ilvane.

Glaves says, "the half pint tart eater is back"

Ilvane grins.

Thurfel says, "a canyon takes a great deal of time to form. Rest assured my ability will render the tomb and seal broken in far quicker fashion"

(Gretel glances at Ilvane's wrists.)

Kadesha sighs tiredly.

Ilvane flails her arms about.

Arimantis glances at Gretel.

Ilvane glances at Gretel.

You say, "And yet previously ye cared not about time."

(Setzier lifts his eyes towards Ilvane before his gaze shifts to her neck.)

You ask, "So what has changed, Lord Thurfel?"

Ilvane says, "Stop."

Kadesha says, "He did care"

Thurfel peers quizzically at Glaves.

Glaves whistles tunelessly to himself.

Dapplecloud rubs Ilvane gently.

Glaves asks, "want some tarts little guy?"

Gretel leans on Nevrek.

(Ilvane raises her hand to her neck slowly glancing over at Setzier angrily)

Dapplecloud leans against an old well.

(Nevrek absently carresses the Luukos symbol about his neck as his features contort in a devilish grin.)

Kadesha says, "I recall when Thurfel mentioned not wishing the Arkati to learn his plans"

Setzier grins slowly.

Arimantis rubs Ilvane gently.

Thurfel says, "in my youth, tarts were a treat. I'm afraid I have little use for them now."

(Glaves searchs his bags for some tarts)

Glaves says, "dont lie"

Glaves says, "your plump as ever"

(Gretel pulls her veil to the side.)

Glaves says, "you know you eat tarts"

You ask, "Is that the problem, mage? The Arkati are getting wind of yer little venture?"

Ilvane grins.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Setzier glances at Ilvane.

Jipzy removes a rune-frosted mystic berry tart from in her black-trimmed jacket.

Glaves offers Thurfel a fresh almond tart.

Setzier adjusts an ornate blackened ora ring upon his finger, his face darkening momentarily.

Gretel says, "The Lord TombBreaker seeks our assistance."

Glaves says, "here small fry"

Glaves says, "have a tart"

Kadesha asks, "Ye remember mentioning that thurfel? with Armaxis and I?"

Glaves says, "its yummy"

Jipzy asks, "Perhaps one with yer future in it?"

Thurfel says, "It matters not who knows of my venture, they will attempt to bar me from my goal, or they will not."

Kadesha glances at Thurfel.

Jipzy smiles at Thurfel.

Jipzy taps a rune-frosted mystic berry tart.

Jipzy grins.

Glaves leans on Thurfel.

You ask, "And if they do?"

Lord Arianiss just arrived.

Thurfel gestures and utters a phrase of magic.
Thurfel gestures at Glaves.
CS: +942 - TD: +76 + CvA: -9 + d100: +81 == +938
Warding failed!
Glaves looks nervous for a moment.

Nevrek says, "Opposition has already suffered.. perhaps they'll be silly enough to allow themselves to be destroyed in their efforts."

Gretel says, "There are many pious ones who will assist thee."

Gretel nods to Thurfel.

Glaves cackles!

You say, "I only question the possibilities, Lord Thurfel."

Glaves says, "nightmare"

Glaves cackles!

Nevrek glances at Glaves.

Glaves says, "how weak is that"

Glaves laughs!

Kadesha says, "I recall you said it would be a much bigger hindrance than merely some local residents of icemule"

Glaves offers Thurfel a fresh almond tart.

Ilvane looks over at Glaves and shakes her head.

Jipzy says, "An many who will fight ya ta the finish"

Jipzy smiles at Thurfel.

Nevrek scowls at Glaves.

Glaves's eyes dart around for a moment.

Thurfel asks, "it would be easy enough to rend you into bone fragments, but to what purpose Glaves?"

Nevrek asks, "Really, must you be a nuisance to Lord Thurfel?"

Glaves grasps his left arm in pain!

Pyrocite smirks.

Pyrocite runs her hand softly over the surface of her crimson glaes symbol. A crimson glow surrounds the symbol as its surface shimmers for a moment with the image of a black jackal's head on a field of gold.

Jipzy says, "Is me nature"

Glaves is able to move again.
Glaves's eyes suddenly glaze over.

Ilvane says, "Thurfel only works for himself.."

Jipzy leans on Nevrek.

Jipzy grins.

Thurfel dismisses Glaves

Glaves is able to move again.
Glaves gasps in pain!

Glaves just disappeared.

Pyrocite says, "A respectable punishment."

Nevrek says, "I vas not referring to you, Jipzy, but you certainly are a nuisance."

Jipzy begins chuckling at Nevrek.

(Gretel lifts her symbol and gently waves it in front of Jipzy.)

Jipzy says, "Complaments"

Lord Glaves just arrived.

Thurfel says, "it will be interesting to see what Gods if any descend or ascend when the seal is broken"

Glaves yawns.

Kadesha furrows her brow.

Nevrek says, "Indeed, it should be a most interesting time.."

Nevrek grins at Thurfel.

Ilvane smirks.

You ask, "And what of Amasalen, Lord Thurfel? Will he be beside ye as ye had his approval in this?"

Thurfel says, "Glaves, do not make me send you farther away then the town gate next time. Perhaps kobolds are more your speed."

Glaves cackles!

Glaves says, "least i bigger then them"

Arianiss asks, "Do you wish him silenced?"

Arianiss turns an inquisitive ear towards Thurfel.

Glaves says, "its sad when you can get stepped on by a rat"

Setzier smiles quietly to himself.

Thurfel says, "Aye, the empty space between your ears is indeed impressive"

Nevrek says, "Could send him to the Thanatoph.. plenty of Mastiffs about I heard.."

Nevrek rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Pyrocite chuckles.

Glaves says, "yup i know, its neat when i put a candle to my hide"

Glaves says, "head"

Glaves mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Glaves says, "so lets see the sanct drop..."

Glaves says, "always hiding behind magic"

Glaves yawns.

Thurfel says, "Even the lowliest child in Icemule grants respect to those around them Glaves, perhaps you can have the same manners as one."

Kadesha squints at Glaves.

Arianiss looks over at Thurfel and shakes his head.

Glaves nods to Thurfel.

Glaves says, "hes right"

Nevrek smirks.

Jipzy chuckles.

Elendryl says, "Thurfel as much as I will oppose thee, you're right insomuch as that."

(Pyrocite casts an appraising glance at Glaves.)

Elendryl glances at Glaves.

Jipzy asks, "Ya have been asleep awhile haven't ya Thurfel?"

Jipzy begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Glaves says, "but your still a half pint tart loving hair ball"

Glaves leans back.

Nevrek says, "Opposition vill be crushed, really. It's suicidal ..almost."

Gretel's viper staff comes to life in her hands! The viper hisses and lashes out at Glaves!

Thurfel asks, "ye have a statue Gretel?"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "And my question goes unanswered... Could it be then that Amasalen will indeed stand beside ye and ye will have us know it not?"

Gretel says, "It is merely a trophy, sir."

Gretel removes a well-crafted miniature statue from in her silken cloak.

Gretel shows Thurfel her miniature statue.

(Iscikella draws her cloak closer about her.)

Thurfel whispers, "if those of power choose to stand at my side, tis their choice, I will not demand it"

Nevrek just pushed the hood of his cloak back off his head.

Nevrek takes his ponytail and pulls it tight, catching up all the loose strands.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel asks, "Might I hear your tale Gretel?"

Gretel says, "I would gladly, but since I stole it from this, Lord Harun Taleteller, perhaps he would rather tell it."

(Setzier 's eyes drift between Iscikella and Ilvane, a thin grin touching his lips.)

Harun says, "Let us hear it from thy mouth, my leman"

Gretel curtsies to Harun.

You glance at Setzier.

Ilvane stands in front of you.

Ilvane says, "Leave her be."

You ask, "Ye have something ye wish to say to me, Sheruvian?"

Kadesha turns to face Setzier.

Gretel says, "Then I shall tell it, though I would prefer to since a song for thee."

Gretel nods to Thurfel.

Arianiss says, "Step aside Ilvane, she's not worth your protection."

Setzier says, "In time.."

Setzier nods to you.

Ilvane says, "Of course she is."

Jipzy frowns at Thurfel.

Gretel says, "It is the tale of Lord Harun's first coming to the city of Solhaven."

Arianiss says, "She'll lead you to your death."

Gretel clears her throat.

Setzier says, "I've other matters to attend to than annoyances."

Setzier pulls his black rapture cloak in close, protecting him from the light.

You glance at Arianiss.

Jipzy waves to Setzier.

Gretel asks, "Unless you would rather hear my song?"

Glaves says, "oh death... i think i might have to switch sides"

Gretel peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Jipzy says, "See ya Madman"

Ilvane shivers.

Glaves says, "death is fun"

(Setzier nods slowly to Thurfel before turning on his heels.)

Elendryl says, "Sheruvian, on which side do you stand in this battle, if I may ask... Or be ye just an observer."

Ilvane mutters under her breath.

(Nevrek glances appraisingly over the assembled crowd as an amused smile creeps over his sharp dark elven features.)

You ask, "Ye are already dead, are ye not, Arianiss?"

Gretel put a well-crafted miniature statue in her silken cloak.

