Restday, day 4 of the month Lumnea in the year 5100

[Subterranean Island, Rocky Spit]
As the island comes to an end, the spit disappears into a line of stones. They offer footing out into the lake a ways, a natural pier with no boats to dock. Every now and then a small wave washes over them, making you think twice about heading too far out. Who knows what manner of great reptilian beast might frequent this cavern?
Also in the room: Lord Thurfel, Lady Chantreuse, Lord Renphil, Lord Kitsun
Obvious exits: northwest.

You say, "Good eve to ye, Lord Thurfel."

Thurfel says, "I have no idea what you might have to offer or who you would speak for"

A sickly glow pulses for a moment somewhere in the shadows.

Kitsun asks, "ah but did i say wealth?"

Thurfel nods to you.

Thurfel says, "nay, you did not."

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Yesss, good evening again, Thurfel."

Thurfel says, "good evening Armaxis"

You ask, "What brings ye about, Lord Thurfel, if I may be so bold as to ask?"

Thurfel says, "the well has been repaired Iscikella"

Thurfel says, "and my glyph removed"

Thurfel says, "and the seal strengthened apparently."

You ask, "Repaired? Well, I cannot say I am unhappy about that, but who would have such power?"

You say, "Except perhaps..."

You hear the voice of Armaxis ask, "Mm? Certainly thisss is not your doing..?"

Iscikella smiles knowingly.

Thurfel says, "it would seem my assault on the tomb is going to need to take a different direction"

You say, "Indeed..."

Thurfel says, "my success was limited at best"

You ask, "And what direction would that be?"

Kitsun says, "thus a path from underneath"

You glance at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Kitsun.

Thurfel says, "if the seal is a dome and not a sphere..."

Thurfel says, "perhaps it might work."

You ask, "Ye intend to dig a tunnel?"

You gawk at Thurfel.

Renphil whispers, "he says there was a tunnel here once?"

Thurfel says, "well, not I, I would prefer to have some big creature to do that for me"

You ask, "And ye have one in mind then?"

You blink at Thurfel.

Imraith asks, "that crab above yours?"

Imraith glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Imraith.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "He does what needsss to be done." The voice suddenly laughs faintly, then speaks again, "It will be done, in any manner."

You ask, "A crab?"

Imraith nods to you.

Thurfel says, "nay, I have never created a beast to tunnel"

Imraith says, "crystalline crab"

Thurfel says, "but I shall"

Imraith says, "was stunned when I passed it"

You ask, "Ye shall? Ye have the ability to do this?"

You blink at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I'm surprised the lake is not filled with crabs"

Thurfel says, "mayhaps the temperature is not right"

You say, "I am constantly amazed by ye, lord mage."

Kitsun asks, "what tunnels better than a mole?"

Imraith says, "perhaps it is, I just saw the one"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "You may wish to employ the aid of a subterranean worm, Thurfel, if you...excel in sssuch controlling and binding magics."

Thurfel says, "a worm might work"

Imraith asks, "roa'ters?"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Though I have not seen them around the frozen north, they dwell in the sssouth."

Kitsun says, "ooooo"

Thurfel says, "if it was large enough"

Thurfel says, "I have made worms in the past, although none that were able to dig"

Thurfel says, "that is an excellent idea"

You shudder.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Oh, I assure you, the roa'ters are large enough. The problem would be bringing them here. If you wished, I could show you where they frequent."

You ask, "Lord Thurfel, ye say the seal may be a dome?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "well, if I knew the nature of the seal..."

Thurfel says, "I would have its secret"

Kitsun says, "hmmm also some new hybrid Roa'ters about"

You say, "I cannot say it displeases me that ye do not know it's secret, Lord Thurfel."

You cough.

Thurfel asks, "has there ever been a serpent seen in these waters?"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "A serpent, yesss...once."

Kitsun says, "just remnants of its passing"

You say, "I have heard tell of one once."

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "I have seen the black serpents which dwell here, though they are small...however..."

Thurfel says, "this would have been far larger"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "The larger ones may dwell in deeper water."

You hear the voice of Delthore say, "there's a crab north of here, first one I've seen"

Thurfel says, "although it would have been the color of obsidian"

You say, "that is Lord Thurfel's crab, he was telling us."

Renphil nods.

You hear the voice of Delthore say, "hmm it is stunned currently"

You say, "A black serpent. Yes, one was seen by a wanderer."

