A Dwarven City Under the Ice?
Feastday, day 21 of the month Jastatos in the year 5100

[Thurfel's Island]
Tall orange grass shaped in tight spirals covers the fine sand of this beach. The spring-like plants bounce upward with every passing breeze, the motion scattering the many tiny golden butterflies that are flittering about the stalks. You also see a stout bright orange monkey, a brilliant violet monkey, a stout bright orange monkey, a stout bright green monkey, a stout bright orange monkey, a crystalline crab, a stout bright orange monkey and a wooden dock.
Also in the room: Lord Renphil, Lord Roelon, Lord Sabitor, Alyxandrah, Lord Thurfel
Obvious exits: east, northwest, southeast.

Sabitor bites his lip.

Renphil bows to you.

Thurfel smiles at you.

You curtsy to Thurfel.

You say, "Good eveing, m'lord."

Thurfel says, "better now that you are here"

Roelon leans forward.

Thurfel exclaims, "it seems I'm to be invaded!"

You blink at Thurfel.

You ask, "Ye are?"

(Roelon glances behind him.)

(Iscikella glances about.)

You ask, "By monkies?"

Thurfel chuckles.

Thurfel says, "actually, yes"

Thurfel says, "I'm sure they are monkies"

You say, "I noticed."

Alyxandrah grins at Thurfel.

Sabitor says, "I thought I would warn you... to be prepared."

Sabitor shuffles his feet.

(Iscikella glances about at all the monkeys.)

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

You ask, "How are ye this eve, m'lord?"

Thurfel says, "I am well, was wandering my island..."

Sabitor coughs.

Thurfel says, "met a new friend I think"

You smile at Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "can I call you friend?"

Thurfel smiles at Alyxandrah.

Alyxandrah smiles at Thurfel.

You ask, "Do ye mind if I sanct this place, m'lord?"

Alyxandrah nods.

Thurfel says, "not a bit milady"

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "the monkeys get a bit overaffectionate"

Zacciwie reaches for the monkey and it shakes his hand.

You concentrate on the Minor Sanctuary spell...
You gesture.
A sense of peace and calm settles over the area.

Aranrhod's group just arrived.

A brilliant violet monkey jumps on Thurfel and scrambles over his head then leaps from his back!
A brilliant violet monkey screeches with glee!

You say, "Thank ye, m'lord."

Tierus nods to Thurfel in greeting.

Thurfel whispers, "I was hoping to give ye a tour of my keep tomorrow eve"

You say, "The noise was deafening."

A sickly glow pulses for a moment somewhere in the shadows.

Armaxis fades into sight next to you.

Tierus says, "G'deventide, Master Thurfel."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I would be pleased if that were to be so, m'lord"

Roelon glances at Armaxis.

Sabitor mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Roelon says, "A shadow."

Tierus glances at a bright green monkey.

The monkey runs east.

Tierus nods.

Arimantis sighs.

Tierus bows to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "evening Tierus, Arimantis"

Lady Nanna just arrived.

Nanna waves to Thurfel.

Iscikella smiles softly at Thurfel.

Arimantis says, "Evening"

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

You say, "I have spoken with those lords who want to speak to ye of scholarly matters of magic, m'lord."

You say, "They will be at the retreat, when it takes place."

Sabitor bites his lip.

Thurfel whispers, "would 8 elven be acceptable to you?"

Tierus whispers, "Hrm. Th' only scholarly appl'cation o' magic ah cin think o' right now be tha' book on Daemonology."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Most acceptable, m'lord."

Thurfel asks, "Iscikella, have you met Nanna?"

Tierus sighs.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I look forward to the tour."

Roelon says, "Man hunter."

Roelon glances at Nanna.

Roelon chuckles.

Nanna smiles at Roelon.

Thurfel whispers, "I look forward to the company"

Sabitor wrings his hands.

You say, "I have nae been formally introduced to her, nae."

You curtsy to Nanna.

Nanna waves to you.

Thurfel asks, "and how are you this eve Nanna?"

Nanna says, "Alright, you're bad I hope."

Sabitor glares at Nanna.

Thurfel asks, "bad?"

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Tierus chuckles.

Renphil begins chuckling at Sabitor.

Nanna says, "as in, how are you? Bad I hope."

Nanna says, "well, not doing well"

Sabitor shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I am hardly bad..."

(Tierus leans and whispers something to Aranrhod.)

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

You carefully examine Thurfel's physique and figure he weighs about 134 pounds.

Thurfel says, "Iscikella is here, the weather is fine, several other fine folks have gathered here this eve"

Aranrhod blinks.

You say, "Looks quite fit to me."

You chuckle.

Roelon chuckles.

Nanna smirks.

You say, "As an empath, can judge these things."

You wink.

Renphil grins at you.

You wink at Thurfel.

Roelon scratches his chin.

Thurfel says, "I would gladly put my body in your care milady"

Tierus says, "'Tis much be'er than that snowstorm yes'erday."

Thurfel smiles at you.

You blush a delicate shade of pink.

Keriddwen glances at Thurfel.

Sabitor asks, "Snowstorm?"

Sabitor smirks.

Thurnock glances at Thurfel.

You ask, "Snowstorm?"

Zacciwie says, "you can never have too much snow"

You tilt your head up.

Nanna says, "Well, I'm sure that condition will not last very long now"

Nanna chuckles.

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

You say, "The weather seems balmy here."

You say, "I will never get over the difference in climate from above."

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "tis the cavern"

Thurfel says, "it traps the heat"

Sabitor gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

You ask, "Is there a hot spring beneath?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

***Nanna tossed out lots of herbs from her containers***

You ask, "Lady Nanna, are ye starting a herbaria here?"

Roelon says, "Ah wondered why it was warm down 'ere."

You cock your head at Nanna.

Armaxis smiles quietly to himself.

Armaxis says, "Of course."

Nanna starts chuckling at you!

Thurnock asks, "Thurfel, might I have a word with you?"

Thurfel says, "It would be interesting to see what kind of herbs would grow here"

Aranrhod shifts her weight.

You say, "There are several which do grow in sandy soils."

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel smiles quietly to himself.

(Tierus begins swinging his jackal-head talisman back and forth, watching its carved ebonwood form as it passes before his eyes.)

Tierus says, "Yabathilium, ah'd rec'mmend."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Nanna says, "Just getting rid of uneeded herbs, in an attempt to lighten my baggage in case this madman starts to attack and kill us all again"

Thurfel asks, "Have I attacked anybody?"

Roelon looks over at Thurfel and shakes his head.

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I believe the only person attacking lately is you milady"

Alyxandrah appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Nanna says, "I attacked last"

Roelon says, "She seeks ye head, for her collection."

Nanna shrugs.

You clear your throat.

Roelon glances at Nanna.

Sabitor mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

You chuckle at Roelon.

(Armaxis glances upward for a moment and leans lightly on his staff.)

Thurnock says, "Thurfels not mad..he's got a purpose. One which I agree with."

Keriddwen says, "ye own up to the fact ye be a madman Thurfel?"

Thurfel asks, "Madman?"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I prefer yer head on yer shoulders, m'lord. Rather like talking with ye."

Nanna asks, "What's that Thurnock, burning down and killing everything?"

Roelon says, "Some say ye be mad."

Roelon nods to Thurfel.

Tierus asks, "Some call me mad, too. Woul' ye agree?"

Keriddwen says, "i nae knew who she referred to til ye answered her"

Thurfel says, "The town of Icemule is filled with tittering halflings content to slide down ice all day..."

Tierus glances at Roelon.

Thurnock says, "That's not his purpose, that's a ruse."