Thurfel smiles at Gretel.

You say, "So would make little difference to ye."

Arianiss stands in front of you.

Arianiss asks, "Do I look dead?"

Arianiss narrows his eyes.

Arianiss glares at you.

Gretel says, "Then the tale it shall be."

Thurfel nods to Gretel.

(Iscikella stares into the eyes of Arianiss.)

Arianiss smiles darkly at Iscikella.

You say, "In soul, yes."

(Arianiss turns his back on Iscikella, returning to Thurfel's side.)

Jipzy says, "Ya mean his bahin"

You ask, "Ye think he will let ye stand there long, Arianiss?"

Jipzy nods to Arianiss.

You say, "Ye fool yerself."

Gretel recites:
"Now gather around, O ye peoples of the North, and I shall tell you a tale!
A true tale that should warn you of the troubles that may beset an honest traveller,
Far from his home of rivers and sand, jackal and ox, fig and palm."

Gretel recites:
"Some years ago I left my native city to travel to Solhaven,
There, as I was buying and selling in the marketplace,
A rascal walked up and seized my bag!"

Gretel recites:
"He yelled for all to hear: "This is my bag, and all herein is my property!'
And I in turn called loudly for the people to attack the rogue and deliver me.
But the guardsmen seized us both, and took us to the Constable for justice."

Thurfel nods to Gretel.

Gretel recites:
"The Constable, a man of learning, asked us: "What is thy dispute?"
And the rascal, a thin and weasally elf boldly said:
"May Phoen protect thee, O Constable!
This bag is my bag, and all that is in it is mine!
It was lost yesterday, and I found it with this man, my enemy."

Gretel smiles through her veils.

Gretel recites:
"And the Constable said to him: "Lost only yesterday?
Then tell us, what was in thy bag? And if thee tell me true,
Then I shall judge thee in the right, and punish this other!"
And I trembled at the thought of injustice done to me."

Gretel recites:
"The rascal said: "Gladly will I tell you, so that justice may be done!"
"In this my bag were six silk kerchiefs, an empty cup, an aventail,
Two crystal amulets, purple socks, five pieces of tree-bark, three small dogs,
A shiny medallion, four peacocks, a camel, and seven smooth stones.""

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I would understand more of what ye seek, mage, but I imagine such understanding will be slow in coming. Yet will I ask Lumnis for guidance in this as I have always done."

Gretel recites:
""Moreover, it held a glass sphere, three bundles of firewood,
A brass telescope, a kitchen, a library, two green doors, a fireplace,
A chest of spoons, a dwarvish handaxe, a marble temple,
And a dozen elves, all of whom will testify that this bag is my bag.""

Thurfel says, "quite a bag full of stuff."

Gretel recites:
"As you can imagine, I was quite amazed by this, and robbed of my sense of speech!
The Constable turned to me and said: "You have heard this fellow's testimony."
"What say ye in response? Does it, in fact, hold all that he claims?""

Gretel paces back and forth.

Gretel recites:
"And I bowed to him, and spake thusly: "May Phoen advance thee, O Constable!
And may He guard thee from the lies of this blackguard! For I am a poor man,
And have no such store of treasure as this liar claims.""

Wak asks, "What ya bgings ya 'ere Thurfel?"

Nevrek glances at Wak.

Nevrek touches one finger to his lips.

Thurfel says, "Please, allow her to finish her tale"

Nevrek points at Gretel.

Gretel recites:
""For this bag is my bag, and holds but a frumpy ochre scarf,
A mangled spoon, a ruined tenement house and another without a door,
Three dog-houses, a starving donkey, and a cart without wheels.
Truly, my bag contained little besides these things and the Abandoned Inn,
The monasteries of Voln and Sheru, A minor house of ill-repute,
And a hundred pimps, all who will state that this is my bag.""

Nevrek nods to Wak.

You glance at Thurfel.

Jipzy says, "Has a taste fer the arts"

Thurfel chuckles.

Gretel waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.

Jipzy nods to Thurfel.

Gretel recites:
"At this the scoundrel elf wailed and tore at his beard, saying:
"O Puissant Lord, my bag is known, and what is in it a matter of renown!
For in this bag there be castles, and cranes, and men playing chess,
Tall towers, a blind woman, a lion, the city of Kharam-Dzu,
Two fighting monks (and one that drinks), three stallions,
And two hundred barbers who shave the beards of Constables who are unjust!"

Nevrek furrows his brow.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Gretel recites:
"I heard these lying words, and filled with rage, said:
"May Phoen grant thee long life, O Constable!
For in my bag is to be found a tribe of Amazon warriors,
A chain hauberk, a broadsword, an iron forge and a thousand fighting men
A krolvin slave ship, two jeddart-axes, a drunken dwarf and a dozen thiefs
All of whom smite Constables who judge against me.""

Gretel scowls.

Thurfel exclaims, "this is a bag I must have!"

Pyrocite chuckles.

Ilvane gazes up into the heavens.

Gretel appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Gretel recites:
""Further, in my bag is to be found the Code of Chivalry,
The wealth of the soil, the territorial waters, the Symbol of Retribution,
The prayers of the faithful, distinguished ladies, noble knights,
The Merchant's Guild, rousing sermons, His Illustrious Eminence
The words of the prophets, the ship of state, the Silver Gryphons,
And a thousand virgins, who reward Constables for fair justice.""

Gretel examines her fingernails.

Jipzy begins chuckling at Gretel.

Ilvane smirks.

Wak says, "Dat kinda bag should be shared"

Arimantis grins.

Nevrek says, "Hm.. not too bad."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "If what ye seek is as I believe, Lord Thurfel, be aware I said fight ye tooth and nail to keep the balance Lumnis has said was so important."

You glance at Thurfel.

Gretel recites:
"When the Constable had heard this, he gazed at both of us in amazement!
"Truly" quoth he, "You are both pestilent men who mock the gravity of justice!
Is this a bottomless bag, or do you make sport with me?"
And he directed his deputies to open the bag."

Subothai asks, "1000 virgins "and" a house of ill repute in da same bag?"

Gretel recites:
"They found within the bag a loaf of bread, a dozen olives and a wrinkled cheese.
The guardsmen glanced at me, and tightened the grip on their pikes!"

Thurfel whispers, "but ye know not what I seek, so your energies are drained when perhaps we are not at odds."

Wak says, "Humans get confused at times"

Jipzy says, "Mus be Mule"

You glance at Thurfel.

Gretel recites:
"So, I threw it down before the elf, and exclaimed: "My apologies!
For this bag is not my bag, it must be thine!"
And I made long strides for the gate, you can be sure!
Behind me, I heard the sound of an elf's tongue wagging furiously,
And the bellow of an outraged Constable making loud demands!."

Thurfel grins.

Gretel cackles!

Gretel recites:
"And this, dear friends, is the Tale of Harun al-Rashid and the Constable."

Gretel bows.

Thurfel says, "that was indeed a fine story Gretel"

Nevrek nods to Gretel.

Gretel says, "I did not actually compose it, Lord TombBreaker, as you may have guessed."

Thurfel says, "it was well told however"

Gretel says, "It was indeed the tale of Lord Harun Taleteller."

Gretel says, "I thank thee."

Gretel curtsies to Thurfel.

You say, "I did not know ye liked poetry, Lord Thurfel."

Gretel says, "I have a song which I would love to sing for thee."

You say, "It seems ye have many traits ye keep well hidden."

Ilvane says, "She thinks she's a bard."

Jipzy exclaims, "I can dance!"

Ilvane glances at Gretel.

Jipzy beams happily at Thurfel!

Jipzy giggles.

Gretel cocks her head at Ilvane.

Ilvane grins.

Gretel says, "I have always told tales, Lady Ronanfollower."

Thurfel says, "who would not enjoy a good tale milady"

Jipzy says, "She is very gifted"

Ilvane says, "I know this, Lady Gretel."

Arimantis mutters something about trouble.

Jipzy nods to Ilvane.

Gretel grins.

Jipzy says, "Have ta give Lady Silvertongue that much"

Nevrek says, "Gretel is a better bard than most who call themselves bards.."

You ask, "Well, I am partial to stories myself, Lord Thurfel. Have ye one to tell us mayhap?"

Pyrocite nods to Nevrek.

(Harun nods cautiously to Thurfel.)

Thurfel says, "hmm"

Thurfel says, "mayhaps I do"

Arimantis smiles at Thurfel.

Ilvane nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "allow me a moment"

Kadesha leans forward.

Gretel says, "Thank you, Lord Twitches, but I thnk you honor me too much."

You say, "Ah, that I would love to hear."

Jipzy says, "We all woul"

Jipzy beams happily at you!

You nod to Jipzy.

Thurfel asks, "give me but a moment to find a drink, has one a glass of wine or brandy?"

Arianiss says, "I'm sure one of these drunkards does."

Nevrek says, "I can collect some vhite vine from Brigatta, if you like."

Nevrek nods to Thurfel.

Dapplecloud removes a bottle of sweet red wine from in her spidersilk backpack.

Dapplecloud sighs slightly.

Thurfel says, "while that smells quite nice, it's hardly as strong as I would wish"

Nevrek rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Dapplecloud sniffs at her sweet red wine.

Lord Nevrek just went south.