You say, "But was small."

You hear the voice of Delthore say, "I was going to skin it once they kill it"

Renphil says, "some over eager cleric santed here..."

Renphil coughs.

Thurfel says, "this would have been as large as a schooner"

Imraith coughs.

You say, "That would be difficult to miss, aye."

Imraith nods to you.

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "mayhaps it dwells in deeper water as was said"

You say, "I have searched for evidence of the teal crocodile, Thurfel, on a whim, but found none."

You hear the voice of Delthore say, "I find it hard to believe more people would not have seen a snake that big"

Thurfel nods to you.

Khaitiff nods to Renphil.

Bakuratsu nods to Thurfel in greeting.

You ask, "So many strange creatures dwell here then?"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Certain serpentsss prefer such deep waters, it is where their prey dwells."

Sammeal says, "I've never managed to find an auroch, but I know they exist."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "upon this shore, I have no clue"

Indica says, "There was a strange lookin glittery crab back aways..."

Thurfel says, "farther out, I'm rather sure they do"

Bakuratsu says, "Aye, till someone killed it"

Bakuratsu mutters under his breath.

You say, "Ah..."

Indica nods.

You hear the voice of Delthore ask, "who killed it?"

Khaitiff points at Vorctal.

Sammeal says, "It looked as if it's coloration had to do with living underground."

You hear the voice of Delthore exclaim, "I wanted to skin it!"

You ask, "and ye believe the power of these animals can be harnessed to yer will?"

Vorctal sighs.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel exclaims, "well of course I do!"

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Sammeal says, "It was a foot across."

Kitsun says, "its their mating path, you will see many more im sure"

(Iscikella jumps back a little.)

Thurfel exclaims, "what is the use of creating creatures if you can't control them!"

You say, "I see..."

Thurfel says, "well, there was that accident once.."

Thurfel says, "but never mind that."

Bakuratsu smirks.

You ask, "An accident?"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Perhapsss you might try...calling for one, yesss. Or creating a golem of stone."

Sammeal says, "You know, some people way down South in River's Rest said that a few centuries back."

Thurfel says, "one of my creations ran a bit afoul..."

Thurfel says, "went amuk"

(Sammeal gesticulates vaguely.)

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Ilvane smirks.

Thurfel says, "was rather ugly for quite a while"

Imraith says, "the hazard of creating sentient creatures I would suspect"

Sammeal says, "Moral of the story, they're all dead now."

Thurfel says, "was rather ugly for quite a while"

You say, "I would imagine."

Bakuratsu peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Sammeal nods to Imraith.

Bakuratsu grins.

You squint at Thurfel.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "How unfortunate, very unfortunate."

Imraith says, "one believes they have control..til they learn otherwise"

Thurfel says, "nay, not a crab, this was more in line with what you might call an ogre or troll"

Thurfel says, "actually, rather a combination"

Bakuratsu says, "an ogre that can heal itself..."

Bakuratsu rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Bakuratsu says, "interestin"

Thurfel says, "well, luckily, it died like any other."

You ask, "Ye create such combinations from magic, lord mage? Or from some other method?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

(Tierus delivers a round of greetings to all.)

Thurfel says, "a bit of magic to be sure"

Thurfel says, "but far more than that"

Thurfel says, "I have no wish to simply create golems"

You ask, "I begin to think yer powers very... frightening indeed, Lord Thurfel. But that is what ye intend for me to think, is it not?"

Thurfel says, "golems are but large toys"

Sammeal asks, "And what's wrong with large toys?"

Sammeal scowls.

Kitsun asks, "but where does the creatures inner self originate from? You tapping Luukos' souls?"

Kitsun glances at Thurfel.

You say, "I would not ask that, Kitsun..."

You cough.

You glance at Thurfel.

(Tierus mumbles a questioning something concerning whether lesser creatures even HAVE souls.)

Kitsun says, "I ask what i am curious about"

Sammeal says, "That would be the very definition of an Undead."

Thurfel says, "I do believe I should keep a few secrets to myself, the experimentation I have done would not sit well with many folks."

You say, "So I would think."

Kitsun chuckles.

Imraith says, "no doubt of that"

You glance at Thurfel.

Arimantis asks, "What folks you have in mind?"

