Truce with the Northern Fury Guard
Tilamaires, day 19 of the month Eorgaen in the year 5100

This log was provided by Valicar's player for inclusion in the records of the quest. I have changed the second person references of his log (you) to third person references (Valicar) simply for clarity's sake when viewed in context of the body of these logs where the second person references always refer to Iscikella. No other change to the log was made except to format it correctly for HTML and to provide the first location reference point in the keep at the very beginning of the log.
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[Thurfel's Keep]
The irregularly shaped stones that were used to construct these walls are marred by a series of deep gouges that score the surface from top to bottom. The marks look animal-like, but it's difficult to imagine what sort of beast might have the power to leave such jagged cuts in the sturdy rock.
Also in the room: Lord Thurfel, Lady Iscikella, Lord Shonison, Lord Tierus, Nieva, Folchet, Alyxandrah, Lord Roelon, Lord Armaxis, Tarkisis, Rinjezzae, Lord Ravonprayer, Lord Arimantis
Obvious exits: east, west.

Thurfel points his abalone sceptre at Valicar!
Flames and fire explode outward from the sceptre, the heat intense. The raging inferno burns in every direction, then subsides.
Valicar feels himself pulled away.

[Thurfel's Cabana]
Decorated with colorful coral, the interior of this hall is festive and cheery. Long strands of dyed seaweed dangle from the ceiling, the tips coated in phosphorescent moss. Several simple wooden chairs line one wall and face a large crystal desk in the center of the room. A handcrafted abalone serving tray holds refreshments for those visiting. You also see a coral door, a pearl door and an elegant inlaid shell table.
Obvious exits: out.

Thurfel just materialized from nowhere.

Valicar says, "my thanks for seeing me"

Thurfel says, "I believe we should have some privacy here."

Valicar nods.

Valicar says, "I have a bit to discuss. I will be as brief as possible"

Valicar says, "I am sure you have followed what the Fury is, stands for, I wont rehash that"

Thurfel asks, "what do you stand for?"

Valicar says, "we seek to serve the Northlands in times of trouble in a military manner"

Thurfel says, "a good answer might quell my desire for revenge"

Valicar says, "You must realize that your repuation for past deeds has preceded you"

Thurfel says, "I will tell you as it sits right now.."

Valicar says, "and you have been deemed by many to be an enemy of Icemule"

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "my goal is simply to leave the Northern Fury a pile of smoking ash"

Thurfel says, "I am no threat to Icemule"

Valicar says, "You would not be the first party to seek so."

Thurfel says, "But I can do it if I wish"

Thurfel chuckles.

Valicar says, "Let me continue and perhaps we can begin to understand each other better"

Thurfel nods to you.

Valicar smiles.

Valicar says, "I considered you an enemy...and any good tactician knows it is unwise to let an enemy be so entrenched so close to your your keep."

Valicar says, "thus I strove to unseat that threat."

Valicar says, "with only marginal success....too many died "

Valicar sighs.

Valicar says, "I have however been re-assessing much of what has happened"

Thurfel nods.

Valicar says, "You did indeed attack Icemule in my youth and burn out my family from their homes. So perhaps now we are somewhat even."

Thurfel asks, "might I interject a moment?"

Valicar says, "sure"

Thurfel says, "assuming for a moment that it was I that instigated that attack..."

Valicar nods.

Thurfel says, "and not the other members of the council..."

Thurfel asks, "would not revenge years down the road be opposite the tenets of your order?"

Thurfel asks, "or are you simply vengeful?"

Thurfel says, "I wish to understand your order"

Valicar says, "a son's is a hard thing to overcome."

Thurfel says, "Yet I do not lay waste to every town where some waif has come crying to me"

Valicar says, "My bloodlines run strait back to Thorgig himself. I think back of all the hard work my ancestors made to only be burned outta homes...comes hard to bear"

Thurfel says, "I will make no excuses for the past"

Thurfel says, "I only seek to explain the present"

Valicar nods.

Valicar asks, "You truly...with all your heart seek to protect Icemule and ALL its citizens? And will cause it no illbearance in your research?"

Valicar peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "let me ask you something"

Thurfel says, "assuming you think the very worst of me"

Thurfel says, "assuming you think me to be a despot and dictator"

Valicar asks, "hypothetical?"

Thurfel asks, "what sense is there in ruling a barren wasteland?"

Thurfel says, "slaying the entire town of Icemule hardly serves any purpose"

Valicar asks, "Would you seek to rule Icemule?"

Thurfel says, "that is what you wish to think"

Thurfel says, "wealth and power is hardly of any matter to me"

Thurfel says, "I will say it.."

Thurfel says, "how shall I say this"

Thurfel says, "Frosts me that Icemule is a forgotten stepsister to the landing"

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "you think I need wealth?"

Thurfel asks, "you think I care if somebody bows before me?"

Valicar says, "no more than I"

Thurfel says, "If you watch me carefully..."

Thurfel says, "you'll see I offer others respect..."

Thurfel says, "unless they insult me first"

Valicar nods.

Thurfel says, "As it sits..."

Thurfel says, "we are not 'even'"

Valicar says, "Let me offer some more insights"

Thurfel says, "your forces have damaged my keep"

Thurfel says, "I would suggest you ask that they make some type of recompense of a fair nature for repairs and such"

Thurfel says, "Icemule has little to fear from me"

Thurfel says, "Your order if they wish to allow the slight to rest, just might."

Valicar says, "Fullberry, on the night we attacked, bade me one thing"

Valicar says, "he told me that if we overcame you, I would in the end be forced to determine your fate..."

Valicar says, "And it didnt take me long to decide what I would do"

Valicar says, "I would grant you mercy and seek for both sides to help rebuild each other"

Thurfel says, "I must not have heard you correctly..."