Thurfel exclaims, "surely there is a brandy or wine in this town!"

Dapplecloud offers Thurfel a bottle of sweet red wine.

Thurfel accepts Dapplecloud's sweet red wine.

Elendryl says, "We hid it all Thurfel."

Thurfel bows to Dapplecloud.

Elendryl says, "Defiance."

Gretel says, "Lord Twitches went to find you some, Lord TombBreaker."

Thurfel says, "allow me but a moment to get comfortable."

Dapplecloud smiles slightly at Thurfel.

Lord Nevrek just arrived.

Nevrek clears his throat.

Dapplecloud says, "you sizzled me last time we met, Thurfel."

Dapplecloud glances at Thurfel.

Dapplecloud says, "enjoy your wine."

Dapplecloud leans against an old well.

You say, "This tale I think everyone is anxious to hear, Lord Thurfel, so do get comfortable."

Dapplecloud says, "the wine has been aged a long time..."

Thurfel asks, "shall I tell a tall tale as well?"

Gretel says, "Oh, indeed."

Nevrek says, "Oh, certainly."

Nevrek clears his throat.

Pyrocite nods to Thurfel.

You say, "Indeed, Thurfel."

Thurfel clears his throat.

Arimantis says, "Would be quite interested to hear it"

Iscikella smiles wryly at Thurfel.

Pyrocite says, "Please, by all mens."

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

Pyrocite says, "means."

Thurfel says, "Well, tis not too tall to speak of the numerous rumored tunnels beneath Icemule"

(Pyrocite ponders that she should stop drinking.)

Thurfel asks, "Any of you been within them?"

You say, "So has always been rumored."

Kadesha leans forward.

Ilvane nods to Thurfel.

Arianiss nods to Thurfel.

Kadesha nods to Thurfel.

You nod to Thurfel.

Elendryl says, "Just to empty waste, Thurfel."

Nevrek holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Dapplecloud smiles anxiously as she listens to Thurfel's tale.

Arimantis says, "Nevs don know his way round up there to good"

Arimantis chuckles.

Ilvane laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

You ask, "What of these tunnels?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Surely the folks here have no manners, but I shall continue"

(Nitergen wonders if Thurfel has any delicious tarts on hims!)

Gretel blinks.

Thurfel says, "I have indeed heard of these tunnels myself."

You say, "So I would imagine."

You smirk.

Thurfel says, "The rumors were passed to me by an idealistic halfling child..."

Joter says, "who in Icemule hasn't"

Thurfel says, "the young one claimed not only of a tunnel...."

Gretel wipes the sweat from her brow.

Kadesha says, "now thats an odd description of Armaxis"

Ilvane smiles quietly.

Fremie begins chuckling at Kadesha.

Thurfel says, "but of a vast city beneath the city"

You tickle Kadesha.

Ilvane nods to Thurfel.

You ask, "A city?"

Nevrek snickers.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I of course laughed at the boy..."

Thurfel says, "surely he had one too many tarts or sweets"

Fremie says, "aye, surely ye did."

Thurfel says, "but he continued on"

Ilvane says, "Not at all."

Ilvane touches one finger to her lips.

You nod to Thurfel.

Fremie says, "wisdom is not always found with the wise..."

Thurfel says, "He spoke of islands and seas beneath the frozen town"

Jipzy peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

Ilvane nods.

Dapplecloud sighs thoughtfully.

You say, "Ah..."

Thurfel says, "I asked him where he came across his information..."

Flame says, "That would be Icemule."

You listen carefully to Thurfel. ... Typical.

Thurfel exclaims, "and he merely winked at me and showed me the scales of a teal crocodile!"

Fremie asks, "hm, a croc eh?"

You exclaim, "Teal!"

Kadesha blinks.

Nevrek says, "How odd."

Ilvane asks, "That beast down in the water?"

Pyrocite raises an eyebrow.

Jipzy says, "He'd been there"

Fremie asks, "ya ever seen a teal croc?"

Ilvane peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "He spoke of walls with eyes, twisting serpents, and insects larger than a giant"

Fremie asks, "teal. it'd have to be saltwater eh?"

Kadesha shivers.

Nevrek grins.

You say, "Wall with eyes..."

Jipzy stares at Nevrek.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel nods to you.

You glance at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "so he said"

Fremie mutters something about snakes.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Mayhap walls that speak as well?"

Kadesha glances at you.

Pyrocite says, "Hmm...odd."

Thurfel says, "The oddest thing he said though...."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Dapplecloud says, "least it wasn't walls with mouths..."

Dapplecloud shudders.

Ilvane frowns.

Thurfel says, "Was of a buried pyramid...."

You glance at Dapplecloud.

You blink at Thurfel.

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "only its very tip peeking out from the sand of its resting spot"

Dapplecloud smiles sadly looking a bit pale.

Nevrek rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Fremie asks, "sand?"

Fremie peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Sand he said"

Fremie paces back and forth.

You ask, "There is sand beneath the ice?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Fremie says, "aye, indeed strange.."

Thurfel says, "Well, he did say it was on an island"

Gretel blinks.

Thurfel chuckles.

Ilvane nods.

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "but that was even more insane than an underground city"

Jipzy says, "Wasn't always Ice there"

Fremie nods to Jipzy.

Dapplecloud asks, "sand, not ice?"

Fremie says, "aye."

Ilvane says, "But it is there.."

Thurfel says, "He said sand"

Elendryl says, "Water"

Fremie nods to Thurfel.

Harun asks, "A land of sand beneath the land of ice?"

Thurfel nods to Harun.

Thurfel says, "So the young boy said"

Dapplecloud sighs thoughtfully.

Nevrek rubs his eyes.

Ardwen says, "the kingdom is below"

You ask, "And said he anything of the look or condition of this pyramid, Lord Thurfel?"

Arianiss asks, "You have seen proof to his claims?"

Thurfel says, "He did actually"

Thurfel says, "Said it appeared to be a bit rusty"

Joter says, "That actually makes sense, there is sand in the earth and it would be warmer underneath the earth so the sand may be frozen"

Ilvane asks, "Rusty?"

Thurfel says, "so one would assume metal if he was to be believed"

Ardwen asks, "rusty pyramid?"

Ilvane nods to Thurfel.

Dapplecloud says, "sand does not rust..."

Dapplecloud nods.

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "but salt water might"

Ilvane says, "Corrode."

You say, "A reasonable assumption."

Jipzy asks, "The pyramid was rusty?"

Fremie says, "a sea..."

Jipzy peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Nitergen exclaims, "Maybe the grounds be tricky and the pyramid was lost when Icemule was founded!"

You ask, "The Sea of Fire?"

Fremie says, "the glacier was made from something...water was there"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I'm not quite sure what walls with eyes means"

Elendryl says, "Perhaps its not really a pyramid... Maybe it is a really realy big cube, tilted sideways"

Nevrek asks, "Perhaps the valls are alive?"

Thurfel says, "it was buried"

Gretel rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "it might be anything"

Ilvane nods.

Fremie says, "walls of the dead sealife carved from the ice...the eyes of those frozen within..."

Subothai says, "maybe it was a desert when da ice age hit..and now hidden under a glacier"

Elendryl says, "Tis said that a wall with eyes is sometimes the symbol of Koar."

Jipzy says, "Pyrmid might have eyes on it"

Ilvane says, "There are vast ruins beneath icemule.."

Fremie places his hand on his coral Charl symbol.

Nevrek says, "It is a common theme in ghost stories.. living valls.. breathing, all-seeing."

Thurfel says, "So the rumors boast Ilvane"

You glance at Nevrek.

Ilvane says, "And there are walls tehre where people appear to watch you."

Jipzy says, "Talkin"

Nitergen exclaims, "I say the Mulians be keeping this secret from Wehnimerians!"

Jipzy glances at you.

Jipzy coughs.

Nevrek removes a cracked old leatherbound tome from in his hooded cloak.

Arianiss asks, "Thurfel, are these still rumors or do you have proof?"

Ilvane says, "In those walls.."

Gretel asks, "Is it not odd to hear two tales of buried powers within such a short time?"

(Nevrek tucks his tome under his arm.)

Joter says, "So do ghosts and shadows as a way of keeping people out or on alert"

Ilvane says, "There appears to be faces there."

Ilvane asks, "We have seen them haven't we?"

Arimantis nods to Ilvane.

Dapplecloud asks, "did the young lad tell you of how long the pyramid had been buried?"

Thurfel shakes his head.

Arimantis says, "That we have, strange figures within the walls"

Thurfel says, "he of course, was unable to lead me to it"

You say, "But ye suspect is thousands of years."

You stare at Thurfel.

You ask, "Do ye not?"

Ilvane says, "In those ruins there is a temple, in remarkable shape for being enclosed in ice."

Dryxler asks, "What idea did he have of it's wherabouts?"

Dryxler asks, "none?"

Thurfel says, "I coerced and asked him to take me there"

Joter asks, "What type of sea is this, thurfel? Of water?"

Thurfel says, "but he merely smiled"

Ilvane says, "We explored down there."

You nod to Thurfel.