Indica rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel asks, "who has dwelled in icemule the longest of this group?"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "The propaganda of Voln, unfortunately, supresses sssuch work, Thurfel. Too many people believe sssuch...filth."

You say, "But, Lord Thurfel, ye will draw upon the creatures here? Or create new ones to yer purpose? And do forgive my curiosity."

Ilvane rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Smmeal says, "Don't make me hug you, Armaxis."

Sammeal stares off into space.

Bakuratsu says, "I've been here a few years"

Bakuratsu nods to Thurfel.

Saberwolv shivers.

Saberwolv wraps his hooded cloak tightly around himself, as if to keep out the cold.

Thurfel says, "you can't create creatures out of the clear blue sky"

Imraith says, "been here since I was 10 trains 67 now"

Saberwolv says, "Ah hate th' cold"

Vorctal says, "We each dwell in our own filth Armaxis... you have yours."

Imraith shrugs.

Sammeal says, "I don't live here. I hate the cold."

Roelon chuckles.

Tierus says, "Ah've been 'ere fer some time... bu' ah'd guess tha' the distinction woul' be Iscikella's."

Sammeal nods to Saberwolv.

Vorctal says, "as well as Thurfel"

Thurfel asks, "then tell me where the path has gone?"

Sammeal says, "Some filth is more literal than others."

Thurfel says, "the last time I travelled here there was a path"

Roelon says, "Path to where, mage."

Ilvane asks, "A path where?"

Thurfel says, "elsewhere"

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Sammeal stares off into space.

Ilvane asks, "Over this place?"

Sammeal says, "Profound."

You say, "A path..."

Sammeal nods to Thurfel.

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "under this place"

Arimantis asks, "Where was this path?"

Thurfel says, "not over it"

Roelon asks, "A path, down here?"

Tierus asks, "What sort o' elsewhere?"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Ilvane nods.

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Erosion has occurred, most likely."

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "And with the recent earthquakes, some underground chambersss may have been buried."

Skyfawn says, "I would think it covered by the wather"

You say, "The caverns are rather volatile of make-up."

Thurfel says, "that may be true Armaxis"

Kitsun says, "A great melting of ice has covered the stone steps to the path"

Thurfel says, "a shift perhaps"

Saberwolv says, "Ah notice th' water is risin slightly...."

The water ripples slightly.

Skyfawn says, "I would think the path was covered by the wather"

Tierus asks, "Certainly a path tha' cin be destroyed can be risen once mer?"

Bakuratsu asks, "Lord Thurfel, if I may, On the way here I saw a stange crab, it's shell seemed to be made of a crystalline type you know what it was?"

(Iscikella glances down at the water.)

Bakuratsu peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You frown.

You say, "I do not much care for that, the water rising."

Xatier asks, "Could not new paths been uncovered by the earthquakes as well?...old ones not seen?"

Sammeal says, "The crab to which Barakatsu refers was a foot across."

You ask, "Are ye calling for that serpent, Thurfel, and we all unawares?"

Saberwolv says, "Ah bet th' crab knowns where th' path is. Them crabs are tricky critters"

Saberwolv squints.

Sammeal says, "It's coloration appeared to be the result of living out it's life in wet caves."

Tierus asks, "Ah, di' ye measure it 'gainst yer boot, Sammeal?"

Thurfel says, "as much as I would call the serpent, I do believe it would not heed me anymore"

Sammeal says, "No, I just looked at it."

Tierus shudders.

You say, "anymore... intriguing that wording..."

You hear the voice of Armaxis ask, "Hmm, do you wish to inspect those giant wormsss I spoke of, Thurfel?"

Arimantis says, "You do not control it then"

Saberwolv says, "Nay a well lit area I might add"

Saberwolv tosses back the edge of his hooded cloak over his shoulder nonchalantly.

You say, "But seems once he could, Arimantis."

Thurfel says, "nay Armaxis, but thank you for the offer"

Kitsun says, "interesting"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Of course."

(Saberwolv holds the lamp close to the water's edge)

Thurfel sits down.

Vorctal removes a rusted old gold compass from in his veniom-edged warcloak.

(Tierus moves his candle close to the water's edge.)

Vorctal glances at a rusted old gold compass.

You ask, "Lord Thurfel, ye have no doubt then these caverns lead up under the tomb?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Vorctal removes a tattered map from in his veniom-edged warcloak.

You say, "If ye intend to try a tunnel..."