You cock your head at Thurnock.

Roelon says, "Same say ah smell."

Roelon waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "I only seek to bring it to commerce that would rival the landing"

Shonison asks, "Artha is about tonight. Didn't you need to find him?"

Renphil nods to Roelon.

Renphil coughs.

You notice Arianiss try to tiptoe silently by you.

Thurnock says, "At what Cost Thrufel.."

Nanna says, "by destroying the landing"

Tierus says, "Hrm."

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Nanna says, "no doubt"

Aranrhod says, "Evening Arianiss"

Tierus says, "If Artha need be found, ah'll send a runner tae tha Landin'."

Thurfel says, "I wasn't aware commerce or business was a cost"

Thurnock says, "Not just the Landing."

Thurfel says, "Those who truly care about Icemule..."

Thurfel says, "must cringe at the thought its a distant second fiddle to the landing"

You sigh.

Roelon hangs his head.

Thurnock says, "Those who care about Icemule, care about all of Elanthia"

Nanna asks, "So what is the artifact or whatever you're looking for Thurfel?"

You say, "Does make me said."

Thurfel says, "unless tart exportation is something to be proud of."

You say, "Sad, that is."

Thurfel asks, "artifact?"

Keriddwen says, "i love Ice Mule, and nae wish it to resemble the landing"

Thurfel says, "I'm looking for many artifacts"

Renphil says, "kinda like it quiet..."

Nanna asks, "yes, isn't that why you attacked and killed people in the landing?"

Aranrhod says, "Actually I moved here because of my dislike for the Landing"

Thurfel says, "one was a small reptile pin the buffoon Halfberry lost"

Nanna asks, "what's that do?"

Sabitor smirks.

You clear your throat.

Arimantis shifts his weight.

Thurfel asks, "what does it do?"

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "why in the world would I tell you"

Thurfel chuckles.

Nanna shrugs.

Tierus says, "Artifacts. Me searches fer artifacts've been mos'ly fruitless an' flimsy. Ah cert'nly 'ope yers've been mer useful, Mas'er."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Nanna asks, "If you have no evil intentions, why not?"

You say, "Ah, m'lord I was told to tell ye that Maelani has the horn ye seek..."

You try to figure out how to ignore yourself.

Thurfel whispers, "I promise you a far more enchanting evening tomorrow my dear"

Roelon grins.

You ask, "Ye taking up music, m'lord?"

You blink at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "excellent, that will come in handy milady"

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Nanna frowns.

Thurfel says, "nay, but a kilin horn is quite useful in many alchemical remedies and spells."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I am truly looking forward to it."

Tierus says, "An' all too rare."

You say, "Ah..."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Nanna says, "Lot of people have ki-lin horns"

Nanna shrugs.

Roelon says, "Ah tried mah hand at alchemy once."

Thurfel nods to Roelon.

Nanna says, "I have one in my home over my mantle, a shop sells them in the landing in fact"

(Tierus watches his jackal's head talisman cease in its swinging, but starts it up once more.)

Renphil says, "he lost that hand..."

Armaxis smiles briefly.

Thurfel says, "the store bought ones are not fresh"

Renphil begins chuckling at Roelon.

Roelon says, "Took me months to get rid of the orange hair."

Thurfel says, "the potency is gone"

Nanna chuckles.

Roelon shakes his head.

Roelon removes a foul smelling potion from in his loot sack.

Sabitor sits down.

Sabitor sighs.

Roelon glances at a foul smelling potion.

Tierus says, "An' they're often false."

Roelon put a foul smelling potion in his loot sack.

You ask, "I see... And how do ye gauge if fresh, m'lord?"

Nanna says, "Setzier had at least two I think"

Thurfel says, "I believe for one...."

Roelon says, "Ah also cannae seem to work this."

You ask, "Is there a test for such?"

Roelon just touched a veil iron bound soul sphere.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "that there is likely a great source of ore underneath icemule...."

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

(Tierus turns to a stoop-shouldered halfling runner that has dashed in and retrieves a note from him before sending the runner away.)

Nanna raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "while I would hardly wish to destroy the town in finding it..."

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Roelon points down.

Thurfel says, "I do believe mines could be begun just outside of town"

Nanna asks, "What kind of ore?"

Tierus says, "Hrm. Artha cannae be found... an' Sheka sends 'er blessings this eventide, M'lord."

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "the wealth could be staggering"

Roelon says, "Would mean work for those who need it."

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Sabitor asks, "What sort of ore?"

Sabitor blinks.

Thurfel nods to Roelon.

You blink at Thurfel.

You ask, "Ore?"

Thurfel nods to you.

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "All owned by the foolish halflings."

You hear someone sigh.

Keriddwen says, "somehow i nae believe tis money ye seek Thurfel"

Thurfel says, "silver veins"

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Sinqestra drools.

You ask, "Silver under IceMule?"

You blink.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Nanna smirks.

Tierus says, "Silver."

Thurfel nods to Tierus.

Nanna says, "Can't do anything with silver, what a useless metal"

Tierus begins chuckling at Nanna.

Nanna says, "That's why they make coins out of it"

Nanna shrugs.

Roelon chuckles.

Tierus says, "Silver's been said in many ancient tomes tae 'ave po'ers... if pure."

Thurfel says, "coins seem to be much sought out by many"

You chuckle at Thurfel.

Roelon grins.

You say, "That is true enough, I suppose."

Nanna says, "Coins are a relative worth though"

Roelon says, "Some die over coins."

Thurfel nods to Nanna.

Aranrhod says, "I believe Arianiss called halflings foolish..."

(Sinqestra frantically begins digging)

(Tierus trails his fingers over the silver veins in his dreamstone mask.)

Aranrhod rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Roelon says, "Castle's be built by it."

Thurfel says, "I believe that where you find silver..."

Keriddwen asks, "why is it i think coins are the least o yer desires?"

Nanna says, "Ya make more coins with nothing balanced, ya just end up inflating the economy"

Sabitor frowns.

Keriddwen glances at Thurfel.

Marlena begins chuckling at Sinqestra.

Thurfel says, "you will find some gems as well however"

Sinqestra appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Alyxandrah smiles.

Thurfel says, "I am not sure of what might be found..."

You say, "But Tierus is right about pure silver. There are legends of such having abilities all its own."

You sigh.

Tierus nods to you.

Thurfel says, "I believe pockets of peridot or moonstone may lie beneath as well"

Armaxis says, "The only way to find out is to...dig."

Sabitor says, "How disturbing..."

Thurfel says, "aye Armaxis"

Sabitor bites his lip.

Tierus asks, "An'... why peridots or moonstone, M'lord?"

Keriddwen asks, "mayhap yer digging might bring ye to the mausoleum?"

Roelon asks, "But who would hire miners to start the work of a Mine?"

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Keriddwen peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "there is that as well"

Thurfel nods to Keriddwen.

Nanna furrows her brow.

Tierus asks, "Simple joy o' seein' their beauty?"

Thurnock says, "I believe Thurfel has one purpose..which only involves a select few individuals. The rest of the population will end up being excluded."

Keriddwen sighs.

Arimantis says, "Ahh.. so it is raw materials that you seek, for um.. making things.."

Keriddwen says, "so that is the purpose"

Arimantis glances at Thurfel.

Roelon grins at Keriddwen.

Keriddwen says, "to reach the mausoleum by duping miners to work ferye"

Roelon says, "But it might bring Ice Mule wealth."

Keriddwen grumbles.

Roelon nods to Keriddwen.

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Roelon says, "Better homes for the hobbits."