Jipzy says, "Woul take a lotta diggin ta get inside it"

Arimantis says, "Quite a nice little temple it must have been once"

Thurfel says, "tis a sea of imagination judging by the boy"

Thurfel says, "but all tales have a grain of truth to them somewhere"

You smirk.

Jipzy says, "The skin wasn't magination"

Jipzy looks over at Thurfel and shakes her head.

Thurfel says, "that was odd"

Thurfel says, "I do admit"

Thurfel says, "I did see the skin myself"

Fremie asks, "the ice fromt he glacier did not magically appear, did it not?"

Kadesha asks, "Thurfel, ye have any idea who da temple in the ruins be for?"

Kadesha peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "Which temple do you speak of?"

Malowin asks, "what in the heck is that Lich doing here?"

Kadesha says, "The temple frozen in the ruins in Mule"

Nofret says, "There are numerous temples within the Lands."

Ilvane nods.

(Dryxler flicks Kadesha's shoulder.)

Gretel says, "Likely not the wench whom you serve, Lady Oathbreaker."

Nevrek says, "Ask him yourself."

Nevrek snorts at Malowin.

Jipzy says, "Maybe it's not a Temple"

Ilvane says, "Under the town, in the ruins."

Malowin says, "I dont need to speak to him"

Ilvane says, "It is clearly a temple."

You say, "He isn't a lich. He's quite living."

Thurfel says, "I have not seen a temple in the ruins, but then again, I have not visited the ruins either"

Malowin says, "hes a lich..."

You glance at Malowin.

Malowin says, "like all of his kind"

Arimantis begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Ilvane says, "It is easy to find."

Ilvane says, "Any of us could show you."

Arimantis says, "Might be th reason you din see it"

Jipzy says, "Oh....the one standin if somethin tected it"

Thurfel exclaims, "While I am old, I am hardly a lich!"

Dapplecloud mutters assumptions.

Arianiss begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Gretel places her hand on her spidersilk veil.

You say, "But that is not where his interest lies, is it, Lord Thurfel."

You stare at Thurfel.

Jipzy paces back and forth.

Thurfel says, "I have no interest in a temple truth be told, only the tomb"

You ask, "What ye seek does not lie in the old ruins, does it?"

Nevrek says, "His fellows are likely Liches, from my information."

Nevrek nods to Malowin.

You nod to Thurfel.

Ilvane nods.

You say, "So I thought."

Fremie asks, "The town buried in ice had a temple, who was this temple dedicated to?"

Jipzy asks, "But which one?"

Jipzy smiles at Thurfel.

Althazor asks, " why the tomb?"

Nofret asks, "Then, why are you here, and not at the tomb?"

Fremie peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I wish to break the seal"

Ilvane says, "He can't get in yet."

Rawen asks, "Which tomb, Lord Thurfel?"

Althazor says, " why the tomb? what is in it"

Rawen says, "Surely not Dabbings"

Tavaron asks, "Why do you wish to break the seal thurfel? What lies behind it?"

Nevrek says, "I don't think the tomb is sealed.. I think it is open, but has not realized it yet.."

Thurfel says, "We shall see when it breaks..."

Nevrek grins.

Thurfel says, "there are quite a few rumors being bandied about"

Gretel asks, "Would the blood of a pure sacrifice assist thee?"

Thurfel says, "I have my suspicions"

Ilvane begins chuckling at Nevrek.

You glance at Thurfel.

Gretel peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Jipzy nods to Thurfel.

Jipzy says, "Quite a few"

Tavaron says, "DO tell us what you think.."

Arimantis glances at Gretel.

Thurfel looks over at Gretel and shakes his head.

You say, "Suspicions? Oh, my lord, do not be so modest."

Gretel nods.

You smirk.

Thurfel says, "Random death serves no purpose"

Nevrek says, "Death serves His Lordship.."

Ilvane says, "Indeed that is true."

Nevrek places his hand on his ebony Luukos symbol.

Ilvane glances at Nevrek.

Kadesha says, "Gretel perhaps he doesnt approve of your sacrifices"

Jipzy glances at Nevrek.

Tavaron asks, "You must have a reason for wishing the seal broken thurfel.. what

Tavaron peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You say, "He has reason."

Gretel says, "I do not make sacrifices, Lady Oathbreaker. I am not a priestess."

Nevrek says, "Gretel is merely eager for bloodshed. It's part of her charm."

Thurfel says, "I have noted quite a few speak for me and deign to tell of my intend"

You stare at Thurfel.

Nevrek smiles.

Arianiss grins at Thurfel.

Arianiss says, "They seem to think they know you."

Kadesha says, "no I realize this, but you approve of such practices"

Malowin says, "so speak mage"

Nofret asks, "Then tell us. What is it that you say your intention is?"

Thurfel says, "I'm rather sure the only thing I've ever stated is that I wish to break that tomb"

Ilvane asks, "Lord Thurfel, what is your intent?"

Malowin says, "tell those of us that only hear rumor"

Thurfel says, "to remove the cursed seal from that tomb"

Arimantis says, "Then you tell us yourself, what you seek in the tomb"

Ilvane asks, "For what purpose?"

Fremie says, "you said you seek something...'beyond'...the tomb..."

Jipzy says, "Set us straighta so yer intent isn't so basmudged"

Malowin says, "last time I was about you, you burned my second home to the ground, or atleast a good portion"

Wak asks, "So ya need help wit da seal den?"

Arianiss asks, "Why should he tell anyone what he seeks?"

Arianiss asks, "Does he owe you something?"

Thurfel says, "Some say it bears the bodies of the other nine."

Ilvane says, "I am merely curious, Arianiss."

Arimantis says, "He said he don want people speakin for him"

Arimantis nods to Arianiss.

Jipzy says, "Way down unda"

Fremie nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "It may very well imprison them"

Flame says, "I fear most things put in a crypt should be left in a crypt."

Malowin says, "I see posturing has taken place of common sense "

Althazor says, " and what if one of us try to stop you thurfel"

Joter says, "You also stated that you did not wish to injure anyone which makes me wonder why you a re doing this since the undead and your comrades may"

Thurfel says, "if so, I will release them, I owe them at least that much"

Thurfel says, "then you will die"

Arianiss nods to Thurfel.

Nevrek says, "That is the part I vait for."

Jipzy says, "What a sweet talka"

Fremie says, "another rumors states that The Nine's very souls have turned into a terrible force..."

Dapplecloud smiles slightly.

Elendryl asks, "Aye, why sent ye undead against the walls of Icemule Trace, THurfel?"

Ilvane asks, "Don't you fear they will be angry at you for not trying harder to get them out?"

Thurfel says, "I bear no malice to anyone unless they wish to stand in my path"

Ilvane peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Flame says, "Any who here are voln Would oppose The releasing of any liches in anyway shape or form"

Fremie says, "your path..."

Thurfel says, "I sent not undead"

Elendryl asks, "Thne why came they, Thurfel?"

Malowin asks, "wheres yer beast Thurfel?"

Nevrek says, "You assume he knows all.. "

Ilvane says, "Never an answer.."

Nofret says, "So far I have seen but arachnids and beetles emerging from the tomb."

Ilvane shakes her head.

Malowin says, "Im still not conviced hes not an animated lich, ade to look alive by Luukos"

Gretel sighs.

Nevrek says, "It matters not."

Thurfel says, "Others are convinced this is a struggle amongst the gods"

Dapplecloud sighs pensively.

Dapplecloud fidgets.

Thurfel asks, "have any of ye seen any evidence of this?"

Gretel peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Fremie says, "the path you have chosen, halfling, has a great many clouds about it...whom you truely serve is are your intentions...but I suppose that matters not to wish zealously...and you will stop at nothing to gain it"

Wak says, "Well I fer one nay like da idea of dat seal being broken, and it is and dey be evil inside me dinks many folks will perish"

Joter says, "but you can not assume in a tomb with dead souls there are not undead you must assume there is to be safe"

Gretel asks, "Would that not be rather futile?"

Pyrocite raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Thurfel says, "That is a very true statement Fremie"

Thurfel nods to Arianiss.

Thurfel says, "as do I Tavaron"

Thurfel grins.

Flame asks, "Then you are an avatar of which god Thurfel? Good evil? What is it that you are striving for, Freeing liches unto the world? Helping common folk?"

Nofret says, "I cannot help but wonder why you want it so badly, whatever it is you want."

Thurfel says, "Amasalen and I share ideals"

Gretel places her hand on her Luukos symbol.

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Jipzy says, "I don;t think yer goin afta a youn boy's tale....."

You say, "Ye make is sound so simple, Lord Thurfel, but that is not as ye have spoken before."

Thurfel says, "although I serve no god"

Fremie mutters snakes.

Gretel says, "I have a tale of Amasalen."

Nofret asks, "What ideals are those, Thurfel?"

Gretel says, "But it is a Solstice tale."

Nevrek says, "I see only a powerful vizard vith fur on his feet. His goals are likely alligned vith His Lordship Luukos' goals, and I vill assist him as neccessary, if neccessary."

Nevrek shrugs.

Nofret peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Wak asks, "Thurfel what would it take da break da seal?"

Joter asks, "Thurfel, will you stop at Icemule? Or will you seek to spread it throughout the lands?"