Saberwolv waves a polished brass oil lamp around.

Sammeal asks, "If the path is buried by the water, who's up for a swim?"

Thurfel says, "I have quite a few doubts, however, it is an option I must investigate."

Bakuratsu says, "Sorry Lord Thurfel, I saw another."

Saberwolv says, "feh, a candle hardly provides enough light to read a scroll"

Tierus says, "Mine, Saberwolv."

Saberwolv waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

You say, "I see."

Sammeal says, "Bet those crabs'd make good eating."

Sammeal says, "Specially if you caught one molting."

Tierus says, "'tprovides enough."

You ask, "And if ye do come up under the tomb, then ye would not need to break the seal at all?"

Sammeal says, "Soft shelled cave crabs"

You ask, "Is that the thought?"

Tierus nods to Saberwolv.

Roelon shifts his weight.

Roelon says, "Odd crabs"

Thurfel says, "that is the thought..."

Renphil asks, "odd?"

Thurfel says, "but if the seal is a sphere"

Thurfel says, "and not a dome"

Sammeal asks, "Why not simply dig under the tomb, create your own tunnel?"

Saberwolv says, "A long time back, I learned in River's Rest that crabs dwell underground. Coming to th' surface at different tides"

Tierus coughs.

You say, "Then ye must break it anyway."

Thurfel says, "I will have as difficult a time underneath"

You say, "I see."

Saberwolv says, "if th' crabs get underground, so can we"

You nod to Thurfel.

Sammeal nods to Saberwolv.

Roelon nods.

Tierus says, "Ah cin hardly countenance tha idea o' such a powerful seal bein' a dome-shaped one."

Tierus shakes his head.

Bakuratsu asks, "Do you know anything 'bout these odd crabs scamperin 'bouts?"

Bakuratsu peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "of course I do"

You say, "They are his."

(Tierus taps the bridge of his nose in frustration.)

Thurfel says, "a creation of crab and crystal"

Sammeal works his fingers under his floppy fedora and scratches his head.

Thurfel says, "was not a difficult creature to build."

Bakuratsu nods to Thurfel.

Sammeal asks, "Are they edible?"

Bakuratsu asks, "you made them?"

Tierus asks, "If 'twas a dome-shaped seal, wha' guarantees tha' whate'er's inside couldnae get out?"

Sammeal cocks his head at Thurfel.

Bakuratsu peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You say, "Part of yer experimentation, I see."

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "of course they are edible, and you can use the shell for a bowl"

Sammeal beams!

Sammeal exclaims, "Praises be!"

Sammeal says, "I need me a crab now."

Bakuratsu asks, "Do they live down here now?"

Bakuratsu peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Saberwolv says, "Yer crabs, to say, should be able to investigate more than we can"

Thurfel says, "I would have thought there might be thousands"

Sammeal asks, "Uh, that is to say, would you mind if I ate some?"

Thurfel says, "but they are not overrunning us like bugs in a marsh"

Bakuratsu nods to Thurfel.

You ask, "They were intended to do so?"

Thurfel says, "if you can figure out how to peel the shell off, be my guest"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Rawen says, "The only living thing I've seen down here was a water elemental"

Sammeal says, "Splendiferous."

Thurfel says, "Originally.."

Thurfel says, "when I created creatures..."

Thurfel says, "they were meant to be useful"

You ask, "And now?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Deadly an' destructive."

Kitsun asks, "then slowly it drove you to be power hungry?"

You ask, "Ye experiment simply to experiment?"

Xatier peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Kitsun peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to you.

Thurfel says, "aye"

Kitsun ducks his head.

A glittering crystalline crab skitters in.

Saberwolv says, "All mages experiment just to experiment"

Ilvane giggles.

Tierus peers quizzically at a glittering crystalline crab.

Roelon glances at a glittering crystalline crab.

Tierus gestures at a glittering crystalline crab.
CS: +127 - TD: +6 + CvA: +25 + d100: +23 == +169
Warding failed!
A glittering crystalline crab's eyes roll up into its head as it slumps to the ground.

The giant pale crab is about a foot across and has large pincers at the end of each of its two arms. Its multiple legs make a skittering noise as it walks. The pale color seems to be the result of living in dark, wet caves for its entire life.

Shonison glances at a glittering crystalline crab.

Sammeal says, "Now, let's eat."

Sammeal rubs his chin thoughtfully.