Tierus says, "Ah woul' very much like tae see a crab crafted o' moonstone... though ah s'ppose they'd break as swiftly as crystal ones."

Thurfel says, "you continue to state my goal for me...."

Keriddwen says, "tis a carrot on a stick those mines"

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "Wealth in the wrong hands."

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "A wealth that wouldn't be used to a proper and just purpose."

Sabitor whispers, "Wealth... coins... silvers.... just as my fortune predicted."

Sabitor begins to twitch.

Keriddwen says, "well ye misdirect"

Roelon grins.

(Iscikella pulls her cloak closer about her.)

Nofret just arrived.

Thurfel says, "there are rumors of caverns, tunnels or perhaps even a city beneath icemule"

You glance at Sabitor.

Sabitor mutters under his breath.

Thurnock says, "No..I continue to seek an Audience with you..which you ignore."

Nanna asks, "The one you destroyed?"

Keriddwen asks, "inhabited?"

Nanna peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You say, "So ye said, m'lord."

Arimantis says, "There are many rumors about.."

Roelon says, "Such a city might contain history that has been lost."

Thurfel says, "a successful mine would more than pay for the tools and labor needed to discover it"

Keriddwen asks, "a city built by what race?"

You say, "He is here to talk with, Thurnock. Ye need only talk."

You blink at Thurnock.

Roelon says, "Only one way to find out."

Roelon nods to Keriddwen.

Thurfel says, "aye Roelon"

Thurfel says, "I would believe it a dwarven underhold myself"

Thurnock glances at you.

Keriddwen says, "find the tunnels"

Keriddwen grins at Roelon.

Thurfel says, "but that is only my speculation"

Keriddwen's jaw drops.

Roelon says, "Bah, and ah nae brought mah shovel with me."

Keriddwen says, "dwarven"

Roelon mutters under his breath.

You ask, "A dwarven city?"

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You blink at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to you.

Armaxis says, "Hm.."

You say, "Now that is interesting, I must admit."

Renphil says, "i got a shield to dig with..."

Thurfel says, "it would seem to make sense"

Keriddwen asks, "why think ye such a thing?"

Nanna says, "You should submit it to the ruling body here, merchant guild or whatever, I'm sure they'd be interested to hear of this Thurfel, they can decide if your idea has any merit and pursue it in due course"

Tierus says, "Hrm... might nae want ta breathe tha air doon thair. Tha Red Rot might still exist."

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "The ruling body here are fools."

Tierus shudders.

Nanna grins.

Arimantis says, "I have heard tell of lost dwarven cities.. but the tales always told of places south of here"

Tierus says, "Whae knows wha' it came frem."

Nanna asks, "And what is he?"

Nanna points at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "Unlike many towns, I don't believe Icemule has a ruling body, that is part of the problem."

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "Thurfel intends to create the glory of western Elanith here."

Tierus sighs.

Nofret asks, "Have your researches told you whereabouts this city might lie?"

Renphil nods to Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Ah would love to see how the ancient dwarfs lived."

Keriddwen nods to Roelon.

Keriddwen says, "me too"

Roelon says, "Can imagine the crafts they created."

Thurfel says, "unfortunately no Nofret"

Renphil says, "been a LONG time since anyone seemed to be in power here."

Nanna says, "Well, someone must keep the shops open and he utilities functioning"

Nofret sighs.

Keriddwen begins chuckling at Renphil.

Thurfel says, "It would only be a matter of finding a single passageway"

Armaxis says, "Thurfel has the resourcesss himself to pursue this project, he doesn't need to ask for help from any ruling body."

Tierus says, "Hrm. We've a Mayor... an' a Mayor Pro Tempore, if one unacknowledged by mos'." Tierus coughs a bit as he mentions the latter. "Tha's a start fer a rulin' body."

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel chuckles.

Keriddwen asks, "who is that Tierus?"

Sabitor smirks.

Roelon glances at Tierus.

Tierus whistles tunelessly to himself.

Tierus says, "Some'un verrah close tae me heart."

Tierus nods.

Arimantis chuckles.

Thurfel says, "I would imagine it might be a bit..."

Thurfel says, "dangerous...."

You nod to Thurfel.

Arimantis says, "the person closest to your heart"

Nanna says, "Thurfel is a maniacal butcher, anything he attempts will end in destruction."

You say, "It sounds that way."

Nofret says, "The only underground passages I know of around here are in the the caverns, the twisted tunnels and the Ossuary."

Arimantis coughs.

Tierus grins at Arimantis.

Thurfel says, "goodness knows what might live down there"

Keriddwen rolls her eyes.

Armaxis says, "The ends always justify the meansss."

Roelon says, "what is life without danger."

Tierus says, "Alwiys an' fere'er."

Roelon says, "A boring and dull existance."

Roelon waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Sabitor glances at Armaxis.

Nofret rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Nanna says, "For all we know, what he really plans to do by digging a minshaft is unleash some unholy deamon."

Sabitor frowns.

Thurfel asks, "demon?"

Nanna says, "I find my suggestion far more likely"

Tierus asks, "Hrm... Mas'er, wouldnae't be prudent tae set out yer own creations tae scour those caverns o'... wha'e'er lives doon thair?"

Armaxis says, "Yes, right...dirt can hold a demon."

Armaxis rolls his eyes.

(Tierus jumps at Nanna's suggestion. "Dun' mention Daemons, please," he begs of her.)

Sabitor smirks.

Keriddwen says, "did ye nae hear him Nanna amongst other things the mausoleum is his goal"

Arimantis says, "Oh.. I believe he seeks a city, perhaps for some long lost power held there"

Roelon says, "Just think of the ancient treasure down there."

Thurfel says, "perhaps, although I'm still looking for one of my creations"

Thurfel chuckles.

Arimantis nods to Nanna.

Tierus shudders.

Keriddwen nods to Arimantis.

Roelon says, "Enough to make ice mule twice as big as Wehnimer's"

Nanna rolls her eyes.

Keriddwen's face turns slightly pale.

Sabitor nods to Roelon.

Nanna says, "See, he admits it"

Keriddwen says, "not a pretty picture Roelon"

You hear the voice of Arianiss exclaim, "With the proper hands shaping it, Icemule will be glorious!"

Nofret says, "Gods, what a horrible thought."

Tierus looks over at Keriddwen and shakes his head.

You ask, "The Granhke?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "aye, its' still running about"

Nofret says, "I like the town being small."

Ghrom leans on his broadsword.

Renphil says, "if you can, believe everything he says... no offence ment."

Tierus says, "Tha Granhke still be afoot... tha's nae a pleasant thing."

Renphil smiles at Thurfel.

Keriddwen nods to Nofret.

Thurfel says, "slew three of the keep staff two nights before"

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Roelon says, "Ah heard about this thing."

Roelon glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel exclaims, "I can't find it!"

Roelon asks, "What is it?"

Armaxis asks, "Hm, it's still on the island?"

Keriddwen asks, "a new creature?"

Thurfel says, "I have all my men looking"

Tierus asks, "Mightn't ye tell us anythin' else 'bout tha beast, Mas'er?"

Armaxis says, "What a shame."

Thurfel nods to Armaxis.

Arimantis asks, "Has there been any evidence of it outside the keep?"

Roelon says, "Perhaps ah can track it down."

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Thurfel says, "it's a huge troll ogre mix"

Roelon says, "Ah hae hunted many things."

Tierus asks, "Scents, appearances, behavior?"

Nanna frowns.

Thurfel says, "it was far to feral to control"

Roelon removes a troll foot from in his knight's boots.

You ask, "And it is very dangerous, is it not, m'lord?"

Armaxis says, "If it was in town, and on the streetsss...well, it would be...much easier to find."