Thurfel says, "If I was certain Wak, the seal would be broken"

Althazor says, " thurfel I have herd the tales of the things you have done to ice mule I must worn thee if you try the same here we will stop you"

Thurfel says, "I have no goals beyond the seal. At the moment"

Wak says, "I would like ta see dis seal"

Flame says, "Fools, Think what he says and he speaks."

Harun says, "ah...that does make of more sense"

You ask, "And what lies beyond. Did ye not admit that to me, Lord Thurfel?"

Thurfel takes a drink from his sweet red wine.

You ask, "Will ye say ye did not so admit it?"

You stare at Thurfel.

Rawen asks, "And after the seal is broken? What will your goals be then?"

Thurfel asks, "what lies beyond?"

Joter says, "I will then assume based on your past history, where the Council of Ten tried to take over ELethania, that is your goal"

Ilvane nods.

Thurfel says, "tell those gathered what I said lies beyond"

Flame says, "Open yer eyes and minds and pull yer noses back a bit to learn what you truely see and hear."

Malowin says, "indeed, what is beyond"

Fremie turns to face you.

Ilvane glances at you.

Nevrek asks, "Teal crocodiles and pyramids?"

Nevrek raises an eyebrow.

Kadesha rubs you gently.

Fremie smiles at you.

You ask, "What ye said to me?"

Nofret asks, "What did he say lies beyond?"

Jipzy peers quizzically at you.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Arimantis asks, "So you believe the ancient city lies beyond the tomb?"

Arimantis peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Dapplecloud smiles anxiously.

You say, "Ye said ye sought something which had lain beyond mayhap thousands of years."

Xatier asks, "So the tomb is just the first step to your over all adgendas Thurfel?"

You say, "And that it was of great importance."

Thurfel says, "It would surely be interesting to find out would it not, or find out if it is but a tomb"

Kadesha smiles quietly

Gretel nods to Thurfel.

Pyrocite says, "Interesting."

Fremie sighs.

Jipzy says, "Is more than jes a tom"

Pyrocite stares off into space.

Jipzy begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "One doesn't seal a tomb if there is not something within"

Gretel says, "If we can be of help to thee, we shall, as long as you serve the wishes of the Lord Soultaker."

Harun asks, "Yet, why not let sleeping tombs lie?"

Harun peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Dryxler asks, "My question is...are you comin' here for aid...or just to tell us something?"

Jipzy says, "Is a doorway.......or a few o em"

Nevrek says, "His Lordship's faithful vill be ready to assist you in your endeavors. Ve'll even assist in collecting spell components, if you like."

Nevrek nods to Thurfel.

Arianiss nods to Nevrek.

(Gretel flashes a quick look at Harun over her veils.)

Thurfel says, "I came here seeking a white crystal and a piece of amber"

Ilvane appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Lajala says, "One seals off sumptin to keep it safe, or others safe from it."

Fremie glances at Arianiss.

Flame says, "Fools enter where they are not bid... Ever opened a Blasting chamber at the blacksmiths? It pretty much scorches the one who opens it."

Thurfel says, "which I have recieved"

You say, "There is within the nine, that is known. But the nine are not as important to ye as ye are trying now to say. Ye all but dismissed them in my hearing."

Arianiss turns an inquisitive ear towards Thurfel.

Fremie says, "I trust you know what you are dealing with, wizard."

Nevrek says, "Should there be anything else, then."

Dryxler says, "Well I've heard from those who reside in icemule to watch my steps around you."

Jipzy asks, "Is Amasalen lyin in there also?"

Jipzy peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Dapplecloud's face turns slightly pale.

Gretel blinks at Jipzy.

A pained expression crosses Fremie's face.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I fear ye seek to confuse me and I know not why. But I will puzzle it out."

Thurfel says, "I am rather sure Amasalen is not in there"

Kadesha says, "Please let Iscikella state her piece"

Fremie says, "Liabo let it not be true..."

Nofret peers quizzically at you.

Dapplecloud gives a sigh of relief.

Gretel says, "The Blessed Lord Amasalen is not trapped, Lady Heretic."

Rawen says, "But there is another tomb in there, isn't there? One that you seek for some purpose"

Ilvane sighs.

Thurfel whispers, "ye may confuse yourself if ye wish, I still seek that which I sought from the beginning"

Arimantis says, "A tomb within a tomb"

Jipzy says, "Aye he is.....noone's seen him about in any form"

Fremie says, "hm"

Nevrek asks, "Yes, speaking of tombs.. vhat about the one in the Graveyard that vas recently excavated?"

You glance at Thurfel.

Jipzy asks, "An why's his heart separated from him?"

Thurfel asks, "I still need a gold wand it would seem, might one be about?"

You say, "Lord Thurfel, meaning no disrepect, but I feel ye purposely speak in circles."

Arianiss removes a golden wand from in his twilight grey cloak.

Arianiss offers Thurfel a golden wand.

Jipzy taps a golden wand.

Nevrek nods to Arianiss.

Fremie stares at Arimantis.

You say, "What ye say to one, ye then say is not so."

(Gretel inclines her head to Arianiss.)

Thurfel says, "it seems easier than blurting out what might turn out to be false Iscikella"

Thurfel takes a drink from his sweet red wine.

Ilvane says, "Or being honest."

(Xephina kneels humbly before Lord Thurfel and bows her head gracefully)

Ilvane nods to you.

Thurfel just opened a heavily runed components satchel.

Dapplecloud shivers.

Nofret says, "Then, speculate, Thurfel."

Thurfel put a bottle of sweet red wine in his components satchel.

Kadesha says, "Thurfel,"

Thurfel just closed a heavily runed components satchel.

Thurfel accepts Arianiss's golden wand.

Xephina asks, "My lord may I ask a question?"

Jipzy frowns at Xephina.

Fremie cocks his head at Xephina.

Thurfel bows to Arianiss.

Rawen asks, "Lord Thurfel, is there another tomb beyond Dabbings'?"

Kadesha asks, "If ye don think Amasalens remains lie beyond, then what is it ye so desperately seek?"

Thurfel asks, "How would I know?"

Kadesha peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I can't get past the first one"

Harun says, "Those who follow the Emerald Serpent have sworn to aid him in any case"

Harun mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

You ask, "So then I would understand why Amasalen's goals mirror yer own. Is that a simple enough question?"

Jipzy asks, "The orb?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Nevrek asks, "Can't, or haff yet to?"

Thurfel says, "haven't yet"

Thurfel smiles.

Arimantis says, "The first one...implies that there is indead a second one"

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel the wand begins to flicker oddly

Thurfel shakes his head.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow.

Rawen asks, "But you must have a reason for wanting it open... correct M'Lord?"

(Iscikella watches the wand in Thurfel's hand.)

Jipzy says, "See? Ya didn't tell Iscikella nothin"

Thurfel etches a second sigil onto the wand.

Jipzy nods to Thurfel.

Jipzy says, "Tell her more"

Ilvane leans back.

Althazor says, " yes so he can raise the other 9"

The wand begins to radiate sparks.

Gretel blinks.

Althazor says, " and reak havick"

Xephina sighs.

Xatier glances at Thurfel.

Gretel leans forward.

The wand begins to melt in Thurfel's hand.

Dapplecloud shivers.

Arimantis glances at Thurfel.

Aranrhod blinks.

Harun cocks his head at Thurfel.

Rawen says, "No, the other nine are not why he wants it open, he just said if they were there he felt a responsibity to release them, but they are not why"

Thurfel just opened a heavily runed components satchel.

Ilvane shakes her head.

You nod to Rawen.

Thurfel put a badly warped golden wand in his components satchel.

Dapplecloud smiles slightly.

You say, "So he said before."

Dryxler says, "Please...what I'm tryin' to tell everyone."

Fremie says, "hrm..."

Dryxler says, "I've spoken with lord truekillr about this matter."

Dryxler points at Thurfel.

Fremie peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Nevrek rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You ask, "But ye do not answer my question, Lord Thurfel?"

Dryxler says, "That wizard there is in search of the ultimate distruction."

Nevrek mutters something about too much junk as he searches through his hooded cloak.

Thurfel says, "Might you have a tall tale for us Iscikella, I would hear yours"

You ask, "Why is that?"

Xatier says, "If not what he wishes is in the tomb he would release the 9, he owes them that much is what he look past the 9"

Dryxler says, "I know this for a fact."

Kadesha rubs you gently.

Dryxler says, "Lord Sansil and Lord Truekillr have already figured some of this out."

Thurfel says, "tis rather hard to hear your thoughts Iscikella amidst the bedlam"

Jipzy says, "Is not the Relic.......nor the nine......nor , as he said he didn't think Amasalen's body was in there...."

Jipzy paces back and forth.

You smile at Thurfel.

Jipzy frowns.

Arimantis says, "The ruins then"

Arimantis nods to Jipzy.

Thurfel says, "The nine might very well be there"

Rawen says, "There is another tomb, Nofret was told as much"

Tavaron whispers, "It seems you have his eye my lady.."

Jipzy says, "The orb"

Thurfel says, "as for the relic, tis but a tale"

Ilvane frowns.

Jipzy nods to Arimantis.

Dryxler says, "Thurfel has been called the strongest of the 10 of the council."

Xephina says, "Sansil has figured nothing out"

Xephina glances at Dryxler.