Valicar says, "That is, we help you get what you want...your research, and you help us to restore what the council burned down"

Thurfel asks, "you wish to grant me mercy?"

Valicar says, "had you been beaten, yes"

Thurfel says, "ah"

Thurfel says, "thank you for clarifying that"

Thurfel nods.

Valicar says, "you are still somewhat a representative of the council"

Valicar says, "in the public eye at least"

Valicar says, "and we both know that it what counts"

Thurfel says, "in the public eye perhaps, I have written them off"

Valicar nods.

Valicar says, "But if you were to rebuild with us what they destroyed...."

Thurfel says, "I do not know if they are allies or enemies"

Thurfel says, "or if they even exist"

Valicar says, "aye"

Valicar says, "might even be a myth"

Valicar says, "but a myth believed might as well be fact"

Thurfel says, "rumors have their uses"

Valicar says, "indeed"

Valicar smiles.

Thurfel asks, "why is Iscikella with that fellow anyways?"

Valicar says, "what I am offering I guess is that we work together to see Icemule become a better and more secure place for all"

Valicar says, "I do not know that one"

Valicar smiles.

Thurfel scratches his chin.

Thurfel says, "you know..."

Thurfel says, "magic makes sense...."

Thurfel says, "wizardry makes sense..."

Valicar says, "I am beginning to believe now that you indeed wish to help"

Thurfel says, "to some degree...."

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "even politics make sense..."

Thurfel says, "but women will never make sense"

Valicar says, "aye...tis why I been single my whole life"

Valicar chuckles.

Thurfel says, "Regardless of whether I am an important part of the town.."

Thurfel says, "or a beggar..."

Thurfel says, "I'd rather live in a fine town than a slum."

Valicar says, "Even a king can be laid low by a servant girl's heart"

Valicar says, "I agree with ye"

Thurfel says, "we are more than a snowhill"

Thurfel says, "I will do my part..."

Valicar says, "I didnt spend the last two years building an army to defend what we are now...and it isnt just the town is the people that have declined"

Thurfel says, "and attempt to attain a guild"

Thurfel says, "it would be easy for them to forget Icemule once again"

Thurfel says, "put all in the landing"

Thurfel says, "forget us"

Valicar nods.

Thurfel says, "I will see that it does not happen"

Valicar says, "I am seeking with the local gov't to build a castle here myself"

Valicar says, "to house the town's regulars"

Thurfel nods.

Valicar says, "that is going practically nowhere however"

Valicar mutter politics.

Thurfel asks, "Of what standing do you have in the Fury?"

Valicar says, "I am their General. I formed the order many moons ago."

Thurfel says, "ah, tis good to know that"

Valicar says, "No one is above me in matters pertaining to the Northern Fury."

Thurfel says, "do let them know that I will not suffer attacks upon my person by anybody"

Thurfel asks, "Is there resources enough to pay for a library?"

Valicar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "it would be millions of silvers"

Valicar says, "I have some powerful mages at my disposal...they can certainly aid in the planning and gaining of tomes"

Thurfel says, "we shall worry about the literary works later"

Thurfel chuckles.

Valicar says, "as for building..."

Thurfel says, "we need to build the structure first"

Thurfel grins.

Valicar says, "this is a hard land to build and snow...blizzards"

Valicar says, "it is even harder to find workers"

Thurfel says, "I have workers"

Valicar says, "Halflings are stout folk..but their stature limits such endeavors"

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I need the silvers to buy the wood, brick and mortar"

Valicar asks, "how much?"

Valicar asks, "estimated?"

Thurfel says, "I do not know"

Valicar nods.

Thurfel says, "I would imagine nearly fifty million to complete it, although we'd build one story at a time"

Valicar says, "my castle was in the range of 22 million...but I dont think a library would be so costly"

Valicar says, "hmm"

Valicar says, "there is a wealth in this town"

Thurfel says, "we can start with one level"

Thurfel says, "if the town wishes to cease"

Thurfel says, "they will cease"

Valicar says, "we have...maybe 500 regulars here"

Thurfel nods to you.

Thurfel says, "then one would think 50 million a pittance"

Valicar says, "if they were all vested in the effort"

Valicar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "I will do my part"

Valicar says, "I have never had trouble with raising a crowd."

Thurfel says, "I will ask this of you"

Thurfel says, "find out what needs they have in a library"

Thurfel says, "we shall begin the structure first of course"

Thurfel says, "but even in that, there are needs"

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "then we shall worry about filling it with scrolls, scribes and works"

Valicar smiles.

Thurfel says, "I will attempt to speak with the leaders of the town to see if they wish to have a structure built"

Thurfel says, "they may laugh at my request for a library"

Thurfel says, "if they laugh too hard.."

Thurfel says, "I shall turn them to cinder"

Valicar says, "nae..."

Valicar chuckles.

Thurfel says, "but we shall still be without a library"

Thurfel grins.

Valicar says, "no need to do that"

Thurfel says, "well, I wish to go try to decipher one more of the runes upon the tomb"

Valicar says, "diplomacy can go much further"

Thurfel says, "I am sure you have business to attend to as well"

Valicar says, "I am glad that we had the chance to speak...I will investigate the library matters"

Thurfel nods to you.

Thurfel says, "do let me know"

Valicar nods.

Thurfel bows.

Valicar bows.

Valicar asks, "and end to hostilities?"

Thurfel says, "If I am not attacked, there will be no hostilities..."

Valicar nods to Thurfel.

Valicar says, "likewise"

Thurfel says, "please let your order know"

Valicar smiles.

Valicar nods.

Thurfel says, "a good eve to you sir."

Valicar says, "good eve to ye"

Valicar waves.

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