Roelon glances at a troll foot.

Thurfel says, "very"

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Sabitor says, "I have not seen it, and I've wandered this island many times."

Sabitor shrugs.

Roelon put a troll foot in his knight's boots.

Armaxis asks, "Hm, maybe I ran into it the other night, is thisss him?"

Nofret says, "Obviously you don't consider it that much of a threat, or some of your men would be here acting as bodyguards."

Armaxis points at a severed troll warrior head.

(Iscikella glances around nervously.)

Armaxis peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Perhaps if ye made it some manacles."

Roelon glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "it is not a threat to me"

Roelon says, "if someone should find it"

Thurfel says, "It was manacled"

Roelon says, "We can take it alive."

Thurfel says, "it broke them"

You nod to Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Then make stronger ones."

Nofret says, "A threat to others, but not to you..."

Thurfel nods to Nofret.

Thurnock asks, "Which way out?"

Roelon says, "With the troll side, ye cannae stay wounded."

Thurfel asks, "out?"

Nofret says, "Perhaps, then you should be looking for it, and not your men."

Arimantis asks, "Why would it not be a threat to you.. if you can not seem to control it?"

Arimantis peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurnock says, "Out..up..Topside.."

Keriddwen says, "ye nae eer heard o a cat's paw...this what Thurfel seeks to make o us"

Thurfel says, "if it finds me..."

Thurfel says, "I'll slay it"

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "look for the statue, then the path"

Thurfel says, "don't fall in the water"

Thurfel says, "it's not warm enough to be comfortable."

Thurnock says, "WOn't matter if I do"

Sabitor blinks.

Nanna peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You ask, "The Granhke is quite large I take it?"

Thurfel nods to you.

You blink at Thurfel.

Arimantis asks, "Wouldn't it have been more logical to do away with such a beast as soon as you lost control?"

Thurfel says, "larger than me"

Thurfel grins.

You chuckle at Thurfel.

Thurnock says, "this is a waste anyway..all that occured was proof of my point."

Aranrhod says, "Umm"

Renphil grins at Thurfel.

Thurfel exclaims, "aye, but I didn't know it was loose, until it was missing!"

Arimantis glances at Thurfel.

You say, "Well, no offense, m'lord, but I am taller than ye. Though a good bit narrower being sylvan."

Thurfel asks, "waste?"

You chuckle at Thurfel.

(Tierus leans forward and whispers something to Thurfel, shrugging slightly.)

Thurfel says, "then you might wish to fall in the water"

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "Thurfel, you should offer a reward for it's death."

Thurfel says, "perhaps the crabs might be hungry"

Tebon squints.

Alyxandrah grins.

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "You'll gain more hunters and allies."

Thurfel nods to Alyxandrah.

Roelon asks, "Ye wish it dead?"

Roelon peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel nods to Roelon.

Keriddwen asks, "ye offerin a reward?"

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Keriddwen peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "it is killing innocent folks"

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "It happens."

Keriddwen says, "ye innocent"

Nanna smirks.

You hear someone yawn.

Nofret asks, "What might conceal the passageway to the underground city...by the way, what is this underground city called?"

Tierus sighs.

Keriddwen asks, "yers are innocent?"

Roelon says, "Perhaps ah should hunt it down."

Keriddwen giggles.

Roelon indicates his black rolaren waraxe with a smile.

Tierus says, "Ah've 'eard Iansen say tha' no'un is innocent."

Tebon glances at Armaxis.

Arimantis smiles innocently

Armaxis raises an eyebrow in Tebon's direction.

Tebon says, "Evenin Armaxis"

Arimantis leans on Tierus.

Keriddwen says, "Tierus there be some innocents...but Thurfel nae one o them"

Armaxis says, "A pleasant evening indeed, yes."

Tebon furrows his brow.

You say, "I think we leave innocence behind as we age."

Tierus says, "People jus' 'ave varyin' degrees o' guilt."

Thurfel whispers, "where shall I meet thee tomorrow milady?"

Ghrom blinks at you.

Ghrom says, "I'm innocent as a child"

You say, "Then there are some who are never innocent."

Ghrom scoffs.

You glance at Armaxis.

Ghrom whistles tunelessly to himself.

Tierus says, "Hrm."

Thurfel says, "let me ask you all a question"

Sabitor grins wryly.

Roelon begins chuckling at Ghrom.

Renphil nods to Thurfel.

Armaxis glances at you.

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

Keriddwen appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Tierus leans forward.

Sinqestra turns an inquisitive ear towards Thurfel.

(Ghrom uncrosses his fingers)

Tebon raises an eyebrow.

Thurfel asks, "how many of you have slain a troll?"

Alyxandrah grins at Ghrom.

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "Easily."

Tierus raises his hand.

Roelon raises his hand.

Tierus chuckles.

Sabitor nods.

Roelon removes a troll foot from in his knight's boots.

Nanna furrows her brow.

Keriddwen says, "i nae kill"

Renphil raises his hand.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I can come to the island here, if ye wish it. Otherwise at the West Gate would be convenient."

Shonison raises his hand.

Nanna asks, "Which kind?"

Ghrom asks, "married or slain?"

Roelon shows Thurfel his troll foot.

Tierus nods to Keriddwen.

Thurfel asks, "would you grant that they have some intelligence?"

Ghrom peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Sabitor says, "Some."

Renphil nods to Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Very few"

Sinqestra nods to Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "They've developed a crude language."

Nanna asks, "Princes, princesses, kings, babies?"

Shonison says, "not much"

Roelon put a troll foot in his knight's boots.

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "To their culture they do."

Thurfel says, "certainly they are not rats"

Sinqestra says, "A bit"

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Tierus says, "They cin speak. Tha's a hallmark o' intelligence."

Arimantis says, "Some trolls are quite intelligent"

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

Nanna says, "many of them are"

Roelon asks, "The one ye created though. Part ogre ye said?"

Nanna says, "Some more than a lot of people I know"

Thurfel says, "and yet, I would hazard most of you went out to find them..."

Nanna smirks.

You nod to Tierus.

Thurfel says, "not the other way around"

Thurfel says, "you were the aggressors.."

Thurfel says, "not the defenders"

Roelon says, "Ogres nae too smart."

Tierus says, "Yes."

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "As it always has been and will be."

Nofret says, "Actually, I've never slain a troll."

Keriddwen mutters sophistry.

Tebon says, "They are hostiles ta local citizens, an' dey attempt ta invade us as well"

Thurfel asks, "does that make you evil, each and every one of you?"

Nofret rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tebon squints.

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "Pure."

You sigh.

You hear someone sigh blissfully.

Keriddwen shakes her head.

Ghrom grins at Thurfel.

Keriddwen says, "nope"

Alyxandrah rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Tierus says, "Well, nae cert'nly, M'lord."

Thurfel says, "I'd imagine you invade their lands, ...."

Renphil grins at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "far more often then they invade yours"

Tebon says, "as they invade ours"

Keriddwen says, "never"

Sabitor shrugs.

Tierus says, "They invade our lands, we invade theirs..."

Nanna says, "No, because the troll's nature is evil...ours is not"

Keriddwen says, "been killed within the walls o ice mule"

Tierus says, "An' they are known fer 'avin' war-like pers'nalities... as humans do."

Thurfel asks, "evil?"

Arimantis says, "The troll's would as soon slay me, as I would them.. if they had the chance"

Tierus glances at Sabitor.

Thurfel asks, "why are they evil?"

Nanna says, "We slay the trolls because they would slay us if we don't slay them"

Sabitor glances at Tierus.