Dryxler asks, "Might everyone listen to me a moment?"

(Nevrek silently stands by the well.)

Fremie says, "there is too much speculation..."

Elendryl says, "I heard THurfel was one of the weaker"

Dryxler points at Thurfel.

Elendryl peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Jipzy says, "Has ta be.....the otha par will come about in it's otha way"

Dryxler says, "He has been labeled the strongest."

You say, "A tale? Not to me."

You shiver.

Thurfel shrugs.

Thurfel says, "It matters not whether I am the weakest or the strongest..."

Thurfel says, "I am here."

Thurfel says, "they are not."

Dryxler says, "Well..."

Malowin says, "Thurfel burnt down a portion of Icemule...there is aura in such a small caster"

You say, "He is the only one alive..."

Dapplecloud nods to Thurfel.

Dryxler says, "The strongest...lookin' for the ultimate destruction item."

Nevrek says, "Indeed.. it's as if the veakest of the gods is any less a god."

Dapplecloud smiles solemnly.

Xatier asks, "Thurfel is the one amongst us, does it matter if he be the strongest or weakest?"

Nevrek chuckles.

You say, "that in itself says something."

Aranrhod asks, "Dryxler do you know what that is?"

Joter says, "Look, stronger, weaker, this speculation doesn't matter. What matters is that Thurfel is here. Let's leave it at that"

Gretel asks, "Yes, Lord Charlfollower?"

Thurfel asks, "Have ye a tale Iscikella?"

Dryxler sings:
"His shrine "

Fremie smiles solemnly.

You say, "I have only old ones, Lord Thurfel. But I can tell of the Gift of Fire, if ye wish."

You say, "Is however a very old tale."

Althazor says, " thurfel I say leave the tomb be...ya grave robber"

Thurfel says, "I would enjoy hearing it"

Thurfel says, "Fire is indeed a hobby of mine"

You chuckle at Thurfel.

You say, "I have noticed that."

Pyrocite chuckles.

Malowin says, "humorous too"

Kadesha chuckles.

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow.

Dapplecloud says, "me too..."

Dryxler asks, "As well as lightnin'?"

Dryxler peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Dryxler asks, "Like the shrine is guided?"

Dryxler asks, "With the ramp?"

Joter says, "don't I know that, I couldn't stop it when I tried to cover the tomb"

You say, "If ye wish to hear it, I will tell it."

Dapplecloud shows Thurfel her toy fire mage.

Thurfel says, "elements in general are enjoyable, although difficult to control."

Gretel says, "Lady Lumnisfollower, please excuse me, for I must rest."

Thurfel nods to you.

Jipzy paces back and forth.

Gretel curtsies to you.

Thurfel bows to Gretel.

Thurfel says, "thank ye for your tale Gretel"

Flame says, "I fear fire is just a beginners quest."

Gretel says, "I would enjoy to hear thy tale another time."

Dryxler asks, "What might be the reason for the items you ask for here in th elanding?"

Dryxler peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You say, "Much is made of the fact that it was Fash'lo'nae, not Lumnis, who gave us poor mortals the gift of fire."

Nevrek says, "May the emerald light guide, dear Gretel.."

Nevrek nods to Gretel.

Gretel says, "I thank you for thine, Lord TombBreaker."

You say, "But knowing the simple fact of this is not knowing the entire truth of the matter."

Iscikella smiles wryly.

Althazor exclaims, " ye burned the mule and now you are looking o do it to the rest of the realms!"

Tavaron says, "Come all the way to the landing to listen to stories told a thousand times before."

You say, "So tonight I will tell ye the entirety of this truth."

You recite:
"In the days right before the passing of the power of the Drakes, Koar -- the chosen of his kind to keep reign over the servants of his race, the Arkati, -- summoned these to him. He looked upon them each one and, assessing their abilities with the full authority of his own kind, assigned them certain areas of control."

You recite:
"To Lumnis, who he had come to love as no other, he gave a special place at his side and, fully aware of her enormous understanding of the world at large, reign over the Five Spheres of Knowledge. But he also knew the mental facilities of Fash'lo'nae and, therefore, allowed him as well sway over the wisdom of the ages, though not control over the Five Spheres of Knowledge themselves."

Joter turns an inquisitive ear towards you.

You nod.

Dapplecloud gazes at her symbol.

You recite:
"It was Koar's intent that in this manner all the discernment and erudition of the world be shared between the two. But it became apparent almost immediately that Lumnis' interest lay more in astuteness and cognition, how bits of knowledge fitted together and how they could be successfully used to most benefit, and Fash'lo'nae's interest lay more in lore and scholarship, learning for learning's own sake."

You bite your lip.

You recite:
"For this reason did Lumnis come to call Fash'lo'nae 'Old Scholar' and Fash'lo'nae come to call Lumnis 'Prudent One'."

You grin.

You recite:
"Now it also came to pass at this time that Koar took an interest in a certain nomadic tribe of Giantmen. These giants' zest for life brought a smile to the face of great Koar, for all such zest was sadly being sapped from his own kind during their struggle to maintain the balance of the world. He loved to watch in secret as these stress-unencumbered giants hunted and feasted, bonded and gave birth, laughed and enjoyed all the benefits of the physical world."

(Iscikella extends her hands outward as she expands out the story.)

You recite:
"Yet the tribesmen lived in the colder climes of Elanthia, near the glacier which once covered much of the lands. And at times their survival in the brutal conditions was very difficult and seemed much at risk. Lumnis, ever prudent, provided animals with skins warm enough to protect them from the weather's harshness, and Koar watched in bemusement as the nomads learned the skill of skinning, with a trick here and there provided in secret by the Lady herself in disguise."

You wink.

You recite:
"Yet Fash'lo'nae looked upon the tribesmen and spoke out, saying: 'Prudent One, let us give these hearty giants the gift of fire so that they may survive in some degree of comfort.' To this suggestion Lumnis shook her head."

(Iscikella glances upon the crowd in a very concerned fashion.)

You recite:
"'They are yet too much children, Old Scholar. Fire will confound them and they will do themselves more harm than good.' And Koar, knowing the full extent of Lumnis' understanding of all things in the world, agreed with the woman he had taken to him, though many of his own race questioned him on this."

Nevrek rubs his eyes.

You recite:
"So Fash'lo'nae shrugged and returned to his studies."

You shrug.

Nevrek just opened a cracked old leatherbound tome.

You recite:
"About this time too, were the ranks of the Arkati beginning to fragment. For some of these beings saw Koar and his kind as too tired and weary of life to continue as rulers over all. They saw the time of the Drakes as all but done. First among these was Eorgina, who saw herself as the greatest power among the Arkati. Koar had given her sway over Darkness, Domination and Tyranny. And she saw no area of control as more potent than her own."

You grimace.

Nevrek flips through the pages of his leatherbound tome.

Fremie says, "hm"

You recite:
"As Lumnis continued to sit at Koar's side, however, jealousy mounted in Eorgina's heart. And she looked to topple not only this Drake who held sway over the Arkati, but his chosen lady, from their supreme positions. To this end did Eorgina approach each of the Arkati separately, finding some in agreement with her and some not."

You recite:
"Fash'lo'nae, when approached by her on this score however, merely gave his characteristic shrug in response."

You frown.

You recite:
"Such matters did not concern him and he returned to his studies."

Nevrek moistens his fingertip with his tongue and slowly turns a page of his leatherbound tome.

You recite:
"A particularly severe winter came upon Elanthia and with it the threat of extinction for Koar's affectionately-viewed tribe of Giantmen. Lumnis doubled and then tripled her efforts to keep the nomads supplied with adequate skins. As one or another of the tribesmen fell victim to the deep freeze raking the lands, she watched in concern as another wrinkle was added to Koar's brow or another sad line deepened about his mouth."

You shake your head.

You recite:
"Seeing the melancholy of great Koar and the empathy of the lady he knew the Drake would have as wife if such were permitted him by others of his kind, Fash'lo'nae again approached Lumnis about giving the tribesman the gift of fire. 'Prudent One, they shiver and die from the cold. Let me provide them an easier means to warm themselves,' he requested of her."

You recite:
"'Old Scholar, I would I could say: Aye, do it. But I cannot. They have not yet the reasoning necessary to properly control such a gift.'"

You sigh.

You recite:
"Fash'lo'nae shrugged, but did not return to his studies."

You blink.

You recite:
"Instead he went in disguise amongst the tribesmen. He had decided he would give them the gift of fire, whether Lumnis agreed with the plan or not. He did it partly to take some measure of disconsolateness away from Koar, but also the idea of giving these innocents such a huge innovation intrigued the curious seeker of knowledge in him."

You squint.

You recite:
"Fash'lo'nae wondered if the Prudent One was correct in her assumption. Did they indeed lack the reasoning to properly control such a gift? And, if they did, how would they handle that gift? These questions ran rampant through his ever-questing mind and the scholar in him had to know the answers."

You shake your head.

You recite:
"He entered into the nomads' midst as an old man of their own kind. 'It is cold, is it not?' he casually inquired of one and all. Receiving in response many emphatic nods of heads, he further asked: 'Would ye know a way to better warm yerselves?'"