(Iscikella glances at the crab.)

Roelon smirks.

(Tierus carefully examines the crab's shell.)

You hear the voice of Vorctal say, "what of the Crab Thurfel"

You say, "It is unique."

Ilvane says, "No need to harm it, it is harmless."

Tierus says, "'Tis a lovely creaion..."

Thurfel asks, "what of it?"

You hear the voice of Vorctal say, "where do they venture from"

You say, "I will say that."

Bakuratsu nods.

Sammeal says, "It's harmless, but I'm hungry."

Thurfel asks, "just how big do you think this cavern is?"

The crystalline crab slowly comes back to consiousness.

Tierus says, "Ah'm rather s'prised it came frem ye, Thurfel."

You hear the voice of Vorctal say, "Very Big"

Saberwolv says, "verra large"

Roelon says, "WHo knows."

Ilvane says, "It just clacks its pincer..quite nice to watch."

Thurfel nods to Kitsun.

Thurfel says, "in my youth..."

Saberwolv says, "An much can nay be accessed by adventurers"

You say, "Far bigger than any know I am warranting, Lord Thurfel."

Thurfel says, "I created some very pretty creatures"

Ilvane nods to Thurfel.

Xatier says, "Thurfel, you say you originally created them to be useful...what usefulness is these to you?..or another question you will evade"

Ilvane says, "Is is lovely."

Tierus asks, "Hrrm. Fer tha joy o' creation? Or fer practice?"

Sammeal says, "I wonder how I could get the shell off without damaging the flesh."

Thurfel says, "the crab is simply pretty and tastes good"

Sammeal nods to Thurfel.

Sammeal says, "Let's eat."

Ilvane begins chuckling at Sammeal.

Sammeal gestures at a glittering crystalline crab.
The crystalline crab is enraged by Sammeal's attack!
Sammeal stares at a glittering crystalline crab.
CS: +123 - TD: +6 + CvA: +25 + d100: +75 == +217
Warding failed!
The crystalline crab lets out a blood curdling scream!
The crystalline crab falls back into a heap and dies.

Aranrhod says, "So the crabs are maybe living someplace else under here then...the majority of them..."

(Tierus trails his fingers over his Fash'lo'nae symbol, with a sigh of awe at the crab)

(Sammeal picks up the dead crab.)

Bakuratsu says, "someone skin it"

Thurfel says, "I would believe so, unless they have died off"

Tierus peers quizzically at Sammeal.

Tierus says, "That was rather... distasteful."

You say, "But now ye wish to create creatures for a more specific purpose."

Ilvane says, "Didn't even try to skin it."

(Sammeal uses his rusty falchion to wedge the undershell off the crab, taking a bit of flesh off.)

Thurfel says, "actually, now I wish to create simply to see what I can come up with"

Thurfel grins.

Saberwolv says, "Animation...a wizard's tool of learnin"

Xatier says, "Excuse me if I have a hard time seeing you wanting to create beauty"

Woustor says, "easier to skin if cooked, use fire next time to kill it"

Ilvane exclaims, "Could at least cook it!"

(Tierus turns away from Sammeal's disgusting eating habits, covering his mouth in displeasure.)

Ilvane's face turns slightly pale.

(Sammeal tosses the lower crystalline shell out.)

You say, "Ah... experimentation."

(Sammeal begins eating the crab out of the upper shell.)

Ilvane says, "You are disguisting."

Eleanore says, "have too cook it first i think"

Ilvane's face turns slightly pale.

(Sammeal mumbles around the crab, but you can't understand what he's saying.)

You say, "But, Lord Thurfel, ye wish to create a tunneling creature ye say, so again ye have a purpose for yer creations. Though I cannot pretend I think it a good one."

(Sammeal begins eating it with the rusty spoon he pulls from his cloak.)

You shiver.

Thurfel says, "that is my next challenge"

Thurfel says, "a large worm"

Ilvane coughs.

Thurfel says, "with a mouth capable of burrowing through stone and earth"

Tierus says, "P'raps a crystalline prairie dog woul' serve yer purposes better."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Xatier asks, "To burrow for you?"

You shudder.

You say, "I see..."

Aranrhod raises an eyebrow.

You hear the voice of Cobbeo say, "Sounds like a roa'ter to me."

(Sammeal mumbles around a mouthful of crab, "Rotater!")