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Roelon says, "Tis an endless circle."

Keriddwen says, "but never killed others"

Thurfel says, "if you don't seek them out"

Nofret says, "I have a problem killing trolls. Esserae loves them so."

Thurfel says, "they will leave you alone"

Keriddwen says, "balderdash"

Tebon says, "Prove it"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Would ye wish me to come to somewhere on the island, m'lord? Or is meeting in town more convenient?"

Tebon squints at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "the few stubborn ones that invade.."

Keriddwen says, "they hae invaded landing"

Thurfel says, "would easily be slain"

Nanna says, "They will gain size and ultimately launch attacks against us if we do not seek them out"

Nanna says, "As has happened many many many times"

Tierus says, "Troll kings be diff'rent."

Thurfel whispers, "perhaps in town"

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "Such paranoia, it proves his point Nanna."

Tierus says, "They are... unnatural."

Nanna shakes her head.

Nanna says, "It's not paranoia, it's a fact"

Roelon says, "They attack us, because we kill their young."

Roelon nods to Keriddwen.

Ghrom says, "just like when that elder tigress came and said we should stop killin her kin. they kept attacking us, even unarmed.. as we passed through their area. it's a moot debate, they will attack us as we will both defend ourselves and attack them"

Sabitor says, "Elves are unnatural."

Ghrom pants.

Sabitor scoffs.

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "Admit it, you love to see blood spilt on your blade."

Alyxandrah glances at Sabitor.

Thurfel says, "I believe most of the 'good' folks have slain far more than the evil trolls or gnomes have"

Keriddwen says, "not i"

Roelon says, "Ah cannae call mah self innocent."

Sabitor snickers.

Tierus glances at Sabitor.

Thurfel asks, "do gnomes invade the landing?"

Roelon says, "Some are truely innocent."

Roelon nods to Keriddwen.

Thurfel says, "they simply live in the wells"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Would at the West Gate be convenient? Or perhaps at Voln? Or are those areas too noisy?"

Thurfel says, "they don't storm up and kill folks"

Nanna says, "The ones that seek peace, and are peaceful, I have never attacked"

Roelon says, "Ye would nae harm an insect."

Tierus says, "'Tisnae tha deed, bu' tha intent, M'lord."

Roelon leans on Keriddwen.

Keriddwen nods.

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Arimantis says, "It is simple defence, don't allow the enemy to become strong enough to win over you"

Tierus says, "Tha's wha' sep'rates us."

Thurfel says, "if you trespass upon their land.."

Nanna says, "There was a troll that aided us not long ago in an attack, and was left unaccosted"

Thurfel says, "they are going to defend it"

Tierus says, "Those trolls be motivated fer killin'."

Tebon says, "And if one simply happens ta be passin by em, dey will most likely attack fer nae reason"

Nofret says, "Thurfel, I swear to you, I've never seen a gnome, much less slain one. And I have never in my life slain a troll."

Thurfel nods to Tebon.

Ghrom begins chuckling at Nofret.

Thurfel says, "then you are a rare one Nofret"

Nanna says, "Gnolls have attacked Thurfel"

You say, "I think we must admit we kill these creatures for excitement and for booty."

Nanna says, "And will do so again"

Keriddwen says, "Thurfel can ye explain why ye burned this town please...."

Aranrhod says, "I have never gone to hunt something that can speak and bleed...unless they invade the city I am in"

Tierus nods to you.

Thurfel says, "most of the righteous have slain more innocent than you can believe"

Roelon nods to you.

Sabitor smirks.

Roelon says, "To improve our killing skills."

Aranrhod says, "I do release undead"

Armaxis says, "Gnolls are far different from gnomes."

Shonison says, "yes, gnoll raiders have attacked a few times"

You say, "Though has been many a year since I have slain any creature other than undead."

Ghrom nods to Thurfel.

Ghrom says, "tha's true"

Nanna says, "You have not been in these lands perhaps long enough to remeber it, because our younger population keeps thier numbers down now, but they have."

Nanna says, "and if left, will again"

Tebon says, "Tis why I find my callin in freein souls cursed by dat foul deity known as Luukos"

Tebon glances at Armaxis.

Tierus says, "All folks be inherently evil. Some jus' be more or less so. Ah hold tae tha argument."

Thurfel says, "when was the last time somebody actually took the carcass to eat, after slaying a beast..."

Aranrhod glances at Tierus.

Thurfel says, "most simply rot there"

Thurfel says, "they are hunting for sport"

Nanna rolls her eyes.

Aranrhod says, "I do not eat flesh"

Tierus sighs bitterly.

Ghrom removes a piece of stone jerky from in his black leather sack.

Tierus says, "Ah do."

Armaxis's serpent staff comes to life in his hands! The serpent hisses and lashes out at Tebon!

Tierus glances at Aranrhod.

You nod to Aranrhod.

Thurfel asks, "is this not true Nanna?"

Aranrhod says, "So I do not kill for food"

Arimantis glances at Tierus.

Arimantis cringes.

Nanna looks over at Thurfel and shakes her head.

Tebon scratches his chin.

Armaxis mutters quietly.

Thurfel says, "you may roll your eyes all you wish"

Tierus says, "Both as meself, an' as ano'er tha ah cannae be rid o'."

Ghrom asks, "here's what I get from mastiffs, how am I spose ta eat dis??"

Alyxandrah grins at Thurfel.

Ghrom shows Thurfel his stone jerky.

Nanna says, "No, it's not Thurfel"

Ghrom mutters something about broken_teeth.

You chuckle at Ghrom.

You ask, "Strong teeth?"

Thurfel says, "be a bit crunchy Ghrom"

You elbow Ghrom in the ribs in a playful sort of way.

Arimantis grins.

Sabitor smirks.

Tierus says, "Hrm."

Tebon shifts his weight.

Ghrom appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Thurfel says, "so, next time you fling evil out there..."

Thurfel says, "think about your own hunting habits"

Ghrom put a piece of stone jerky in his black leather sack.

You say, "Ghrom, Thurfel believes the city beneath IceMule to be an ancient dwarven city."

Nofret says, "I hunt mainly undead, so eating their carcasses is not something I would consider."

Roelon says, "So thats why they call ye ole three tooth."

Roelon pokes Ghrom in the ribs.

You ask, "Did ye hear?"

Keriddwen moves to stand in front of Thurfel.

Sabitor grins at Nofret.

Ghrom says, "I have no comment on that Iscikella"

Keriddwen says, "i nae hunt thurfel"

Keriddwen says, "i nae kill"

Keriddwen says, "i nae evil...but i mistrust ye"

Roelon says, "Ah would like to see this city."

Roelon nods.

Thurfel says, "you are the minority Keriddwen"

Nanna says, "I know what evil is Thurfel, and ya can't try to justify it like you're doing."

Ghrom says, "other than.. ya oughta not go inta dwarven lands uninvited"

Tebon nods to Nanna.

Tebon says, "well put Nanna"

Nanna says, "And to do so only prooves that you are in fact evil"

Keriddwen asks, "so might makes right in yer book eh?"

Alyxandrah gazes heavenward.

Thurfel says, "Nanna"

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "Why would he ever need to justify it to anyone? He's pointing out that you are not that much different."

Tebon says, "as the saying goes, the guilty dog barks tha loudest"

Thurfel says, "you continue to ignore logic"

Thurfel says, "you slay more than I ever will"

Thurfel says, "yet you call me evil"

Ghrom asks, "Thurfel, do you still intend to let whatever comes out of that crypt overrun Icemule or will ya help kill tha stuff?"