You recite:
"'Is there a creature with skin thicker in fur ye would show us where to hunt?' asked one of the tribesmen."

You recite:
"Fash'lo'nae shook his head. 'I speak of something much better than a thicker fur against the ravages of cold.'"

You recite:
"Glancing askance at the old man, another tribesman asked: 'What could be better protection against the cold than a good, thick fur?'"

Subothai says, "heh..liquor"

Pyrocite just nudged Subothai.

You recite:
"Smiling, Fash'lo'nae brought forth two dry sticks and, rubbing them quickly together, brought them to spark and then to open flame. 'Feel the warmth,' he prompted the shivering giants. Leaning toward the burning sticks left blazing upon the ground and feeling the heat emanating from them, the giants began to howl in sheer delight."

You nod.

Pyrocite gazes up into the heavens.

Fremie winks at Thurfel.

You recite:
"Pleased with his mission, Fash'lo'nae left them as unnoticed as he had come amongst them."

You recite:
"But the giants understood nothing of fire. And they reasoned, if on the ground this strange glow warmed them so much, upon their thick furs it would warm them even more. So they squatted near the burning sticks and let the flames catch the hides they wore. Quickly the furs went from smothering to blazing, and just as quickly the tribesmen's howls of delight turned into screams of agony."

You grimace.

Malowin leans on Thurfel.

Nevrek glances at Malowin.

Thurfel says, "one must know how to use fire properly to be sure."

You recite:
"Having no notion how to put out the blazing hides, they leapt about wildly, feeding the flames into frenzy with their very movement until their bodies were in excruciating torment. And Koar saw their plight and tears rained from his eyes, quenching the flames, but too late to save many from death's grip and too late to save others from permanent mutilation."

Dapplecloud sighs sadly.

Fremie says, "fire does not always burn..."

You recite:
"The hearty zest for life of the nomads left them on that day, never to return in full. And their loss of that zest made Koar even more weary and desolate as Lumnis grieved in silence for the profound hurt of this being who had assumed the form of a man so to act unto her as man unto woman and who she had come so to adore."

(Iscikella wipes a tear from her eye.)

Gimpazzi rubs his eyes.

Nevrek grins.

A pained expression crosses Joter's face.

You recite:
"Though she was generally not one to hold grudges, Fash'lo'nae's careless act stayed in Lumnis' mind and heart. She could not shake herself free of it. So she visited him in his dusty lair of scrolls and experiments. 'Old Scholar,' she addressed him bluntly, 'ye have put yerself at odds with me forever.'"

You sigh.

Subothai nods.

You recite:
"Blinking, Fash'lo'nae looked up into her angry eyes, smothering grey ashes now blazing with twin purple flames within the sphere of her lovely face. 'Prudent One, I have naught but the greatest respect for yer wisdom. I will not be at odds with ye.'"

You recite:
"'Old Scholar,' she assured him, 'ye have no choice. It is done and it is unchangeable.'"

You grimace.

You recite:
"Then she left him to his studies"

You recite:
"Hearing of this scene between him and Lumnis, Eorgina came again to Fash'lo'nae. 'Since Koar's lady has put herself at odds with ye, I consider ye now of my ranks, Old Scholar,' this would-be queen appropriated Lumnis' nickname for the man with all the confidence of one who is thoroughly certain of her position."

You say, "And that is the entire story, make of it what ye will"

You curtsy.

Harun applauds you.

Dapplecloud smiles at you.

Kadesha smiles at you.

Nevrek nods to you.

Dapplecloud applauds.

Thurfel says, "I think its a rather easy story to decipher"

You chuckle at Thurfel.

You say, "I hope ye at least enjoyed it, sir."

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Only a god would give such as fire without telling the folks of it before doing so"

You say, "True enough."

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Even a dwarf teaches their children about fire before allowing them its use."

Dapplecloud nods to Thurfel.

Pyrocite says, "Oversights..."

Dapplecloud examines her fingernails.

Elendryl says, "Not most dwarves I know, Thurfel"

Kadesha asks, "whaddya mean 'eve' a dwarf?"

Nevrek holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Nevrek nods to Pyrocite.

Kadesha frowns at Thurfel.

Harun cocks his head at Thurfel.

Jipzy begins chuckling at Kadesha.

You rub Kadesha.

Thurfel says, "and yet the gods are worshipped as better than us"

Arianiss nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "more powerful perhaps"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Nevrek says, "I do not vorship, I serve. Vorship is so.. mindless."

Thurfel says, "better, I'm not entirely sure."

Pyrocite says, "Some are more respected for what they represent..."

Althazor says, " it is hard to tell onar he is not beeter than I"

Arianiss says, "What are the arkati without followers? Nothing."

Ilvane begins chuckling at Nevrek.

Arianiss nods to Thurfel.

Pyrocite traces the lines of her symbol of Sheru.

Dapplecloud says, "Lumnis wished to wait until they were ready to receive such knowledge..."

Dapplecloud gazes at her symbol.

Dapplecloud gazes up into the heavens.

Thurfel says, "Lumnis did not offer to teach, only to withhold"

Joter says, "The gods have emotions like us, so they make mistakes, but the difference is they learn faster from them than us, in my humble opinion."

Harun asks, "Knowledge without wisdom damages....thou art a knowledgable man, but art thou wise?"

Harun peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Arianiss says, "We play their game."

Arianiss smirks.

You ask, "And so Lord Thurfel is that why ye have changed yer stance from the "war of philosophy" which originally drove the Ten?"

Thurfel asks, "Wise?"

Harun nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Ye continue to mistake the council of ten's philosophies as mine Iscikella"

Harun asks, "Does thy plan of releasing these others stem from wisdom, or knowledge?"

Harun peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Nevrek says, "So a few giants vere injured and killed so that I might properly cook my dinner. Small loss, great gain."

Nevrek shrugs.

Jipzy asks, "Were ya not one o em?"

Malowin says, "Thurfel seeks something those corpses contain..."

You ask, "Yet were ye not once one with them?"

Jipzy smiles at Thurfel.

Malowin says, "maybe magic"

Malowin says, "or scrolls...."

Arianiss grins at Nevrek.

Subothai scoffs at Nevrek.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I may be one of the folks that live in Teras, that does not mean I share all of each inhabitants beliefs"

Nevrek says, "That is fortunate.."

Nevrek says, "Many Terasians are... unsavory."

You ask, "And why were ye beliefs different from theirs, if I may be so bold as to ask, Lord Thurfel?"

Pyrocite says, "That statement is truth, in my case."

You say, "I seek to understand, ye see..."

Dapplecloud says, "Teras holds many more than ten members though, Thurfel."

(Pyrocite mutters something about the isle sinking into the sea, and how pleased she would be.)

You say, "At one point ye were aligned with them. There must have been a reason..."

You peer quizzically at Thurfel.

Ilvane says, "It is so wondeful we can exchange such pleasantries with the very man who has threatened to burn our town.."

Ilvane stands up.

Joter asks, "Thurfel, A person can not change their past. This being the case then can you see our logic since you were one of the ten and by not objecting or going against their philosophy you are saying you agreed with it?"

Wak says, "Towns can be rebuilt"

You say, "Understanding is the beginning of power, Ilvane."

Ilvane says, "Such respect for a man who wishes to destroy."

You say, "Never forget that."

Ilvane glances at you.

Kadesha says, "Ilvane, its called diplomacy"

You say, "One cannot fight what is not understood."

Arianiss says, "Ilvane, she is blinded."

Arianiss waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Nevrek surveys the area.

Ilvane says, "Oh until he burns our town to the ground."

Ilvane nods.

Lajala says, "Because Thurfel, just as Fash'ol'nae, does what he does fer himself alone, and as Fash'ol'nae killed people fer his own studies, Thurfel shall kill us fer his interest in da tomb."

Ilvane says, "Of course."

You wave a hand at Arianiss, dismissing him indifferently.

Arianiss asks, "Shall I break it?"

Jipzy asks, "So one will lowa themselves an kiss the feet o the enamy jes fer knowledge?"

Arianiss smiles at you.

Kadesha says, "Seeking understanding does not in any way mean Iscikella wishes the town destroyed"

Jipzy snorts.

Kadesha frowns at Ilvane.

Jipzy says, "Bahhh"

Thurfel asks, "Can not two travel the same road only to head in different directions at a fork?"

Ilvane says, "Such respect for a man who wishes to destroy, is not smart."

Dapplecloud nods to Kadesha.

Ilvane says, "Think.."

You say, "Aye, but usually there is a reason for the going on different paths, Lord Thurfel."

You say, "It is the reason I am asking about."

Thurfel says, "and I will tell you with no uncertainty, their path is not mine"

Thurfel says, "but if I can free them, I will"

Xephina asks, "And what is that supposed to mean Jipzy?"

Xephina smirks.

Subothai asks, "ye would free them out of obligation or because ye need their strength?

You say, "What is not understood cannot be properly defended against."

Ilvane frowns.

You say, "This is old truth."

Xephina peers quizzically at Jipzy.

Thurfel says, "neither truly, I have no obligation to them, although I feel compelled to help if I can"

Nevrek says, "Vell, I should take my leave now.. it vas a pleasure, Lord Thurfel. May the emerald light guide, and may your goals be reached in a timely manner."

