Leyan, day 29 of the month Olaesta in the year 5100

[Mausoleum, Grand Chamber]
A large, canopied tomb stands squarely in the center of the room. Remnants of gold leaf are still visible on some of the inside edges of the moldings on the canopy. Thick tiles of terra cotta, each embossed with the image of an oak leaf, line the base of the tomb.

Several tiers of open-work arches rise above the tomb, sheltering the recumbent effigy of a sturdy halfling warrior in full battle regalia. A large fissure can be seen in one corner. Atop the surface, a small glyph has been deeply etched into the stone. The stone near the glyph seems to be badly corroded and pitted.

Aranrhod says in elven, "So you have seen also"

Aranrhod glances at a large canopied tomb.

You nod to Aranrhod.

You sigh.

(Iscikella traces a finger along the pits in the tomb.)

Arimantis just touched a large canopied tomb.

You say in elven, "And I was feeling so happy for a change."

You say in elven, "Guess that shows me."

You laugh, your eyes reflecting barely hidden sorrow.

Arimantis rubs you gently.

Aranrhod rubs you gently.

Arimantis asks, "When this happen?"

You say in elven, "don't know. But know wasn't here about an hour or so ago."

You say in elven, "I was here with Blizz and it didn't look like that."

Aranrhod nods to you.

Arimantis says in elven, "Figures I go outa town for an hour...."

Aranrhod says in elven, "Valicar was here"

Aranrhod says in elven, "He said that Skyfawn saw a chunk fall off"

Aranrhod says in elven, "He says the Northern Fury is prepared"

Aranrhod says in elven, "I do not know how they can prepare"

Aranrhod says in elven, "For something unknown"

You say in elven, "I want the balance maintained."

You reach out and touch a large canopied tomb.

Aranrhod looks rather confused.

You say in elven, "Which seems a thing beyond possible."

You sigh softly.

Aranrhod says in elven, "I suppose in his eyes"

Aranrhod says in elven, "Military wise"

Aranrhod says in elven, "Of the unknown"

Aranrhod says in elven, "I will not say I am prepared for this"

Aranrhod says in elven, "I am not"

You sigh softly.

You say in elven, "I need to speak with Thurfel so badly."

Arimantis asks in elven, "Was he here tonight, when it changed?"

You look at Arimantis and shake your head.

Arimantis nods.

You say in elven, "He has not been here or anywhere in IceMule."

Aranrhod says in elven, "You would think he would check on this...unless he knows how long it will take"

Aranrhod says in elven, "To eat through the stone"

Aranrhod glances at a large canopied tomb.

You say in elven, "And when Blizz and I were here, he made me feel so much better about things."

You sigh.

You say in elven, "Not meant to be, I suppose."

Aranrhod says in elven, "Never give up hope Isikella"

Aranrhod says in elven, "Even in this"

Aranrhod sighs.

Aranrhod says in elven, "However bleak it looks"

You reach out and touch a large canopied tomb.

Aranrhod says in elven, "I do not"

Aranrhod says in elven, "I feel bleak times ahead"

You reach out and touch a large canopied tomb.

Aranrhod says in elven, "But I will not give up hope of the outcome"

You say in elven, "I am so glad my husband is back, even if he is... not quite right in the head."

You say in elven, "I need him with me. I feel so alone when he is not about."

Arimantis smiles at you.

Arimantis says in elven, "There ya are Sky...."

Aranrhod smiles at Skyfawn.

Arimantis asks, "What happened?"

Arimantis asks, "Valicar said you saw a piece of the tomb fall off?"

Skyfawn nods.

Keemac nods to Arimantis.

Skyfawn says, "we did"

Skyfawn says, "Keemac and I both seen it"

Aranrhod says, "Well the tomb is definately changing"

Aranrhod sighs.

You reach out and touch a large canopied tomb.

You say, "Unfortunately."

You say, "I do think Danay's theory interesting."

Galliphile says, "this is a dire situation, this warrior knows enough to see that."

Arimantis asks, "What is Danay's theory?"

You say, "That even if the stone disintegrates, the magical seals may not."

Galliphile raises an eyebrow.

