Attack on Juggernaut
Day of the Huntress, day 24 of the month Eoantos in the year 5100

******Unfortunately I was not logging during this event. But since it is an important part of the Quest in which Iscikella indeed took part, I will make available here the personal impressions she posted to the boards regarding that attack.******

Tonight was a night most horrendous with regard to casualty in the life of IceMule. Tonight Thurfel sent minions to attack the Juggernaut. It seems he had paid Tognus, the padder, to provide him information. And employed hill giants (those seen chopping trees several weeks back) to build and use great siege engines with catapults to attack the Juggernaut.

The great machines of war moved through the snow like living beasts, the giants running them sending volleys of great boulders down upon the Juggernaut as scores of archers perched upon this vantage sent flaming arrows into the crowds. His sentries and wall guardians and attack dogs flew into the crowds outside the West Gate, outside the ramp to the Jugg, killing many who expected no such greeting upon heading toward or leaving the great merchant vessel.

Inside the siege engine, the archers set fire to many with their arrows. I watched my husband come back down the ladder, barely conscious, bleeding, his clothes smothering from the flames. Setzier was directing the attack of the hill giants against the townsfolk and I know the Sheruvian will one day be called upon to pay dearly and with all right.

Knowing this all to be Thurfel's doing, Blizz and I went to the tomb of Talbot. And there was Thurfel, for no more than a moment, but in that moment he sank the tomb directly into the earth, leaving nothing but an indentation in the earth where it had once stood! He took it down seals and all! Since it appears he cannot yet break them, he seems determined to have the time and leeway to do this on his own terms in his own environment. Then the firemage merely smiled wryly and vanished!

Back out the West Gate the battle continued to rage. My husband again joined those trying to overtake the siege engine. I tried to help in killing the giants below the engine, as well as the creatures which suddenly rose from the earth in droves... arachnids, crabs, beetles, all bearing Thurfel's marks... crystal shells and such. I aided the wounded and tried to lifekeep the dying in between casting at creatures. Many stood and did the same.

Ghimpy roused folks to save the Juggernaut, saying it must not be taken. Her brave gathered defenders stood firm despite the wild onslaught and the casualties.

Finally the town defenders managed to get the attack under control as the hill giants turned tail and ran, abandoning the great war engine. Kerl managed to destroy the catapult. And the last battle was against the creatures which continued to pour out from under the snow.

When all was quiet, I gathered by wits and headed over to Ghimpy's workroom where many were talking. I realized slowly as I heard the words of all that there is only one course open to me...

We need to know where the tomb now lies so we can keep the seals from being broken and the nine released... I need to get Thurfel to tell me this. Whether I possess sufficient guile to work this ruse successfully, I am uncertain, but I know I must try...

The balance stands ready to shift unwholesomely and I must do what I am able. I am not a warrior. But Lumnis in Her wisdom has perhaps provided me a way...


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