Jipzy says, "Ya know what it means.......if ya sleep with snakes yer boun ta have much o em creep in ya"

Thurfel says, "To some degree, they were all quite incompetent"

(Arianiss nods respectfully to Nevrek.)

Ilvane asks, "Iscikella has getting knowledge helped you most recently?"

Ilvane asks, "Or has it torn you apart?"

Arianiss asks, "What has she done other than re-inforce what you already know?"

Kadesha asks, "Ilvane, would her acting pompous and rude to the man help more?"

Arianiss peers quizzically at Ilvane.

Xephina says, "I have lived with the snakes. All my life. You do not know me or what I have indured. I will do what ever it takes"

Harun says, "I too must go. Peace be upon thee"

Jipzy says, "Has torn her ta shreds"

Jipzy nods to Ilvane.

Kadesha grumbles.

Thurfel says, "but, as I have what I need for the evening, I shall prepare a means of exit.

Xatier glances at Thurfel.

Dapplecloud says, "the path to wisdom is not an easy one..."

You blink at Thurfel.

Dapplecloud rubs you gently.

Kadesha rubs you gently.

Thurfel bows.

Xatier asks, "More fire Thurfel?"

Joter says, "I ask you this one question thurfel to think on. If you truly do not wish to harm the lands and you know they may then why release them at all if their path is not your own? You don't have to if you don't want to."

Pyrocite nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel raises his left hand and curls it into a fist.

Fremie furrows his brow.

Thurfel drops his hand.

You say, "Ye still have not mentioned the reason for yer parting of the ways with the other nine, Lord Thurfel."

You sigh.

Fremie says, "He is gone..."

You say, "Ye are most obstinate about giving reasons."

(Arianiss turns, his cloak billowing.)

Ilvane says, "Oh yes, the respect for him..he prepares to destroy the town."

Ilvane says, "Have to love it."

Ilvane shakes her head.

You ask, "Respect?"

Pyrocite chuckles.

Jipzy says, "Was fear"

Jipzy nods to you.

Jipzy chuckles.

You say, "I have no respect for him."

Ilvane says, "Could have fooled me."

You say, "I want to glean everything I can from him."

Subothai nods.

Kadesha asks, "what ya want people ta do? attack him and be obliterated?"

Kadesha peers quizzically at Ilvane.

Pyrocite says, "Mm, quite admirable."

Nofret says, "Since he can slap all of us without thinking about it..."

Lajala nods to Kadesha.

Dapplecloud says, "Surely you see how giving him wine might help him say more than he wished..."

You say, "If we know what he seeks, we have a weapon to use against him."

You say, "Otherwise we are in the dark."

Ilvane says, "No, but I will not kiss the halflings boot soles to get information."

You say, "And in the dark, ye stumble."

Lajala says, "If mulers kin kill 9, we kin kill 1."

Nofret says, "I do not think that Thurfel is the kind to get drunk."

Dapplecloud frowns.

Kadesha asks, "asking him questions is kissing his boots?"

Kadesha peers quizzically at Ilvane.

Pyrocite says, "Ahh, but as he said, those nine were incompetent."

Jipzy says, "He did want a hearty bevarage"

Pyrocite chuckles.

Jipzy nods to Nofret.

You say, "I asked questions after question, yet he answered few."

Ilvane says, "No, but the way some act.."

You sigh.

Sansil rubs you gently.

Xephina curtsies to you.

Ilvane says, "He talked you in circles."

Fremie asks, "you expected more from a snake?"

Xephina says, "I loved you story"

Ilvane says, "He talked all of us in circles."

Joter says, "Knowledge, no matter how little, is always a precious gift"

(Xatier glances down at his boot)

Ilvane says, "He doesn't serve anyone but himself."

Malowin says, "hes a lich, and none of you "know it alls" will convince me otherwise"

Malowin nods.

You say, "Nae, Ilvane, we know some things. We know that time is suddenly of importance to him when he claimed initially it was not."

Fremie says, "whoever he serves...he is a danger..."

Pyrocite says, "Well, at least that way you are sure to have a worthy master."

Pyrocite chuckles.

You say, "We know he is now on a schedule."

You say, "So something has changed."

Joter says, "Questions and answers will always serve us"

You say, "That we learned."

Durstone says, "in dealing with Thurfel, a word of caution. "

Durstone says, "believe nothing of what you hear. and half of what you see."

Wak says, "Ya learn more from dey deny or nay say den from what dey do say"

Fremie says, "I care not whom he serves...just that he threatens to destroy one town...and that makes me believe he may not stop there.."

Fremie says, "quite heartless...he is..."

Joter says, "Thurfel could be invisible right now"

Fremie shrugs.

Jipzy says, "I care that someone I care about might be used in a horrid fashion"

Jipzy frowns.

You say, "If time is important, there must now be a reason."

Fremie asks, "who?"

Fremie blinks at Jipzy.

You ask, "Something which will not always be there?"

A pained expression crosses Fremie's face.

Ilvane nods.

Kadesha says, "I am still with you Iscikella friend"

Sansil nods to you.

Dapplecloud says, "or perhaps he fears divine intervention..."

You smile at Kadesha.

Arimantis asks, "You speak of moon phases Iscikella?"

Dapplecloud smiles hopefully.

Xephina clenches her fist.

Joter says, "I would come back with you if I coould, Iscikella, but I am needed here"

Sansil whispers, "i am with ye as well"

Ilvane says, "I have respect to you."

Ilvane says, "Respect at least which is deserved."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You say, "If there is a time requirement..."

Ilvane nods to you.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Celyx says, "what where when"

Kadesha whispers, "need learn difference between respect for an adversary and admiration"

Jipzy says, "I wish"

Fremie says, "Isci, your tale was most intriging..."

Fremie says, "and curious..."

Joter says, "what is not the question, the tomb is the answer"

Fremie says, "when did you learn of such?..."

Joter says, "Where is Icemule"

Fremie smiles at you.

Joter says, "the question is when"

You say, "Oh, is but an old legend, Fremie. I learned of it long ago."

You smile at Fremie.

You say, "I wish I knew why time was important now..."

You ask, "Must the tomb be opened at a specific moment?"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You ask, "Must something coincide?"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Arimantis says, "I think it may be some sort of alignment of phase of the moons"

Fremie says, "curious..."

Fremie nods to you.

You nod to Arimantis.

You say, "Could well be."

You hear the voice of Nevrek say, "I doubt that, Unbalanced One.."

Joter says, "Iscikella, I hate to say it but I have a thought"

Someone... or something... hisses behind you.

You tickle Joter.

Fremie asks, "another one?"

Fremie grins at Joter.

Sansil searches around for a moment.

You blink.

Ilvane frowns.

You say, "Well, speak it."

Joter asks, "Remember the need for balance because there is no balance?"

Dapplecloud asks, "why did he wish to know of the creatures which came from the tomb?"

You say, "And whichever snake is hissing behind me, stop."

You cover your ears.

Joter says, "We have been having mini invasions here"

You say, "Aye, Dapple, that was curious."

You nod to Dapplecloud.

You say, "As if he had no idea."

Joter says, "Is it possible the two big invasions are to coinincide"

Dapplecloud sighs thoughtfully.

You say, "Possible."

Kadesha says, "The stuff here is about Iloke and Meyno"

You hear the voice of Nevrek say, "Mortal invasions should haff little bearing on this task of Lord Thurfel's.."

Joter says, "That would set a 'schedule'"

Arimantis asks, "What has Meyno to do with the tomb though?"

Fremie asks, "always knew folks went crazy when de moons acted up, but really...mass scale battles?"

You say, "But if he thinks such creatures came from "the pit of hell" as he said..."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Jipzy asks, "Coul that be what the elamentals be afraid o? Whateva he's afta?"

You ask, "Was he looking for clues himself?"

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You give a sigh of frustration.

Joter says, "and Meyno is burried within the earth, a pit so to speak"

Fremie says, "possibly...aye..."

Jipzy asks, "What woul scare all the elaments?"

Fremie says, "destruction of all that is..."

Ilvane asks, "Iscikella, you know I am not against you right?"

Jipzy says, "For all o em have shown themselves"

You nod to Ilvane.

Dapplecloud says, "the balance...tipped...would effect all the elements."

Dapplecloud frowns.

You say, "I think our approaches are different."

Ilvane nods to you.

Fremie says, "the elements survive as long as there is elements to for ice, fire for fire, air for air..."

You say, "I just see knowledge as a tool, a weapon when needed."

Joter says, "four elements - earth, air, water, and fire"

Fremie rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Fremie nods to Joter.

You hear the voice of Nevrek say, "Hm.. as entertaining as this all is... meditations vill do me more benefit. Do take care.. Unbalanced Iscikella, Oath-Breaker, Ilvane and Fremie.."

Someone hisses from the shadows behind Dapplecloud.

Ilvane smirks.

You say, "Unbalanced Nevrek, of course I will."

Fremie says, "Eve Nevrek...may you rise to your feet from the belly you crawl upon"

You cough.

Dapplecloud smiles slightly.

You say, "Thurfel says one thing and then denies it."

You sigh.

Ilvane nods to you.

You say, "He certainly speaks like a snake."

You tap your foot impatiently.

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