Arimantis nods to you.

Arimantis says, "Possable"

You say, "And that Thurfel may find he can see what he wants, but not reach it."

Galliphile says, "That makes sense, I spose."

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Aranrhod asks, "Does it not take something physical however to hold something magical?"

You say, "Don't know if in any way probably."

You say, "Probable, that is."

You say, "But a theory I never considered myself."

Galliphile says, "I wish I know something about magic."

Galliphile flails his arms about.

Aranrhod says, "I do not know any magic"

Aranrhod says, "Just trying to think it out"

You reach out and touch a large canopied tomb.

Galliphile asks, "maybe it's not good to mess with that?"

A pained expression crosses Galliphile's face.

You say, "But then how more angry would Thurfel be, I shudder to think."

You shudder.

Arimantis nods to you.

Aranrhod says, "Well if I were a wizard and one magic did not work..."

Aranrhod says, "Instead of just getting angry"

Aranrhod says, "I would try to work on another magic"

Galliphile says, "I am not an expert but it looks like this glyph is taking its toll."

Aranrhod says, "But I do not have the mind of a wizard"

You nod to Galliphile.

Aranrhod nods to Galliphile.

You say, "thurfel has tried his magicks."

You say, "Is why he resorted to alchemy."

Aranrhod says, "And continues"

Galliphile asks, "Can you tell me anything about this Thurfel?"

Galliphile says, "I'm not from around here."

You say, "This isn't magic, this is the alchemist's art."

Galliphile says, "only came to take a friend to icemule and I heard of all this."

Aranrhod nods to you.

Aranrhod says, "Shows you how much I know of magic"

Galliphile says, "hm, alchemy."

Galliphile nods.

You say, "Thurfel is the only unemtombed member of the Council of Ten, Galliphile."

Galliphile's jaw drops.

You say, "The rest lie within there."

You point at a large canopied tomb.

Galliphile asks, "Thurfel was a member of the ten?"

Keemac says, "nite over this tomb"

You nod to Galliphile.

Arimantis nods to Galliphile.

Galliphile asks, "how did he not get put in the tomb?"

Arimantis says, "He escaped, and hid"

You say, "He escaped."

You nod.

Galliphile's jaw drops.

You say, "What Arimantis said."

Galliphile asks, "how did he get out of the tomb but not awake anyone else?"

Arimantis says, "He was never put in the tomb"

Galliphile says, "Ah, I understand."

Galliphile nods.

You say, "He didn't get out."

You say, "He was never put in."

You chuckle at Arimantis.

You say, "I seem to be a step behind ye, Arimantis."

You say, "Sorry."

You lean on Arimantis.

Arimantis just tickled you.

You smile at Arimantis.

Galliphile says, "Oh, aye."

Galliphile says, "that makes more sense."

Galliphile nods.

Galliphile asks, "Are they all as strong as Thurfel is?"

Galliphile says, "I have heard some dreadful stories."

You say, "Stronger."

You say, "They are liches."

You say, "He is alive."

Galliphile says, "Well the only liches I know fall to the sword."

Galliphile grins.

Aranrhod's face turns slightly pale.

You say, "Not these."

Aranrhod says, "Not me"

Galliphile groans.

You say, "Blessed of Luukos."

Galliphile nods.

Galliphile says, "I have heard that as well."

Galliphile says, "A wise one is 'wary of the snake."

You nod to Galliphile.

Galliphile says, "I just go where Kai leads me, and it seems by chance I have ended up here."

Myrefalcon says in elven, "fear....and death"

Galliphile asks, "What sort of preparations have you folks made for the tomb being opened?"

You nod to Myrefalcon.

Myrefalcon says in elven, "none"

Myrefalcon nods to Galliphile.

You say, "Fear and death are things of power."

Arimantis says, "Can't really prepare much, not knowin what will happen"

You say, "Much power."

Galliphile cowers.

Aranrhod asks in elven, "What preparations can you make for the unknown?"

Galliphile exclaims, "well I should think that some sort of preparations would be made for something so terrible!"

Something just tried to pull you!

You blink.

You place a hand over your heart.

(Iscikella 's heart keeps pumping.)

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