Nanna says, "When that logic is flawed and full of lies, I will ignore it"

Thurfel says, "I don't believe anything will come out of the crypt"

Thurfel says, "unless the nine still live"

Ghrom asks, "why ya think that?"

Keriddwen says, "then why ye seek to broach it"

Tebon says, "I don't think you actually believe dat eidder Thurfel"

Ghrom says, "already stuff come out"

Thurfel says, "and they will harm Icemule at their peril from me."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Ghrom peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Ghrom asks, "oh?"

Roelon asks, "Is the tomb the passage down to the city?"

Keriddwen says, "interesting"

Thurfel says, "it may be, only way to find out is to brooch it"

Nofret asks, "Thurfel, do you not intend to turn every soul, living and dead, over to Luukos and Amasalen, once you find what you are looking for?"

Roelon nods.

Nofret peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "why would I do that Nofret?"

You blink at Nofret.

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "I have no use for souls"

Ghrom says, "that's an awful lotta work Nofret"

Thurfel chuckles.

Ghrom chuckles.

Thurfel says, "I have my island"

Nofret says, "It is what I heard you would do."

Tebon says, "Why woul' ye's work wit dem ta begin wit"

Thurfel says, "I'm content"

Tierus says, "Hrm. Souls."

Ghrom says, "besides, my soul is accounted for.. I'm engaged"

Tierus snorts a derisive laugh, sneering in mockery.

Thurfel smiles at Ghrom.

Ghrom smiles at Nofret.

Roelon just touched a veil iron bound soul sphere.

Sabitor glances at Tierus.

You chuckle at Ghrom.

Armaxis's ora Luukos symbol emits a soft grey glow.

Sabitor raises an eyebrow.

Ghrom appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Thurfel says, "I want nothing more than any man"

Tierus nods to Arimantis.

Thurfel says, "a comfortable life..."

Nanna says, "I slay more than you because you are the head of an evil machine, and don't have to, and I fight for the law, in defense of you and your kind, which takes ever vigilance. As well, you have come, and will be gone soon, so you're right, I have slayed more"

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "and a woman by my side"

Nanna says, "and will continue to do so"

Tierus glances at you.

Nofret asks, "But isn't that what you were trying to do with the Nine, so many years ago?"

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "you fight for the law?"

Ghrom rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Thurfel says, "ah the religious..."

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Nanna points at a small silver star.

Ghrom asks, "who's religion?"

Thurfel says, "more have died for religion than ever will for anything else"

Ghrom nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel asks, "you of course are on the side of right and all that is good Nanna?"

Thurfel says, "with a bloody path of corpses to prove it"

Armaxis says, "She fights for the law, yet she believes in a man who once was trying to do the very same thing you're accused of doing..."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Tebon says, "In all battles, there is a loss of life"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I am sorry, m'lord, but if ye whispered where ye wished to meet in town, I missed it in the noise. Would the West Gate be convenient? Or the Voln garden? Or perhaps the Hall of Mind?"

Armaxis says, "A walking contradiction."

Nofret asks, "That is true. But please, answer my question. What were you trying to do with the other Nine?"

Keriddwen says, "tis the victors who rewrite history"

Thurfel whispers, "if you can find a quiet spot, I shall send a messenger"

You blink at Armaxis.

Nanna nods to Thurfel.

Armaxis raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Ghrom says, "or those with working quills"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Aye, I will find one."

Thurfel says, "I do not know if the other nine exist or not"

Armaxis says, "She moons over Estrion."

Armaxis smirks.

Thurfel says, "I've heard tales of liches..."

Thurfel says, "demons"

Thurfel says, "for all I know they are dead"

A tiny white chocolate ghost comes flying into the room and settles down onto the ground.

Renphil shivers.

Renphil glances at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "they won't be happy if they arent"

Aranrhod blinks.

Tierus picks up a tiny white chocolate ghost.

Tierus glances at a tiny white chocolate ghost.

Nofret says, "They existed once, when you were young."

Tierus sniffs at his white chocolate ghost.

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in Tierus's direction.

You ask, "May I ask ye one question with regard to that, m'lord?"

Tierus says, "No poison."

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Shonison grins.

Arimantis glances at Tierus.

Thurfel says, "I will not let them ruin Icemule"

Sabitor says, "It's food."

Arimantis mutters something about chocolate.

Sabitor raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Arimantis just tried to pull Tierus towards him!

Tierus says, "Poison."

Tierus says, "Food, poison, they go hand'n hand."

You ask, "Being as ye were once of that Council, I ask ye, would those nine possess the power ye think to keep themselves about as undead?"

Roelon says, "See..."

Sabitor glances at Tierus.

You cock your head at Thurfel.

Keriddwen says, "ye speak as though Ice Mule were yers Thurfel"

Sabitor rolls his eyes.

Ghrom says, "depends on who's cookin"

Tierus sniffs at his white chocolate ghost.

Ghrom winks at Tierus.

Arimantis grins at Ghrom.

Tierus nods to Ghrom.

Tierus drops a tiny white chocolate ghost.

Ghrom picks up a tiny white chocolate ghost.

Thurfel says, "they may Iscikella..."

Ghrom gazes in awe at the ghost in his hand.

Thurfel says, "and Icemule is not mine..."

Thurfel says, "but it is above me..."

Arimantis glances at Ghrom.

Arimantis mutters under his breath.

You nod to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "it hardly serves me to have a wrecked ghost town above me"

Nanna smirks.

Keriddwen says, "i know that, but ye speak as though ye had some proprietary right"

Tebon says, "Thurfel, a question..."

Ghrom nods to Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "nay, I wish it success..."

Thurfel says, "and wish to be part of that success"

Ghrom begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "and if the people truly don't wish that.."

Thurfel says, "so be it"

Tebon asks, "Why do ye's disHonor da dead ta begin wit, by wishin ta defile der restin place?"

Thurfel says, "I do have my land here."

Nofret asks, "But how do you define success?"

Ghrom says, "yer such a good liar, no way ta know when ya tellin tha truth"

Ghrom scratches his head.

Thurfel says, "I don't believe Icemule should be the camping ground of travellers and nothing more"

Thurfel says, "it should be a center of wizardry and commerce"

Keriddwen nods to Ghrom.

Tebon says, "Nae yer place ta say"

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Tierus asks, "Wizardry, Mas'er?"

Armaxis says, "In order to become strong, you must eliminate the weak. It is that simple."

Thurfel nods to Tierus.

Nanna says, "Yet, you burned down the workshops that where making it partly that"

Nanna snorts at Thurfel.

Tierus sighs.

Keriddwen blinks at Armaxis.

Ghrom begins chuckling at Nanna.

You say, "I wish much for IceMule, but mostly I wish it not harmed."

You sigh.

Thurfel says, "it will not be harmed by me..."

Tebon asks, "Will ye's nae answer me Thurfel?"

Thurfel says, "unless of course some misguided..."

Nofret asks, "Who, then, will it be harmed by?"

Tierus says, "P'raps one o' those magi tha' comes tae yer new 'Mule will find a cure fer others like me."

Tebon peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Keriddwen says, "it already has been"

Keriddwen glances at Thurfel.

Keriddwen says, "sheesh"

Thurfel says, "folks decide they must attack me"

Tierus sighs.

Tierus shakes his head.

Tierus says, "Or nae."

Aranrhod asks, "What about that creature that is loose?"

Ghrom asks, "who's new mule?"

Ghrom peers quizzically at Tierus.

Nanna shakes her head.

Aranrhod says, "If it kills"

Thurfel says, "then I am responsible"

Thurfel says, "it is my fault"

Aranrhod nods.

