Creatures of Gold?
Day of the Huntress, day 15 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5100

This log was provided by Aeolis' player for inclusion in the records of the quest. I have changed the second person references of his log (you) to third person references (Aeolis) simply for clarity's sake when viewed in context of the body of these logs where the second person references always refer to Iscikella..
***END NOTE***

[Thurfel's Island]
Tall orange grass shaped in tight spirals covers the fine sand of this beach. The spring-like plants bounce upward with every passing breeze, the motion scattering the many tiny golden butterflies that are flittering about the stalks. You also see a wooden dock.
Obvious exits: east, northwest, southeast.

Lord Thurfel just arrived.

You see Lord Thurfel Morpholik the Halfling Wizard.
He appears to be in his 120's, has short, curly sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a twisted serpentine staff in his right hand.
He is wearing a singed crabshell pouch, some very scorched robes, and a heavily runed components satchel.

Aeolis bows to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "good eve"

Aeolis says, "Good eve."

Aeolis says, "Milord...These animals..."

Thurfel asks, "yes?"

Lord Sabitor just arrived.

Lord Sabitor just went northwest.

Aeolis says, "Their colors..."

Lord Sabitor just arrived.

Sabitor blinks.

Aeolis sighs.

Sabitor bows to Thurfel.

Aeolis scratches his head.

Sabitor gazes heavenward.

Thurfel asks, "ye not like the colors?"

Sabitor smirks.

Aeolis says, "Well..."

Aeolis says, "Some of them are alright..."

Sabitor says, "You're in trouble now, Aeolis."

Aeolis asks, "Florid Mauve?"

Sabitor winks and flashes a sly grin.

Thurfel asks, "should they simply be black and brown and grey?"

Aeolis says, "I'm pleased Thurfel hasn't killed me outright so far..."

Aeolis says, "Well...No."

Aeolis says, "There should be variety..."

Sabitor says, "I do not think Master Thurfel is in the habit of killing for no reason... I think."

Thurfel asks, "then what is the problem with florid mauve?"

Aeolis says, "I hope not..."

Thurfel looks over at Sabitor and shakes his head.

Sabitor winks at Aeolis.

Aeolis says, "Maybe it's just me..."

Thurfel asks, "You have a favorite color?"

Aeolis shrugs.

Sabitor says, "Perhaps he wants a little variation in color."

Sabitor appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Aeolis nods to Sabitor.

Aeolis says, "Gold..."

Aeolis says, "Gold is always a good color..."

Sabitor says, "Hmm."

Aeolis says, "always..."

Sabitor says, "Gold crocodiles."

Thurfel says, "then my next creation shall be gold, and you can take credit for it young Aeolis"

Thurfel bows.

Aeolis bows to Thurfel.

Sabitor grins at Aeolis.

Thurfel waves.

Aeolis kneels down.

Aeolis waves.

Lord Thurfel just went southeast.

Sabitor just nudged Aeolis.

Aeolis breaks out in a sweat.

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