Skyfawn asks, "will you be able to control it?"

Thurfel grins.

Tierus says, "Foxes can."

You hear the voice of Armaxis ask, "Mm, but made of what? Crystal, as the crabsss, or...something other?"

You ask, "And ye will create this creature of what now exists?"

(Sammeal mumbles around a mouthful of crab, "Yulsh, 'Obbeo, rotater!")

Thurfel says, "nay, crystal is too fragile"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "diamond too expensive"

You ask, "Diamond?"

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Thurfel says, "perhaps a steeled worm if possible"

Tierus asks, "Expense? Is tha' really an object wif ye?"

Bakuratsu asks, "glaes?"

(Sammeal finishes lurcating his dead crab, and tosses it's shell out.)

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Roelon's face turns slightly pale.

Tierus asks, "Whynae jus' destroy a gem shop?"

You ask, "Steeled?"

Ilvane looks at Sammeal and gags.

Saberwolv says, "Steel, aye"

You exclaim, "Oh my!"

Ilvane's face turns slightly pale.

Bakuratsu says, "don't give 'em ideas"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Steel, yesss...that would work."

(Sammeal belches quietly.)

Sammeal says, "Excuse me."

Roelon says, "Should of shared."

Roelon pushes on Sammeal without much success.

Sammeal says, "I was hungry."

Xatier says, "Skyfawn, more than likely he would control the mages used to control the night golems by the Citadel in River Rest"

Sammeal says, "That was delicious, Thurfel."

You say, "Lord Thurfel, it seems whatever lies beyond or within the tomb is of very great importance to ye indeed."

Thurfel says, "I shall see you soon enough"

Ilvane says, "Giantman manners."

Ilvane stares at Sammeal.

Thurfel nods to you.

Thurfel says, "it is"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Sammeal says, "I'm not a giantman."

Sammeal says, "I'm a dark elf with a glandular disorder."

Ilvane waves a hand at Sammeal, dismissing him indifferently.

Bakuratsu chuckles.

Thurfel says, "but for now I must find a parchment and scribe and begin my studies"

Sammeal asks, "Why not make a giant steel badger?"

Sammeal cocks his head at Thurfel.

Ilvane gazes heavenward.

Tierus asks, "Well, ye've shared yer other plans wif us, Thurfel... An' so long as we cin do nothin' 'bout it, whynae jus' tell us wha's within tha' interests ye so?"

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "thank you Armaxis"

Thurfel says, "that may help indeed"

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Of course."

You hear a sinister hissing nearby.

Aranrhod mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Sammeal says, "A big ole steel badger with glaes and diamond digging claws."

Thurfel gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Saberwolv says, "Lord mage, it was once a common thing for a wizard to make...elementals. Perhaps an earth elemental may suit best"

Thurfel gestures.
Thurfel suddenly disappears.

Sammeal says, "You can train it to believe it's set it in the tomb."

You hear the voice of Thurfel say, "eve to ye all"

(Ilvane tosses stones into the water)

You sigh.

You say, "Now I am truly concerned."

Aranrhod shakes her head.

Tierus says, "Ah love receivin' a response."

Tierus nods.

You say, "He is as mad as I was led to believe."

You shake your head.

Sammeal says, "Boy, those crabs were delicious."

You say, "Mad as they come."

Ilvane nods to you.

(Tierus mutters something about being invisible to serpents' eyes.)

You say, "a mage who wishes to 'experiment'."

Rawen says, "At least he has had a set back, even if only for the time being"

You say, "Regardless of the cost."

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "It matters not, hisss actions serve the Serpent Lord's will, and His pleasure is all that matters."

Sammeal asks, "Why do we not like Thurfel?"

Mastys says, "could be costly to all"

Imraith says, "it would appear so Iscikella"

Sammeal cocks his head at Rawen.

You say, "Snake, I know yer mind."

Sammeal asks, "Bleh, Armaxis like him?"

You say, "And ye know mine."

Rawen says, "Because he wishes to destroy us all."

Sammeal asks, "Why didn't anyone tell me he was evil?"

You say, "We will never agree."

You wave your hand in a dismissive gesture.

Sammeal says, "Oh, well."

You hear the voice of Armaxis say, "Soon it shall come to pass." The voice begins to fade off into the distance, it's last words merely a faint whisper, "Soon..."

Sammeal says, "He makes a good crab."

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