Tierus says, "Mas'er Thurfel's new vision o' 'Mule."

Tierus nods to Ghrom.

Ghrom asks, "master?"

Ghrom begins chuckling at Tierus.

Shonison asks, "are you now the apprentice?"

Shonison peers quizzically at Tierus.

Tebon shuffles his feet.

Ghrom carefully examines his white chocolate ghost.

Tierus shakes his head.

Thurfel says, "I haven't as yet chosen an apprentice"

Roelon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Shonison nods.

Tebon says, "Still ye's nae answer me....so der mus be a reason why.."

Tebon furrows his brow.

Ghrom says, "nah, he's just a buffoon who likes ta kiss up ta powerful folks"

Thurfel asks, "sorry, what was your question?"

Ghrom says, "or yanno, somethin like that"

Ghrom put a tiny white chocolate ghost in his warfare satchel.

Tebon asks, "Why do ye's disHonor da dead ta begin wit, by wishin ta defile der restin place?"

Sabitor frowns.

Tierus says, "Ah offer a title o' respect. Jus' as ah call ye Silly-Person Ghrom, an' Arimantis tha Lord Priest."

Thurfel says, "I am not dishonoring any dead"

Tierus shrugs.

Nofret says, "Why do you want to open the tomb, I think Tebon means."

Tebon asks, "Are ye nae wishin ta open a tomb?"

Ghrom asks, "respect for what Tierus?"

Tierus says, "Few 'ave tha courtesy tae call me Friend Tierus, bu' ah'd appreciate tha' title."

Thurfel says, "I believe it is the key to the passageway to the underground city"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I hope it is so. That ye do not wish to harm Mule truly. I have grown fond of ye, m'lord, and respect ye highly. And I too wish so much for IceMule. But then perhaps I am merely a dreamer and romantic. I cannot honestly say."

Tebon asks, "Are ye's sure dat der be nae dead restin der?"

Tebon asks, "Are ye's sure dat it is da key?"

Thurfel whispers, "I have made many horrific mistakes, but I have learned and grown. I will however defend my island at all costs."

You hear the voice of Arianiss say, "We'll know when it opens."

Tebon asks, "Do ye's truly 'ave a clue of wat is down der?"

Tierus says, "Mas'er Thurfel be a mage o' po'er ah've rarely seen, Ghrom. Tha' alone deserves respect."

Tierus nods to Ghrom.

Ghrom asks, "it does?"

Nofret asks, "What do you seek in the underground city?"

Thurfel says, "I do not demand anybodies respect"

Armaxis asks, "Are we not dishonoring those who may be still alive inside the tomb by not opening it, mm?"

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "And that is understandable, I will grant. Is yer home, as IceMule is mine."

Thurfel says, "knowledge"

Thurfel says, "knowledge is the only power one should crave"

You cock your head at Armaxis.

Keriddwen says, "those entombed would be best left at their rest Armaxis"

You say, "Snake, ye have the oddest runs of mind."

You shake your head.

Tebon asks, "Do ye's know ifin der enyone alive down der?"

Nofret asks, "Books and scrolls, you mean? Magic? What kind of knowledge?"

Tebon peers quizzically at Armaxis.

Armaxis raises an eyebrow.

Armaxis asks, "There is only one way to find out, isn't there?"

Thurfel says, "that is a very interesting question Tebon..."

Armaxis leans on his staff.

Thurfel says, "If we should find folks down there..."

Thurfel says, "they may not be terribly happy to be found"

Roelon nods to Thurfel.

Ghrom nods to Thurfel.

Nofret asks, "Is there anything undead down there?"

Keriddwen says, "if they should survive they bode ill fer ice mule"

Roelon says, "To be trapped down there for so long."

Tebon says, "indeed, seems ta be invitin trubble, one way or anudder"

Nanna frowns.

Keriddwen nods to Tebon.

Thurfel says, "all visions are a mystery"

Keriddwen says, "like trying to spit into the wind"

Thurfel asks, "should we all stay in a closet out of fear?"

Tebon asks, "So again....why open it?"

Ghrom says, "Roelon, you oughta know better than that. Prolly other ways in and out if folks live there"

Armaxis says, "If the Nine are still alive, well...they've certainly ssserved quite enough time."

You sigh softly.

Thurfel asks, "why travel?"

Roelon says, "Depends on how deep they are."

Roelon nods to Ghrom.

Sabitor bites his lip.

Thurfel asks, "why cross the oceans?"

Tebon asks, "Why seek knowledge of legends?"

Thurfel says, "why not just sit in a hut and eat stew all day"

Roelon says, "Ancient dwarfs might be good crafters"

Ghrom says, "aye Armaxis, for once I agree.. time ta put them to death like they shoulda years ago"

Nanna asks, "It seems like you're going against your own opinions in this Thurfel, if there are truelly people or some form of creatures down there, don't they deserve to be left alone?"

Tebon says, "indeed, why nae, I woul' love ta"

Nanna peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Nofret asks, "Thurfel, you speak of visions. What visions, I pray?"

Keriddwen nods to Roelon.

Ghrom says, "evil method of discipline they used"

Roelon says, "But maybe in the ages, they turn dumber then an orc."

Tierus says, "Erm, ye mus' remem'er brandy. Eat stew an' drink brandy all day."

Roelon whistles tunelessly to himself.

Tierus nods to Thurfel.

Roelon leans on Ghrom.

You say, "I will admit we all have a wish to go beyond what we are and what we know."

Thurfel says, "if there is a thriving city..."

You sigh.

Armaxis says, "Yesss. Right. I'll enjoy seeing you attempt that."

Armaxis nods to Ghrom.

Nofret peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Nanna says, "Yet you seem intent on going down there and disturbing them, and trying to steal whatever it is they are protecting"

Ghrom says, "if there's a city"

Thurfel says, "perhaps they have long forgotten of us.."

You say, "Is just a matter of how we strive toward it."

Ghrom just nudged Roelon.

Thurfel says, "as we have of them..."

Thurfel says, "trade could be re established"

Roelon says, "Could be fate tha' this happens."

Thurfel says, "knowledge traded"

Keriddwen says, "hardly seems they be forgotten thurfel"

Arimantis says, "Or perhaps they don't wish to be discovered"

Tebon asks, "What Knowledge?"

Arimantis nods to Thurfel.

Nanna asks, "and if there are some form of trolls?"

Nanna peers quizzically at Thurfel.

You say, "Trade with the dwarves? Halflings and dwarves... an interesting idea."

You chuckle at Thurfel.

Thurfel exclaims, "that is the mystery!"

Tebon says, "Ye's speakin of knowledge of a peoples dat we dunnae dat e'en exists"

Roelon says, "Fighting fate could end up destroying our town."

Thurfel says, "we don't know what if anything is down below"

Nanna asks, "will you close the mine shaft up and let them live in peace?"

Tierus taps a glaes Fash'lo'nae symbol.

Thurfel says, "that is what I seek to find out"

Nofret asks, "How did you learn of this city, Thurfel?"

Thurfel says, "I would Nanna..."

Tebon asks, "SO why open da tomb?"

Armaxis says, "Hmm.."

Nanna snorts at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "but those of your type would surely barrel down there in search of new hunting grounds"

Thurfel chuckles.

You cough.

Alyxandrah grins.

Ghrom begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Sabitor snickers.

Ghrom says, "I will"

Thurfel exclaims, "all in the name of 'ridding evil!"

Tebon says, "I tink ye's are nae tellin sumtin......"

Nanna says, "Well, then perhaps there's no point to open the shaft then"

Nofret says, "Not me. I'd rather explore the place first."

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "Quite right there, I'm afraid.

Roelon chuckles.

Nanna says, "it's your evil"

Roelon says, "Ah am a hunter."

Alyxandrah appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Ghrom says, "but alas, prolly be overrun by rift age hunters and boneheads from tha landin for a bit"

Roelon says, "Tis wha' ah do."

Tierus says, "Ah won'er if they 'ave libraries doon thair? Dwarves arenae 'xactly known fer their love o' tha written word."

Tierus raises an eyebrow.

Nofret says, "Exploring is infinitely more fun than hunting."

You exclaim, "Libraries would be wonderful!"

You nod to Tierus.

Ghrom asks, "and how would you know squat about Dwarves Tierus?"

You say, "And just things to see..."

Roelon says, "Might be a high concentration of mana down there."

You say, "But..."

Thurfel says, "I'd be more interested in the architecture of what they may have built"

Roelon nods to Tierus.

Thurfel says, "again.."

You bite your lip.

Nofret says, "It would be a godsend an there was a library down there..."

Thurfel says, "there may be nothing more than mud down there"

Tierus says, "A new library tae scour woul' be a new chance't life fer me, M'lady Empath."

Nanna snorts at Thurfel.

Tierus nods to you.

Arimantis says, "Wonder what sorta snacks they would have.."

Roelon says, "Could of learned ways to manipulate it better."

Arimantis rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You chuckle at Arimantis.

Tebon says, "Dat goes back ta my original question Thurfel."

Roelon says, "Tis a suprise."

You ask, "Cleric, are ye hungry again?"

Roelon nods to Thurfel.

You elbow Arimantis in the ribs in a playful sort of way.

Nanna says, "If you're so interested in architecture, why don't ya rebuild the buildings you've burned down"

Arimantis grins at you.

Nanna begins chuckling at Thurfel.

Tierus says, "Ah wis once held by a clan o' rabid dwarves, Ghrom. Ah know too much 'bout 'em."

Tebon says, "Ifin ye's nae know, why disturb da tomb at all"

Tierus nods to Ghrom.

Thurfel says, "they were rebuilt long ago milady"

Roelon says, "They hae been rebuilt."

Roelon chuckles.

Roelon says, "Better then before."

Ghrom says, "yer a moron Tierus"

Nanna raises an eyebrow in Thurfel's direction.

Tierus nods to Ghrom.

Nanna says, "Just so you could burn them down again? The tent in the landing still stands as a burned pile of trash in the center of town"

Nanna asks, "The workshops are open again?"

Tierus says, "An' far worse, mos' certainly. If ye care tae call me such, please do't outtae me hearin'. Ah like tae preserve tha illusion tha' ah've friends, Ghrom."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Tierus nods to Ghrom.

Thurfel says, "from what I understand Nanna..."

You hear the voice of Arianiss ask, "If you care so much Nanna, why don't you rebuild them?"

Tebon says, "For all ye's know, der coul' be a dormant plague lyin jus past da tomb, jus needin a breath of fresh air ta wreak its death on innocents"

Ghrom says, "I never said ya didn' have friends"

Thurfel says, "the tent was nothing more than an eyesore and nuisance."

Nanna says, "I'm not the architect that Thurfel claims to be"

You shudder.

Arimantis says, "Hmm now that I think bout it.. I don think the dwarves apriciated havin that tent burt"

You glance at Tebon.

Nanna says, "Cept the homes to some dozen dwarves at least"

Tebon glances at you.

Tebon raises an eyebrow.

Tebon says, "Hail Valicar"

You whisper quietly to Tebon, "Red rot?"

Thurfel says, "many of the folks in the landing actually thanked me for removing it, however.."

You shudder.

Thurfel says, "it was done in anger.."

Nanna snorts at Thurfel.

Tebon whispers, "black plague, etc..."

You say, "Ye do have a temper, m'lord..."

You nod to Thurfel.

Keriddwen asks, "as though ye be the one to decide what stays and what goes?"

You clear your throat.

Keriddwen peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Thurfel says, "and not acceptable"

Alyxandrah sighs.

Tebon says, "So turn ye's self in ta da constable in da Landin fer Justice"

Tebon nods to Thurfel.

Nanna asks, "they're thanking you, or your buring it down?"

Nofret asks, "Did you have to burn the tent with people in it?"

Nanna peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Nanna says, "thier thanking yout hat is"

Thurfel says, "well, I"m hardly here to debate, I was planning on walking the island...."

Alyxandrah smiles at Thurfel

Tierus asks, "In hopes o' findin' yer escaped beast?"

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

(Armaxis silently surveys the surrounding area, and the serpent head atop his staff follows his movements just as quietly.)

Shonison says, "he avoids the question"

Ghrom says, "well, it's nice ta hear ya gonna help defend Icemule from whatever ya loose from tha crypt. Now, if ya were slightly trustworthy, that'd be mildly calming"

Thurfel whispers, "and I will look forward to seeing you in the evening"

Sabitor glances at Alyxandrah.

Ghrom glances at Thurfel.

Ghrom rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Keriddwen just tickled Ghrom.

Keriddwen nods to Ghrom.

You whisper quietly to Thurfel, "I will look forward to it as well."

Tebon says, "I woul' nae believe wat he says..."

Alyxandrah smiles at Thurfel.

Ghrom asks, "ya think?"

You curtsy to Thurfel.

Tebon frowns.

Ghrom begins chuckling at Tebon.

Tebon says, "Indeed"

Nofret asks, "When is the keep opening, pray tell?"

Thurfel nods to Arimantis.

Keriddwen says, "he seeks to use folk to do his bidding"

Thurfel says, "Not anytime soon, I still have some repairs to make."

Nofret nods to Thurfel.

Tebon says, "He keeps his hands mostly clean by usin lieutenants"

Armaxis nods to Valicar.

A blade of grass curls about Thurfel.

You say, "So sorry to have disturbed yer sojourn about yer island, m'lord."

Ghrom asks, "Thurfel, you ever consider puttin a tray wif ale on it outside yer gate for tha thirsty?"

Nanna blinks at Thurfel.

You blink at Ghrom.

Armaxis says, "Good eve."

Armaxis nods to Thurfel.

Tebon glances at Armaxis.

Alyxandrah nods to Thurfel.

You say, "Ghrom, ye do think like a dwarf."

Ghrom rubs his chin thoughtfully.

You chuckle.

Tebon says, "...Snake, walk in her Light"

The grass begins to curl about Thurfel, growing in size, till only his boots are visible.

Ghrom says, "big barrel of it'd be great"

Tebon smiles.

Sabitor pulls the hood of his cloak over his head.

Nanna blinks.

Tierus shudders.

(Iscikella glances down at the grass.)

Tierus asks, "Mas'er? Are ye awright?"

Nanna asks, "Your island eating you?"

Tierus peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Nanna peers quizzically at Thurfel.

Sabitor nods to Thurfel.

Armaxis says, "And may your soul be warmed by His eternal coilsss..."

Armaxis nods to Tebon.

Roelon says, "Till we meet again Thurfel."

You say, "Good eve to ye, m'lord."

Armaxis raises his hand to his bronze Luukos symbol, touching the image of a green serpent.

Ghrom begins chuckling at Armaxis.

Nofret says, "He just likes stylish exits."

Thurfel vanishes beneath the foilage.

Nanna chuckles.

Tebon smirks.

Tebon says, "Show off"

Alyxandrah glares.

You say, "Hmmm..."

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Roelon says, "Can manipulate nature...very well"

(Tierus glances down at the grass, as if wondering whether he should cut it away or watch.)

Roelon says, "Ah hae to learn that."

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